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Genres: [Photo & Video | Social Networking]
Developer: Snapchat, Inc.
Release Date: Jul 13, 2011
Version: 9.4.0
Size: 23.83 MB
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Enjoy fast and fun mobile conversation! Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend. They’ll view it, laugh, and then the Snap disappears from the screen – unless they take a screenshot!

You can also add a Snap to your Story with one tap to share your day with all of your friends.

The best conversations happen when both friends are present, so we’ll let you know if your friend is Here in your Chat so that you can give each other your full attention. And if you're both Here, simply press and hold to share live video - and Chat face-to-face!

Happy Snapping!


Please note: even though Snaps, Chats, and Stories are deleted from our servers after they expire, we cannot prevent recipient(s) from capturing and saving the message by taking a screenshot or using an image capture device.
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How to download the App

Download Snapchat app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Snapchat on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Snapchat application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Snapchat app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Snapchat.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Snapchat app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Snapchat application may be available in some countries.

User Ratings

I love the app ; but it always has problems reloading & sending them snaps to my story, it took forever & when I would to "retry"
them, they would just disappear. Not cool, snap chat. Not cool.
(3★) Snapchat
I can not open the app. Whenever I tap on the icon it will show up then shut down.
Mar 27
Story not showing views & deleting my posts
(4★) Suggestions
•Profile pics when a person adds you •Putting back bestfriends
Mar 26
(5★) Finally! Snaochat is awesome again
Mine finally runs smoothly! Thanks for fixing the stretched story resolution bug!
(3★) More filter designs !
Great app. Fun. Easy to use. Addicting.My only complaint is I would like to see more filter options added because the ones now are
cool so having different updates offering different filter through th
(3★) irritated
i love snapchat i use it everyday but the third filter is the one i use frequently and now its looks like crap, its a freen mixed
with yellow and orange color
(4★) I have an Idea
Hey SnapChat Developers, I love your app, especially the recently added features, but I would like to recommend that you add a
feature that allows the snapchat camera to also read QR codes, just an id
(4★) Love and hate it
I love that you can record while listening to music but now in the most recent update i think it messed it all upplease fix it
(3★) Every time I open the app.?
Every time I open the app my volume turns down? And it shows it, too. As if I turned it down myself.
Mar 25
(4★) Fix the bugs please
None of my snapchats will load! Please fix
(3★) Add bluetooth music playing support
Snapchat recently added the feature to play music via aux cord while recording a snapchat video. BUT when using bluetooth, it
stops the music from playing through my bluetooth car stereo, and plays mu
(4★) Umm.
This App Is Awesome But. Why Does Storys On Ipads Look Blurry They Look Messed Up And The Iphone Ones Have Super Good Quality
(4★) Fix the headphone issue!
I love the app and use it frequently. My only issue is that when I play music in my stories with my headphones in, you can barely
hear the music!
(5★) I love snapchat
I like everything about it and love using it.
(4★) blurry? I think yes
ever since the update it is extremely blurry! like the drawing typing and camera! please make improvements stat!
(4★) ?
I just tried to open the app 5 times but it keeps crashing.
(3★) Updates !
We Need More Updates , ASAP Snapchat Is A App I Use Everyday And Every Minute And Its Going To Get Boring Doing The Same They Need
Great & Awesome Updates ! No Lames ! We Need Our BestFriends List Ba
Mar 24
Okay I love snapchat, but first no best friends? Now my camera looks totally weird! I have a 5s !
(4★) Please fix this
The snapchats never load. I have to wait 5 minutes for each snapchat story to load. Please fix this.
(5★) Glitch
There is a glitch that turns up my volume by 1 every time I open the app.
I love this app but I think you could add a thing to where not only you can tell who has looked at your story but how many times
they look at it.
(4★) GREAT! Except.
I think the updates are great! Except for a few improvements that could be made such as !BACK CAMERA QUALITY! and maybe users
having the choice of the number of best friends.including 0.
Mar 23
(5★) group snap!
it would be awesome if you could make a group chat on snapchat like you can have a group chat on iMessage. like take one snap and
have a group of people in one chat and all of them see it at once. Tha
