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Eden - World Builder

Eden - World Builder icon
$ 0.99
Genres: [Entertainment | Adventure | Family]
Developer: Kingly Software Inc
Release Date: Dec 02, 2010
Version: 1.7
Size: 29.03 MB
$ 0.99
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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 3rd/4th.
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Explore a world of limitless possibility. Build your own personal Eden. Unleash your creative and adventurous spirit.

You wake up in an unknown world, rub your eyes, and start to focus.
What is this place you wonder. Why is everything so boxy? Is this real life? Where is everyone. You start to panic and light a tree on fire. Hey that's pretty cool.

These boxes, you can destroy them and create them pretty easily. What's this one? It explodes, awesome. And this one? I can slide on it? Hey maybe I can make ramps. Ahhh what's that blue thing. A moof? What's a moof? He's pretty funny looking. Hey I can pick him up and take him with me.

This place is pretty neat you decide. There's lots of places to explore. Lots of creative possibility, and my friend says you can download all kinds of crazy worlds. Not bad.

* Beautiful endless worlds to explore, build, and destroy
* All kinds of blocks, ice , water, lava, glass, ladders, TNT, trampolines, vines, and ramps. If you like blocks, this is the game for you!
* Painting. Ever wish you could make everything pink? We have pink. Green too. Red, blue. You name it we got it.
* Fire and explosives. We know some people just want to see the world burn.
* Community: share your builds with friends and explore new worlds
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How to download the Game

Download Eden World Builder app for for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Eden World Builder on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Eden World Builder application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the Game.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Eden World Builder app.
Download the Game With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Eden World Builder.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Eden World Builder app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Eden World Builder application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

