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Accounts 2 Checkbook

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$ 6.9
Genres: [Finance | Business]
Developer: Steve Tran
Release Date: Jan 27, 2012
Version: 3.6
Size: 2.4 MB
$ 6.9
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The new great game "Accounts" series now available for download in the app store (see the link below). The first game in the series, Accounts was released on Sep 01, 2008 , now they’ve delivered Another new Finance application series "Accounts" called Accounts 2 Checkbook with lot of new great features from before, more levels, new worlds, featuring exciting new sound effects and lot more fun. The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Accounts 2 is an easy to use application to replace your paper checkbook. With the Accounts 2 application, you will have a quicker and more convenient way to track your daily finances. You can schedule transactions, transfer funds, capture photo receipts, reconcile, view reports, export data, print, and much more. All features of the Accounts 2 app are designed to be quick, clean, intuitive, and easy to use.

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* Touch ID Support
- Use Touch ID to authenticate and launch the app quicker and more conveniently.

* Sync Data via iCloud
- Sync your data across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices

* Universal Binary
- Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. No need to buy separate apps for each device.

* Graphs and Reports
- Review your monthly income vs. expense, spending by category, or income by category summaries with beautiful graphs and reports.

* Photo Receipts
- Capture and store photo receipt as part of a transaction.

* AirPrint Support
- Print reports directly from your iPhone or iPad to any AirPrint-enabled printer.

* Recurring Transactions
- Schedule transactions to repeat weekly, biweekly, monthly, semimonthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly on a start date that you choose.

* Split Transactions
- Split a transaction among several categories for more precise tracking.

* Search
- Quickly search for transactions and edit them from the same screen.

* Reconcile Transactions
- Reconcile by checking off cleared transactions and comparing the actual and outstanding balances against a bank statement. Accounts 2 now includes a running total for even easier reconciliation.

* Smart Autocomplete
- As you type, a list will show you your previously entered descriptions and corresponding category. Selecting an entry from the list will fill both fields of the transaction.

* Auto-increment Check # Field
- Accounts 2 will suggest the next check number for you based on the previously entered number. If you replace your checkbook, just enter the new starting number and Accounts 2 will auto-increment from there.

* Transfers
- Make a one-time transfer between accounts or set up recurring transfers to automatically repeat.

* Export in CSV, QIF & HTML Formats
- Export transactions via email attachments for used with desktop applications such Numbers, Excel, or MS Money.

* Customization Settings & Themes
- Configurable settings and themes to customize the Accounts 2 application based on your preferences.

* Transaction Sorting/Hiding
- Sort transactions by date in either ascending or descending order. You can also hide reconciled transactions to keep your current list from being cluttered.

* Accounts Reordering
- Reorder your accounts from the account list in any order you choose.

* Accounts Delete Lock
Prevents accidental deletion of all the transactions under an account.

* Backup / Restore
Backup your data for safekeeping via email, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing interface. Then restore it to your device whenever you need to.

* Passcode Security
- Keep your accounts information private.

* FREE Accounts 2 Lite version
- Please download the Accounts 2 Lite version to try before you buy
Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to download the App

Download Accounts 2 Checkbook app for for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Accounts 2 Checkbook on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Accounts 2 Checkbook application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Accounts 2 Checkbook app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Accounts 2 Checkbook.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Accounts 2 Checkbook app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Accounts 2 Checkbook application may be available in some countries.

