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GoPro App is a an iOS photo & video application for the iPhone and iPad developed by GoPro Inc.

GoPro App can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The GoPro App app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 7.1+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and , iPad mini.


Control. View. Share.

The GoPro App makes it easy to control your camera remotely, and gives you instant access to the GoPro Channel to watch the best GoPro videos from across the globe. Get full remote control of all camera functions. Preview shots and play back content. Mark key moments while recording with HiLight Tag.* Share your favorite photos and videos via email, text, Facebook, Twitter and more.**

Key Features
• Watch the GoPro Channel and get your fix of the best GoPro videos from across the globe
• Get full remote control of all camera functions
• See what your camera sees with live preview for easy shot-framing
• Mark key moments while recording with HiLight Tag*
• View HiLight Tags in your GoPro Camera Roll for easy playback of your video highlights*
• Play back your videos** and view your photos
• Copy photos and videos** to your device, then share via email, text, Facebook, Twitter or other app
• Browse and delete files on the camera’s microSD card
• View the GoPro Photo of the Day
• Wirelessly update your camera software***
• Wirelessly update your camera Wi-Fi network name and password

Camera Compatibility
• HERO3+
• HERO3 (requires camera software update, see
• HD HERO2 with Wi-Fi BacPac™ (requires camera software update, see

Questions? Contact GoPro Customer Support at For a directory of Customer Support phone numbers by country, visit

* Compatible with HERO4 cameras only. HiLight Tags are not viewable on iPad.
** Compatible with videos captured in select modes only.
*** Compatible with HERO4 and HERO3+ cameras only.

App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for GoPro App
  • Screenshot for GoPro App

