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Genres: [Board | Word]
Developer: Mobile Access Group AB
Release Date: Mar 09, 2012
Version: 2.0.3
Size: 55.23 MB

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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4.
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Do you like word games? Join over 50 million players and try Ruzzle - the fastest word game on the planet!

- Top 10 word game in 145 countries
- Over 50 million players
- Play with your friends or challenge a random opponent

Ruzzle is a free, fun and fast-paced word game. Challenge your friends or random players to find as many words as possible in two minutes. You create words from a given set of letters just by swiping your finger across the screen.

Create long words and collect points and bonuses to win. Nice audio and animations make it even more fun to play.

Games are played in three rounds, each one when it suits you. Get going as soon as you have two minutes to spare!

Ruzzle Premium has a wide range of cool premium features, such as loads of statistics, rankings and more. Choose Ruzzle Premium to remove ads and enjoy premium features.

Challenge yourself and your friends in Ruzzle!

Ruzzle is played in fourteen languages:

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

This application support GameCenter feature for achievements and leaderboards.
Universal iOS application for both iPad and iPhone.

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How to download the Game

Download Ruzzle app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Ruzzle on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Ruzzle application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the Game.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Ruzzle app.
Download the Game With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Ruzzle.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Ruzzle app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Ruzzle application may be available in some countries.

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How to play

here you will find every thing you need to help you pass and complete all levels, includes guides / walkthrough, hints, tips & cheats, you will find here the best solutions and answers for all levels in this Board.