User Ratings

May 04
(4★) Awesome
Oh man. Last update was a headache. In cleared previous cleared items. It took me a while to get everything squared away.
May 03
(3★) Last update was FRUSTRATING!
The latest update messed up the previously reconciled transactions.It unchecked items and I had a mess when reconciling
April.Please make sure when updating this app that all previous transactions are
May 02
(5★) Great Checkbook App!
Easy way to balance the checkbook on the go.
(4★) Bug in latest update.
Latest version has a bug. Total Cleared is not reading correctly.
May 01
(5★) Account Priority
It works great and fits my needs, just wish that I could prioritize the accounts
(4★) A pretty good app to manage your accounts
Only major drawback is to be able to reorder transactions.
(4★) Great electronic check register!
I like the app. I would also like to be able to sync my accounts with my wife's different iCloud account so we can both see the
same information for our accounts without having to email each transac
Apr 30
(4★) Money
Closest I could find to what I was looking for. A check register/ "Microsoft Money" type of app.
Apr 29
(2★) Transfer is not working
So my husband and I use this app and it was working really well, last update messed up the transfer part. It doesn't send the
e-mail correct and you have to put each transfer into each account.
(3★) Good app could be great
This app functions as a perfect checkbook register. I love the entry method for recurring transactions, but it's cloud usage could
be more refined.
(4★) Would like to have.
The ability to arrange transactions in my preferred order after balancing (like the one in password) and a section to enter notes
would be great! Always room for improvement; RIGHT? Love this app!
Apr 23
(4★) Patience
I have been using this app since 2013. I also have noticed some hiccups with the iCloud sync. I think this has more to do with the
Apple iOS updates than the program. Twice I have had to upload, erase
Apr 16
(3★) Great app but .
Started crashing when sharing transactions. I'm sure the app developers will get it fixed. Everything works fine until Apple
comes in with their update to "fix" things. iPhone 6 iOS 8.3
Apr 15
(5★) Great
This apps does everything I need it to do. Works great!
(5★) Accounts2
Works perfect! Been using it for a couple of years. If a bug is found, quickly fixed! Some just complain, i think it's excellent!
Apr 12
This app used to be amazing but ever since the update, it's been terrible. It seems to reset when I'm switching between my bank
app and this app. Or this app and any app. It's annoying to have to rety
(5★) Daily spending Report
I love this product and am able to keep track of all my accounts. The one new update I would like to see is to add date or daily
option to at least the Spending by Category report.
Apr 08
(5★) Good App but
To the creator of this app.PLEASE, MAKE IT SYNC WITH THE IPHONE APP.It would be 100% more useful if it stayed in sync with the
iPhone so I don't have to enter everything twice. I use it everyday. Lik
Apr 05
(2★) sync
sync between iphone and ipad does not alway work.
Apr 04
(3★) Good app, but COULD be great!
My only complaints are:1. You can only take one photo of a receipt. Several receipts are too long or even multiple pages and it
makes sense I should be able to attach multiple photos. 2. I use this to
Apr 01
(3★) Not Syncing!
I use this app every day and I'm happy with it for the most part. However, it is not syncing between my iPhone and iPad. I have
tried all the suggestions on the SVT website, but it's still not working
Mar 31
(5★) After a long search, looks good!
I had been using a checkbook balancing app for some time now that was simple and intuitive. When iOS 8 didn't support it, I was
lost. I didn't want some complex, analyzing app. Just a simple one to tr
(4★) Best So Far
I tried a bunch of different checkbook apps and this one did what I needed it to do best. I like that I can assign credit cards to
apply toward my checking balance so I can avoid overspending. All oth
Mar 28
(5★) Most Convenient App Ever!
No more check registers or math errors. And I always have my financial info at my fingertips. Enjoying it!
Mar 27
(5★) Must have
Love this app. Not sure how you'd manage an account with out it!
Mar 24
(5★) Love this-update
STILL love this app. Just could NOT do banking without it on my limited income. Keeps me on my budget! Thanx to developers!Have
used this for a year and just bought '2' and it is even better! Thanx f
