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Bluebird by American Express

Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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Bluebird by American Express is an iOS finance application for the iPhone and iPad developed by American Express, who were also behind Amex London and Serve. It's first version was released on Oct 16, 2012.

Bluebird by American Express can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Bluebird by American Express app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 6.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.


The Bluebird® Mobile App makes it easy to:
• Add funds to your Account from your bank account or debit card
• Access your Direct Deposit information
• Add offers to your Account and start saving on dining, shopping and more
• Pre-authorize Bluebird checks
• Add checks with your mobile phone
• Check your Available Balance
• View your transaction history
• Pay Bills
• Set funds aside in your SetAside(SM) Account
• Send money to your Sub-Accounts and see their transaction history
• Find the nearest fee-free ATM

What is Bluebird® by American Express, brought to you by American Express and Walmart?

Bluebird is a financial account with flexible features and convenient management tools to help you get more from your money. There are no monthly, annual or overdraft fees, and there is no minimum balance requirement. With a Bluebird Account, you can direct deposit your paycheck, government benefits and tax refund, pay bills and have access to 24/7 customer service.

Visit us at for more information.

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Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Bluebird by American Express' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type 'Bluebird by American Express'.
3. Tap the 'install' button, located to the right of the app title.

Download Now

* This download may not be available in some countries.
You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

Technical details

Contents: This app have in-app purchases to enable some features.
Leaderboard: Game Center supported.
Minimum OS Version:6.0

