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Digital Dudz is a iOS lifestyle application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Digital Dudz.

Digital Dudz can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Digital Dudz app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.


***10/17/2014- We have fixed the issue for the handful of 1-star/2-star reviews! It was a iPhone 4S memory issue. Truly sorry for the inconvenience. ***

***We want to EARN your 5 stars!! Please email any issues or complaints to***

Over .5 MILLION downloads with a 4+ star rating!


This app is pretty much your key to Christmas AND Halloween party domination. To make your awesome costume, all you'll need is your mobile device, this FREE app (all premium features have been unlocked for 2013 and 2014) and one of our sweaters, shirts or iWounds (with a secure velcro pocket and pre-cut holes - duct tape and scissors are no longer required!!!). The effect is really cool and we guarantee water cooler utterance of your name.

All of our designs are 100% original and 104% awesome.

"Brilliant! -ABC

"This is a genius idea" -TODAY show

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  • Screenshot for Digital Dudz

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Digital Dudz' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      32 (55%)
    1. 4 Star
        11 (19%)
      1. 3 Star
          6 (10%)
        1. 2 Star
            9 (16%)
          1. 1 Star
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            • Average Rating:58 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 82%
            Cool mask with complimentary app!. What a great package! A innovative way to have an easy, creative costume. I'm all set for next Halloween or another random
            occasion requiring a Cyclops appearance. I hope these guys continue to expand
            Not the same as website (fixed). This was clearly NOT the app shown on the website advertising the Cyclops Mask, but has been fixed with the latest update.
            Updating my review.
            Its fun!. I used it in my pumpkin contest and it worked great! Thanks for the app. Another suggestion is if you can add an option to turn
            flash on off while displaying
            So much fun!. Found the pinned eyeball shirt and the flesh wound on sale and thought I'd try it out! Wore it today and have gotten so many
            compliments! So many people said "Wow! That's so cool!" and they'll just st
            Hi resolution animations needed. Works great, but it would be nicer to see higher resolution animations and maybe a scream sound if someone touches the eye(s)
            instead of music, just some thoughts :)
            Too much fun!. I love this thing! Totally trippy! Fun fun fun!
            Great. Awesome way to enhances homemade costume or use with their great line of costumes!
            Bugs have been fixed. I've been working with one of the development programmers for the last week and it looks like they have finally fixed all the
            bugs. The last one was a bug unique to the iPhone 4S. Everything works for
            Amazing!. I was looking for good Halloween costumes when I crossed across the pin eye shirt, I clicked on it, thought it was cool and I
            wanted more, so I looked up "Digital Duds" and saw a whole selection, I lo
            Costume done!. I get a cool costume without all the work. Thanks.
            AMAZE. A really cool app to put in your shirt. But. The shirts on your website could be at least 15 to 10 dollars
            Prankable. I love this app because it is so fun to play with people Love it
            Thanks. Fireplace works perfectly with my sweater.
            Love it. I love the animation! I have so many ideas for them
            Best Halloween app I ever got!. This app is absolutely great. When I got the iwound and went trick or treating with it, everyone liked it and thought it was cool.
            Thank you didgital dudz!
            Love it!. Thanks to this app, I was a crowd favorite! Will definitely be using this again next year!
            Bada. This app scared the whoha out of my friends
            Cool app. Everything seems to work as promised. Very cool app, a must for Halloween. You can put the eyes on your phone, stick it through
            the blinds of you window and freak people out!
            Cool. I have the flesh Iwound and it works great
            Digital dudz. My son is going to freak out! Great work!
            Dudz app. This is the best halloween app to dominate your party. Also for decorations. I highly recommend this app.
            Way to Cool!. Awesome app! Keep up the good work
            Love this !. Amazing app! I found my Halloween costume
            Best Halloween costumes. Great animations and amazing costumes that r unique.
            Works fine. This app works fine with me. No crash so far. Hopefully it wont have a problem. Wish there were more designs though
            I give it a 10/10. great works perfectly the hole in the stomach is the best I fooled this old lady and she was like oh my God and I was like sucker
            and than she was like you are one nasty person and I was like I just t
