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Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix icon
$ 0.99
Genres: [Puzzle | Word]
Developer: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Release Date: Oct 12, 2011
Version: 4.8
Size: 168.38 MB
$ 0.99
Price Changed on Feb 02, 2012

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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1/2, iPod Touch 3rd/4th.
Warner Bros has already given us Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters on Mar 31, now delivering another great Puzzle & Word game and iphone app on the store. The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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►►Scribblenauts Remix now has over 5 million players! Get it now!.◄◄

►►If you purchased the World Pass or Avatars and can't find them after the update, just use the “Restore DLC” button in Options to get them back - you will NOT be charged for them again! ◄◄

THINK IT! CREATE IT! SOLVE IT! The award-winning, best-selling video game is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Help Maxwell acquire the Starite by creating any object, bringing it to life and using it to solve each challenge.

Let your imagination run wild in this groundbreaking puzzle game. Summon to life a ‘colossal, winged car’ or a ‘shy, frost-breathing, robotic hippopotamus’! If you can think it, you can create it.

It’s the perfect game for the casual player looking for fun and extensive replay with unlimited solutions and different outcomes. Or, the Scribblenauts fan wanting the complete Maxwell experience.

Whether you’re 8 or 80, the only limit is your imagination!

And, the critics love it!
> “A work of utter genius.” – Touch Arcade
> “Fits splendidly into the iOS catalog.” – The Daily
> “4/4 Stars. A highly recommended puzzle game for all ages.” – USA Today


50 levels to play! Includes 40 of the most popular levels from Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts plus 10 original levels exclusive to Remix.
Purchase a World Pass and receive all current and future world expansions - 90 extra levels and counting! If you previously purchased a world expansion, you’re automatically upgraded to a World Pass and all future worlds will now automatically appear in your game for free.

Re-live Scribblenauts by playing as a different character from in the game. Try out the feature with the free Lifeguard and God avatars!

Post images of your playground creations and puzzle solutions to Facebook and Twitter and share them with your friends!

Use the keyboard microphone icon to create objects using only your voice!

Enter the Playground to create objects to your heart’s content, playing and interacting in a true sandbox!

Engage in endless replayability (and earn a Gold Crown for your troubles!) by solving a puzzle multiple times using different words.
Use iCloud to seamlessly switch between the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch without ever having to restart your game.

Use the “shake to undo” function to remove created objects simply by shaking your Apple device.

Use Game Center to check out the leaderboard to see how your score ranks and to compare game achievements with friends. You can also post game statistics to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Give the gift of Maxwell to your friends and family!

Create what you want and see what happens!

Hang out with Maxwell!

Requirements for Scribblenauts:
- iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
- iPod touch 3rd generation (32GB and 64GB models only),
- iPod touch 4th generation
- All iPads
Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

This application support GameCenter feature for achievements and leaderboards.
Universal iOS application for both iPad and iPhone.

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How to download the Game

Download Scribblenauts Remix app for for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Scribblenauts Remix on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Scribblenauts Remix application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the Game.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Scribblenauts Remix app.
Download the Game With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Scribblenauts Remix.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Scribblenauts Remix app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Scribblenauts Remix application may be available in some countries.

Video Play Review

How to play

here you will find every thing you need to help you pass and complete all levels, includes guides / walkthrough, hints, tips & cheats, you will find here the best solutions and answers for all levels in this Puzzle.

