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Eden - World Builder

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$ 0.99
Genres: [Entertainment | Family | Adventure]
Developer: Kingly Software Inc
Release Date: Dec 02, 2010
Version: 1.7
Size: 29.03 MB
$ 0.99

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Explore a world of limitless possibility. Build your own personal Eden. Unleash your creative and adventurous spirit.

You wake up in an unknown world, rub your eyes, and start to focus.
What is this place you wonder. Why is everything so boxy? Is this real life? Where is everyone. You start to panic and light a tree on fire. Hey that's pretty cool.

These boxes, you can destroy them and create them pretty easily. What's this one? It explodes, awesome. And this one? I can slide on it? Hey maybe I can make ramps. Ahhh what's that blue thing. A moof? What's a moof? He's pretty funny looking. Hey I can pick him up and take him with me.

This place is pretty neat. Lots of places to explore. Endless creative possibility, and you can download all kinds of crazy worlds.

* Beautiful endless worlds to explore, build, and destroy
* All kinds of blocks, ice , water, lava, glass, ladders, TNT, trampolines, vines, and ramps. If you like blocks, this is the game for you!
* Painting. Ever wish you could make everything pink? We have pink. Green too. Red, blue. You name it we got it.
* Fire and explosives. We know some people just want to see the world burn.
* Community: share your builds with friends and explore new worlds
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Download Eden World Builder app for for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Eden World Builder on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Eden World Builder application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the Game.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Eden World Builder app.
Download the Game With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Eden World Builder.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


