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My Verizon Mobile

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Genres: [Utilities | Productivity]
Developer: Verizon Wireless
Release Date: Feb 03, 2011
Version: 4.0.80
Size: 15.31 MB
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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4.
Verizon Wireless has already given us VZ Contact Transfer on Apr 21, now delivering another great Utilities application and iphone app on the store. The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Manage your account when it's convenient for you with My Verizon Mobile.

With My Verizon Mobile, you can manage your account right from your device.

*Pay your bill
*Check minute, text and data usage
*Manage Friends & Family numbers
*Change Calling plans
*Change Features

The Verizon Data Usage widget for iOS 8 and above shows your data usage right in the Today view in Notification Center. It updates automatically based on your plan and usage, so you’ll never be surprised by data overages again!

The My Verizon Mobile app enhances your store shopping experience by:

*Enabling an exclusive in store experience where you can interact with featured products, view product information, availability, and pricing.

*Purchase accessories via your handset while in store.

*Checks you in automatically when you arrive for preexisting appointments, workshops, or in-store pickup.

*Schedule an in-store workshop or appointment for a future date.

To use these features, you may need to turn Bluetooth on at the time of your store visit.

Important Notes:

Data charges may apply

In order to provide you with the best in-store experience, this application app uses your phone’s Bluetooth, and camera to enhance your visit.

There will be a time lag between the end of a data session and the point at which the latest data usage will appear.
The features described may not be available for prepaid customers.

The My Verizon Data Usage widget is not available on Prepaid. Use My Verizon Mobile App to view your usage

For more help:
Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to download the App

Download My Verizon Mobile app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download My Verizon Mobile on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the My Verizon Mobile application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the My Verizon Mobile app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for My Verizon Mobile.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the My Verizon Mobile app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This My Verizon Mobile application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