User Ratings

(4★) Please add
Can you please add creative mode where you can do anything you want
Mar 29
(5★) Amazing Game!
This game is amazing! Everything works so well, and there is a ton of things to spawn! I enjoy playing this in my free time a lot!
I recommend this game to lots of people!
Mar 27
(4★) Awesome but, The avatars.
I love this game but the only problem is that the characters are very limited and it would be awesome if we could customize our
characters and when you customize it at the end it can be free or it can
Triple A gaming experience.Dampered by being asked to post to FB at least 3 times per level,
Mar 22
(3★) Good but some issues
I really like this game but I wanted to buy more levels so I did and it charged me, when I got back in the game it said the in app
purchase was unavailable and it was going to make me buy it again! I
Mar 17
(3★) So many bugs!
After I paid for the update, I regretted it. Every single level has to be played 4 times instead of 3. After you play the first
time through you actually have to replay that level before you play th
Mar 10
(5★) Awesome
I love this game I just wish more boards would come pleasee !
Feb 25
(4★) This is what you need to add
You need to add baymax, HIRO and other characters other wise it is a great game
Feb 24
(5★) Good but
This game is great but I would like to customize items
Feb 23
(5★) Wish I could rate 1 million stars
Awesome game! This has OBVIESLY had a lot of work put in to it and I LOVE it, but I have to pay more money for more worlds?
Pros:Creative No scamNo bugsNever gets oldLearn a TON of stuffSomething that
(4★) I ️ this but it could be better
Ok there are a few things that could make this app better like adding more mithalogical creatures like an alicorn that has wings
like a pegasus and a horn like a unicorn
Feb 22
(3★) Good game but.
I got the extra playgrounds but whenever I try to use the playground switcher it crashes. Plus the fact that ALOT of the worlds
have disappeared and on top of all that as soon as I finish a level and
Feb 21
(3★) Takes forever to download
Good game but it takes forever to download
I think it would be awesome if multiplayer was added! Maybe a local multiplayer or Game Center friends? PLEEEEEAAAASE!
Feb 19
(4★) Good but
It is a good app but on 12-9 there were no hints and me and my mom can not find out how to do it
Feb 18
(5★) Awesome!
Love this game, it is so fun and creative!
Feb 17
(5★) New language
This game is cool BW.would be great if I had different languages, such as Spanish, French, etc.
Feb 14
(4★) Love this game but there are bugs
I love this game so much, but when I got to world 14 and 15, it kept exiting the game and I had to reload it all over again. It
would close out whenever I moved to this certain part in the level. I ha
Feb 12
(5★) Scribblenauts Is my bacon and eggs right here
This game is one of the best creative apps I have ever bought It has all the features except the Avatars exclusive to pic version
this game is worthy of your time and money and I rate 10/10 quad Dorit
Feb 09
(4★) Object editor/creator
Will go to if this is added in update, thank you in advance
Feb 05
(5★) This game is awesome!
This game is cool you can create anythingI buyed all avatars with the super bundle and save 2!
Feb 03
(5★) Broken phone
Made a portal, Cthulhu appeared, threw phone across room out of surprise. 10/10
Feb 01
(5★) Perfect
This game is perfect how it is I have no comment thank you so much for the game :D
Jan 27
(5★) Add DC in please
Honestly I think it would be really cool if you guys added DC superheroes version it would be really fun and I would never stop
playing it
(5★) Gustavo_banana
This game is so cool I buy it I recomanded this game in Nntedo too
(5★) Great Game!
It took 2 minutes to load and it is just a really fun game to play.
Jan 26
(5★) What takes a long time?
Why do people say it takes long to download?Mine has only taken 8 minutes.
Jan 25
(4★) Cool game but
The adjective levels are really hard what I like about the game is that you can type cool creatures .
(3★) Amazingly bugged
This game is pretty fun. If they could fix the achievements bugs I would give this a 5 star review. It says I earned 24/46
achievements but I really earned 44/46. Some of them are extremely obvious. I
Jan 24
(5★) Amazing
I ️ Scribblenauts! Its amazing, just, awesome.
Jan 19
(3★) Glitch
There is a glitch on level 13-2, in which there are ghosts that destroy a piece of furniture every time you try to give a gift,
thus rendering it impossible to beat. Please fix.
(5★) More games like this
Warner bros you need to make more games like this plz
How do you make characters it says u can but how please actully make it so we canPlease
(5★) Awesome game but some things thatshouldbeadded
There should be a way to download user created things
Jan 18
(5★) make scribblenauts ulimited for ipad
this app is amazing but i wish we had scribblenauts ulimited
(5★) Big bugs
I just bought the game but it keeps saying not enough space but I have a gigabyte left
Jan 17
This game takes like 9 hours to downlaload
Jan 16
(3★) Ok but boring after a while
The gameGets very boring after you beat everything
Jan 14
(3★) Scribblenauts Remix
At first, it was amazing, and I loved it. Now I know, that you have to buy more worlds for it, and I already bought the app. Some
of the levels are pretty hard too.
Jan 11
(3★) I find childish
I kind of find it childish. Like the game would mostly be for kids. K thx.
(5★) Read
You should be able to add adjectives to the stuff you spawn in and the character you are
Jan 10
(5★) Please read
You should be able to add an adjective to maxwell or whoever you play with
Jan 09
(4★) Love. It but.
I love the game so worth 0.99 but you had to buy more levels after you beaT all the levels. I do not think its fair because I
already paid for it.
(5★) One question
Okay ask yourself commenters can you make a app like this, which is so creative. Probably not ask good?! So haters out there that
are complaining. This is a good app. And to see bad comments about it,
Jan 08
The best game i have ever seen and played in the world me and my dad have so much fun but how about you have fun and buy this app
peace out from the street side
(4★) Awesome
The best game ever! All you need to do is make the unmasked one and I will be happy
(4★) Great but.
I bought the world pass. I had no problems with the pass, but there is something wrong with level 12-9. What am I supposed to do?
There are no hints and just two people, a ramp, and some fire. Is this
Jan 07
(4★) Bug
Its a good game, but it has a glitch where I will complete the level but it makes me redo the level and when i try to use the same
objects it says "that object has already been used" and it annoys me
Jan 06
(4★) Wish the map was a little more expanded and multip
The map should be bigger and you should add a multiplayer so than we can play around with friends! Great game though!
Jan 05
(4★) Good
Its awsome but it would be cool if it was in HD because you can see the pixels are a little unparalleled also put WB characters
like batman or scooby doo
Jan 04
(5★) Fun but sexist
When I was playing I noticed that it was sexists. I had put in soccer, baseball, and football but when I put in volleyball it was
a girl. Why? From a Boy:
(4★) Awesome!
i love this game. its really good. although i would love a multiplayer or online mode. where you can play with friends in your own
worlds and stuff
(4★) Makes you think and needs more stuff
This app really makes you think to solve problems. You have to think, "What would solve this problem?". There is one answer for
some levels, and there are MULTIPLE answers for others levels. This is a
(3★) I think it is great, but.
The game is a very fun and puzzling game, however I am kind of mad having paid a dollar for the game and then finding out I need
to pay more for more worlds.
Jan 03
(5★) Great Fun!
This game is fun! I have to admit, I do sometimes just add random stuff to make the character look better or just plain random!
But this game is great for all ages who can read basically! I love how t
Jan 02
(4★) Please do multiplayer
Please add multiplayer with like a combat mode it would be amazing. And then maybe have like doc military pack with any fighting
related object
(5★) About the potions
I think a fun idea would be to allow your character to use the potions you create on yourself to give your character cool powers.
(5★) Yay
I always loved this game on the iOS and it works great i just want one thing and that is the option to create items like on the
wii u version, it would be awesome
Jan 01
(4★) Small problem
The game is awesome, but now. If I go to the game it crashes! I was hoping you could fix that please?
Total 60 reviews with 86.4% ratings for this app.
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