            Mr. Awesome free app for a small amount full function is worth it, would love to see more
            Fantastic . This app is awesome I got so many comments about this app/ shirt. Just be careful cutting the part cuz of u mess up its ruined.2
            girls were haters but f*** them.great app must get if u wanna be awesom
            Very very cool. You can tell a lot of people put a lot of effort into making this app what it is. Big fat thanks to all who helped out and made it
            Great app. People loved our zombie outfits with the iWound, took the zombie costume to a whole new level! Used the beating heart and the
            maggots, everyone wanted to take pictures the whole night! Def worth it, a
            Awesome. Really great idea. It was a hit on Halloween. Best improvement would be to have shirts pre-modified to hold the device. Maybe some
            kind of interior stretchable pocket with a little zipper. But duct ta
            A sure thrill!. Creative app turns the mundane into eye popping heart beating fun.
            Great Fun!. Simple app, works great! T-shirts a great idea but not necessary to just have fun.
            Works well!. This is a awesome app. Works really well at freaking people out when used with the right costume.Works good on my iphone 5. But
            seem to have a issue with the heart not beating on my iphone 4? Other th
            Awesome!. Was a hit at the clubs. haunted picture & pined eye. Work great on iPhone 4.
            Fun free app. This app was great for my 12 year olds costume. Put something together for trick or treat and spent no money thanks to the help of
            this app. All his friends were impressed! We had crashing problems bu
            Cool app ever. It is such a cool App. It works great! So many different ideas, and options. I run it for a try at a night out. Everyone were
            looking at it asking me how did I make it or got it. Obviously I told wher
            Very Cool. Bought the safety pin eye t-shirt. Works great and looks super creepy! Overall great app. The only problem is it crashes alot :P
            App is great. App is awesome and will go great with the Iwound I just bought.
            Way fresh!. I want the one with the eyeball it freaks me out!
            Awesome app but.. Keeps force closing! Will you guys have that fixed by Halloween!?
            Update!. So simple but yet so awesome! Please update for iPhone 5s!
            Easy Halloween costume!. This app is awesome. One of my kids already had me order the iWound for his costume and the other two are excited about working
            other designs into theirs. Something for everyone here!
            Natural - 18%
            Cute App, But Weird Major Flaw. Twice I’ve run this app. Attempting to get the image to line up with the tee-shirt requires manipulating (moving and expanding)
            the image. Fair enough.But, after leaving the app my phone is left w
            Angry. I bought the fireflies shirt with the frog, and of course they removed the fireflies animation after the sell out. Terrible, not
            how you treat a consumer who buys your products early on and stays loya
            Really want to like but.. The idea is great and unique, but 50-60 for a holiday sweater is ridiculous. I would rate higher if it was actually affordable to
            buy. In addition, some animations are in need of a resolution upgrade.
            Eye res keeps changing.. Eye sometimes changes to low res and looks like crap.please fix it!
            Not bad. I like the app the shirts are cool but u could add more, a horror thriller scary music to go along with it. I have it 2 stars as
            of now!
            Music does not play. Cannot get creepy music to play after repeated down loads and reboots! Any ideas?
            Still Crashes. Most recent update did not fix crashing issue on 4S running iOS 8. Could be awesome but instead disappointing.
            Low Resolution. I want to buy a shirt or a mask, but when I checked out the animations on the app, I saw how low res they are. Way too grainy
            looking. Not so sure now, unless they make higher res animations.
            Freezes. Concept is awesome! But every time I open the app it freezes and closes :(Hope this is fixed as I thought I had found my Halloween
            Crashes. Xmas fireplace loop keeps crashing
            Holy heck stick with Halloween. The new Christmas stuff is terrible. Not sure you should branch out trying to chase the mighty dollar. I would roll out a new
            version immediately and remove the Christmas themes, leaving them in wil
            Ehh. Please fix the big it keeps kicking me out of the app please help
            Not Working(On iPod 4G). It crashes sometimes when I launch it and sometimes I can get farther than the menu but it eventually turns to a black screen and
            crashes.Please fix this
            Shut down. It keeps shutting off when ever I open it ! Wish it woks:(
            Good concept, but the app needs work. The heart animation needs some improvement. The loop is not seamless at all with a major stutter between the beginning and end
            frames. It really ruins the effect the way it is now, 5 seconds of beat


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