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Facebook Messenger

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Genres: [Social Networking | Productivity]
Developer: Facebook, Inc.
Release Date: Aug 09, 2011
Version: 28.0
Size: 66.91 MB
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Facebook Inc has already given us Facebook on May 22, now delivering another great Social Networking application and iphone app on the store. The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Instantly reach the people in your life—for free. Messenger is just like texting, but you don't have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan).

Not just for Facebook friends: Message people in your phone book and just enter a phone number to add a new contact.

Group chats: Create groups for the people you message most. Name them, set group photos and keep them all in one place.

Photos and videos: Shoot videos and snap selfies or other photos right from the app and send them with one tap.

Free calls: Talk as long as you want, even with people in other countries. (Calls are free over Wi-Fi. Otherwise, standard data charges apply.)

Even more ways to message:
Bring your conversations to life with stickers.
Record voice messages when you have more to say.

Extra features:
Know when people have seen your messages.
Forward messages or photos to people who weren't in the conversation.
Search for people and groups to quickly get back to them.
Turn on location to let people know when you're nearby.
See who's available on Messenger and who's active on Facebook.
Turn off notifications when you're working, sleeping or just need a break.
Stay logged in so you never miss a message.
Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to download the App

Download Facebook Messenger app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Facebook Messenger on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Facebook Messenger application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Facebook Messenger app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Facebook Messenger.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Facebook Messenger app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Facebook Messenger application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