User Ratings

May 21
(5★) Favorite App
My favorite app addition! Love it!
(5★) Awesome
I've had this game on my phone for a while deleted it and downloaded it again a few years later and I love is even more.
(3★) Used to be a favorite :-(
What's the fun in playing if you can't get to a higher level than 20? Scramble knows how to do it .
(2★) Updated review: WAS best of its kind!
Gotta agree with everything Plato2143 said on May 12. My old review is below. What I liked was that it was a more challenging,
fair, and pure game than Zynga's Scramble with all its extra cheats. L
May 20
(4★) Good fun!
1 star off for ads but otherwise tons of fun.
(5★) Addictive and awesome!
Love it. Fast pace, fun. Love the tournament option.
May 19
(4★) Tij
It's still fun. I like the updates
Apr 25
(5★) As great as scrabble :)
Love everything about this game. There is no downfalls or drawbacks. Love it!
(4★) Really fun!
Definitely addictive. Beware! Fun competition with my husband - keeps our minds sharp. Sometimes the server is slow updating but
usually very responsive.
(5★) Really fun puzzle game!
I really like the tournaments where each round is 1:00 minute.
(5★) Good Thinking
Fun, quick game to help keep your brain sharp!
Mar 31
(5★) Addictive!
I can't get enuff of this game! Much fun!
(5★) Great fun.
Challenging and enjoyable. Causes you to see things you'd otherwise miss.
(4★) Need more explanations!
I love the game. Love the extras. Just wish there was a YouTube video that explained all the little icons and what the rankings
mean exactly.
(4★) Fun!
Challenging.makes you think. Makes me want to improve. Find good challengers.
Mar 30
(4★) Fix the tournaments
Ruzzle is awesome but can you PLEASE fix it so that I can play another tournament? I played one and ever since it ended it will
not give me the option to play another also sometimes the top left corn
Mar 05
(4★) I love the game but there's a GLICH!
I love the game it's super fun. I haven't gotten into all the new updates, I like the old version but there's a glich where I
cannot start a word with the letter from the second from the top on the le
(2★) New update not so good
I preferred the old ruzzle better. This new version for some reason CONSTANTLY FREEZES. It's annoying
(5★) Most addictive word game ever
Multiple languages, lots of online play opportunity.
(5★) Fantastic fun
Learning that letters make up far more words than I'll ever know!
(3★) I like the old version
This is one of my favorite games, however the new version refocuses play towards in-game purchases. Lame. Not sure how much
longer this will be one of my favs.
Mar 04
(4★) New features nice but.
I keep earning ink to buy an extra TL in tournaments and when I buy the tile I keep getting two vowels next to each other, once in
a corner. Makes for a big waste of time earning the ink.
(4★) Fun app, lots of cool things!
Just unlocked a bunch of new things.guess I've been playing a long time. That should speak volumes!
(5★) Love it! Love the tourney, too!
I enjoy playing with folks from all around the globe!
Feb 08
(4★) Camera
You should add a camera to the in app text. Other than its and awesome game! Or at least let you change your profile picture for
the people who do not have face book.
Feb 07
(5★) Fun and Addicting!
Just buy the full version, worth it if you love playing!
Feb 06
(3★) Ruzzle
I did an up date on Ruzzle, got a different version. It completely drains my battery in about an hour! Plus when my friends send
me a message, the same message repeats itself about 5-8 times? I loved
(5★) Best ever !
Have been playing for years, still love it.
Feb 05
(2★) Ruzzle update
The updated version of Ruzzle is a handicap for left handers. The size of the playing field is constantly altered during play
because my dominant left hand keeps activating and changing from 2x to 1.
(2★) Nice game
Kicks me out occasionally, but fun and fast-paced! Congratulations to the Ruzzle programming team! they got their video
commercials to work very well, but now my Ruzzle hesitates falters, pauses, jer
Jan 13
(3★) Old bugs are out, new bugs introduced
This is a fun and engaging app but it suffers from ongoing quality issues. Lately, my screens get randomly by full screen ads
Dec 16, 2014
(4★) Awesome game!
This is such an awesome game i love to play for hours! If only the other players would come back faster to finish the
game,sometimes u have to wait for days for a game to finish. Sooo many words to fi
Dec 14, 2014
(5★) delamater200
Addictive and fun. Play every day!
(5★) So fun!
My peaceful way to wind down, or entertain myself. It IS addictive but in a good way - I CAN walk away from it for a few days
without dreaming about it lol. Challenging and just fun. I only ever use t
Nov 20, 2014
(4★) Deobra
Really enjoy this game. I want to see more extra points on the board.
Nov 15, 2014
(5★) amazing
love this app. its so fun and easy to use its addicting af so worth my time though
Oct 27, 2014
Very relaxing. I play all the time.
Oct 24, 2014
(5★) My favorite game
I play every day. I love never having to wait for an opponent.
Oct 03, 2014
(5★) Terribly addicting game
Love word games and this one is just great! Challenging and love the competition!
(5★) ,
I love the game but they need to add more words instead of using the same ones over and over.
Oct 02, 2014
(3★) Sound problems
I am experiencing issues with sound since the IOS8 updates.
Oct 01, 2014
(4★) I love it but.
I love it but it keeps getting stuck and closes by itself. Please fix bug
Sep 07, 2014
(5★) Keeps you sharp!
Love this game! It can always kill some time while waiting and there is always someone willing to play! I love the bonus letters
and making big points off them! Keep up the good work.
Sep 06, 2014
(5★) Totally Addicting
Do you like word games, timed games fast games? Get Ruzzle. Been addicted to this game for many months--it never gets boring for
me. Be prepared to make inappropriate outbursts. This review is cutting
Aug 13, 2014
(5★) Been playing obsessively for months
