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Genres: [Lifestyle | Entertainment]
Developer: AppRedeem, Inc.
Release Date: Oct 13, 2011
Version: 4.2
Size: 36.83 MB
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Download App Trailers app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download App Trailers on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the App Trailers application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the App Trailers app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for App Trailers.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


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User Ratings

Dec 03
(5★) Shocking!
I was shocked that by watching a few videos I earned actual cash! To add more points (cash) please add the code warmerfuel when
you register.
(5★) AppTrailers
La app es perfecta la recomiendo.
Dec 02
(4★) Hi
I like it but it needs to have a easier way to get points like a video that has 1,000 points It will be very easier
Dec 01
(5★) Muy mala
Muy buena solo funciona con vpn pero es muy buena
Nov 30
(5★) Great application
Enjoy videos and get some rewards while doing it, why not?
(5★) I really like this app
It gives you credits and yea the prices are high to redeem your credits but its worth it!
(3★) Hard to get points
This app is okay but the videos only give you 5 points to get a lot of points you have to post videos which require facebook
(4★) Good but.
I got this app so i could a free 3ds eshop code but could not find it in the redeem section.
(5★) Cool little app
I like the fact that you can watch others videos and rate. A
Nov 29
(5★) ️ it!
It takes a little while to earn points, but totally worth it! I love this app xo
Nov 08
(5★) awesome
love this apps you can earn money just to watch videos even if its just a small amount better than nothing
Nov 07
(3★) TOO LONG!
Good app but longer videos should be worth more points, also downloading the apps off of here should reward you with points also.
"Liking" the app on facebook and promoting the app should also reward
Nov 06
(2★) Takes wayyyyy to long
Takes way to long to get points now. Only 5 points for video. It used to be way more. Please change this
Nov 05
(5★) Free money
Free is the best type of money :)
Nov 04
(5★) App trailer
It is nice because you watch video and get great reviews
(5★) I like it
Make some cash just wish it were lower cash outs.
Nov 03
(2★) Miss the Days of 30 Point Trailers
5 points a video is only half a penny per video. At least let us earn 10 points per video.
(3★) Not pleased at all
I recently was reffered to this app by a friend and i thought the idea was pretty cool. I use bing rewards and in about 2 weeks i
can earn a 5 giftcard which sounds good. This app, at the rate of whic
Oct 07
(5★) Best APP EVER!
GET THIS APP RIGHT NOW! You wont regret it. they WILL pay you and you WILL get your money. :)
(5★) Best app ever
This app is seriously the best ever! get it NOW!
Oct 05
(3★) not bad, but could be better
This app is great! But I think it would be better if you guys have better options to get more points faster. Takes a good time to
even get a 1 amazon card
Sep 18
(2★) Meh
Everything is so low pointed and takes forever to approve videos. A nice addition would be to add a feTire where videos can play
automatically(like Swagbucks TV) so you can do other things but the vid
Sep 17
(5★) Cool
I luv it but I lose points fast lol :b because i use the gambling stuff
Sep 16
(4★) 1/2
Needs better ways to earn points!
Sep 14
(2★) Bring Paypal Back
Please bring the paypal redeem reward back
Sep 13
(5★) Best app
It takes a kinda long time if u do not have face book or twitter do not look at this is only because I have to write crap
amazing app i always get atleast a minimum of 50 cents a day and the best part is it all goes to my paypal so im not just limited
to amazon and its faster then featurepoints, free my apps, and swagbuc
Sep 10
(3★) Easy money
This app is fairly straightforward but very time consuming.
Sep 09
(4★) Good
Good, but kinda clumsy, they always pay out except for when i like a vid on fb. Also, they should add an OPTION for auto play next
Aug 25
(5★) App Trailers Pays out
I have gotten 3 pay outs so far. All for around 30. They will say that they will flag your account if the amount is over 25 I
think but they pay to paypal. Took awhile but they give money for real.
Aug 22
(4★) good so far
i thought i had a problem when i tried to redeem 500 point to paypal,i got this message saying my account was to be rewiew and i
had to wait 24 hrs but today i received my rewards without no problems
(3★) Troubles!
This is a really good app and all but it wont let me get points anymore like it says if i watch a trailer i get zero points i
watch video i get zero points. And im pretty sure everyone that uses this
Aug 21
(5★) Best app of ALL TIME
This app is seriously amazing! They WILL pay you and they also have amazon gift cards as a pay out option!
Jul 31
(3★) Please fix
I enjoy using this app, but i can not import a video. I try but it always ends up freezing up. please fiz
Jul 30
(2★) Wasted my points
I have been using this app for a year now and got many points cards with it, but the last two times i have tried to get an xbox
card, i type it in and it says that the code is not valid, so i just was
(4★) Good app
Great app i love it but no point for share videos!
