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Viggle Questions

Welcome to the Viggle game Questions for discussion. This is a place to ask for help from other players.
This FAQ is for informational purposes and allows you to ask questions about Viggle for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and get answers from others. Please share your knowledge with other Viggle users and help them overcome their difficulties.

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Developer: Viggle, Inc.
Version: 1.7.0
Release Date: Jan 26, 2012

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45 Questions

If you are stuck on Viggle you can use this page as your Q/A help desk by viewing others answers to similar problems or asking specific questions and let others help you. If you think you are able to help other at the game, you can answer others questions.
How does viggle know?
by: guest136623 | Apr 09, 2012
How to earn viggle points fast?
by: guest122415 | Mar 31, 2012
How does viggle apps work?
by: guest104777 | Mar 19, 2012
How do you take quizzes in viggle app?
by: guest75266 | Feb 26, 2012
How do you update your points on viggle?
by: guest108873 | Mar 22, 2012
How to get the most points on viggle?
by: guest82730 | Mar 01, 2012
How does viggle work?
by: guest109244 | Mar 22, 2012
How does viggle app work?
by: guest104084 | Mar 18, 2012
How to maximize points on viggle?
by: guest152384 | Apr 13, 2012
How to get viggle points fast?
by: guest99294 | Mar 13, 2012
How do you rack up ppoints on viggle?
by: guest95287 | Mar 10, 2012
How does viggle work iphone?
by: guest100313 | Mar 14, 2012
How much are viggle check ins worth?
by: guest158942 | Apr 15, 2012
How to get a lot of points on viggle?
by: guest144099 | Apr 11, 2012
How to earn all points viggle?
by: guest103283 | Mar 18, 2012
How to get all points on viggle app?
by: guest80702 | Feb 29, 2012
How does viggle know how long i watch a show?
by: guest159082 | Apr 15, 2012
How to earn12000 viggle a day?
by: guest171908 | Apr 19, 2012
How many viggle points work?
by: guest135700 | Apr 09, 2012
How does viggle determine points?
by: guest142350 | Apr 10, 2012
How to earn the most points on viggle?
by: guest140960 | Apr 10, 2012
How viggle works?
by: guest100430 | Mar 15, 2012
How does the viggle app work?
by: guest101079 | Mar 15, 2012
How to earn lots of points on viggle?
by: guest110296 | Mar 23, 2012
Viggle how does it work?
by: guest99395 | Mar 14, 2012
How to earn lot viggle point?
by: guest124610 | Apr 01, 2012
How do viggle points work?
by: guest110902 | Mar 24, 2012
How to get lots of points on viggle?
by: guest100207 | Mar 14, 2012
How to get more viggle points?
by: guest100418 | Mar 15, 2012
How to get more points on viggle?
by: guest109421 | Mar 23, 2012
How to get the most viggle points?
by: guest115104 | Mar 26, 2012
Viggle app how it works?
by: guest96635 | Mar 11, 2012
How to play games on viggle??
by: guest125345 | Apr 02, 2012
How to get maximum points on viggle?
by: guest125819 | Apr 02, 2012
How does viggle know i am really watching tv?
by: guest106146 | Mar 20, 2012
How does viggle points work?
by: guest139265 | Apr 09, 2012
How does viggle check in work?
by: guest142254 | Apr 10, 2012
How does viggle live work?
by: guest165134 | Apr 17, 2012
How to redeem viggle points?
by: guest74017 | Feb 25, 2012
How does the app viggle work?
by: guest135524 | Apr 09, 2012
How to collect 12000 points on viggle?
by: guest141408 | Apr 10, 2012
How to get 12000 points on viggle?
by: guest148724 | Apr 12, 2012
How to earn 12000 in a day on viggle?
by: guest129891 | Apr 05, 2012

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