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PokéBuilder - Build a Pokémon is a an iOS utilities application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Sprockit Apps, who were also behind CA Real Estate Exam Review and One Direction All in One apps.

PokéBuilder can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for $1.99. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The PokéBuilder app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 6.0+ including the iPhone 5/5s and , iPad mini.


Low Price Sale! Get it while you can!

Completely Legit - Less than 0.005% of our users are caught by Nintendo!

• • • Pokemon Bank Compatible! • • •

• • • • • The ORIGINAL and BEST Pokemon Creator! For ONE COST you can get ANY Pokémon with ANY move, ability, item and stats. • • • • •

• This app offers in-app purchases but they are only to unlock either Pokédex information (similar to buying a separate Pokédex app) or unlocking shortcuts to legit event Pokémon.

5 STARS "Prepare to have your skepticism blown away because this creator app REALLY works!"

Note: YOU CAN USE THESE POKEMON TO BATTLE AND TRADE ONLINE - All you need to do is make them legit and set them to "egg"/received from day-care couple/hatched on route (n).

Create Pokémon from scratch!

Upload directly from the app to your Nintendo DS game!

Compatible with Black & White 2, Black & White, Diamond & Pearl, H. Gold & S. Silver and Platinum. Upload directly to your Nintendo™ DS/DSi/3DS! This app works with all network settings! (WEP and WPA included!)

• • • • • "One of the best paid apps ever"

• • • • • "It's so cool how I can create and send any pokemon to my ds"

• • • • • "Absolutely amazing. Works like a charm"

• • • • • "BEST. THING. EVER. You'll have a league of extraordinary Pokemon"

• • • • • "Way cheaper than that action replay ****!"

• • • • • "An unstoppable team of shinies!"

• • • • • "I got a Therian Forme Landerus and I have not lost once."

With PokéBuilder you can edit:

• Moves
• Met Location / Egg hatching!
• Abilities
• Nicknames
• Natures
• Held Items
• And much, much more!

PokéBuilder is a creator for Pokémon, you can edit their moves, EVs, IVs, abilities, nicknames and much, much more. Then upload them directly from the app to your DS game!

NEW: You can now share created sets with your friends!

Save HOURS of training and levelling up in game and get right into the fun part: Battling!

Perfect for competitive battling, PokéBuilder is essentially an online cheat device that allows you to create monsters and upload them straight to GTS for battling online and building your dex.

Full version features:

• Smogon Import
• IV Editing
• Shiny Monsters
• Full X and Y Support Soon!

- If you need information on Pokémon moves / stats / abilities be sure to get the Official Pokémon Pokédex app from The Pokémon Company, also available on the App Store now! -


At this time Smogon Import is only available for BW/BW2. Support for DP/HGSS coming soon.

Supports: Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo 3DS XL

Requirements: You need a Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS that is connected to a wifi network and internet services in order to use our app.

Monsters are for testing/training purposes only, we cannot guarantee you will be allowed to use them in Official tournaments such as the VGC. However they are a great way to find a team you like.

This app is 100% unofficial and not supported or endorsed by Nintendo. It is a tool to use alongside the Nintendo game and not to be confused with their trademarks (see below).

Pokémon is a trademark of Nintendo. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Pokecreator is a similar app but Pokebuilder is the original.

App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for PokéBuilder
  • Screenshot for PokéBuilder

