Fl commando how to beat helicopter?

Date of question: 21 February 2012 By Guest203
Hey everybody i am stuck in Frontline Commando game, please help me how to beat helicopter i have no idea
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Frontline Commando

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Lu Answer

Hey, I just managed to shoot down the helicopter...
I used 1st Tier Grande Launcher to shoot it down...
27 February 2012
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Jack Answer

You need to take an assault rifle to its helicopter blades to kill it
25 April 2012
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Maria Answer

I don't see 1st tier grande launcher. I tried the shotgun, grenade launcher and still no luck.
10 March 2012
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David Answer

You must shot the center of the propeller!! ;)
20 May 2012
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Emre Answer

That's the one you should use for helicopter.
12 March 2012
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Guest Answer

Thank you man
27 February 2012
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System Answer System Answer

You can also use the Frontline Commando answers page here:
Frontline Commando walkthrough
21 February 2012

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