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Genres: [Entertainment | Family | Adventure]
Developer: Kingly Software Inc
Release Date: Dec 02, 2010
Version: 1.7
Size: 29.03 MB
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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 3rd/4th.
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Explore a world of limitless possibility. Build your own personal Eden. Unleash your creative and adventurous spirit.

You wake up in an unknown world, rub your eyes, and start to focus.
What is this place you wonder. Why is everything so boxy? Is this real life? Where is everyone. You start to panic and light a tree on fire. Hey that's pretty cool.

These boxes, you can destroy them and create them pretty easily. What's this one? It explodes, awesome. And this one? I can slide on it? Hey maybe I can make ramps. Ahhh what's that blue thing. A moof? What's a moof? He's pretty funny looking. Hey I can pick him up and take him with me.

This place is pretty neat. Lots of places to explore. Endless creative possibility, and you can download all kinds of crazy worlds.

* Beautiful endless worlds to explore, build, and destroy
* All kinds of blocks, ice , water, lava, glass, ladders, TNT, trampolines, vines, and ramps. If you like blocks, this is the game for you!
* Painting. Ever wish you could make everything pink? We have pink. Green too. Red, blue. You name it we got it.
* Fire and explosives. We know some people just want to see the world burn.
* Community: share your builds with friends and explore new worlds
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How to download the Game

Download Eden World Builder app for for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Eden World Builder on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Eden World Builder application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the Game.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Eden World Builder app.
Download the Game With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Eden World Builder.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


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If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Eden World Builder application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