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'PokéBuilder Build a Pokémon' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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If you are the developer of PokéBuilder, you can provide additional promo codes to giveaway to our readers.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      32 (43%)
    1. 4 Star
        19 (26%)
      1. 3 Star
          17 (23%)
        1. 2 Star
            6 (8%)
          1. 1 Star
              0 (0.0%)
            • Average Rating:74 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 80%
            Best way to keep this app living. The best way to keep this app alive and getting customers is probably to update it to QR Code compatibility. Now I know, some
            users have already updated their systems and it cannot work, but it would
            Update For X/Y ORAS!. This App Was Very Handy And Awesome But You Guys Should Make It Work With The Newer Pokemon Games !
            For the haters. For the people who are hating on these guys just because the app stopped working doesn't mean it's there fault for it and because
            they said x and y support soon doesn't mean they stopped working or br
            AWESOME APP. It's a awesome app when it worked before Nintendo shut down their wifi stuff. It would be awesome though if you could make it WPA2
            compatible, if you still are going to make it be useful for X and Y.
            Awesome app!. About the QR codes for Pokémon ORAS, if possible please, update this app instead of creating a new app and change it to Alpha
            Omega Creator. Hope eligible Pokémon will work on online battles!
            Dear developers. Ok so when are you guys going to come out and just say that you are not working on an x & y update. Honestly this app is one of
            most unless apps in Pokemon with out this update. You know people are s
            How 2 use pokemon bank. I cannot figure out how to send my pokemon to pokemon bank does anybody know how?
            NEEDS TO UPDATE. This app needs an update for 3ds games(xy omega ruby and sapphire
            There's another way to get any Pokemon. Guys don't buy this, get PowerSaves Pro for 3DS and use the x999 Master Ball code and get rid of the Master Balls that equal the
            Pokemon's National Pokedex Number plain and simple.
            The X and Y compatibility. For people who are upset about this who x and y update. It is going to take some time it is completely different as for trading
            than the older versions so patients people give them some more time and
            Worked but.. It did work, but not anymore. PLZ X AND Y SUPPORT!
            Great but need to update. I love this app but I really need the x and y update when will it be out this app deserves five stars
            Needs x and y option. They need to make it to where you can do it for x and y. Otherwise it is really good!
            X and y add please. This app is now useless since all wifi has been shut down for every game for dsi. You need to add x and y to this to make this app
            amazing again. I loved this app till they took wifi off the only game
            NEEDS X AND Y!. I loved this app so much for B&W, but now that Nintendo took off wifi support this app is pointless. Please update it! It was such
            a useful app ;)
            Please Update. This app was fantastic until May 20. When all systems but 3DS/Wii U wifi was cut forever. This needs to update to X/Y or this app
            will just be a decoration on my phone.
            I remember.. Ok. So this DID work a long time ago but ever since the Nintendo. Wifi. End.thing, this does not and cannot work. Also x and y,
            though they still have wifi, are nearly impossible to do a pokemon gener
            A really good app, but needs stuff. What this needs right now is X and Y compatabillity. If that is added I will enjoy it.
            wooow. This is the most awesome app i EVER payed for, even better than minecraft! but its past may 20th and its sad.Also xy support? 74
            (sorry if wrong) more days too omega ruby and alpha saphire, change thi
            X and Y?. I love this app but I kinda really want x and y support.
            NEEDS X and Y Update. I used to love this app until i wanted to use it for pokemon X
            Awesome app but.. DONT BUY IT! Since retarded nintendo shut down nintendo wifi connection you cant trade online or anything! SOOOOOOO.THIS APP IS
            IS THIS APP DEAD?!?!. I have had this app for a long time. Though, the app may be abandoned because there has not been an update for X And Y! Hopefully
            you guys will become great people and make the new update. ;D lets kee
            Waiting patiently :/. Are we ever going to get an update for generation 6?
            Please hurry it up. Can you please hurry the x&y support
            X and Y. When will the next update come for us to be able to transfer Pokemon we want to x and y?
            Used to be good. I give it four stars for its past reliability but now the app is completely useless. I have kept it in hopes of an update but have
            not heard anything about one. I would like to see one or at least hea
            USELESS AND DEAD!. The app is USELESS! I have yet been able to use it because there is no X and Y update. I bought this app when it cost 6.99 a year
            ago. I either want my money back or an UPDATE.
            Needs X & Y update. Wifi services for all old Pokemon games has been shut off. This app is now useless. It needs support for X and Y right away.
            Pls Make it work on x and y. Pls make it work it is awesome it works but pls make it trade able and make it work on x and y pls
            NOT USABLE ANY MORE. With the Nintendo WFC shutdown, this is no longer usable. The app, is well designed, otherwise.
            Fun while it lasted. All in all a great app no update for x and y yet but it was to be expected with the Nintendo shutting down GTS on WFC it is
            unusable with omega ruby and alpha sapphire on the way keep checking back fo
            Great Pokemon App. Works very well and was able to produce the Pokemon for my team or any for that matter.
            One small problem. I am still waiting for X and Y compatability. Please make this possible as soon as you can I would give it five stars then. But