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'GoPro App' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      46 (39%)
    1. 4 Star
        20 (17%)
      1. 3 Star
          21 (18%)
        1. 2 Star
            30 (26%)
          1. 1 Star
              0 (0.0%)
            • Average Rating:117 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 74%
            Easy to manage media. Love being able to share and delete files off my SD card via the app. Connecting to my camera is easy too and I'm using a 5s.
            Nothing to complain about. The app is easy to follow and got me set up pretty fast.
            High Res Downloads are fixed. Update: This release fixes the high-res download option that was lost in the previous 2 app updates.Everything else seems to be
            working fine as well for me. Knowing how broken these updates can now be
            A must download for all GoPro owners!. This is a must to frame your shots if the camera is mounted to your helmet. Previews are great as well when your taking lunch
            break on the slopes.
            Wow, amazing app. Very solid update!. Having no problems, I love the ability to switch between cameras and I just paired my girlfriends Hero 4 and it was a breeze (the
            videos are very helpful). There is no other app like this out there!
            A step in the right direction. Okay so I've only been playing around with it for a couple of hours but it appears to be working much better than previous
            versions. I was also able to download the new fw for my hero 4 Black. I guess
            I love it SO much dude.. This is definitely my go to app for when I blow it out with my GoPro. Which is pretty much ALL the time bro.
            Can't access my media files. UPDATE: I formatted my sd card (cleared it all) and now it all works perfectly. I don't know if that's what fixed the problem or
            not but it works and I can't ask for more. Thanks.So I'm able to connec
            AMAZING. This app is super cool! Real time feed is outstanding
            Usable For Me!. It works perfect on all of my devices.
            Perfectly fine and functional!. Everyone must be doing something wrong because this app is great! I connect my 4silver with my ipad air 2 and iphone 5s without
            issue. This app is perfect for playbacks, framing shots and even acts as
            It's working fine for me. I don't know why all the reviews say it doesn't work. I just got my gopro today and this app. It works well, pairing didn't take
            long at all and I love this app
            Successful playback. We are using the Gopro hero3 and an iPhone 6 with an 8.2 iOS. Downloaded the Gopro app for the playback feature and had no
            problems viewing the video we took this morning. We recorded shorter segments
            awesomeness!. works great! hope we see it in apple watch on the next update
            Love it. It's a great app make sure to keep it up
            Connection. The app is great! But the connectivity between the two has like a 3 second delay
            App works great!. Worked on my iPhone 5 and now 6 plus: in car, 100' remote via phone in desert, reviewing / realtime in many places. Great job.
            AMAZING!. I was looking at all the negative reviews and they don't make sense! This app is extremely useful for all gopro users
            Great But Needs Zoom!. Great camera but it needs the ability to zoom in and out, for the price you pay. A phone has zoom and sales for the same price?
            Bad App. great app, subscribe to my YouTube at Trick Shot America
            Awesome. Once you learn how to actually connect the go pro it works as advertised and allows you to access all your setting quick and
            easily. Its a plus they send a video stream of what you are looking at befo
            Love the idea.execution could use some work. I just received a Go Pro Hero 4 Silver and was finally able to connect it to my iPhone 6. There were issues, but it worked in the
            end. I LOVE the intention of this app - being able to control the came
            Very cool app. I am so impressed I had to come write a review. Thanks GoPro! You've gone beyond what I expected to provide something very cool. I
            can't wait for more features and improvements.Tip for those having wi
            Pretty Frieking Great!. This app is great! I don't know how good it works with the 6 and the 6 but while I'm coming back from snowboarding, I just turn on
            wifi before I leave, and I can watch my footage while my GoPro is bur
            Love this app. Love the camera and the app. Can't wait for the drone!
            Love the camera. The app is entertaining too. Love the videos!
            Love gopro. Love the company and what they represent. The app also is easy to use and fun to view all the photos!
            Works Great. The app works great when you need to setup your shots or quickly go over them or configure the camera. I wish the design of the
            app was a bit more intuitive.
            Perfect minus the lag. I just got my gopro and I love the convenience of using my phone to control it! Only downside is the .5 sec lag between gopro and
            phone screen, I know it's meant to frame pictures but still, it'd be g
            Awesome.. Works great with the 4. So far no problems. A handy substitute for the smart remote.
            I LOVE IT!️️️. This app is amazing I just got it! I got my Go Pro Hero3 for Christmas, and I love it!
            GP App. Just tried this last night for my GoPRO 3Silver- had no issues and everything worked well from my iPhone 5s vr 7.1.2
            softwareRemote. Also paid 5.99 for another GP bundle that would not connect at all
            iPhone 6 & 6 Update. The GoPro app functions as expected. It works just fine from the several test shots I used it in with my GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I
            would like to see the app to get an update with iPhone 6 & 6 resolution.
            love. so helpful for the live preveiw, however drains battery super fast and the app lags. it would be amazing if you could save
            pictures and videos to your phone
            Great. I just got a hero for Christmas works great
            Works Great!. Not sure why all the bad reviews. App works great and very useful.
            Awesome!. This and the Studio apps are amazing, and make your camera so much more useful. You can shot video and text it off! Very user
            friendly! Thanks GOPRO!
            I love it. I love this app. I hope they can improve better than the prizmia app
            Amazing app. The app is awesome! Connects easy to the camera and it is very user friendly.
