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HoursTracker - Time Sheet & Time Tracker

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$ 9.99
Genres: [Business | Productivity]
Developer: Carlos Ribas
Release Date: Jul 13, 2009
Version: 3.0.1
Size: 3.38 MB
$ 9.99
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Clock in and out as you work and watch as time accumulates and earnings grow. Easily review your past entries, grouped by day, week, month, or pay period. There’s no need to enter each pay period yourself – just set your pay schedule type and HoursTracker automatically calculates everything, even daily and weekly overtime earnings. Time entries are automatically created when you clock out. Or, add entries yourself in just a few quick taps. You can easily export your data by job, date, or selection. Choose to export as a text summary or in spreadsheet-ready CSV format.

○ lifehacker says "Best Time Tracking App for iPhone"

Quick and easy entry and editing makes time tracking painless, but advanced features and customization set HoursTracker above the rest: Automatic Overtime, Location Awareness, Tags and Filters, Expected Time Reached Alerts, and more.

Choose to receive notifications when you arrive or leave the area, or even let HoursTracker use your location to automatically record your time entries. Order your jobs list nearest-first to save scrolling. HoursTracker is crafted to deliver accurate results without draining your battery.

Create tags and apply them to jobs and entries. Use Filters to control which jobs or entries are displayed. You define which tags each filter includes and excludes, then toggle Filters with a single tap.

HoursTracker can alert you when it’s time to go. Set up an expected number of hours per day, and you’ll get alerts as you approach those hours, even taking time rounding options into account. A notification fifteen minutes prior helps you get to a stopping point by quitting time.

With over 5,000 lifetime 5-star reviews and 5 years of service, you can be confident that HoursTracker can easily handle your time data with uncompromising performance and stability.

○ Daily and weekly overtime with two thresholds and rates for each.

○ Already working but forgot to clock in? Use “Start Clock At...” and choose a time.

○ Clock in to any number of jobs at a time, or change a preference and you’ll be clocked out automatically when you clock in to another job.

○ Add comments, assign a special hourly rate for just one entry, and easily subtract breaks.

○ Enter time manually by choosing just choose a start time and then either the end time or the duration, whichever is easier for you.

○ Flexible rounding options to automatically round your time worked can be configured per-job.

○ View your time and earnings by day, or by calendar week or month, or by job, on the Entries tab. Customize the day the calendar week begins on.

○ Set up pay period details and view your time by weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay period on the Pay Periods tab.

○ Easily copy a job to save time.

○ Tagging and filtering let you build custom views of your data.

○ Passcode lock lets you keep your HoursTracker data private.

○ Have a lot of jobs? For 15+ jobs, HoursTracker will show an A-Z index, just like the Contacts app, to help you quickly find the right job.

○ Export data via e-mail in text or CSV formats in the message body or attachment.

○ Respects your device’s international settings.

Cloud data backup/restore included free (registration required). Background backups and web access available with subscription purchase. iTunes File Sharing also enabled for backup/restore.

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to download the App

Download HoursTracker Time Sheet and Time Tracker app for for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download HoursTracker Time Sheet and Time Tracker on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the HoursTracker Time Sheet and Time Tracker application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the HoursTracker Time Sheet and Time Tracker app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for HoursTracker Time Sheet and Time Tracker.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the HoursTracker Time Sheet and Time Tracker app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This HoursTracker Time Sheet and Time Tracker application may be available in some countries.

