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FREE Calls & Text by Mo plus

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FREE Calls & Text by Mo plus is an iOS Utilities application for iPhone and iPad. The app was developed by Mo plus. It's first version was released on Jun 28, 2012.

The FREE Calls & Text by Mo plus App is available for free on all iOS devices, including iPhone 6/Plus, iPad and iPad Mini running iOS 5.1 or higher. You can download FREE Calls and Text by Mo plus using the QR code or by clicking the "Download" button below.

See the App Store ratings and FREE Calls and Text by Mo plus application review below picked from other customers who have used this app.


Mo+ is the only app on the App Store that provides free calls & text to both phone numbers and other Mo+ users. Enjoy with friends for HD quality free calls, walkie-talkie, and multimedia messages together.

Mo+ is packed with features:
- Free calls and text to any phone numbers in US & Canada
- Free calls and text to any other Mo+ users world wide
- High-quality voice calls
- Live walkie talkie with friends
- Multimedia messages
- Set your favorite wallpapers

More features coming soon... Stay tuned!

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Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'FREE Calls and Text by Mo plus' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type 'FREE Calls and Text by Mo plus'.
3. Tap the 'install' button, located to the right of the app title.

Download Now

* FREE Calls and Text by Mo plus may be available in some countries.
You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the "FREE Calls and Text by Mo plus" to your device. If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Positive - 90%
So awesome. It is so cool it is free you can text and call it is just like having a real phone just their is one thing you only get to keep
your number for 30 days
Mo the green n the color one. Why can't I open my mo Plus app n the other one I try n no results I was a happy old man no income n I like the free phone line
but now I can't used may u get UR help please 1708 6696323
I love it. Great app so far I wish the credits would appear faster though.
A great app. I use it as a backup for lack of cell service. It's been a great thing to have on my phone in case of emergency (needs hotel
Free. Watch a few videos for credits and store them up.
Very happy. Very happy with the app now my kid can call me when on school trips. Very helpful app.
Perfect. This app is so good! I love it so much mist download!
Good Service. Great alternative to traditional service.
I love this app. This app is so great looooove it
Hope it will be the best. I have many phons but I believed this one of the best .
Good. This is a good app u should get it.
Awesome app!. This app is great besides when you send 1 text message it takes away 1 credit each time you send a message.and I text a LOT.
It's great. It's great, easy to use and it does save money, and I can use it everywhere
About to try it. I didn't try it yet but I think I will work
N/a. I thought it was an excellent source for talking on the phone!
Google is great. Love that I pick my own number.
Really super cool awesome!. Love it so wow! Like yea! Totally yes!
Convenient for overseas living. This app is pretty handy since I live in Korea.It would be a lot better if it were more reliable and had different options for
buying "minutes" but it works for now.
Write to get a credit. Would like to use without "credits".
Awsome. The beast app of phones and texting
Liked it B4 credits was needed.. I like this app for wifi calling but I wish that they had left it credit free for those who had it before credits was
incorporated. I used this app for when I reach my limit on my other phone.
Nearly Perfect. I love this app, but it needs push notifications for missed calls and messages.
Bestappever. Omg people i thought i was wasteing my time but this app is really free love it!
I use it often. work well when calling states from Mexico & Canada
Free Stuff. I'm only giving this a 5 stars because it gives me 1 free credit.
Amazing!. I was very happy with this app. It's very useful and never has feedback.- would be great if worked without wifi too. Overall,
pretty good!
Loveddd it!. The firs time I used this I was pretty sure I was wasting my time. But I was completely wrong! Yes! You heard right, wrong! It
turns out, it is free, it is easy to use, and it's just a really good app
Best call connection from overseas. I never have connectivity issues from Mo
google phone. I like this app it is so awsome and so cool
Mo. They good but there numbers are like blocked numbers and bill collectors and nobody will answer the I think they need to
improve on that and give you credits for using there app like the othe
The phones. The app was great it is very good to use when needed.
Useful app. I tried some before. This is the one I am waiting for.
Great app!. Let's me contact anyone anywhere!
App is okay. The app is good for calls and sending texts, but one downside is that I never receive the texts that my friends send me.
So far so good!. Well you have to earn something called credits you can earn them easy by just watching a video for an app or by buying a FREE app.
Great app. This is a very helpful helps if you cell gets turn off!a must have app thank you
Texting and calling. I love the app! But I wish that that my credit doesn't minus off when texting only when dialing. Also I wish that we can change
wallpaper and ringtones without a charge. Can I use this without wifi?
Perfect and best free call app. Love this app and makes earning credits fun and simple
LOVE IT. Love that you get free minutes for downloading apps or watching short videos!
Great product. Fantastic way to save carrier costs. Used it for years without complaint.
Phone . Awesome it works like a real phone
Awesome App. I love how you can earn free credits! I recommend this too all of you!
I got a problem. But the rest is good please put more time
Nice!. Love this app! Works perfect when you run out of mins!
Good App. I've been using it and works really good.
Great design. Love the new look and functionality
Awesome. Love this app. You can call anyone without giving your real number.