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User Ratings

Apr 14
(4★) Well waddya know.
Thought this game was dead. Guess I was wrong.
(3★) Eden
Great game but it keeps crashing 10 seconds after I open it
(5★) I remember years ago
I loved this game I am glad it is been updated
Apr 12
(3★) Ha.
I just love how they randomly updated this game after 3 years of absence.
(5★) Much better than Minecraft
This game is overall way better than minecraft. It may have less blocks, but the blocks are original and have way more functions.
There is also unlimited creations that you can come up with on eden.
(4★) Bravo
This game has come so far over the years, and I love it even more
Apr 11
(5★) Unknown Kolten
Needs these:SignsVeciclesBlocksPressure platesAnd More.
(5★) You must have worked hard!
Anyone who calls this a minecraft clone is wrong. This is indeed a god game. I can paint the sky and do whatever i wish! A truly
amazing game! 11/10 mounain dews!
Apr 08
(5★) Eden is the best game ever
I love Eden! I have had it since 2012 and still not bored of it. Only suggestion is add weather conditions like rain and snow.
Other than that keep up the good work
(5★) They need baskets
They need basket balls,golf balls,footballs,socer balls they need to make you fly and have computer vesion
Apr 05
(5★) Black hole update
Eden creators plz add a black hole block or make a item to make building easier it would really be a pleasure if u can do this :)
3 ️ ️️ please do this im begging you
Apr 04
(5★) Fantastic
Fantastic game. Never been more satisfied with a game of this type. :)
(4★) I love this game but.
I thought this would be mine craft rip off but it is its own game. I have some suggestions1. Multiplayer 2. Animals3. Survival4.
More blocks5. The ability to spawn monsters and animals
(5★) Eden is the best game ever
I love Eden! I have had it since 2012 and still not bored of it. For the next update I think you should add rain, snow, and things
like that
Apr 03
(3★) Good but needs more.
It REALLY needs multiplayer. A lot of players have been asking for it but do I see the creators actually listening to the fans?
No. I think the developers should actually take the time to look through
(4★) Just more thing
I really like the new update, however it would REALLY be helpful to have a block that exploded bigger than the other TNT block, by
about 10 extra squares or something. Thanks for your concern!
(3★) Yes!
Finny a new update I thought they would never get a new one please keep updating
(4★) Eden world builder
The new update is really awesome! This means less time building houses! However the doors (when you have two together) should
point inward giving it a better look. •_•
Mar 22
(5★) This app is worth it
I've owned this app when the month it first released. It's very good for just 0.99, you can download worlds from other users or
even upload your own. Your imagination is a key role in Eden. From creat
Mar 09
(4★) This needs an update
The update is great but every time I try to load a big word it crashes for me on the iPod 5th generation
I honestly though you guys quit. Like other apps, they quit after a few updates and never update again. In 2012 I always played
this app until I got a iPhone. It didn't supported the iPhone 5 at all.
(5★) I like this game
I like this game a lot but I they would make survival and you could have weapons and stuff that would be good
Mar 06
(5★) Multiplayer
Mar 05
I love the new update its so awesome! First, I want to suggest a few things for future updates: 1. Add multiplayer. I think it
would be awesome if you could have multiplayer in Eden but make it where
Mar 02
(5★) The update
The update from Original to 2.0 is great! Totally worth it
(5★) Was a good game
Ok so I was you know playing so I'm going to play Eden world builder ok so I see the App Store and it has a one so I'm like oh my
a update what is it so I tap on it and its EDEN so I'm like :D I'm so
Mar 01
(5★) Eden is the best
I love how Eden is a mix of creative and survival, Eden is fun for all ages and you don't have to pay a cent for anything!
(4★) Great except 1 thing
Please fix the bug where it jumps automatically when you're sliding down a slide.
(5★) GREAT but
I'd like it if the doors made a sound when they shut
Feb 11
(4★) Good game!
I really like this game. The creatures are really neat, the worlds are nice, it is like the cheaper version of Minecraft Pocket
Edition.But, I dislike how it doesn't have a lot of blocks. At the same
Jan 30
(4★) I have a glitch
Every time I look something up, it shows no results. Fix it please
I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AN UPDATE FOR 3 YEARS AND WHERE IS IT seriously it's still good but it need more things
Jan 24
(2★) It's OK
It's a good app but There's a lot of ways it can be looks a lot like mine craft but with less stuff.if their where more
biomes , more items And a survival mode.overall it's a good app and i
Jan 20
(5★) World search problem
There is a world search problem I have been having and my friends are having it to I just ask to fix this and add a multiplayer
Jan 16
(4★) 4.5 stars - Survival mode, please!
Survival and creative and be able to switch them on the world!
(5★) Love it!
I love this app and play it every day!
Jan 11
(3★) Needs more blocks
If I had to rate this 1 out of 10 on blocks, I would chose 6. 1.its pretty cool that you can color blocks 2. But not enough
Jan 08
(3★) Update now
Are u guys ever going to update this ?!?!?
Jan 04
(2★) Must change!
Change modes like creative and survival,in survival you should ad hostile monsters and more blocks. You should be able to fly
Dec 24, 2014
(3★) Good but.
The game is good but it will not let me download or search worlds and I was building my house and the game shut down
Dec 09, 2014
(3★) Time for an update.really time for an update!
Needs to be updated or has the developer moved on?
Dec 06, 2014
(5★) Minecraft
This is what we all expected from minecraft pocket edition
Dec 02, 2014
(3★) Good but.
OMG I love the game but ALLOW US TO JOIN.PLEASE!
Dec 01, 2014
(5★) Great game but…
This is great but it wont let me download maps anymore, i need help someone help me also it needs more like working vehicles and
multyplayer and i would like to be able to see my self
Nov 30, 2014
(4★) Bug
The search world feature does not function
Nov 26, 2014
(5★) Wont let me search for worlds
I will go to search world then watever I type it says no results found plz fix
Nov 14, 2014
(5★) Love it but.
I love Eden but when I try to search a world to save every time it says no result. I tied and tried but I just can get any
worlds I can not share or get a shared world. On y I pod or I pad
Nov 06, 2014
Unlimited land and amazing creatures and easy painting. But when is the UPDATE gonna come out
Oct 14, 2014
(5★) Need more elements!
Guys, i love this app but needs elements, try an ax to make your blocks smaller or let me make furniture! UPDATE please
(3★) What
Update for the wide screen, jeez.
Sep 17, 2014
(4★) The water…
I want to be able to swim in the water not float. But other than that it is a good game!
Aug 30, 2014
(4★) Update
This app is awesome but please update it
(5★) This app rocks!
This app seems better than minecraft in my opinion you can play with monsters and create pools!
Aug 24, 2014
(3★) Good game.
This is a nice game but it never has any updates so a 3 star rating
(5★) Eden
This game is cool and I very much recommend it
Aug 16, 2014
(4★) Things to add
I can make a TV.But! why not a real one .1 a chair. 2 inhumes 3 on line vershun.4 make a portal to hell ware all monsters are
allways mad.5 make it ware you can make creaters so you do not have to cat
Aug 13, 2014
(5★) Best app ever!
I love this app it is the best app ever! I love how you can download other peoples worlds and make them into your own!
Aug 11, 2014
(4★) I love the game
Maybe add flying and multiplayer and WHEN IS THE UPDATE COMING OUT
Aug 10, 2014
(4★) Needs more
Needs flying and playing with friends. But I like that you can download other worlds and post worlds or whatever you want to call
Jul 30, 2014
(3★) Pretty good game, but could get better
This game is pretty fun, but could use some updates. I would like to see a flying option in the game, so you could build in high
places without making a large block tower to reach it. Maybe add animal
Total 60 reviews with 84.6% ratings for this app.
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