Mar 22
(5★) Love it but having a recent problem
I have had this app for multiple years now and balance my entire checkbook on it. In fact, I can't live without it! However, since
the last update I have been having an issue where it goes back to the
Mar 21
(3★) iCloud Sync Issues
I love this app except the iCloud sync never works correctly. My husband and I each have an iPhone and an iPad. I wanted this app
so we could record transactions apart and still share the same electro
(4★) It will not transfer
I had started it with my iPad and downloaded the the full version so I've finished up on my iPhone now I'm trying to transfer back
to my iPad and everything I have on my iPhone and I will not transfer
(5★) HappyLady
I really enjoy using this app. I actually tried three and this one was the best due to having everything needed to keep accurate
records, but not so many frills that it was just too much trouble. I f
Mar 20
(5★) Meets my needs
I've tried looking for alternatives many times now but always go back to Account 2 to help keep track of my finances. If you want
to see where your money goes to, make sure to categorize your expenses
Mar 12
(5★) Cebpal
This app is the only one I have found that matches my desktop in the way I use it.I have tried many free and paid apps that didn't
suit me but I will stay and use this one
Mar 11
(2★) Sync issues
This is a 5 * app, but while the app won't sync its a 2 * app. I hope they fix this soon! Even with this short term problem I
would still highly recommend this app!Bryan B
Mar 10
(4★) Great checkbook app until.
Have used for several years and I love it, until recently a search for "exclude from reports" all come up titled as XFER from .
And memo'd as a transfer. What is going on? Needs to be fixed and I'll g
Mar 09
(4★) Works for me - but one request
I don't do uploading and syncing so this review does not include any of those. But this app does everything else I need it to. I
can easily keep track of my checking and all of my budgets. Only one
(5★) Last update fixes iOS 7.1.2 crash.
Update 3/9/15: Thank you for fixing this, all my data was still there.I was really worry about this since I did not want, like
many others, update to iOS 8.n on my iPad 2, but you guys came through.
(5★) This is brilliant for using a capital one venture
I use the regular accounts like my checking and savings but I put everything on my venture card so I get airline miles. I use that
just like a checking. Because I can make several payment during the m
Mar 07
(5★) 2 updates later and still no Touch ID or Widget su
Update: Still loving this app. One of my favorites!THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Been waiting for Touch ID! I always had to wait until I
got to the car to put in my debit card transactions because I didn't wa
(5★) Banking Head Aches be gone!
I definitely am satisfied with this application, been using it over 5 years and no bad checks, love it, couldn't live with out it!
(Financially) LOL
Mar 01
(3★) Has all the features I wanted
This app has all the features I wanted however I am unable to get the syncing to work. I was using clear checkbook and it synced
perfectly but with this I am unable to get the accounts to come up on a
(4★) Finally updated! Could still have more features.
Latest Version Review;Please fix the bug within the search function. When I do a search based on category, it shows the full
purchase price of a split transaction and that full price is included in th
Feb 28
(2★) Doesn't Sync
Easy to use. However, if you are looking for an app that syncs well between devices, DO NOT rely on this one to do it. If you
read through other reviews, you'll see that through the years syncing se
Feb 27
(5★) Excellent implementation - a few suggestions
I compared this app to several others before purchasing it and overall it is better than the rest. One needed fix: it does not
let you change the memo of a recurring transfer AFTER the transfer has b
(5★) Greta App!
Great app.used it for a while now. Don't need a paper register anymore. I like that the updates keep the app working great!
(5★) What the Heck!
Feb 17
(4★) Search engine not working.
The search engine within the apps no longer searching everything when ALL is selected. Used to be able to type in keyword or
number and everything pops up, now no longer the case. I've recommended thi
Feb 15
(4★) Cannot search by Category or All
This is a great app; I've been using it for years. Please fix Search option as it will not pull up transactions by Category or by