            overall great app and keep up the good work!
            My love and complaints. I do indeed love the app it have brought joy to my eyes and heart but for some of the pokemon I try to build it closes the app
            other then that it is the beast pokebuilder app out there so I say thank
            EASY WAY TO TRAIN POKEMOM!. I can build a competitive perfect team in 5 minutes.
            Awsome. This app is great if you what your fav Pokemon
            Very nice app. As the title suggests, I do feel that way about the app. This app would be picture perfect if it worked for x and y. I really hope
            it happens soon.
            Would have been 5 but. No mr mime It keeps crashing when I try to use it
            Pretty awesome except.. It is a great app but what happens when Nintendo stops supporting Globel Trading Center (GTS) for everything but Pokemon X and Y?
            Please resolve this because I paid money for this.
            Eventually.. Now that Poke Bank has came out, you guys can now start finishing up the update right? I hope so, because i believe in you guys!
            Good Luck :)
            Best app for creating pokes. I have to say that without this app I would still be on a part I could not get past in the story of black2 . I do admit that it
            crashes sometimes but as long as I can still use it does not matter.
            Hacks. I like it because I can beat people that use hacked Pokemon and now I can beat any one Thanks created :D
            Works but crashing problem. It works but it crashes whenever i select to choose an event Pokemon
            Great, but.. This app is truly awesome. One gripe I have though is that I purchased the Legit Event Pokémon through the app. Almost every
            single one is fine and can be transported through PokéBank, but a few are
            Used to be the Best. You could used to give the Pokemon any move you wanted such as magicarp knowing blue flare. After the update, you can only select
            moves from its move list. Now your awesome magicarp has to me dumb spl
            LIARS!. It says that you can transfer your pokemon through pokemon bank but it never shows up.No matter what I try; pokerus,no
            pokerus,Shiny,not shiny, lvl 100, not lvl 100,. It never works! :
            Good. but X & Y. Everything is all good and great! But, the developers need to make it X & Y compatible ! SO PLEASE , TO THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS
            Pokemon Bank compatible ?. Can you guys make this to work to poke transporter please?!?
            Just one request!. And NO this is not an x&y demand(even though it would be nice)I just ask you add one very small thing.Please add a Spiky-Ear Pichu
            forme I want a spiky ear so bad
            Natural - 20%
            Hmmm. I like it but plzzzzzzzz make it omega ruby alpha sapphire compatible plzzzzz it would be so awesome.
            I can't use it. I can't use the app because I have the new game OR (omega ruby) and I really want the Pokemon I have made so please update the
            game for ORAS!
            /3. Goddamn, Nintendo released another Pokémon game before you guys got X and Y compatibility.
            How about Pokemon Y and X. It works ok so far but could be better and I was wondering why it didn't have Y and X yet and if not now then when?
            READ THIS. Guys! Watch SleepyJirachi's video on how to pokegen easily! We now have 6th gen pokegen!
            Bring it back. Bring the greatest app ever because this is the best thing ever dont just sit there do something and make useful again in x and y
            Is this going to be updated?. This app worked great for when I played B&W, but is it ever going to be updated for X&Y or ORAS
            Major updating. This app needs to catch up to reality and should be allowed to transport Pokemon to x and y and omega and alpha
            Do Not Buy (Yet). Since Nintendo DS wifi capability has been "Put Down" this app does not work! I recommend waiting unit they can make a X/Y
            Version, 1.99 is not worth it, YET!
            :(. X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y X&Y
            Thought this worked on soul silver. I was wrong though. This is not compatible according to the description of the app. Very disappointing.
            Update. Please make X/Y transfer update
            Pokemon creation and tranfer. The should add the ability to create pokemon from generation 6 and the should allow you to send pokemon to the X & Y games
            Question. Are you still working on Pokémon X and Y?
            X and Y?!?. Seriously?! What about X and Y?!
            Useless. Useless right now until x and y update if there ever is one.
            App review. I will consider this app a waste of money until an update for x and y comes out. In the game everybody wants a shiny or a
            legendary. But with out the update this app is basically shutdown. When I boug
            Nintendo News: Read. Nintendo shut down the internet services for the DS lite, DS, Wii.GTS (Global Trade Service) is closed. This app is Completely
            useless until it Ever updates to Pokemon X & Y versions.
            Come on cuh!. You guys need to crack the code for X and Y, all the pokemon i sent in black and white (even the ligit ones) didnt send over to X
            and Y. Come out with an update soon please !
            App useless until update for 3ds games. Since Nintendo shut down gts this app is effectively useless unless you update for x/y or future 3ds pokemon games!
            Pleeeeeaaasssssseeeee get pokemon y x. Please get pokemon y x I want to download pokemon from y x if u do u will get 5 stars and more money
            Took too long for XY update.. With a new AR device (powersaves) being able to make shinies of kalos pokemon, this app just became useless. Unless they are able
            to release XY support with Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa, before their
            Kind of.. The app does what it says it will do. It flawlessly delivers a Pokemon to generation 5. It does not work to trade through Pokemon
            Bank, it detects it. However, it still works for gen 5, so if you want


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