Wow. Wow not free anymore? Super cool! Thanks a lot! This is still the only legit phone call app I can find. I use a different app to
Works like a charm. And the "rate us 5 stars for 1 credit" scheme is brilliant.
It works. I used my unused iPhone to try it , it works
Works great from around the world.. We use this when my father in law travels to Honduras. It works great. Thanks
Good audio voice quality. I use this App to contact my international friends. The sound quality is crisp and clean. I recommend this App to folks looking
for affordable international calls.
Very good. Call quality is perfect, really liked it.
Fab app!. I ported a number from a wireless provider and use this app instead with my old business number! Saves me hundreds!
Just need. I love this app u should pick this one out of all calling apps
Shane. Excellent great companion for Gvoice.
Great Caller App. Love it easy to use , simple and works.
I need help. Can someone please tell me if this needs wifi please I need to know!
Awesome!. It works SO good! I like it. I can make calls and text messages to people with this app for free. It is enough for me. As for the
simple features, I like it too, because I like simple life, and I do n
Great. Good alternative at home where my T-Mobile signal is poor
Works great for our family. I use my Optimum account to get wifi on the road… I use the app on my iPod touch 4th gen to call the landline at home, saving
minutes on my Net 10 cell phone. Great job, gang!
save save !. i had a iphone 4s 2 yr plan. got backed up on bills because the bills was too high. cancel the service now that ive got this app.
saving like crazy
I hate the new up dates. I used to be free, not any more, u might as well have a contract phone!
Thank you, Google Voice and Mo. Thanks for free and cheap calls and texts!
5 STARS!. This is the one and only app that I can rely on when I need to communicate with friends and family. Another reason I give it 5
stars is because it is so easy to obtain minutes/credits. But, if I were
Cool. Great alternative to cell service. Call quality could be much better. But its free
Ehh.. My boyfriend and I used to love this app but then you guys updated it with credits :( go back to the way it was before please 3
Great :). Turns your iPod into an iPhone. Works great! :D
I love this app!. Great app for texts and calls! :D
The story of the phone. This is the most nice thing this phone ever did to me I thank you
Please fix!. Awesome app but I have not been able to receive messages or phone calls lately. Please fix these problems.
Great app! Love it!. This app works great! It has a crystal clear sound and does wonders when messaging!
Time. Whenever i get a text back it gives the exact time as it is so i dont really know when they text me please fix
Good stuff. This is a good app to have when making phone calls or text.
Needs better txt notifications.. Great app, but needs to be more efficient with txt msging. Should do it exactly like a reg phone.:)
Does what it says and has potential!. Great better then the other apps would be better if sync was immediate and custom ringtones that we already own would be nice
Works fine!. A reliable basic phone app that serves my simple needs.
Jason Hodgkin. This app works great with my google cell. But it dos not work well for iPads .
Awesome except for.. I wish called would come through the app
Love it!. This app is a life saver I really recommend it to everyone!
So far so good.. I tried calling. And it worked. Voice quality is ok.
Decent App. Great app for those of you using iPods or iPads. Minor improvements may also be made, for example of they took off the ads this
app may become the top social interaction app.
Wonderful. Love this app. Bla bla bla. Yada yada yada lol
Natural - 10%
Hmmmm?. I haven't tried it yet but it's downloading I'm hoping its gonna be good PS using on iPod touch
This app is ok. I can't receive texts or calls when I need them hope fully you can fix the bug fixes that need some fixing
Like it, but.. It makes phone calls. Clear. I rate it "ok", because it doesn't always give you credit for your Credits.
Different number. Whenever I call people with mo, a different number comes up. When people try to call that new number, it doesn't let them connect.
Please fix this problem.
how can I change my phone number. This is a good app but I typed the wrong number and could not find a way to change it, how to solve this?
Good Quality but is not free. Yea the call quality is going to be how fast is your net but is not free it has does stupid credita to get
Sales. Just got I will let you know how it works later!
Was all gud. Just got a notice today that they were starting to charge credits for phone calls n texts to phone numbers
PROBLEM. This app causes any music or video to randomly pause, and apparently has to multiple people. The day I downloaded this was when it
started pausing. I love the app but please fix this!
:/. The app freezes a lot and stops working at times!
Great but.. I get alot of text but the app dosent let me know i have got a text or a phone call until i open it. I think that should be a
serious upgrade if an update comes.
Where is my premium purchase?. My premium purchase disappears after i exit the ap. i can not restore it either. Please help thanks
Please fix the messaging for this app. Overall the app seems very nice and to a certain degree is very functional. I have encountered issues receiving phone calls and
messages. Its looks like I have to go offline and then back online in or
Okay. Gv connect is the best for google voice
always crash. When return back app from main screen, it has no response and crash out.
Great app but.. I love the whole design of this app. I really wanted a app i could talk to my boyfriend on when i was getting close to my limit
and i got this because it looked a lot like IOS 7 but in the middle of a
Missed calls and text delays. Calls do not ring through even when app is open causing missed calls. Texts received on a 2-24 hour delay. Sometimes have
complaints of not being heard well on other end- choppy to other caller.
Amazing and not. Okay ya this app is amazing but my sister has this app too and we have the same phone number. Is that like normal or is that a

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