            Compatible for HD Hero Camera. This is a great app but please make it compatible for the HD Hero Camera. It is the new camera that was in the new lineup of
            Johnny Fiore. Gopro on facebook & YouTube Good gopro hero 3 black
            i love it. such a great app. very helpful and handy. but please try to make the videos download to your phone quicker. its taking 2 hours for
            a 13 minute video to download in HD. thanks
            Stop its good. Everyone stop saying bad things about because you should get the gopro yourself. Then write a review.
            Need High Res. downloading option on iPad 2. Love the app but I am not able to download any videos in high resolution on my iPad 2? Hope you guys fix the problem asap!
            Works now!. Works with my iPhone 5 OS 8 after updating my hero 4.
            iOS 8 Gopro4 Black. Finally working with my iPhone 6 and downloaded the new firmware for gopro 4 black. 5 *****
            Thank you GoPro for the update. iOS 8 finally compatible with the GP hero 3 & 4. Cheeeeeee!
            Facebook gopro. My facebook gopro and video photo
            Great app!. Overall I think this is a good app and definitely is a must have for anyone with a GoPro camera. The only thing I wish was the
            ability to connect to a camera, save it on the app, then connect to a hom
            Ios8 now compatible! There u go!. There u go go pro. Thanks for updating. For ios8 can now save from go pro app to phone album!
            the app is not working yet. the app is not working yet when you guys gonna fix pleaseeeeeeeeee !
            Photo burst mode. After update this mode makes just dark photos. Am I the only who have that problem?
            Great app for using gopro. This app is great because you are able to control the camera with this app and are able to save the videos and pictures you take
            to your camera roll! Overall amazing app!
            Great!. Good app so far. Easy connectivity and can use multiple devices to control one camera simultaneously. About 4 sec delay on old
            iPhones and Galaxy but not much on iPhone 4s. Say easier to change settin
            Awesome update!. It would be a lot nicer, if this app has a self-timer for picture mode.
            Must have for the goPro. It saved me from buying the LCD screen to line up shots and the remote. A little slow at times but worth while.
            App sugestion. The app is perfect but it just needs one more thing. Can there be an update to the app for us to pick a song from our own phone
            while we download the clip to make a little edit all in one?
            Awesome App. Love using the app while riding my motorcycle. Easy use & very efficient.
            Helpful App. Being able to see the video on my iPhone and do what I want with it is fantastic!
            Photo of the day. With the new update I can no longer completely view the photo of the day please fix
            Wonderful. Great app. Very handy makes sharing super easy but please make the gopro studio an app that would be amazing
            Gopro App. Amazing app. I love using it with my gopro. One suggestion though, can you make it be able to show what you are recording, when
            you are recording? Other than that great.
            What ?. This app works flawless on my GoPro Hero 3It is very cool and allows you to go thru set up and access the whole cameras setup
            menus.Thank You for such a cool app.I only wish it would go widescreen whe
            Excellent. The app runs well, and gives a user friendly way to test camera settings, as well as having the luxury of a live feed and remote
            control. My only complaint so far is that the feed is not at the qualit
            Works like a champ.. Firmware update the camera via the App is the greatest thing ever. That was such a pain before. Transferring videos from the
            camera to the phone works great too.
            More goodness from gopro!. Great companion app for the camera. The delay between the feed and the app is expected so no detractions for that! Long way from
            the hero2!
            Natural - 26%
            Good, but. ?. OK this app works good but only if I have like 6 minute videos or less pretty much over that the minutes/seconds will just just
            count up forever it's so dumb like why? Anyone else have this problem? O
            Being back the HD video download. I used to be able to download HD videos. Didn't change any setting on the camera, just updated the app, and now it says I can't
            download the HD version.
            Hero3 wifi problems. It is not recognizing the wifi network with hero3.
            Still Buggy (Hero 4 Silver). Disclaimer - I'm a new GoPro owner so maybe I'm doing something wrong but here is what I'm finding. Connect to GoPro fine. Can
            be connected pretty much indefinitely while on. If you press the what I
            I KNOW HOW TO FIX YOUR LIFE. I just spent hours trying to get my phone to find my GoPro and what the app should tell you is that you have to change the wifi
            setting to GOPRO APP and not whatever else it's on. Then it will show up
            Get it right please. Ever since the new update it takes forever just for my phone "iPhone 6plus" to load the videos not download just to load them and
            at times it don't even find them says no media found come on gopro thi
            Better Hope You Get it Right the First Try. I downloaded this app on my iphone for my GoPro, followed the simple instructions and my camera would not connect after I entered
            the PIN number because my internet was a lil slow. No big deal so I tr
            Eh. It used to be working fine, but now it takes a while for the pictures to clear up. It shows a really blurry picture and I have to
            wait until it looks clear. Also, when I delete a photo, then refresh,
            It's ok. It is a decent app. I can easily connect my camera. The only thing I wish that could be fixed is the really annoying alert that
            tells you to turn on Bluetooth every time you open the app. I don't need
            Apple watch support. Where's that apple watch support
            Convoluted instructions. App itself is passable but I got it it to work after not following the official instructions and figuring it out by trial and
            error. Key is to look up the camera in your networks available, not your
            Apple Watch?. Looking for Apple Watch control.
            Connection problems.. The app works great if you can manage to connect it. I constantly have issues trying to connect it to my camera!
            Needs to support Apple Watch. This app could be so much better if you could control it from an apple watch.