Apr 19
(5★) Awesome
I like Minecraft but I think this is good to becuase it has different futures
Apr 13
(5★) Ok
I like it but I wish there were more blocks and fences and some animals instead of monsters A little bit like minecraft
Apr 12
(5★) Good
It need a update your loosing people by haveing no new stuff in the game pls add an update
Apr 09
(3★) Time for an update
Needs to be updated or has the developer moved on?
Apr 05
(4★) Monsters
It needs monsters that attack u life and flying
Mar 29
(4★) Awesome Game! Need More Variety!
Really fun, but its feels pretty limited.
Mar 26
(5★) Add multiplayer
Plz add multiplayer it would make the can a lot better:)
For you who love Minecraft, this game is SOOOO cool! It is so fun. You can see other peoples worlds that they post but there is no
multiplayer.I wish that there was flying but this game has SLOPES! It
Mar 25
(3★) Minecraft better.
I think minecraft is much better because ened has not been updated in TWO YEARS! TWO! And I will be surprised if they update it
anytime soon .-.
Mar 24
(5★) Please Add More!
Great game, but I stopped playing because there have been NO updates since I got this app. 2 years ago!This app has potential just
add stuff!
Mar 10
(5★) GREAT
So fun try downloading other peoples worlds and have fun but there should be a survival mode or u should be able to die instead of
creative.PS. If u have clash of clans join the clan BARNUM BOMBERS
Mar 09
(5★) Update 2.0/1.8
This is eden world builder fan Magnus and I say when is update two point zero ? Everyone is wondering and some are impatient.
Mar 08
(5★) Eden!
Eden is so awesome!I just think it needs more stuff to build with!:)
Mar 07
(5★) Minecraft doesnt hold a candle to eden
Everyone says minecraft is netter as this is a lane copy. What do those people have in common? They have never played eden. I
tried minecraft and hated it. If anything minecraft is a copy of eden. I
Mar 03
(5★) Awesome, needs multiplayer
This game is awesome, and better than Minecraft! But there should be multiplayer!
Mar 02
(5★) Make survival plz
You should really make survival it would be fun like minecraft survival so plz make survival
(5★) General
Really love this game, but waiting so much for the 1.8 update
Mar 01
(4★) Nice, But a lot of room for improvement
I would suggest a lot more blocks available, preferably bricks that can perform actions or just for design.
Feb 26
(3★) Abilities
Lets face it: A good game like this one dose not deserve to be downsized. But really, not being to be able to fly (A minecraft
ability) or actually encounter DANGEROUS creatures and have weapons take
Feb 24
(5★) I like it
Its true what Bman 7 said but i feel like there should be night and day i like the game already but more updates are needed. Mods
would be cool (never downloaded them but nevertheless) add cars and st
(5★) Nice but needs an update
This is nice, but this needs more colors, blocks, and mobs. Plus add signs, doors, trapdoors, paintings, slabs, stairs, fences,
flight, rails, mine carts, electricity, pistons(the thingys that push bl
Feb 23
(5★) Great game
Would highly recommend to anyone, if you are still app developing can we see an update? If not I respect your decision completely,
app developing is tough. Five stars
Feb 22
(4★) Missing Something.
Awesome game, but, IT NEEDS MULTIPLAYER! The game would be all that and a bag of chips if the game had multiplayer! Please! Put
multiplayer on there!
(4★) Great
Its like Minecraft, except it has more customization. Also costs less
U guys have to add a new survival mode and make the survival made like minecraft . Make it so u can fly on it plzzzzzzz!
This game is my favorite building EVER. But I have one suggestion, maybe you guys could make a multiplayer option? Thanks for
reading this!
(3★) Minecraft is not like Eden
Minecraft has skins and different monsters
Feb 21
(5★) Multiplayer
It should be able to be played with someone elsepls
(5★) ️️️!
(4★) Please update!
Amazing game! I played it for days upon days when I had my iPod 4g a while ago when it came out. Now with my iPhone 5c I want it
updated to fit the screen and lots of new features.
Feb 20
(5★) Good good good
This is the best game ever I will let my kids play it but not my girlfriend
(5★) Best game
Ok this game is ob and you can make a 5 star motel
Feb 19
(4★) Eden needs company
It needs company it would be better with like zombies and stuff like that.
Feb 18
(4★) survival
there should be a survival and u should take damage
Feb 17
(4★) Good
Unfortunately not optimized for iPhone 5.
(5★) Wow
Please more updates. Maybe like day and night and light up blocks or something favorite game
Feb 16
(4★) Love it
I LOVE this app but it would be better if you put more different blocks and such!
(4★) Things to add
I can make a TV.But! why not a real one .1 a chair. 2 inhumes 3 on line vershun.
Iv been playing this game for a while now and I love it but we need new stuff like maybe doors, lights, and AI that would be
really nice thank you for your time and if you want to see what world look
(4★) Love this app but.
I love this app but you should be able to fly and it needs more supplies and more blocks you can build. There should also be
animals not monsters. I love that you can go on clouds and color them. I al
(4★) Eden needs more………
Eden is a very awesome app, but Eden needs to fly. Also there should be a creative and a survival mode. There should be food,
clothes chests, and if you erase a world (example 56), when you erase it a
Feb 14
(5★) I love this game
It is really cheep much Cheeper thin mind craft
Feb 12
(5★) Pugs! :D
I love this game soooooooo mutch Lol :D
Feb 07
(5★) My Favorite
This is my favorite game I play it the most often I recommend it to anyone who likes building with blocks.
Feb 05
(5★) Crouching!
As a builder of eden, i have made lots of buildings but i have one problem. I cant crouch. Ive found ways to easily build but it
would be easier to crouch. Please add it, and thank you. Still great th
Feb 01
(5★) Where is the update
Where is the update I herd 1.20There will be doors and block sizes
(5★) Eden
Eden is a great game.Every time I get on my I-pod I play it.Eden is a great way to build castles, under ground houses, and more!
Jan 31
(4★) Cool
Make an upgrade to use the cars plizz. The game is very cool
(5★) Multiplayer is all that is missing
It is a good game for low ios and has alot of creativity but it needs a multiplayer
Jan 30
(4★) Joining and Body
Please let other players join other players by a multi-player button,and let us choose what we look like on options.If you do
this,I will play a lot more often!
Jan 28
(5★) Eden is cool!
I like this app a lot it has blocks and many other things
(3★) Great!
Game is great, love it but wish there is flying cause am tired of falling off my buildings and them climb back up. Also paint
should have a color wheel instead so there is more diversity and creativit
(3★) More stuff
When are you going to add more stuff in eden
Jan 27
(5★) Great!:)
I love this game! Overall what can make this app even better is to add maybe a couple more items? Great I suggest it!
(3★) Optimize it
Make it so it fits the new screens and will give 5 stars
(3★) Add Multiplayer
Its Wack That You Cant Play With Other People But You could Down Load There Levels
Jan 25
(3★) Goining
I love this game, but it gets boring when there is no one to play with. So make an update so people can goin your world and play
and Maybe have them help you build something
Jan 24
(4★) So great!
I think Eden is the best creativity game out their. Me and my sister have been playing this nonstop and our opinion that this is
even better than mine craft.the price is reasonable but the one thing w
(5★) Eden is the best
Somebody said it was a copy of minecraft but i said no it didnt eden is a little bit better.EDEN ROCKS
Total 60 reviews with 88.4% ratings for this app.
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