Apr 15
(3★) Looks nice, little buggy
Tried to make payment and when hit continue it kept reducing the last digit of my payment amount by one cent.
Apr 14
(3★) Needs data utilization
New app is appealing to the eye. The "data utilization" tool was removed. When you try to access the feature it exits you from the
app and makes you log into Verizon wireless website, kind of pointles
Apr 13
(3★) Data percent
The new update is pretty cool, but if it could show the data percentage than that would be great and very helpful.
Apr 10
(3★) Nice updated UI but crashing
Everytime i try to make a payment with a saved account and verifying the zip code, it crashes. Cant make payments. But on a
positive note, i like the new UI. Very clean looking
Apr 09
(3★) Bring back data pie chart!
Please bring back the data usage pie graph. It was the #1 reason I used the app. Much more relatable and user friendly than
monitoring mbs.
(3★) Percentage!
Please put the percentage of data usage back
(3★) Bring the Data Usage Percentage Back
My main complaint is that they took the data usage percentage graph. That was very useful for me because it allowed me to see how
much I had used my data. Based on that I could monitor how much I used
Apr 08
(4★) Confused
Love the new app but why is it only showing one phone on my acct when I have two? Please help me figure this out
(4★) I want the previous version back.
Not bad. Wish the data usage updated more frequently. I want to know how much data I used, but it only gives me the last time I
used it from 5am.
Apr 07
(4★) Finally a New Look
Appearance is finally doable. Waiting to see what bugs are present
(3★) Bring back bar graph for days in billing cycle
Please bring back the bar graph for days in billing cycle. It was a simple and effective tool to use to compare data usage rates
and days remaining in the billing cycle.
(4★) Need usage percentage back
Looks great and works great but really miss the usage percentages. Would like it back if possible.
Apr 06
(5★) Excellent
Really great app Verizon. Thanks for the good service and all this useful information. I also appreciate being with a company that
lets me connect from anywhere in the world without difficulties. Thum
Apr 05
(3★) Data Usage needs fixed on iPad Air 2
The app is very good except that the data usage information bar is collapsed to a single line on the iPad Air 2. It displays fine
on the iPhone and original iPad Air though. Needs fixed.
(3★) Missing month progress bar
Seems a lot of features are readily available but the MOST important feature is gone; the monthly progress bar. It would be nice
to have parallel bars for total data/month used.
(5★) Love it
Love the new UI. Finally! Works great great job
Apr 04
(5★) The redesign is super cool
I like the new design and overall performance improved a lot
(4★) Bring back bill cycle progress
Now the app only tells the amount of data left without comparing it to the days in the cycle. So are you running ahead or
behind? We need to know please.
(4★) Better than before
I personally like the new app. It loads a lot faster and access to different parts such as bills/payments is a lot easier. Being
able to do one touch bill pay would be a nice touch.
Apr 03
(3★) Ok but.
I can only see my phone GB not the Mifi or my rest of my family plan and this is a problem
(5★) Finally
After years of lagging behind the app has been updated with a modern design and native code instead of the ugly web interface from
(5★) Before and after
I always loved this app before the update but I did hate how plain it looked and now with the update it runs faster while looking
modern and user friendly! Good job!
(4★) Better!
Just had to write a review. I love the new design and layout! The only thing I ask for is to see my usage of data from the
previous cycles so that I can keep track. Thanks.
Apr 02
(5★) Great Update
Very rarely will I review an app, but the VZW app update is awesome. Now supports iPhone 6/6 resolutions and is laid out
perfectly. Good job Verizon.
(5★) Excellent Update
The latest update is terrific. Response time is very good. Must download
(5★) Great Update for iPhone 6 users!
Verizon the widget is great. Finally, the app has iPhone 6/6 support. Thanks for the iOS 8 update. Looks great and is much faster
than previous versions.
(5★) A step forward!
The new app looks amazing and looks a lot more professional. I feel like the old app look like a 1998 version of a desktop. Thank
you for the update! It works extremely well also, even with the Widget
(5★) Optimization
I always wondered when the app will get a modern look. It was looking ugly especially on my Plus. Although the new UI is a little
hard to adjust to, I find it more attractive than the old UI. Optimize
(4★) Good design
I really like the redesign. Much better than the "mobile web version passing as an app". Thanks. Keep up the good work team.
(3★) Bill cycle progress
Please bring back the bill cycle progress bar. It was nice to be able to see my data progress and compare it to the bill cycle
progress. Without the bill cycle progress bar I have to manually figure o
(4★) Constant Crashing after update!
Love the new look and access. However, constantly crashing trying to use site.
(4★) Almost great
The latest update makes looking up simple stuff so much better. But more complicated things shoot you into safari where you need
to enter your login and from there it looks just like the old crummy ap
(5★) I love the new design!
They did a surprisingly good job with this app. It is the best app for viewing data usage amounts with a widget to go along with
it. It is also nice that it was updated for bigger phones like the iPho
(5★) Awesome !
it took you for ever to implement but glad that you got it right
(5★) Awesome Update!
The old app was a bit dated and the new refresh is awesome! Now I can easily manage my account! Bravo, VZW!
(5★) Looks good!
Thanks for updating the interface. Looks much better!
Apr 01
(5★) Much better!
The app finally got the update it needed. Redesigned UI and feels native. Great update.
(5★) Nice app
Simple and useful. This update made it faster. Loved it
(5★) Amazing improvements! Love it!
The new design is sleek! I can easily find everything and has a lot of improvements in the new version. 5/5 would recommend!
(4★) Finally!
Please add finger print as well. Good effort!
(5★) Great update!
Love this app since the latest update! Much smoother and more streamlined with better options
(5★) Awesome update! Finally!
Finally Verizon has redesigned the app. It was garbage before but is actually usable now!
(5★) Awesome redesign
Looks quite good based on ios 7 design principles.
(5★) So easy to use
Automatically showed my usage and plan, love how easy it is to navigate!
Mar 28
(5★) Works great on iPhone 6 Plus!
No issues for me works great helps me pay my bill on the go or raise my data! Highly recommended!
Mar 26
(3★) Works but not password
Shows me what I need at a glance. But always says my password is incorrect when its always the same. I have to constantly reset it
every other time I log in
Mar 25
(5★) Widgets option
Add individual usage options to the notification bar widgets :)
Mar 22
(3★) Crashes.
Good app in general, decent UI and lots of great info. I love the data use widget for iPhone but it keeps crashing so I have to
reinstall the app. Fix that and maybe redesign the UI with bigger button
Mar 15
(5★) Always unavailable
Trying to log on and the system is always unavailable
Mar 14
(3★) Better but still needs work!
A network issues report would be nice, AT&T did this in a separate app but was nice to see they cared about coverage dead zones
and it showed them working to improve!Issues with stability and slow loa
Mar 10
(4★) Show Billing Cycle
I like the bar graph showing my data usage because this is my only source for Internet at home. I don’t care about the text and
phone usage because it’s unlimited. What I need is to see the billin
Mar 09
(5★) Verizon App Review
This app is a must if you are on Verizon, it will tell you how much data,text and, call data you have used. Perfect for not going
over your bill every month on data!
Mar 07
(3★) My Verizon Enhancement Request
Very good app that gives good information but would love to see a graph over the other graphs showing where I am currently at in
my monthly cycle to see how close I am on any limits with remaining day
Mar 06
(3★) Verizon Mobile App
This app takes 6mb every time you check your data usage. I would recommend only using wi-fi.
Feb 22
(4★) In need of UI update!
I love having this app, as it helps me track my data usage, and provides me with details about my Verizon account. The only thing
I loathe about the app is the user interface (UI). The app is not phys
Feb 20
(4★) Needs iOS/OS X Continuity Feature
This app works as expected. Needs a graphical update to be more clean, modern and include some larger touch points in the menus…
But as I said, it works.I like the ability to see usage in the notifi
Feb 19
(5★) Woohoo
It took forever but finally this app is in the right direction! Love it thanks Verizon
Feb 18
(5★) Great Update for iPhone 6 users!
Verizon the widget is great. Finally, the app has iPhone 6/6 support. The app needs a visual update still.
(5★) Reviewers
Highly improvement which added to STC telecom
(5★) Great but the insurance info still not working
The issue is the app keeps telling you that your phone needs device insurance while I already have one.
Total 60 reviews with 84% ratings for this app.
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