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Text Me 2 Free Texting with Voice and Video Call

Text Me 2 Free Texting with Voice and Video Call icon
Genres: [Productivity | Reference]
Developer: TextMe, Inc.
Release Date: May 23, 2012
Version: 2.8.1
Size: 45.78 MB
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This iOS application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4.
The review includes the developer's description, customer ratings, user reviews and screenshots for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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The Best FREE TEXTING App on the Store with FREE VOICE and VIDEO CALLS now optimized for iOS8


● FREE Unlimited Text and Pic messaging to any phone in US, Canada and 40 countries in the World
● Send pictures, voice and video messages to your friends
● Transform your IPOD TOUCH and IPAD into a real phone
● Send your Dropbox photos and videos via sms directly from TextMe

No Catch, No Hidden cost !

TextMe is an easy to use messaging application that allows you to send unlimited text, voice, pics, video messages to any mobile phone number in United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 40 countries in the World for FREE. With this new version, you can now also Call any number in the US and Canada for free too ! Also, if your friends install the app as well, you will be able to do a lot more with them (including Video Calls) ! So choose a nickname and a Texting Number and share them with your friends and start texting, calling and video calling ! and Guess what ? It’s a free app!

What makes TextMe different? With TextMe you and your friends can:

- Send as many Texts as you want (real SMS) to any number in the US, Canada, Mexico, China and more than 40 countries worldwide FOR FREE
- Call any number in the US, Canada and 200 Countries in the World
- Enjoy Free Video Calls to other textme users
- Send and Receive large Pictures, Videos and Voice Messages from iPhone/iTouch/iPad to iPhone/iTouch/iPad
- Receive phone calls on your number and enjoy Free Voicemail
- Share your location in one click
- Enjoy group texting features with text, photos and videos

Other goodies that come with TextMe:

- Enjoy a wide sample of 367 free Smileys and Emojis to choose from
- Easily find your facebook friends on Textme and chat with them for free
- Get notified when your message is delivered or/and read by your friend

* Important:
- We do not Support 911
- In order to call for free any number in the US and Canada you need to Earn free minutes within the App
- Free calls to numbers in the US is subject to some limitations see TextMe Terms and Conditions
- If Push notification is not enabled, you may not receive messages and calls

Please give us your feedback on the app! Thanks for testing TextMe!

The TextMe team

Twitter: @textmeapp
Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to download the App

Download Text Me 2 Free Texting with Voice and Video Call app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download Text Me 2 Free Texting with Voice and Video Call on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Text Me 2 Free Texting with Voice and Video Call application page in your iTunes.
2. Click the button to download the App.
3. Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad mini with iTunes to install the Text Me 2 Free Texting with Voice and Video Call app.
Download the App With iOS App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your iDevice.
2. Search for Text Me 2 Free Texting with Voice and Video Call.
3. Click the button to download and install it on your device.
4. Enjoy.


You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Text Me 2 Free Texting with Voice and Video Call app to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Text Me 2 Free Texting with Voice and Video Call application may be available in some countries.