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User Ratings

Oct 19
(5★) Easy to use and very capable
Works just as it needs to for me and my consulting business.
Oct 18
(5★) Worth the price
An extremely useful app for any freelancer. Convenient time entry and export.
Oct 17
(5★) Awesome
This app is awesome, a great way to stay on top of my work schedule.
Oct 16
(4★) A Professional Requirement
At least for me! It is an indispensable tool for my small business. Since I always have my phone, I now always have my time
keeper. Once you get in the habit, it really makes things much easier than k
Oct 15
(5★) Owner
I could not function without this app! Learned the hard way to back up! Can add phone calls and meetings outside of my office to
my clients time tracking
Oct 14
(5★) Best General Purpose Time Tracker
Update: This app just keeps getting better. Thanks for the great improvements and the desire to make a great app. Great app.
Easy to use & forward to spreadsheet. I have zero problems exporting data
Oct 13
(5★) Great time keeping tool
I have been using for four years without complaints. Perfect for consulting.
(3★) Good program for estimating income
Location accuracy could be a lot better
(3★) System down
Set up & ease of use is great, but app fails too often which is frustrating.
Sep 23
(5★) My number one productivity tool
This is part of my essential day to day profit making and tracking tool. Helps me and my clients not take my time for granted.
Sep 22
(5★) Excellent app and even better customer support
I use this app to track my practice time, which is important for a professional musician. I can customize the day that starts my
week to coincide with my lesson schedule. Carlos responded to my email
Sep 21
(5★) Crashing too! But.saved my data!
In iTunes, apps, scroll down to file sharing. If u have this on, choose HoursTracker, highlight the data file and save it to your
computer. Delete the app, re-install, then go back to iTunes - file sh
Sep 20
(5★) Excellent for consulting.
Update for R3: widget is great! I am a civil engineer and my life is much easier with this app.
Sep 18
(5★) Hefty price and worth it
Lots of great features like cav file exporting by date ranges, adding multiple breaks, etc. Been using this app everyday for 2
years now and I love it!
Aug 28
(4★) Great utility
Works great. If the web site was more robust I would have given it five stars.
Aug 27
(5★) Sole law practice
I use the Hours Tracker app in my solo legal practice. Works absolutely great. I can round to .1 of an hour and have different
rates for different clients (called Jobs in this app). The upgrades too
Aug 21
(5★) Great Product
I have been using HoursTracker for about three years now. It is easy to use, and easy to export information.
Aug 18
(5★) Great app!
Easy and effective way to log hours.
Aug 17
(5★) Great Tracking Tool
Use it daily for work. Does exactly what it needs to.
Aug 15
(5★) Great Tool
Functional, useful APP. Love the ease of use and ability to track multiple jobs. Highly recommend!
Aug 13
(5★) Geno
Great app, use it every day. Definitely recommend it!
Aug 09
(5★) Just right.
Feature rich but simple enough to use for small tasks and often switching.
Aug 05
(5★) Huge timesaver
Love this app. Post production artist and it makes my job tracking a set and forget. I just email my time to the producer when the
job is complete
Aug 04
(5★) One of my favorite apps.
Keeps track of time and money. Easy to setup. I would be lost without this app.
Aug 03
(5★) Great app
I work a lot of hours and keeping track of them and my checks is easy with this app. All my checks have been very accurate!
Aug 02
(5★) Time Tracker
Have used for several year and has been great. Tried my own database and others. Time tracker is the best. All ones need. Get it.
R Snow
(5★) Great time tracker.
Easy to use and does what it should.
Aug 01
(5★) Very Useful
Excellent for any busy project manager or professional who must bill for multiple projects and tasks
(5★) Good app faster then ever
Love the app. Have had it for almost three years now. Improvements have been good. Just wish it was possible to add pictures to in
the notes.
Jul 31
(5★) Must have if self employed!
I use this daily to track my tasks and am able to sort by employer. It makes submitting and organizing time sheets easy!
(4★) Easy time tracking app
Makes it easy to track my hours for my timesheets.
Jul 30
(3★) Works as advertised
I am an independent consultant with multiple customers with multiple projects. Hours tracker provides a simple and convenient
method to log my billable hours by project and client. I especially like t
Jul 10
(4★) Hours Tracker
I have had no problems and I use it everyday. It works as advertise.
Jul 09
(4★) Useful, but improvement needed
I still gave the app 4 stars because of ease of use. It meets all basic requirements of time keeping software. However, it has no
ability to identify overlapping charge times or gaps in the day.
Jul 08
(4★) CFO
Works great! Simple, easy to export, variable for different project requirements.
(5★) Almost perfect!
I am a freelancer and this app is wonderful for keeping track of various jobs with random hours and schedules. I have tried
