How toget an axe in robinson?

Date of question: 29 February 2012 By Guest381
Hello everybody i am stuck on the app Robinson for iPhone, someone please help!
thank you
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Robinson's Island

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Samantha Answer

Can you add me? I need friends in the game
10 October 2012
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Reny Answer

You need the axe handle and the axe head, ax butt has to be crafted in the hut using workpiece and whetstone. hut has to be decorated before being able to craft obects like the axe.

game claims workpiece would be found in decorated hut when you collect your hourly reward (when decorated) but its very random what items you get and the whetstone is suppose to be found somewhere on the island. i never found either i just bought them using a totem. the axe handle i found while helping on other friends islands in bushes or something while clearing land. on a good note all you need is one axe.

good luck
06 March 2012
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Reny Answer

Oh yea axe butt axe head...i meant the same thing
06 March 2012
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Draki Answer

I have a question regarding a quest ( Hoffnung auf Rettung ) it says I have to open the map on the right down Menu and look inside...but I can't find any map in the menu. Can someone please help me?
16 August 2012
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System Answer System Answer

You can also use the Robinson's Island answers page here:
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29 February 2012

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