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Minecraft Skin Studio is a simulation utilities game for the iPhone and iPad developed by 57Digital Ltd, who were also behind Draw Solver Lite and Draw Solver Pro games. It's a very fun and addictive simulation game that will leave you playing for hours.

Minecraft Skin Studio can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for $3.99. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Minecraft Skin Studio app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 7.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and , iPad mini.

Need help? Use our Minecraft Skin Studio Walkthrough or sign up and make your contribution today.


The OFFICIAL Minecraft Skin Creator! With 7.5 million happy users and support for PC & Pocket Edition... we're sure you'll love the brand new Encore edition.

Now you can create, upload and share Minecraft skins on-the-go! Get creative and design an epic skin for your character. Why stick with plain old Steve when you can choose from almost a MILLION community created skins or design your very own personalized skin using our easy to use studio!

• Design your own Minecraft skins, upload to Minecraft or share with the world!
• We have almost ONE MILLION designs to choose from!
• NEW: Compatible with Minecraft Pocket Edition! (NOW FREE)
• NEW: Compatible with Apple Watch!
• NEW: Completely remastered user interface!
• NEW: Choose from either the Steve or Alex models (4px or 3px arms)
• NEW: See your masterpiece in 3D while editing!
• NEW: Creative Pack contains loads of new editing tools to help you design epic Minecraft skins** (requires In-App Purchase)
• Discuss, like or dislike community submitted skins
• Import skins from (skin stealer), tweak and upload
• Upload your creation (or a community skin) directly to for the PC edition of Minecraft*

"Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang AB.
Skins can only be uploaded to supported Minecraft platforms (i.e. Desktop and Pocket Edition only at this moment in time). However, you can still design and share skins if you don't play these editions. The app does NOT support the creation of custom skins for Xbox edition at this time (it's impossible for us to add because the games don't support them!), although if the game allows it in the future, we will defiantly add definitely for it.

This version of the app may pop-up to tell you about important announcements from 57Digital Ltd. However, this will only happen in rare cases and will only ever pop-up once.

*Uploading to is free for a single account. You can also unlock the Friends Pack add-on to upload to multiple accounts. Pocket Edition support requires In-App Purchase.
**Creative Pack requires unlocking a separate In-App Purchase - but it's now free. This is an optional add-on, you can create cool skins without unlocking this. Creative Pack is a power-user feature for advanced Minecraft artists!
*** Uploading skins to or Pocket Edition requires the Minecraft game.

App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for Minecraft Skin Studio
  • Screenshot for Minecraft Skin Studio