Dec 02
(3★) Good but.
OMG I love the game but ALLOW US TO JOIN.PLEASE!
Dec 01
(5★) Great game but…
This is great but it wont let me download maps anymore, i need help someone help me also it needs more like working vehicles and
multyplayer and i would like to be able to see my self
Nov 30
(4★) Bug
The search world feature does not function
Nov 26
(5★) Wont let me search for worlds
I will go to search world then watever I type it says no results found plz fix
Nov 14
(5★) Love it but.
I love Eden but when I try to search a world to save every time it says no result. I tied and tried but I just can get any
worlds I can not share or get a shared world. On y I pod or I pad
Nov 06
Unlimited land and amazing creatures and easy painting. But when is the UPDATE gonna come out
Oct 14
(5★) Need more elements!
Guys, i love this app but needs elements, try an ax to make your blocks smaller or let me make furniture! UPDATE please
(3★) What
Update for the wide screen, jeez.
Sep 17
(4★) The water…
I want to be able to swim in the water not float. But other than that it is a good game!
Aug 30
(5★) This app rocks!
This app seems better than minecraft in my opinion you can play with monsters and create pools!
(4★) Update
This app is awesome but please update it
Aug 24
(3★) Good game.
This is a nice game but it never has any updates so a 3 star rating
(5★) Eden
This game is cool and I very much recommend it
Aug 16
(4★) Things to add
I can make a TV.But! why not a real one .1 a chair. 2 inhumes 3 on line vershun.4 make a portal to hell ware all monsters are
allways mad.5 make it ware you can make creaters so you do not have to cat
Aug 13
(5★) Best app ever!
I love this app it is the best app ever! I love how you can download other peoples worlds and make them into your own!
Aug 11
(4★) I love the game
Maybe add flying and multiplayer and WHEN IS THE UPDATE COMING OUT
Aug 10
(4★) Needs more
Needs flying and playing with friends. But I like that you can download other worlds and post worlds or whatever you want to call
Jul 30
(3★) Pretty good game, but could get better
This game is pretty fun, but could use some updates. I would like to see a flying option in the game, so you could build in high
places without making a large block tower to reach it. Maybe add animal
Jul 29
(5★) please update it!
i would love to see more kinds of blocks like nukes,beds,cars(that u can drive) train tracks and minning carts and i would like
for you to add better animals and better graphics so please take my advi
(3★) Meh
Please bring the option to share and name your worlds again other than that great game
Jul 22
(5★) Needs just one thing but ITS GREAT
There needs to be some kind of multiplayer like minecraft or terraria but still everything else is AWESOME! Oh yeah, there
needs to be flying, thats it. Cya later.
Jul 17
(5★) READ.
Listen everybody we need multyplayer online atleast se we can play with friends.
Jul 14
(5★) Update please
I like it but the same old stuff gets boring. Need an update. Flying, lights, doors and trapdoors, maybe transporting to multiple
different areas.
Jul 02
(5★) Awesome!
Best game ever, for any age. You can use your imagination, so much fun! You can also download other peoples worlds and play on
theirs, I totally recommend this!
Jun 25
(4★) Good app but.
I like this app but please add a survival mode. Then it would be 5 stars. Awesome app though
Jun 23
(4★) Ideas for updates
1 doors2 lamps3 pictures4 swords (better damage)5 furniture
Jun 22
(5★) Amazing
Can you please update it by adding more stuff and things you can do
Jun 21
(5★) I love u
U named this after me so I love u
Jun 20
(5★) Eden is awesome
2 things a survival mode would be great in a future update and has the best creative mode of all
Jun 10
(2★) Update From Mr.Hi
Make a new up date people this game is horrible Minecraft pe is better!Make a new update ok
Jun 01
(2★) Okay
It really needs to add a multiplayer server feature because then I would be a lot more interested in using it more than Minecraft.
May 30
(5★) Update suggestion
could you add the basic tools ( axe,pickaxe,sword/spear) and survival mode please and it would be cool if you could fly too and
could you add more blocks and monsters like maybe an ogor giant or a wer
May 28
(5★) UPDATE!
I ️ this app but it always crashes so please make an update
May 16
(4★) Got to addd plzzzzz
The only thing I ask is MIULTY player Muiltyplayer Muiltyplayer Mmmmmm uuuiiiilllltttyyyypplllllaaaayyyyeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
May 14
(5★) More cruters
If the makers of Eden is reading this I think they should add more of those cruters can ride also monster eggs that you could
calect anf a block that flys like a baloon
May 12
(3★) Invert controls
Please please add inverted viewing. It makes it almost impossible for me to play. Thanks
May 10
(3★) 4 stars
Eden is Awsome but thare needs to be doors or survival mod,and beds just if you/guys made night THEN i would rate 5 stars!
( ω )
(5★) Very cool!
Would like to have water flow into basins.
May 07
(4★) Add one thing
I think that there should be half blocks, then I will rate 5 stars
May 04
(3★) Needs survival!
Its getting boring it needs survival!
May 03
(5★) Can u add somthing else in 2.0 update
Spawn monsters (batty,lumbar,moof,nergil,stalker,stumpy, and charger).Add acid toThanks for reading but please,add these items in
2.0 or later thanks ;)
Apr 30
(3★) Man Add mp dang
Add multiplayer everyone would buy it !
Apr 19
(5★) Awesome
I like Minecraft but I think this is good to becuase it has different futures
Apr 13
(5★) Ok
I like it but I wish there were more blocks and fences and some animals instead of monsters A little bit like minecraft
Apr 12
(5★) Good
It need a update your loosing people by haveing no new stuff in the game pls add an update
Apr 09
(3★) Time for an update
Needs to be updated or has the developer moved on?
Apr 05
(4★) Monsters
It needs monsters that attack u life and flying
Mar 29
(4★) Awesome Game! Need More Variety!
Really fun, but its feels pretty limited.
Mar 26
For you who love Minecraft, this game is SOOOO cool! It is so fun. You can see other peoples worlds that they post but there is no
multiplayer.I wish that there was flying but this game has SLOPES! It
(5★) Add multiplayer
Plz add multiplayer it would make the can a lot better:)
Mar 25
(3★) Minecraft better.
I think minecraft is much better because ened has not been updated in TWO YEARS! TWO! And I will be surprised if they update it
anytime soon .-.
Mar 24
(5★) Please Add More!
Great game, but I stopped playing because there have been NO updates since I got this app. 2 years ago!This app has potential just
add stuff!
Mar 10
(5★) GREAT
So fun try downloading other peoples worlds and have fun but there should be a survival mode or u should be able to die instead of
creative.PS. If u have clash of clans join the clan BARNUM BOMBERS
Mar 09
(5★) Update 2.0/1.8
This is eden world builder fan Magnus and I say when is update two point zero ? Everyone is wondering and some are impatient.
Mar 08
(5★) Eden!
Eden is so awesome!I just think it needs more stuff to build with!:)
Mar 07
(5★) Minecraft doesnt hold a candle to eden
Everyone says minecraft is netter as this is a lane copy. What do those people have in common? They have never played eden. I
tried minecraft and hated it. If anything minecraft is a copy of eden. I
Mar 03
(5★) Awesome, needs multiplayer
This game is awesome, and better than Minecraft! But there should be multiplayer!
Mar 02
(5★) General
Really love this game, but waiting so much for the 1.8 update
(5★) Make survival plz
You should really make survival it would be fun like minecraft survival so plz make survival
Total 59 reviews with 86.4% ratings for this app.
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