            Edit. Wish you would add a edit option so I won't have to delete everything on my phone to make space for a 8 minute video that edits
            down to a 1:30
            Needs improvement. Not able to import files to iPhone which I thought this app is for . Overall I am not very impressed with gopro quality control
            and plug and play process nothing seems to work like it's supposed to.
            Can not get HD video to upload. I'm very disappointed that I bought the Hero4 Silver and can't get my HD videos off the camera with WiFi. I only have an iPad and
            have no way of uploading my videos unless I want them in low resolutio
            Amazing. But unreliable.. Those rating this app 5 stars have not used the app for over 24 hours. Now after using the app with my Hero 4, I can say it is an
            extremely quality app. But over time I discovered it sometimes will no
            Helps but issues. I recently got a gopro hero 3 for my birthday. So I downloaded the app so I could watch and delete my videos and download them to
            my phone. I shoot in 1080p 60fps and sometimes 720p 120fps and the vid
            nice but.. there should be an option that helps you take photos with volume button like lots of camera apps.
            Doesn't work. It's a good idea, but I can't play my videos or even add them to my phone album. GoPro needs to fix this right away.
            Additions need to be made. Need to make it so you can upload only the sections of the video that you want so you don't have to upload a 2hr video if you only
            want 5min of it.
            not working on some HH. Moto G and galaxy S4 works fine. Xiaomi redmi note 3g no preview. Please make this work.
            iPhone 5 vs. iPad mini. So the app looks great, but I can't connect to my gopro 3 black with my iPhone 5 but I can with my iPad mini and it works fine
            there. I am able to find the wifi connection but cannot pair (iPhone to g
            No media. After the update I can't see the videos taken with my hero 3 black in my Iphone 6. Please fix it!
            Angry. I have an iPod 5th generation and every time I try to connect to my go pro4 it tells me the preview is not supported and I have
            tried almost everything.
            Ugly, confusing, incapable. The menu system is stacked with too much options for the user to understand. And they are listed in texts - have not you guys
            heard of ‘graphical’ user interface? Why don’t you try to use tabs t
            Issues. Disconnects wifi randomlyWhen connected wifi icon on ipad mini retina does not display.In card info within app, it says there are
            images.But when you go to view , there are only a few video.Latest ios
            Pretty good. Very cool app works great but their are mistakes such as: the quality of preview. Things you need to add are:A button where you
            can edit your videos, pics, time lapse, etc.Hopefully you make an updat
            Update needed. Freakin update it so I can connect my GoPro
            Ios 8.1.1 wont connect to my gopro app wifi. I keep on trying to connect my gopro with my iphone but it doesnt work because my iphone is updated to 8.1.1 but i tried it with
            my ipad and it works perfectly but my ipad isnt updated to 8.1.1 so can
            All I want for Christmas is.. At one point in time this app was a rocken, the ability to interact with your gopro via wifi was pretty sweet But now .not so much
            The new update for the 4 made using this app useless for the 3.
            Video quality. The video quality in this app is what disappointed me in this app and they should really consider in fixing it
            IOS8 UPDATE?! Photos to phone!. Any idea when you will have a new update for the app? The process of sending quality video from my laptop to my phone has become a
            pain. Please fix the save option in the Gopro app.
            No guarda las fotos. No guarda las fotos y vídeos en el celular
            Does not work with iOS 8. iOS 8 was not a surprise really bummed that it killed the app. A company this tech savvy should not have let this happen!
            Great app but.. This app NEEDS to be updated and optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus!
            Freezing. I connect to the app and the gopro plays live for about 8 seconds and then it freezes. It happens all the time. Help!
            Does lots of great stuff.but. First, this app is pretty great. I love that I can preview photos and video. Unfortunately the lag when viewing live video makes
            remote control worthless
            Easy Access Settings. The only thing great about this app is the easy accessibility to your camera settings and the view feature.however it always
            freezes and crashes! Everything else needs some work
            Crash. Worked for the first couple hours I owned the GoPro. Now every time I try and “Connect and Control” my GoPro that application
            crashes. I’ve tried all of the trouble shooting steps on the website
            Used to be better. Good app when it comes to configuring and controlling the GoPro, rather poor to watch videos. Will not work in landscape,
            scrolling will select a video, no ability to control playback, full screen doe
            Terrific!. Problems:1. When watching videos it will not go into full screen.2. Does not let you flip from landscape to portrait.Overall this
            is a great app!
            . My go pro is fully charged and then shows a red dead battery symbol and then the app crashes it worked good for the first 2 hours
            I owned it but am not pleased as of right now
            Cannot preview. My iPhone 4 can get the grpro with wifi but can not preview anything
            App Keeps Crashing. The GoPro app crashes everytime I try to connect my phone to my GoPro
            VIDEO DOWNLOAD ERROR. App works fine when itcomes to saving pictures, but when i try saving a video i end up waiting 15-20 minutes to save a 1 minute
            video and then i get an "error" popup right when the download is complet
            Crashes.-.. The app overall is nice, but it crashes once i try to connect it. UPDATE IT!
            Need fix!. After i updated my go pro app dosenot respond the wife.
            Poor. I was force to download an older version to be able to use with my original ipad
            Can crash camera and drains iPhone battery. Still needs some defect work. If you try to turn off the camera wifi through the app it crashes the camera and you need to do a
            hard restart of the camera. Even without the camera on, the app drains


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