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Minecraft Skin Studio' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      45 (75%)
    1. 4 Star
        10 (17%)
      1. 3 Star
          5 (8%)
        1. 2 Star
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          1. 1 Star
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            • Average Rating:60 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 94%
            Cool.. Very functional and worth the money. When I had a problem they responded. 10/10
            AWESOME. Five star! You can create your own skins. Or if your bad at creating skins you can go on community skin. You can get your own
            profile and share your skins with friends! I LOVE IT!
            Good app. This app is good now you can get and make skins and it is really easy and it really works
            Helpful skin maker.. This is the best skin app, and is well worth the price. unlike others, it has the 1.8 clothing layers, and even the Alex model.My
            personal favorite of the features of this app is "apply noise", which
            Love app. I love this app and it helps me find what skin I want and makes me happy all the time!
            Great!. It is totally awesome to be able to make my own skin. It has great tools for making new skins.
            This game really works!. Omg omg omg Guys get this game you can really put skins on your iPad :) :)
            Awesome. I love this, but I need to have copying between skins. I bought the in app purchase so I could take my profile pic and put it on a
            skin. Please add this for five stars!
            Best skin creator app ever. I like this app so much, but in the next update can you do a thing where u can make a cape
            BEST APP EVER. I can finally get a reliable site/app to get skins and customize them to BEST APP EVER
            Useful. I find this app very helpful.IT is very easy for me to download my skins into my Minecraft PE.This is the only app that helps me
            download skins into PE. This is a VERY useful app!
            I LOVE it But.. I LOVE it.the only disadvantage is that it was kind of confusing to figure out some things,like how to get to a different body
            part,how to find the thing where if you touch a color you automatically u
            Thank you!. Thank you for listening to my review! I love the app now that PE skin saving is free!
            Best Skin creator ever. This app is awesome the best skin creator appI have ever used. My favorite part is that u can now download your skins to pocket
            eddition! In the last update I lost all my skins but I like my new ones
            A app with endless possibilities. I have found this app very useful and fun to use. It feels good finishing a skin and then applying it to my Minecraft profile. Not
            only can I do that but I can look at other peoples creations. Altoget
            Amazing. I have been looking for an app like this and i finally found it
            Crashing because of update. ever since I updated it to the newest update it keeps crashing 2 seconds after I open it! Please fix it!
            Creative Pack is Gone. I bought the creative pack, and it helped me a ton! But since the new update, I have to buy it again. Please fix this issue! Thank
            Awesomest Thing!. This is the best skin app ever! Even though it was 2.99, it was worth it, it is working with P.E. on my iPad because I am sick
            of having to play with ugly people. Five stars for you awesome creator
            AMAZING!. Everything works perfectly I can upload any skin up to minecraft without much lag!
            Awesome. I love how you can make your own skins and not just have the normal skin!
            Awesome but add plz. I love the new update/interface but please fix that My skins keep getting deletedOtherwise I love this app
            Awesome!. This game has good skins that actually work! You can look at recent skins feathered skins and more! And if you want to make your
            skin too this is the app for you! Girls and boys can upload awesome ski
            Good. This is President Barack Obama and I approve this app
            The skins. I like how you can choose any skin in the world and add to other skins
            BEST APP EVER. Awesome sooooo good ill never delete this so great in perfect condition
            APP KEEPS CRASHING. I love this app but in the new update when I load it it crashes! Please fix!
            5 Stars from me. Amazing game! I almost uploaded every skin to my PE version! I love the update soo much! Thank you.
            Nothing bad to say. This is the only minecraft skin app that is perfect!
            Worlds best app ever!. This app actually works and all the other apps that I tried to download for Minecraft does not work so it really makes me happy to
            have a working app that makes skins and where you can get skins for M
            Very Good. I rated it 4 stars because when u try to download a skin you have to download a extra pack but I love this app
            Great App. Great app! Very useful. Also check out Papercraft studio.
            I love it!. It is so amazing! I love it so so so so much! 3
            Pretty Good. First offFor 2.99 I would expect it to work very good. But whenever I am making a skin sometimes it just exits me. Other than
            that amazing. But I should NOT have to spend money on an app to create sk
            Great stuff!. You got a great app here! I love the PE skins now. so again, great app!
            BEST APP EVER!. I love this because you can upload skins to Minecraft
            Awesome! Love it!. My skin is currently Katniss Everdeen, and I love it! I have a Hufflepuff skin, ninja turtle skin, grass block skin, and will have
            lots more. The skins are sooo cool, and you can make your own. It has
            Alec. Yo you guys are cool thank you for making this app for skins
            Best, and funnest app ever!. This is an awesome app, the prices r great, if u want to buy on to stuff, u can upload skins to pc, and pe. If u get bored, this
            app is awesome, cuz u can edit skins when u r bored! Love it so much,
            Pretty good app.. Not particularly one for 5 stars, but worth the 2.99 and extra 0.99 if Minecraft: Pocket Edition is going as far as the PC and
            XBox versions are or were.
            Good app. It is a good app I use it mostly for pocket addition but it is good for the of version of minecraft to
            Who cares if it is four dollars. I bought this app and thought it was amazing but then I found out u had to buy the creative pack but no matter what this is my
            favorite skin app
            Review. I am so mad! I bought the app and the creative pack and the other pack and with this update, I lost all my skins and my packs!
            Mojang, fix this VERY VERY soon please!
            Love it. I love this app, it never crashed or done anything I give this one 5 stars.
            Great App!. This is a great app! It is a bit confusing at first, and I wish they would make the controls more easy to navigate. But overall I
            really enjoy it
            Minecraft Skin Studio. This app is really cool. I love how you can take a skin from somebody else and modify it the way you want it to look. I also like
            how when you want to make a new skin it gives you templates to make yo
            Best app ever. The style of the hole thing is great and easy to use learn and customize. I love the new update you can save skins to pe .no
            payment needed .
            Great app. I love this app it has helped me get some amazing skins on minecraft pe. The only bad thing Ishtar some skins just look plain
            white after I upload them
            All around amazing.. So great. Uploads easy, though make sure to have .99 cents handy.
            Amazing app EVER. This is a good way to change your skin in minecraft PE. It is the best skin creator app ever made in history of skin apps
            Nice. This is a very nice app and I made so many skins and but them on minecraft. I love it.
            The best thing out there. This app really helps me with my minecraft skin in minecraft pe and I love how you can pick a skin from the community skins
            Best app. Me and my girlfriend both love this app all the skins are well made we just love it
            great but costs alot. this is a great app. it gives you templates and options for making your skin. But the price is 2.99 and you have to pay an extra
            .99 cents just to upload it to minecraft PE. This needs to change becau
            Natural - 6%
            Cool but.. Everytime i stay on it for too long it starts glitching out when i try to change to a different part of the skin.
            Skins lost. I got most of my skins back but I still lost some of them. :(
            Three stars. This app is great, but it takes away some elements of skin-creating.
            Good app. It is a good app I use it mostly for pocket addition.the only problem is that it can get very expensive. You already have to pay
            for the app and every time you want to upload to pc you have to pay, no
            Update. Great app until the newest update and my skins were lost completely.


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