several other time tracking apps, but none of them have ever drawn me away f
Jul 05
(5★) Superb app
It just keeps getting better and better. No complaints at all.
(5★) great interface, lots of good recent updates
Works the way I expect, very stable, all the most important functions accomplished with very few taps. I use many times a day,
every workday.", to track time spent on different projects and total time
Jul 04
(4★) Great App. But Invoice feature needed.
Have tried several time tracking apps. Hours Keeper is very good. Very usefull. However it would be well served to have a simple
one page, PDF type document, quick invoicing feature that could be sent
May 23
(5★) Works great
Does everything i need it to and everything is easy to find. Excellent app.
May 15
(5★) Perfect!
Makes it so easy to track time for invoices. Love the export feature!
May 09
(5★) Get Regular!
This app is great and the features are accommodating to my needs. The most important aspect though is to become consistent with
the entries.
May 05
(5★) Solid App
Good clean app for keeping track of hours. Interface a little wonky if trying to input hours *after* work. Clock in and out works
well and I appreciate the rounding choices. Recommended to try.
(5★) Nice!
Great app and does what it says and very well.
Apr 29
(5★) Keeps my time and jobs always at hand
Great app with an active developer that listens to feedback and reacts quickly. I use the app daily to keep track of time among
many projects and sub-tasks, and export the data for weekly time entry a
Apr 28
(5★) No app like this
My business would be unable to survive without this app.
(5★) Great time tracker
Does a great time tracking and makes it easy to view and edit your data.
(5★) Keeps getting better
Works great and keeps getting better with each update.
(5★) Excellent App
An excellent app. Easy, handy, and complete. Highly recommended.
Apr 26
(3★) Not happy
Stopped reminding me when I got to my job site. Tried reset but not working. Very unhappy.
Apr 25
(5★) Extremely useful!
I use this app on a daily basis to keep track of my work activities.
(4★) Convenient & Quick
Having flex hours is fantastic, but keeping track of them is tricky. An hour here, 2 there, or overnight deadline work can be
tracked of easily w this app. Different project titles can be used. And no
Apr 24
(4★) Good for automating my time sheets
The export to csv option allows me to create my time sheets in InDesign quickly. letting me get back to working on designing
instead of admin duties.
Apr 17
(5★) Fits the bill
Extremely useful app for logging hours on projects. Need one small thing - minutes dial could be customized to increment in half
hour or whatever the resolution the user sets in the "round to" options
Apr 15
(5★) Great work app
I love the export option to send my work times to employer. Easy to use. Easy to track.
(5★) The Best
This really is a well designed app--Truly useful, and set up in a way that makes using it easy. Not only that, but the frequent
updates have only made it more streamlined and smarter since I first pu
Apr 14
(5★) Good Ap
I have come to depend on this ap. And IRS will just have to suffer loss.
Apr 12
(5★) Great support
I emailed support when there were some changes to the app that made it useless to me. I received a reply right away that told me
how to fix it.
Apr 11
(4★) Jobs is a great app!
Jobs is the best app out there that I found. Great for tracking jobs. Figured it out yet but I would like to see big clock in and
out function for lunch breaks. And return to work
Mar 31
(5★) Perfect for contract work
Precise, concise, and intuitive to use - this app is exactly what I needed. The upgrade to Pro paid for itself within the first
day in terms of accuracy and customer confidence. With the ability to pr
(5★) Love it
Love the new update. Works great.
Mar 29
(5★) Reliable
Convenient , reliable, fast. Period . Five stars guys, good job !
Mar 26
(5★) Not bad
Pretty good so far. Helps me keep an eye on payroll
(5★) Great app! Change the icon please
I love this app! It has worked really well for me but please change the app icon! I know that sounds petty but I work with/for a
lot of different clients in the oil/gas industry and the pig on the ico
Mar 20
(5★) One of my most useful apps.
Complete functionality. Frequent refinements. Gets better with every update! Excellent!
Mar 17
(5★) Great software.
Software works very well and is easy to use.
Mar 07
(4★) Love this app!
Nice, intuitive yet simple. Add tax data, personal deductions, see your potential paycheck in advance.
Mar 03
(5★) Keeps getting better and better
I had this back on my old 3G and Tracking my hours has never been easier. Now I am on the 5s with all the extra features and I
would not consider using anything else.
Feb 28
(5★) Love it!
I use HoursTracker to track billable hours for client projects. Works exceedingly well. Ability to add comments and export hours
is so useful!
Feb 27
(5★) Great App.
Works well for keeping track of my time on the job.
Total 70 reviews with 94.6% ratings for this app.
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