(5★) Accounts 2
Awesome application, ID touch doesn't work on my IPhone 6 or Ipad, but it does syc between them. A lot better than my handwritten
checkbook. Highly recommend .
(5★) Excellent
Best register I have ever used. I have used accounts 2 for at least a year now and I loved the search option, but since last
update the search doesn't work now. Would be better if you could do subcate
Feb 14
(4★) Transfers
Love this app. Been using for years, however most recent update no longer allows to select specific spending category when
transferring from one account to assigns 'transfer' and you can't
Feb 13
(2★) Fix please!
I also have an iPhone 4 I still use occasionally. It will not update to iOS 8. So it looks like I'm going to another app & will
not get another iPhone.
Feb 12
(2★) Used to be good
I used to love this app! What a great idea for an electronic checkbook. However, this recent update made the app not work on my
phone anymore (iPhone 4S). I can't even get it to open. Wish I wouldn't
Feb 11
(2★) Lastest update crashes on 4s
Can't even open the app on my 4s now. I use this everyday.Please fix!
(5★) One small problem
In the search function, ALL returns no results.
(5★) Got it
I found the procedure to correct the icloud sync feature and it works perfectly again that is why I gave a 5 star rating.
(3★) Search is messed up!
When I search for certain "things" that I like to keep under the category "*Exclude from Reports" they all show up as a XFER from
somewhere else. The worse part is that you don't differentiate if it's
(4★) Missing the integration of Budgetting
The missing part is budgetting otherwise is a great application.
Jan 17
(5★) LOVE IT!
Great app always know where my finances are.
Jan 15
(2★) No Syncing
Their talk is all talk. Syncing from my iPhone 6 to my iPad Air is non- existent. I have tried every thing they say and even
e-mailed them with NO response.
Jan 13
(4★) Pretty good
I love this app. I would love to see the fingerprint reader incorporated into the app as an option instead of the PIN number!
Jan 10
(3★) Great App except for sync function
Love the app works but would like it much better if the sync function worked. Like someone else said have to choose between iPhone
or iPad.
(5★) ️love this app️
I love this app! I can keep track of multiple accounts for our businesses as well as our personal accounts, being able to do all
this in one app makes me very satisfied!
Jan 05
(5★) Keep track financially
This is a great way to keep track of income/ spending. Budgets. Reoccurring charges. Checking accounts, savings, credit cards,
cash accounts. I use Quick Books at work on a regular basis so for my per
Jan 04
(4★) Good & Straightforward
Good, easy to update/maintain. I like it.
Jan 03
(5★) Excelent
I am loving this app. I wanted simple and yet complete app for balancing bank account, checking. This does it 100%. It is
simple, intuitive.Issue: iCloud sync can use some work. It does work, but
Dec 31, 2014
(5★) Just what I wanted
This app was exactly what I was looking for. My God there are a lot of confusing apps out there.
(3★) Going Downhill
Used to sync great but recently is being jankety.
Dec 27, 2014
(5★) Cmr
Was a long time fan of this app, last update zapped all info, keeps crashing when I try to sync to cloud. Followed steps on web
page with no luck. Some one at SVT please look into this issue, still ha
(5★) Super Easy To Use
I love the simplicity of this app, it makes my iPhone even more indispensable now that its a checkbook as well as just about
everything else. The ability to create recurring transactions and to easily
Dec 24, 2014
(4★) Best checking app!
I have used a few other apps but this so far is the best. User friendly interface. Syncing between devices can be glitchy.
Dec 22, 2014
(5★) Works as advertised
Everything I need in a mobile checkbook app. Been using for years.
Dec 20, 2014
(3★) Please do a bug fix update
We love this app and would love to give it 5 stars but since switching to the 6 plus and buying that version it has a lot of bugs
on both of our phones. When we click on an email to add it to accounts
Dec 19, 2014
(5★) "LIKE IT!"
I switched from iBank.easy to use.easy to sync.on my IPad.and sync with IPhone.
Dec 18, 2014
(2★) iCloud
Would be 5 star if iCloud sync worked correctly. Please fix it!
Dec 17, 2014
(5★) Love the app
I have had the program for over 2 years and love it, I have had difficulty with iCloud but right now it seems okay. I would