(5★) Awesome App
Out of all the social apps this one takes the cake. Very easy to navigate and follow through.
(5★) (y) very good app
messenger is very good application , i use it very often ,thanks
(4★) Baghdad
Very good. But some times need strong signal to connected
(5★) Great app!
Easy to use. And a great way to keep in touch with friends and family .
(5★) Love using this!
This is very convient and easy to use! Live it!
(5★) Very useful
I can easily contact my family and relatives
(5★) Love Messenger
I love having messenger on my phone and IPad so I can answer my friends when they message me.
(3★) Recent version Glitches
The newest update results in it sending notifications for past messages. It is extremely confusing and happens routinely. Please
(4★) Good app but.
App works as it should but where is he Apple watch support. Come on Facebook get your stuff together!
(5★) Muy buena app. Me sirve mucho.
Es una buena herramienta para estar comunicados con tus familiares y amigos lejanos. Las video llamadas estan muy bien. Buena
calidad, pero se pueden mejorar.
(4★) Nice
I use Facebook messenger everyday to talk to my online friends.
(3★) Notifications are whack
My notifications show a new msg for the msgs I had already received and replied back to. Please FIX ASAP!
May 20
(3★) How do I get Facebook chat heads
How do I get Facebook chat heads on a iPod 5
(5★) Videos
I cant send videos, can you fix this bug asap please? I will give 5 stars but that bug is really annoying
May 19
(3★) Worked fine until this past week
Messenger had an error message, waiting to connect. Could not fix it. I had to uninstall and reinstall.
(5★) Thanks
Happy with your contribution to communication all over the planet.
(4★) Chat Heads
May 18
(5★) Great app with undeserved hate
Needs Apple Watch support. Still the best platform for messaging.
May 17
(3★) Needs some small improvements.
I like the app and use it a lot. I wish there was a way to have message previews on the apple watch.
(3★) Ugh
The messenger on my iPhone 5 keeps crashing
(5★) 페이스북메신저 짱
메신저의 사용중 자신이 주고받은 지역을 설정하면 대화 내용이 어디서 보냈는지 확인이
가능하며 자신의 위치를 밝ㅎ디못하는 경우는 위치추적을 안
(3★) Apple MUST READ
(4★) I like it but it could use some more features
Like.the ability to access the audio files in one the way you can the pictures. The ability to download audio to your
phone. And a search capability.
(3★) Good, but.
It needs to have the option to send a message by pressing the enter key. Other than this, I like the app :)
May 16
(3★) Pretty good
I had an issue with a bug but after deleting and reinstalling the app it seems to be fixed. Pretty good app
(5★) Messenger
Really like using this. It is easy to message a group!
(4★) Need a few things back
What ever happened to the time of the recipient reading my messages!? I want it back. Asap. Need a better selection of free
stickers !
(5★) Awesome!
I like it, can communicate with friends and relatives around the world :)
May 15
(3★) Its OK
I love this app but sometimes it freezes up than i had to delete it and re-download. && call drops are so not Cool.
(5★) Love it
Amazing light on the iOS fast smooth and best of all free !
May 14
(5★) People complain to much
I use this app to keep in touch with friends who have moved far away. I never liked the messenger when it was apart of fb glad
they made an app.
(4★) Very nice!
Excellent phone feature, no more making those SUPER EXPENSIVE long distance calling plans richer than they already are! Good
(4★) Setting
There should be an option to log out of Messenger
(4★) Good
Add an option to turn off message previews in notifications
(4★) Great App
App is great! Only problem im having is it keeps force quiting! Please fix it.
(3★) Casitas q le Caen a la leche
Messenger Un lugar para compartir y pasar tiempo Individual Como en grupos Solo q hay momentos donde las cadenas no t quieren
soltar y me aburren Por eso aveces cierro por semanas pero, es una app.
May 13
(5★) Recommendation
Great app the only con that i cant go straight to facebook from messenger unless i opened messenger from facebook
(5★) More stickers
Plz plz plz add more stickers and if you do want to add more stickers plz add anime stickers plz plz
(3★) Ok app
Pros: -great way to talk to fb friends-group chatsCons:-drains battery fast-tried to turn off data from using my data and not wifi
but it still ran which means you can go over data easily
(5★) Like the app
I am happy with the app, most of my friends have it.
(3★) Pleaseee Fix This
I Cant Send Videos Anymore -.- Please Fix This Its Good So Far But The Videos Is Just No -.- Pleasee !
May 12
(5★) Innovative messaging app
Nice design, speedy, fun to use. It seems like a big step forward for sending messages through Facebook. The stickers are
addictive too.
(3★) The sound when you receive a message is so annoyin
I wish I could put it on vibrate because it drives me crazy
(3★) Fix.?
It takes forever to send a message with any emoji tf?
(5★) Messenger is the best!
I emphatically love this app! It is effective and absolutely AMAZING!
(5★) Owner
Can an app be any better? Absolutely not. This is the best app on the web.
(3★) something new pls
give us a frickin bubble im tired of going on the messenger app and if im on another site i have to go back 2 messenger cmonnnnnnn
(3★) Problem
When im on my home screen i dont get the red bubble for notifications. I dont know how it happened. It rings and vibrates but
doesnt show notifications. I made absolutely sure that all my notification
May 11
(3★) Chat Head / Bubble
I appreciate this app for being so useful to view messages on one app and making calls thru facebook is awesome too, but one thing
that I would like to have is the CHAT HEAD/CHAT BUBBLE. Please bring
(5★) Great way to connect
The Facebook messenger app is a great way for myself to connect with my friends who are living overseas where my phone data plan
has no coverage. And when we want to connect we just hit the Facebook m
(3★) Would be great…
…unless the Facebook programming staff is inadequately skilled to definitively remove the debilitating bugs that have been
plaguing this app–like spontaneously vanishing badge notifications. It’
(5★) Useful
I love the app. It runs fast and is so much easier than messaging fb friends on the fb app itself. I dont know why people give it
bad reviews
(3★) No log out feature
I like almost like everything to do w/ this app. Just no log out feature. Bruuh fix that, yesterday. Seeesh
(4★) Good ;but-
I think as soon as you exchange messages and someone deletes the inbox messages it should delete from the other peoples inbox
also. Kinda like Instagram DM.
(3★) Needs apple watch intergration
App would be much better with apple watch intergration instead of always having to go back to the phone (for those who have the
May 10
(3★) Sign out
Can u please allow us to sign out of the messenger whenever we want instead of deleting the app !
(4★) Stability
After pressing reply in a notification the app stays at a blank white screen. This consistently happens when I try to reply to a
message. I have to close the app and remove it from my recent apps and
(5★) Wifi calling is major plus
Wifi calling is a major functionality plus. Messenger displays text at the size YOU set in your iDevice settings. Great for
visually impaired. Wish the Facebook app treated text size the same. Am
May 09
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back chat heads really annoying to switch back and fourth when you can just use the chat head!
(5★) Not open massenger
Plaes change massenger Not open.massenger becouse close massenger. For ios7.1.2Plese change a few mint. Updet for massenger
change for ios7.1.2
Total 60 reviews with 81.4% ratings for this app.
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