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Customer Reviews

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      32 (35%)
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        21 (23%)
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          22 (24%)
        1. 2 Star
            17 (18%)
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            • Average Rating:92 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 74%
            No Passport Support. Happy with card and app, but card cannot be added to use for Apple Pay. Passbook says: "issuer does not yet offer support for this
            card". I hope this changes - I would use the card more often. I use A
            Funds. Not sure what the others are talking about but my funds are immediately available when taken from my debt account.
            So far so good. I original obtained a Bluebird account during a walmart savings catcher promotion where if I redeemed my savings catcher dollars
            to the Bluebird card they doubled the amount. It definitely came in han
            Passbook compatibility would be nice. It would be better with Passbook comparability.
            Unable to setup recurring withdraw. Every time I try to set up a monthly withdraw(automatic) the app crashes. Otherwise I think it's a great app
            Excellent App. Receive direct deposit here, pay bills here & get notifications for all transactions
            Crashing?. Once I put my login info in on my iPad app, it closes automatically and won't let me sign in.I've updated the app and still
            doesn't work,but this only happens on my iPad. My iPhone app works just fin
            Keeps Getting Better. This last update is the best yet! Quick Balance is a fantastic feature -- thanks AmexEx for listening to our suggestions!
            Nice !. Nice update. The only thing missing now is support for Touch ID and Apple Pay.
            iPhone 6 plus support, easy to use. I'm very happy with the latest update. It finally includes iPhone 6 plus support and some overall smoothness when using the app.
            Everything works great and the information I need at a glance is easily
            LOVE THE APP. the card very easy to use love adding money at walmart directly to my card most places take the card then the app is very easy to
            navigate and use
            Since the beginning ️. Top 5 Favorite Apps of All Time
            I likes. App works great. Some bugs every now and then, but usually is perfect for my needs.
            Blue bird App. Works great for me. Never had an issue with it at all. If it's a problem with the charge on you phone.? Then CHARGE YOUR PHONE.!
            Used to work fine now not at all. I've had the bluebird card and app for 4 yrs now and so far I've loved all the updates and new uses but these last few days the
            app hasn't been working it won't let me sign in at all! I'm using iphone
            Touch ID. Please make an update that allows you to use touch ID for iphone 6
            Very good. This app is very good, but I would like to see an update for iPhone 6 support. Otherwise, this app functions well.
            Nice app. Pretty slick app. Would love Touch ID support and iPhone 6 optimization.
            Great with a few bugs. Current version crashes and will not load. Been great until now
            fast and easy. works perfectly unless you have 0 brain cells
            App stopped working. Great app but stopped working on the iPhone 5.
            Good app. Pretty good application just wish touch ID was enabled on the app since the phone supports it.
            No Problems. This app works perfectly for me. Never a problem logging in or adding funds by check.
            Great app!. The app works great on my phone! I find it an easy way to manage money. I especially like the set-aside account. I feel that adds
            an extra degree of security.
            User Friendly!. Awesome app! Very user friendly. Easy way to do banking on your finger tips. This app is high quality for a prepaid card. I love
            Needs notification. This app needs notifications for purchases!
            Great update . The app is fast and looks great!
            Just works!. App always works! Easy to navigate and makes money management a snap. Even works reasonably quick in 2G networks.
            Easy and fast. Makes everything easy for me I have no problems using it
            Works great. No complaints does everything it says it does
            Perfect. This app works perfectly! Runs smooth and always updates my transactions right away!
            BlueBird. Thank you for making our life better with this amazing app. -Jorge
            Excellent. Does all it says it does. No issues at all.
            I am Pleased. I really enjoy this app. But I wish it willGive me a time of transaction likeOther prepaid cards do. It makes it easy for me to
            track my expenses and not get confuse what happened first. and also giv
            Amex bluebird stole my heart. The best prepaid card with the best app as well. Beautiful. I love my bluebird card and this app is simple and easy to use. In
            just a few seconds I can send money to who I need to, transfer money, and
            EZ access great card.. Awesome sauce to Amex !No ATM fees just use their network ATMs ! Help is a call away!Best card out so far I had !Good job Amex.
            Awesome App. I have been a Bluebird user for nearly a year, and I have never had a problem with the service. The app works absolutely fine, and
            it is very easy to use. I transfer money to my Bluebird account from
            I love bluebird. Great card. Great app. Just waiting on an ios7 update
            iOS 7 design?!. When will the developers at bluebird release an update for an iOS 7 design?!
            saves me so much money!. best card! best app! makes managing money easier and saves me so much money! best idea and execution ever!
            Great app and decent bank account!. The app is extremely useful. The check authorization could be a little better on the app but overall I like the app.
            Very easy to use. Very easy to use better than any banks app I have used.
            Great job. Great job American Express. The app was buggy and the newest version solved all the issues. I love the checks and the set-aside
            account. FDIC insurance is a big plus. Thanks for listening to your
            James. Love app. My wife and son are on my sub-acct. Better than most banks.
            Contact information. Easy to use but wish they had the contact info on it so if we have a problem we can get in contact without having to look for it.
            Please update.. I have a Bluebird account,but I have a Windows phone. Please update this app.
            Awesome?. Great app would rate 5 stars if it was iPhone 5 optimized
            Please Optimize. iPhone 5 Optimization Please! Great app by the way!
            Great!. Great to check your balance and view transactions!
            Great app. I only have iPhone 4g. Been using app for 3 months it really is great. My mom can send me money now with out western union. She
            saves money and I save 5 in gas going to pick it up. I am impressed how