(5★) Name Change
Good app and well designed but It lacks a name change feature
(4★) Y?
I just want to play music and record a video at the same time. No clue why you took that feature away.
(3★) Crashing
The app is great but keeps crashing as soon as I take a pic
(3★) Fix it
I love snapchat. But I want the options of having only 3 bestfriends.
(5★) Ummmm
I really love the app but it would be great if there was a setting that would let you change your username.
(5★) Pictures
Put words in to your pictures! I always share these photos to my friends.
Mar 22
(4★) Love it . ONE suggestion though.
Can you please make it so that we upload pictures or videos from our camera roll onto our snapchat story ? That would make this
app the best.
(4★) Uumm there are some problems
I really love snapchat a lot but I have this friend and we add each other but it still says pending when we send snaps and when I
watch the videos from cnn and those other ones it kicks me off
(3★) Cant log in
So i cant log in on my phone at all. All it does is stay on the log in screen. I have tried to contact support but nothing
happened. Im starting to think you dont actually look at user complaints.
(5★) Stories
Okay i love everything about this app but one thing. You guys need to do an update that will make it so we can post already taken
pictures to our story like you made it so we can do it in messages now
(3★) Great for communicating!
Love to interact with my friends on here, but when will the top friends lists come back?
Mar 21
(3★) I want Snapchat back
I want the old snapchat back. No filters, no discover, no snapcash. It slows an app that is supposed to be quick and simple.
(4★) Please
I love the app I really do. The concept is original and fun. But all the updates are making it too confusing. Now there is a built
in text messaging system, and a FaceTime. Go back to the old snapchat
(3★) Just one annoying bug
I have an iPhone 5 and half of my contacts on snapchat just disappear out of no where and then only when they post a story I get
to see them
(5★) How about a send for all button ?
Fascinating app , better with a send for all button
Mar 20
(5★) Selfie Stick Not Working!
I recently bought a selfie stick for my iPhone 5s from Amazon and it works fine with the normal camera but as soon as I try to use
it on snapchat it only turns the volume up for some reason. Is there
(5★) Minor Problem
Love snapchat but my pictures and videos have been coming out grainy lately. Any way to fix this?
(3★) Allow us to have the option to how many best frien
I just found it more convenient when we had that option–what was the point of taking that away from users?
(4★) App not working!
My app keeps crashing! Very annoying but love app. Please fix
(5★) Why are there bad reviews?
This app is great, I love it. Why the heck are there bad reviews! Download it is so safe and fun!
Mar 19
(3★) Good but bad
The app is good and everything but they should bring back the best friends thing
(4★) Please fix
Periodically crashing and when I want to put a caption I have to tap at least 5 times and only will allow the tap in the middle of
the scree
Great. As I acquire more friends.Unfortunately those friends come with annoying snap chat stories. It would be the cherry on top
if you could "hide" or "mute" your friends--so that the stories you wan
(3★) ?
was working fine earlier but the quality of the pics are really bad? it might be my lighting but it still looks weird.
(3★) great app, needs bugs fixed
the new update made the quality of my snapchats EXTREMELY low quality
(3★) IOS 7
Hi, the app is cool. But there should be an option for people that havent download the new iOs. I still got the 6. something.
Please do something
Mar 18
(3★) annoying.
this app is good, but you need to actually read the reviews. and my camera quality got worse after the last update and that needs
to be fixed.
(4★) Usernames?!?
I think this app is fun, just I wish you could change your username!?!?!
(5★) App not letting me access it
Everytime I click into the app it kicks me off & back to my cellphone home screen. Is there a way you guys can please fix it. I
wanna continue using your app Snapchat.
It just needs updates every month of not it kinda trips so get it and add me on sc dm me on insta for my sc and me @savannah.woow
Mar 17
(3★) My review
I want the 3tops best friends back!I dont like seeing the other people i just snapchat once and they show up!
(3★) Locked
How my supposed to save my gurls pics if i get locked out my account. Aint no point now
(5★) usernames
I love this app but when are we going to have the option to change our username? Some of us (including me) created our username a
few years ago when the app first came out and I would love the option
I love snapchat but I hate the new update.
(4★) once was amazing
i hated the update, but now i actually loke watchin the espn everyday. best friends list cud come back though
Total 60 reviews with 78.6% ratings for this app.
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