User Ratings

Apr 14
(5★) Ahmad
Best App for the international calls. Rates are best and also someone can get the free credits in a super easy way.
(3★) Emojis
Why Cant I See Emojis Anymore? I Hate that, thats all this app needs to fix.
(4★) Not receiving msgs
Arguing with someone while using this app is all together irritating. Texts are not going through for hours! My BF sent me a
picture of all the texts he sent me and turns out I was getting mad at him
Apr 13
(4★) Help?
Okay I really like this app and rely upon it to text family and friends and such, but after the most recent update I can't receive
texts from a certain friend? They told me they sent me them but I hav
I LOVE THIS APP.! Better than Text Plus.I forgot how to adjust my calling/texting sounds! I can't hear either 1 when they go off!
Please somebody, Anybody.please help me!
Apr 12
(4★) Why did it stop?!
It was working fine and now it's just frozen. I tried redownloading it but that didn't work
(2★) Textme app
Every since this recent update I am not able to text people or get to that point. Every time I go into this app there is always an
ad that pops up and I'll say "skip" or "done" but the ad comes back u
(3★) Bad update
I recently tried to open the app and it freezes and then I can't do anything on it I think it's the update but other than that
it's a good app!
(5★) 5 star app
I've tried a few different text & call apps. By far this one is the best, I have been using this for a month now. It's so easy to
get credits, & they double them. I like how I'm just in wifi at my hou
(5★) No longer works
The app is stuck on the home screen, i'm receiving texts and I cannot respond I had this app since August & it's been amazing
please fix this problem
(2★) it was good while it lasted.
okay I I've had this app for 5 months now, and about a week ago it started crashing and stuff so I would uninstall it and
reinstall it. and then when I go back into the app all my contacts are gone! a
(3★) Needs work!
This app is great! When it works. Which is only about 1/8 times. Please fix it! It was working fine up until yesterday or the day
Mar 17
(4★) Text me app is decent
Haven't experienced any problems. Free minutes available with a little effort and time as well as affordable minutes to purchase.
Great supplement to my limited existing plan.
(5★) Unusable
Excellent phone and texting app . The minutes are reasonably priced and the audio quality is great. No complaints
(5★) True ️ Textme
Love it! Voice comes thru clear! Text super user friendly
(5★) Awesome app
I luv this app its awesome could'nt believe theres a app like this toatally brillent but i would luv to no how to earn more
Mar 16
(3★) It's ok .
It started out awesome, but then I started having trouble receiving texts. Why?
Mar 15
(5★) Cool text me
This text me can be fun and u can earn credit
Feb 19
(5★) Very Interesting Indeed!
Interesting. Free calls and texts… Ok. Also you should have Remove Ads idc free or not
(5★) A great app
This is a great app for me to stay in contact with my Freinds even thighs I don't have a phone
Feb 18
(5★) Wish it is like real txting
They should try harder to make this a lot better
(4★) Great but.
I have an account with this and I love the app, but I draw the line when the app delete itself and says that I don't have an
account/wrong password when I know what I set the password as. Please fix t
(5★) AWESOME! You don't even need a phone!
This app is awesome! It lets you text, call, AND FaceTime! I have an iTouch not a phone so I could not call. But with TextMe I
can! Everyone in my family has a iPhone, but my mom has a Samsung so the
(5★) This app is really good !
I use this to text my BFF and it totally works ! It alerts me when I have a message ! It's pretty good!
(5★) Awesome!
I tried talkatone and that didn't work you had to keep putting in emails so.but my cousin told me about this app I was so happy
she did because it works perfectly and plus I can FaceTime my friend at
(3★) Egh
They should let you use your emojis not the ones they have that still dont work and other then some bugs its kindof good
Feb 17
(5★) Awesome
This is the greatest app everrrrrr!
(3★) Bad review
I would do it if you just want to send word texts the app is good.Not send pictures that you have already taken because they won't
go to I your gallery of photos.
(5★) It does what it needs to do
If you need a way to communicate and your around wifi here you go!
Jan 23
(2★) Hate!
I hate how we have to download coins and what not, like each text message needs 5 coins?! Cmon now!
(2★) Wow
Not the area code I wanted by far.
Jan 22
(4★) Text me
This an awesome app and I hope my friends get it!
(4★) Is it
Is this app really free I need to know before I get it?
Jan 21
(5★) TextMe2
Really cool and cheap credits! Easy and affordable!
Jan 20
(3★) I can’t find anywhere to remove the Ads!
How could I do that? I couldn’t find anywhere to remove the ads!
Dec 25, 2014
(3★) Textmeapp
I can not see the calls that I missed but other then that the app is good.
Dec 23, 2014
(5★) Shakib
I like that app very much i can make call free as much I can I just love it.
(5★) Greatly awesome
What I love about textme is that it does not have to be a phone and you can still text and call because I have an iPod and I call
and text all the time.
(5★) I Like This App.
I Really Like This App. I Had For Long Time , I Double My Credits! Thanks TextMe!
Dec 22, 2014
(3★) Liked.Then
Great app but one day it deleted the I hated it with all my might
(5★) Grate
This is a really nice app but the only thing is you have to have wifi for people to call you or you call them