            Love it!. I use this app everyday and its great. Never have an issues.
            Faster. Love bluebird.But you guys really need to speed up the dates your check hits your acc. Like 3days would be awesome.
            Awesome. I have no issues with the app at all. All services are working as expected. I would also like to note that the bluebird card as a
            whole is a awesome value. Try to find a better deal in the prepaid car
            Natural - 26%
            Really Great where accepted. AMEX BB card is wonderful but not everyone will accept it, but it's ok, just keep a MC or Visa with you. I especially love the
            Amex cash back offers however, you guys need to add more popular one's in
            Updates PLEASE. Touch ID to login would be great. Why does it take 6 business days to add funds by check? Apple pay is a must. Cmon Amex get
            current please.
            Works sometime. It works sometime it won't let me submit the funds I want to add
            Could Offer More. I do like the benefits of the Bluebird account but there's some things that's missing--no Touch ID or passcode to unlock the app,
            no Apple Pay available although American Express offers Apple Pay, una
            App. Ever since I did the update the app will not even open?
            Kicks me out. I go to sign in and put in my password and it kicks me out a bunch if times before it accepts my password. And it dose this every
            time I go to sign in.
            To slow to add funds. I hate how long it takes to have funds available. Please speed up this process.
            Availability. The ability to add funds from bank account on the mobile app takes too long for funds to be available. 5 business days? That's too
            long. Also for log in it should have finger print scanner. Other then
            Still no Apple pay. :-(. Trying to find another card since this one don't work with Apple pay.
            Touch ID!?. Needs touch ID adds a level of security most would love and is already in the standard Amex mobile app. Would like to see quick
            balance feature adapted to a today view widget. Also needs apple pay!
            Add Touch ID Access?. Overall good app, just needs Touch ID access like it’s father, the American Express mobile app!
            Bypassing Security Question on IPhone 6. The security issue is still not resolved after many updates (rev.2 04/23/15). I've have checked all settings via my phone and
            computer but the security question is now being bypassed on the new IPhone
            Can't trust it to function. Sometimes it works just fine and then other times the '"Submit" button doesn't appear when I want to add funds. I've deleted and
            downloaded again as well as shutting off the phone. Nope. Still no subm
            Crashing. This is the 10th time that I've had to redownload this app. It will work fine for a few days then boom it just won't work anymore.
            This problem needs to be fixed because this is more annoying than hav
            What happened?. No problems using App until last update. Now will not allow me to enter though I have correct ID and password. So frustrating! I
            had to delete App and then add again 3 times in the last week So easy
            Still not fixed since last week's update!. This app is good when it's working, but it hasn't been working for a week now. There was an update sent out that makes the app
            crash when you sign in. C'mon, Amex- I would expect a quicker response to
            Make it better. The app works well when I have my phone on the charger when battery life drops to around 50 percent I can't get into the app I
            have to uninstall it to get it to work again so fix this issue the phone
            Log in. Every time i try to log in, it kicks me out of the application
            Log in just to shut me out!?!?. It was cool at first but, now I log in and I'm shut out completely (back to my folder screen). It's crazy weird. I'm deleting
            this app and maybe I'll try again when they (you) decide to fix this anno
            Logs out. Every time I log in it exits me out of the app it's happen to me about 20 times already so annoying -_-
            Redownload if crashing.. If the app keeps crashing on log in screen, delete and then download again. Worked for me.
            Needs Touch ID Support. App works ok on my 5s, but it would be great if Touch ID was supported with the app.
            Sad sad. It works great for about a day then it crashes at the load screen which forces me to delete and download again. Plz fix!
            Where are the Walmart bucks?!. This app will be worthy of a 4 or 5 star review when I am able to access my Walmart Bucks balance.
            Needs a few bugs worked out. Overall, I like the app. There are two things that need to be improved/fixed. First, I am unable to pay a bill from the app if I
            manually entered the payee. The only way I can pay them is to log onto
            Now that I can use this app again. How about adding Touch ID support instead of the ridiculous login used now.
            Crashes. Was able to add funds when getting the card, but as soon as I try to add funds by check, it crashes.EVERY time!
            Hate this update. What is the deal with these set aside pre set amounts? If I have less than 20 left in the set aside account how am I supposed to
            get it out?!? This is ridiculous
            App crashing. Every time you add fund by check it keeps crashing. This is annoying as you have to start over several times. Fix this and you
            will have 5 stars.
            Add Check feature not working. Once a picture is taken of the front of the check, the app exits. Tech Support said to uninstall and reinstall the app, but the
            problem still exists. Will rate app higher when this is fixed.
            yes or no: iOS 7?. i havent used the app since last year, when my son traveling in europe was unable to send me emergency cash due to the us being a
            lockdown country lately. hes back. i put the app on and i cant
            Unable to log in.. This looks like a great banking alternative, but when you try and log in, I get "error unable to load page" message. Come on AE
            fix the errors in the app.
            Crashes when trying to deposit check. App keeps crashing when trying to deposit a check. Will get 5 stars when this is fixed!
            iPhone 5 support?. I only use this app to check my balance and what has been spent and or waiting on verification when buying things, for that it
            seems to work. But badly needs support for the taller iPhone 5 screen, pl
            Awesome, but.. Optimize for iPhone 5! I hate the spaces.
            Getting better.. It works okay.patiently waiting for iPhone 5 support some bugs. Love the service!
            Need IPad version. App works, OK but need to roll out IPad version
            Cannot deposit check. The app closes when I take a picture of the back of the check that I am trying to deposit. Other than that key feature the app
            works okay.
            Mostly work. Except that every time i try to take a picture of a check, the app shuts off. i have a iphone 4s please fix. thanks


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