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TextNow + Voice - Free Texting and Calling

TextNow + Voice - Free Texting and Calling icon
Genres: [Social Networking | Utilities]
Developer: Enflick, Inc.
Release Date: May 07, 2009
Version: 4.4.34
Size: 32.42 MB
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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 3rd/4th.
The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Give your friends your very own phone number!

You can send as many texts and picture messages as you want - FREE!

Works on your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone

There is no catch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completely free!

The app comes with a few ads. If you don't like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them.

- Customize the look and feel of the app
- Tons of wallpaper, color schemes, and ringtones to choose from
- Use your own pics as wallpaper
- Customize your own voicemail greeting
- Make your own signature
- Super fast
- Bluetooth support for iPhone users


"Just as fast sending/receiving as regular texts for me (including people who don't have the app)." -tbm248, MacRumors

Functionally, it makes no difference which area code you pick. As long as your friends are in the USA, they will not be charged any long distance.
Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to download the App

Download TextNow plus Voice Free Texting and Calling app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download TextNow plus Voice Free Texting and Calling on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the TextNow plus Voice Free Texting and Calling application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the TextNow plus Voice Free Texting and Calling app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for TextNow plus Voice Free Texting and Calling.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the TextNow plus Voice Free Texting and Calling app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This TextNow plus Voice Free Texting and Calling application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