All my other games are neglected now. I only play Scramble once a day, but I check this game on every break throughout the day.
Aug 12, 2014
(2★) Please fix glitch!
My round keeps loading twice. I play the round , but I can hear the click ticking down twice. When one click expires , the other
keeps going but no new moves can be made. At the end of the round, I en
Aug 11, 2014
(3★) I love iSO
Recently having problems. Not recognizing all possible words. Whats up with that! Please fix. I bought this app.
Jul 16, 2014
(5★) Great but.
I have to keep reinstalling it because it glitches out on me. Very addictive.
Jul 15, 2014
(5★) Love it!
Fast paced, intelligent, can be played in different languages.
Jun 24, 2014
(4★) Lag?
There is a serious lag in this game. Really frustrating. Whats up with the lag? Its really bad even if my wireless is good. Needs
to be fixed.
May 28, 2014
(5★) Great time waster!
Great time waster, careful you spend more time than you intended.
May 26, 2014
(4★) Fun, addictive, but people cheat.
Way fun, better than words with friends, but I do agree that there are way too many people playing with cheat apps. I still like
to play, though.
May 03, 2014
(5★) Please play ruzzle
I recommend people to download this word game called ruzzle it is really fun to play
May 02, 2014
(5★) Lots of fun
Have always enjoyed this and a great way to keep your brain active :)
May 01, 2014
(5★) Fun and Fast
Easy to learn. A challenge to master!
(5★) Awesome!
This gam did awesome. Better than scrabble!
Apr 08, 2014
(5★) Perfect for a quick game
Love to play during waiting for something. Also a great game to play with the other half
Apr 06, 2014
(5★) Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Ruzzle reminds me of eggplantTe he
(5★) MR
Great Game! Constant Challenges from great participants
Mar 14, 2014
(5★) Fun
This Ruzzle game is fun, relaxing, addictive, and on going learning experience of words that is never ever boring. By checking
and using the words you have missed you expand word use.
Mar 13, 2014
(2★) Too many ads.
Great game. The ads make me not want to play, though.
Mar 11, 2014
(5★) I want my life back
Before I met Ruzzle, I had friends, a social life, interest in current events, etc. No longer. I just want to hit the next wifi
hotspot so I can play again. Come join me.
(5★) Enjoyable
Not stressful, enjoyable! Fun! Challenging. Thank you! :)
Feb 15, 2014
(3★) Ads wont close
Fix please. Ads wont close and I have to close game to get them off the screen. I will uninstall if not fixed soon.
(5★) Fast action word game
I love boggle, so I was super happy to find ruzzle. Lots of possible opponents. I am happy with the purchased version. More
bells and whistles and no ads.
Feb 11, 2014
(3★) Great game but iPad version is full of bugs and cr
Please fix, the bugs let you play a round and still get 0! Very frustrating
Jan 15, 2014
(5★) Addictive word game immaculate design
Easy to learn and fun to play alone or with friends. Great design and interface. Lots of fun.but addictive!
Jan 14, 2014
(5★) Great
Kills time, paid for it so the ads no longer pop up which is perfect. I enjoy the word scramble
Dec 25, 2013
(3★) Poor update
What is with you people? Too much clutter giving me a headache & making me crankier! Please fix.
(2★) NA
I used to enjoy playing Ruzzle; however, it has not been fun and easy when I swiped the keypads, since the last two updates. On a
side note, if there are over "40 millions players," which I am sure t
(3★) Review
2 SLOW with action among players & updates make it WORSE!
Nov 30, 2013
(3★) Not happy
Wont let me make words! I keep losing games because of this annoying problem! Please fix ASAP!
(2★) Getting worse
Getting worse every day. UI is not responsive at all, click on a button and it takes too long to switch to a screen. Ads are hard
to close, hate them. Will uninstall if not fixed. Was a great game oth
Nov 29, 2013
(4★) Was great, until recently.
There were very few glitches until lately. Games are slow to start, the app has closed out at random, and I made a word using ten
letters but did not unlock that achievement.
(5★) Yes
This is my newest addiction fun is its aka !
Nov 04, 2013
(5★) Love ruzzle!
Love it almost as much as I love scrabble on the internet scrabble club. (ISC) I think ruzzle has improved my scrabble game. Keeps
the brain cells sharp!
Nov 03, 2013
(4★) Need more time
PLEASE MAKE THIS AN UPDATE:I need more time to make my move. Words With Friends gives you 12 days. Ruzzles should make it at least
7-10 days.
Oct 10, 2013
(4★) Fun app
Great, except there should be a pause feature for interruptions.
(5★) Words can not capture the joy
Highly addictive play. If enough opponents, unlimited play. Slide your way to enjoyment.
Oct 09, 2013
(5★) Great game
This game is awesome!The support team is great, and I play this game every chance I get. Keep up the Great job Ruzzle team.
Oct 08, 2013
(4★) Good but can be s little better
I would love to see a section for players who have invited u to a game rather than having to accept or decline BEFORE u are able
to see if u won or lost with that person. As of now I ALWAYS decline t
(4★) Sweet and addictive
Very sweet design and music, addictive game play. Love it!
(3★) Good addictive game
App becomes very slow after 10-20 mins of usage. Maybe it is leaking memory or something.
Oct 06, 2013
(5★) Nicer than crack.WAY nicer.
Easily addictive, even when it occasionally crashes. I would love it if the updated version offered definitions of the Ruzzle
dictionary, or vocabulary upgrades.
Oct 05, 2013
(5★) Addicted!
This game is my favorite!.There just needs to be a "pause" button.
Oct 04, 2013
(4★) Like it a lot but really slow with recent iOS upda
Fun to play. Needs a pause button. Not just when the phone rings!
(5★) Love it
I start playing when I only wang to kill 5 minutes and end up playing for an hour, love it!
Total 87 reviews with 84.2% ratings for this app.
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