Dec 21, 2014
(5★) Awesome and Reliable
This application is very cool and it helps me tremendously with having two active numbers.
Nov 30, 2014
(2★) Great, but need to addmore apps
Once downloaded apps. It has to be gone. But the same apps appear.
Nov 29, 2014
(3★) Okay but great
App works like a charm; I just want my text me number area code to be the same as my actual area code.
(5★) From Cristina
This is the best txting app evr I it!
Nov 28, 2014
(5★) I enjoyed this one!
Couple months ago I use to spend a lot for long distance call, this app contribute to make those phone call.
Nov 25, 2014
(5★) App
This app I great y need it okay
(5★) outstanding
except for the occasional commercial it is a wonderful app and well worth the money to get rid of the ads. i will be getting a
cell phone soon but this is a wonderful experience for myself and my fian
(5★) This is great !
I literally text and call over 6 countries with this app every week and it works flawlessly :) I get to stay in touch with family
and friends now :) thanks textme ! I love you guys :)
Nov 04, 2014
(2★) Too many bugs.
You lose all your conversations after every update.
Nov 03, 2014
(5★) Good app!
As long as you have internet you ready to use your iPod or your iPhone to make your free phone call,
(3★) my say in the app
I have been using this app for about 2 days and soon enough I stopped getting texts and had to use another way. this may just be
my iPad but over all it was a good app
Nov 02, 2014
It is so awesome I can chat with my friends and family!
(2★) Not so sure
Since my last review of this app I have changed my mind. I loved it until it started texting me advertisements to earn points in
the middle of the night, which woke me up. I am writing this now at 12:
Oct 29, 2014
(4★) TextMe
Only thing that I see to make it better would be to have all account available all the time. Now we have to bring up a different
account but only one at a time.
Oct 09, 2014
(5★) Buena opción
Este app facilita las comunicaciones mil gracias
(2★) Great app but cat change wallpaper or profile pict
Hreat app but any time i try tochange profile pic or wallpaper it doesnt work please fix
(4★) I love this app but.
After the latest up date the photo that I used for the background was gone. No problem I will just select it again.however that
feature no longer works. Select camera to take a new photo.that no longe
Oct 08, 2014
(5★) Super app
This app is awsome. Real and different than other fake apps
Oct 07, 2014
(5★) Very good app!
But in new version has bug. If the application starts the first time after reboot of smartphone or application to erase from
memory and then to start, and you have a passcode is first displayed inform
(5★) When you need to call Australia this is it!
Thank you Text When I need to call my Publisher in Australia to let him know what is up in Washington, D.C. I rely on this app. I
just wish I could watch more ads to get more credits but nonetheless t
Oct 06, 2014
(3★) iOS login
I can login automatically with my facebook account in my iOS device
Sep 13, 2014
(2★) No notifications.
We need text notifications.pls fix or I will find another app that has them.BIG issue for me.
Sep 12, 2014
(5★) I love this app
I love this app so far no changes
(5★) Amazing!
Crystal clear sound,fast connection,low international calling rates,this app is the perfect solution to save from cell phone
Aug 18, 2014
(5★) Love it.
Love it. No problems with it at all.
(5★) Gets the job done
Good simple app. I had a good phone experience since ive had it.
(5★) Awesome, fun, and easy to use. Not invasive and ea
Awesome fun and easy to use. Points for usage is a snap
Aug 17, 2014
(4★) So far so good
It works just fine and I hope it continues to.
(4★) Awesome Sauce
Amazing! Only issue I have is when Im not in the app and someone calls by the time I get to it, Ive already missed the call.
(5★) modas
Aug 16, 2014
(3★) help
i try to add and call my cousin but it donsent let me there is nowhere to add friends they need to add something to let u add
friends that is my review
Jul 24, 2014
This app is great! I can text my cousin whenever, and it will send in a snap! This app is amazing, and I hope for it to update and
add new things that NO ONE could think of! I text my cousin a lot, an
(5★) wonderful!
I called my mother in Asia just after installing this app
Jun 29, 2014
(5★) Perfect for tables with 4g
I left my phone home and was able to make clear calls from my ipad. The best apps for tables.Redding
(5★) Love it
Called mexico using this app and it worked like a charm.
(5★) Life Saver
This app has saved my butt more than a few times. Misplaced my phone and this app on my iPad allowed me to get in touch with
people I needed to in the interim.
Jun 28, 2014
(5★) Works
It works but u would have to watch videos to get more credits
(5★) Ok
I not really sure how to use it yet.
(5★) Yeahhh
I use for texting and it gets the job done I support this app
(3★) Good,BUT.,
(3★) Good
Just got the app, enjoying at the moment on what it provides. Will comment later on.
(4★) Vary good
Vary good app but if they bring more apps to download and more credit
Jun 27, 2014
(3★) So Far So Good!
If I do find something wrong with the app. Will let u know!
(4★) Needs fixing
Constantly my texts are deleted. Or it will bring back old texts I deleted. No other problems. Appreciate being able to EARN coins
for calling and not having to constantly buy them.Overall pretty good
(5★) Good app
I want to call pakistan in low rates
Total 87 reviews with 83% ratings for this app.
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