Jul 28
(5★) Best great one keep improving
Great the best app ever love it man
Jul 27
(5★) Awesome App
Ive already gotten paid. Works as intended. Wont get rich off of it but every bit helps!
(5★) awesome !
AppTrailers is absolutely amazing! Its extremely easy to use and legit. Use my promo code to get bonus points: nickyz300
Jul 26
(3★) Easy way of earning money
Takes forever to reach a dollar unless u are committed . It does pay though . Ever since they updated the app it has been harder
to earn money .
Jul 06
(5★) App Trailers
The app is good. In a week you can make 10-20 bucks. For anyone with the "reward no longer available" bug. You can fix this by
logging out and then back in. This also fixes the "no points" bug. After
Jul 05
(2★) Not working
When I got the app I thought it would work but it did not give me my point can someone help me
Jul 04
(4★) Pretty good
Excellent app! Great videos and some nice redeeming options! Occasional crashed and tweaks that could be improved
Jul 03
(4★) Nice app - ill give 5 stars for more video points
It was great app that it really pays you through paypal. There maybe some delays in the payout but when i try to follow in the
customer sevice they immediately send my rewards. But i just noticed this
(2★) video reviews
It takes forever to get my videos approved or review please fix this
Jun 09
(2★) Update this App
After I watched 100 videos and got 50 cents lol instead of getting 5 points per video it went down to giving me 3 points per video
which makes it impossible to get anything! Please readjust the point
Jun 08
(4★) Was great now stinks!
You use to could make a lot of points now it stinks! And they will suspend you for no REASON! And will not tell you why! STINKS!
Jun 07
(2★) Used to be better.
When i saw app trailers back on the App Store, I was very excited and told all my friends. But they all came to me and told me the
app was useless. I looked at the update and found they had removed mo
May 14
(3★) Patient is the key !
This app use to give u more points and opportunity to earn at least 100 points every day but now it seem to had slowed down it
process. Never the less it still give you point so with in the year ur st
May 13
(3★) App crach at start
Please fix this crash at start. I cant even open the app! 3 star till fixed!
May 12
(2★) Cant open app
I downloaded the app o opened it and it crashed and took me back to home screen!
Apr 21
(5★) Love it
I being long time using this app. I really love it and got paid so many times.
(2★) What 5?!
The point shows 5 but I am only getting 3!?
(4★) Great app
Latest update fixed the bug from the earlier update
(4★) Great
This app is great gives less points now but it all good
(3★) Alright App
The app is alright, but it takes forever to rack up enough points to get cash.
Apr 20
(5★) Review
Great app with very nice rewards
With the latest update earning is ridiculous and pretty much pointless to use this app anymore. This update is a complete fail to
(3★) Need update or new
It is okay but it need update for more points I am on level 3 but I wish there is 10 points than 5 points it will be easier
Feb 03
(5★) Awesomeness App!
Luv this app. So much data info unique luv scoring points fun too.I enjoy this app so much! tysm yippppy
Jan 05
(4★) Best gift card app
Seems good so far. I like the program and received my one and only gift card to best buy. It seems now no points are given to
watch videos. Thanks so much for the gift card I got and it was redeemed w
Jan 02
(5★) Amazing APP
This app is amazing, I recommend it very highly.
Dec 16, 2013
(5★) Good application
App trailers is a really good app and earned lot of gift cards and PayPal money with that
(5★) Forces
I has to write a review for appjoy
Dec 15, 2013
(3★) Love the app but it got buggy recently
The app was great 2 months ago now it has gotten buggy, please fix been getting 0 and had to restart app to even earn anything.
Please and thank you. Merry Early Christmas
(5★) Good app!
This app is good its slow at getting point but they make you work for it they should put a little bit more gold point but so far
so good keep up the great work.
Dec 14, 2013
(5★) Great app!
This is a good app if you want to earn some quick cash
(5★) Love the app
I have made 6.75 on this app It just takes some time I do It on the commercials when I watch tv
(3★) To lowers apps
This app at the beginning start very good but after a while when you had some apps downloaded the poins decrease. In my opinion
you should change that.
Dec 12, 2013
(5★) Fantastic app!
I made 50 in one day, can you believe that! One day! I had it transferred to my PayPal account
Dec 11, 2013
I lovveeee this app took 2 days to get 10,000 then I redeemed it for a psn code :D emailed it too me in 12 hours
Nov 18, 2013
(5★) Love this app!
Insert thus code for a 1000 points head start-PANDASRULE562It worked for me
Total 72 reviews with 78.8% ratings for this app.
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