suggest putting a calendar and calculator in the app that is easy to get to
Dec 16, 2014
(5★) Just What I Needed
I needed an app to keep track of my checking account and stay synched on all my Apple devices. This does it all and is very easy
to use.
Dec 15, 2014
(2★) Fails to sync regularly
Over time this app seems to develop significant issues with syncing if you have it on more than one device. I can literally make
an entry on my iPhone while my iPad is sitting next to it, both on the
Dec 03, 2014
(5★) I like it
Just started this ap. Tried all the features, and works great. I tried many other checkbook apps, so I can say with confidence
that this is gonna be a keeper. Can backup which is very important to me
Dec 01, 2014
(3★) Bandbear
This app was working great until the las iOS update. Now the iCloud sync feature locks up the device and won’t work again until
the app is restarted. Hope you read these for the feedback. Otherwi
Nov 27, 2014
(3★) Paying credit cards
When you pay a credit card it should not appear as an income, because is a payment, try to fix that
Nov 26, 2014
(2★) Okay app
Taking a picture to keep record of confirmation comes out terrible when you go back in to look at it after it is saved. Please
(4★) iPhone and iPad only sync half the time
Love this app but frustrated with the syncing. My two devices only sync some entries it does not sync all of them. Any advice?
(3★) Sync issues!
Entered info a couple of days ago on my primary device and it will not sync to my secondary! I have tried anything and
everything! 2 months of entries gone. I can input a new entry now and it will
Nov 25, 2014
(5★) Great App For Finances
Love this app. It does exactly what I need without too many extras. Glad I found it.
Nov 23, 2014
(5★) I use this app daily!
Very quick and simple to use, and does everything I need. I use it to manage several accounts, and it allows several options to
backup your precious data.
Nov 21, 2014
(2★) Stalled
All of a sudden this week I have to close the app and reopen it for items to be posted or check marks to be registered. Please
Nov 20, 2014
(3★) Great app.except!.
This app worked great,until the last iOS update. Now, when entering numbers, as soon as the first number is typed, the numberpad
goes away. Hopefully they fix this issue ion.
(2★) Stupid manual iCloud syncing.
iCloud sync is painful manual process which always fails.
(2★) Freezing
With the latest version the app is freezing when trying to save a new transaction. Using iOS 8.1.1
Nov 05, 2014
(4★) Good app please fix calculator
I love this app and literally use it multiple times per day. My wife and I use it on two phones to keep our checkbooks in sync.
Occasionally, they will come out of sync and have to fix. And with the l
Nov 04, 2014
(2★) Beware!
iCloud sync is unstable! Does not always update all devices, even after resetting or signing out of iCloud through primary device
Nov 01, 2014
(2★) Update has bugs
Love app but update messed up recurring deposits and camera is buggy
Oct 31, 2014
(4★) Great app
Very good. Easy to use. Some sync difficulty with iOS 8 and 6 . Would give 5 if the sync was solved.
Oct 05, 2014
(2★) Used to be great .
Like may have posted, app will not sync between multiple devices since ios8 (iPhone and iPad). Emailed “customer support” a
week ago and no response. Has the developer abandoned this app? Will
Sep 30, 2014
(4★) Seperate accounts
would like the option to report on accounts seperately.
(5★) No problems at all!
I love this app! Keeps track of my checking account without me having to overdraft every time! Recommended to family and friends!
Sep 29, 2014
(3★) Developer on hiatus?
I love the concept of this software! It is exactly what my family needed but the software is a bit glitchy when it comes to the
sync over iCloud function. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the s
Sep 24, 2014
(4★) Good app
Need to take advantage of thumb print security. Need ability to exclude or include reconciled transactions from search. App needs
to sync in the background on all devices to keep from losing transacti
Sep 09, 2014
(3★) Needs improvement
Need ability to start schedule transactions from past date. UI needs improvement. Buttons are not slick. Selecting and editing of
items need to be differentiated better. More icons for credit card typ
Sep 07, 2014
(5★) Ok App
Nice App. No more paper register.Needs an update to remove payees!
Total 100 reviews with 77.8% ratings for this app.
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