Oct 14
(5★) Loving textnow.
Love. TextNow. I am to send & receive when my " cell" phone is blocked in the Fortress i work At
Oct 13
(3★) Love it.BUUUUUT
I have been using this app for about 1 month now, and it keeps freezing,and Crashing. Love that it hold SOOOO many texts,but fix
the crashing and freezing
Oct 11
(4★) Good app.
But I wish I could call people whenever with no credits.
Oct 10
(4★) Covert text communiques
I love this app! It does have a few bugs such as: windows phones do not allow you to receive calls, on iPhone app will not allow
you to answer incoming calls unless app is open, etc. Hopefully the dev
Oct 09
(5★) Outstanding
It works for the iPod touch 1st generation.
Oct 08
(3★) Please FIX this app
This app worked great until the latest update now it crashes every time.
(5★) Living abroad
Living in Europe can make it expensive to stay connected with family and friends in the USA but text now solved that problem.
Staying connected with friends and family while living across the "pond" i
Sep 19
(5★) Best texting app in the App Store
This is really the best texting app in the app store, I have tried the all. You can send and receive pictures like a regular text
app should be and not in an attachment. Truly unlimited. Great app tha
(4★) Good stuff
Good way to keep soicial. Plus its free
Sep 17
(5★) Great for texting for older iPod touches
Great for texting for older iPod touches I recommend for from iPod touch 2gen on up to newest one great for texting in school and
Sep 15
(4★) Who reads your Messages
The app is great and i love it but it Will be better if u put something in the app to show us when They read our Messages
(5★) It works better than messaging
I use this exclusively when flying. My regular iPhone texting stops working with the airborne wifi (except with another iPhone
user) so this works very well. The only problem I have had with this is t
Sep 14
(5★) very good for people who have stable internet conn
Although I was unable to earn any credits no matter how hard i tried. I guess you have to buy them :(
Sep 12
(5★) Perfect
This app is exactly what I was hoping for
(5★) mr tumbles
great app, use daily for text & calls, thumbs up
Aug 24
(2★) Ehh.
Pretty good but enflick shut up I get it you want us to download stuff. Be quiet please people. I have had this and is kind of
glitchy. And bye bye.bye
Aug 23
(5★) Amazing
I so far love this app I been wanting a iPhone for ever and now with app I can do the stuff on a iPhone. So far love it
Aug 20
(2★) Use to be so awesome.
Just logged out and back in and lost all but 1 of my convos.
Aug 19
(5★) Awesome app
Pretty good thing to use when you have no phone. As long as you get wifi
Aug 18
(3★) Decent
Okay i guess. One thing that stinks is i cant send videos. I really wish i could.
Jul 26
(3★) Review
Sometimes i do not recieve incoming calls. Usually i get a msg that i missed a call. Otherwise app is useful.
(5★) textnowvoice
it is awsome it is way better than the new up date i love it it doesnt close automatically like the new update
Jul 25
(5★) Klouise
I love this app because I hate talking on the phone!:/-
(5★) Textnow
Five out of five stars, I love it!
Jul 02
(2★) It has problems
I forgot my username so i went to create a new account but i went to put in my email but it wont let me! Do not download this!
Jul 01
(5★) Kavon
I love this app its better then all these other app i had so thz for making this app
Jun 30
(5★) Love it
I love the app other than i keep getting random voicemails and calls from random numbers
(5★) read below
(5★) Text sender
I have been using this app for a while now through several updates. It was great to start with and over time it has got greater. I
love it.
Jun 29
(5★) Text now
Text now helps you if you have a iPod iPad or a phone you can text and call with headphone and you have fun with this web-sight
Jun 27
(4★) Its Ok.
Its not a bad app. The first few days that i used it, i used it a lot (texting my friends & whatnot) but after a few days i
couldnt get into the app. i clicked on it and it would start to load and the
Jun 17
(2★) Please fix
I keep getting the same message over and over I download the app again but it doing the same thing
Jun 09
(2★) Fix it
It used to be my favorite app but it stopped working fix now please!
Jun 08
(3★) improve speed
PLEASE MAKE AN update TO IMPROVE SPEED! Its really slow :(
Jun 07
(3★) Why?
Why when i send an emoji my friends can see it but when they try to send me an emoji it just shows ***
Jun 06
This app is the best way to text and call anybody in your contact list also the calling is great the other person can hear u
clearly So you do need wifi for it to work but font mind that so great app
Jun 05
(5★) Yeahhh!
Love this app, really great. Just need a bug fix.getting notified on a text message.
Jun 01
(2★) WAS a great app. Was.
The layout and everything is great. Gives you a new number and everything. Recently however, the entire app will close out an
switch to the App Store trying to get you to buy something, even if you al
(3★) Please add to chile
Please add to chile text and calling please
May 09
(3★) Good app BUT
Would get 5 starts but when person hang up the call still show timer counting.
May 05
(4★) Update please
We really need a way to block numbers. It would help tremendously.
May 03
This is literally the only texting app in the whole AppStore for iOS 4.2. I use it all the time. It has never failed. 3 it 100
May 02
(5★) Get this app
Thanks to this app I have been glued to my I pod!
Apr 29
(4★) Crashes sometimes, but still a great app
My Text Now sometimes crashes when I am in the middle of texting, but I highly recommend this texting app for children/ people
without iPhones.The reason I say that is because if in an emergency, a ch
Apr 13
(5★) Lui Calibre
I absolutely love this app it is soooo cool
Apr 10
(5★) Sup
Thank you for making this app it is awesome
Apr 08
(5★) Tottaly cool
This is cool but sometimes boring
Apr 05
(5★) Love it!
I LOVE the fact that you can text and call, but hate the fact that there is advertisements!
Apr 04
(4★) Cut off
It cuts of my message when I send one, and the person I was talking to says that it keeps resending the message over and over
again. Please. Fix
Mar 20
(2★) Room for improvement
Add a block number option. I have been getting spam calls for three months now.
(5★) iPad Update Needed!
The iPad version is still iOS 6 optimized. Please update us to the iOS 7 version.
Feb 22
(4★) Pretty good
Text now is a very good app. I can text my friends and eve call them! The only problem I have is when I get in there it keeps on
bringing me to my home page. PLEASE FIX IT!
(5★) Great
I think this app is great i have an Ipod Second Generation and it still is working on it and were i am still able to send text and
Feb 21
(5★) me gusto
de verdad fue muy util hasta pude hacer llamadas desde un celular
Feb 14
(4★) Cool
Awesome app but I think we should be able to have songs as ringtones and it dosent send to t mobile and AT&T sometimes and
needs faster text sending time
Jan 30
(3★) iOS 7 PLEASE
i love this app but i still have the old keyboard and buttons on it! please please please make and iOS 7 update!ASAP
Jan 29
(5★) Good so far
So far so good :3 like the actual area phone number like 704,559 and etc unlike some other apps but now I just got to see if this
app will work at school
Jan 28
(4★) Good but.
Can you maybe fix the dates? Instead of saying what time I texted my friend it says: 6/9/80Please fix it!
Jan 25
(5★) Texting
I loved it because I have a 2nd gen iPod so it helped alot
Jan 24
(3★) No pics
Would be nice if I could receive pics and messages went through all the time
Jan 23
(3★) Fix this
I love the app but it costs me credits to make phone calls and texts!
(5★) Works fine
is a nice app It works perfect but I have no girls to tex lol :( oh well some women looking for something discret just tex Im 38
yrs see you and is a helpful app ( 1626 ) 507 7869.
(3★) Great app, but.
It occasionally freezes and decides to call the person I was texting.
Jan 05
(3★) Eh
Good for texting but dates that i send things are WAY off and when i reopen a convo it doesnt show my old replies
(2★) Phone Area Code Arbitrary
This app shows promise, especially with picture messaging (though I have yet to use it). I like how you have credit and pay rates
for calling.
(4★) One problem
Very good app except!. When i send a message at the end it says "-Sent from" PLEASE take this out! Overall its the
best txting app ive had so keep up the good work :)
Jan 04
(2★) 1 bad thing
I would love it, if your texts got back when they get sent. I suggest to not get it. Sorry text now.
(4★) Consider the following
I would rate 5 stars, but the ads are crazy, I mean yes of course you need to have ads to keep it up and running freely BUT it was
better when they were small and out of the way
Jan 03
I like the app, but it always cuts off my messages! ALWAYYYYYSSSS. PLEASE FIX THIS. We should be able to send long messages
without it cutting off!
(5★) It is for ipad
If u use the like through safari if u have the first text now u can get this on ipad.thanks
Jan 01
(4★) Option to see smiley faces typed out
I want to be able to turn off the way smiley faces come out when typed. The old one had it why not this one?
(2★) How can i recover my old number
it gave me another number. I was wondering if there was a way I could recover my old numberI uninstall that app from my iphoneThen
i install it againI find my text but i lost my personal old number
Dec 10, 2013
(3★) Internet connection
It keeps saying I have no Internet connection when I do it needs to be fixed ASAP
Dec 09, 2013
(4★) update
ever since the last update the app has been deleting several parts of several conversations other wise its a great app
(4★) Good
I love this app(: Text me ppl (281)985-1295
Dec 07, 2013
(3★) Advertisements
It works great but everytime I open a text to text Someone , an advertisement pops up & it does it like 5times before I can send a
Nov 13, 2013
(5★) Schweet
This app is AWESOME! I use it everyday and can text my friends with my ipod. I called my bf and he didnt know i was calling on my
ipod until i told him. 2 thumbs up!
Nov 12, 2013
(5★) manal
very cool and covineant ,smart whay to have a good start before a phone
Total 78 reviews with 80% ratings for this app.
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