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ElfYourself by OfficeMax App

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Genres: [Entertainment | Photo & Video]
Developer: Magic Mirror LLC
Release Date: Dec 10, 2012
Version: 3.4.1
Size: 94.16 MB
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download ElfYourself by OfficeMax and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPad 2.

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Developer Description

The bestselling app of the Christmas Season is back, with all new dances and new features!

The annual holiday tradition allows you to “elf” yourself and become the star of a personalized video featuring your photos on holiday dancing elves. Simply upload up to five photos of you, your friends, family and more from your camera roll or Facebook. Select a dance theme, and the app will generate a custom ElfYourself video that you can share via email or post on Facebook.

You can create a customized greeting and share it across social media channels.

Happy Elfing!

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to Download:

Download ElfYourself by OfficeMax free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the ElfYourself by OfficeMax application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for ElfYourself by OfficeMax.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "ElfYourself by OfficeMax" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This ElfYourself by OfficeMax application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

Feb 28
(3★) Creepy: Me and my friend were playing this Elf game. We were doing the Charleston one and about every 20 seconds we can hear a very faint
voice saying " .com" and it is scary. We also see faces in the Charles
(4★) Awesome but please fix: This app is really funny it cracks me up so much just there is some glitches on the app that is just weird.like on the EDM when
you have five people on and on the ending of the faces you put on elves
Feb 25
(2★) No sound: When I bought it it had sound and I really did like the application so very much. However now it quit making sound I don't know
Feb 23
(4★) Terrible but amusing: Elf yourself is a really awesome app but it's kinda pricey 1.00 for only one dance is a lot oh yeah if I where you I wouldn't get
this app
Feb 22
(5★) The Best Elf game ever: I'm baking you if you like really like Elfs then you'll really love this game
Feb 21
(4★) Great but needs more: I like this game but like ummm well let's just say there needs to be more options in demo for them to dance and actually save!
P.S. This is demo!
Feb 19
(5★) Very good: It was very good and funny I highly recommend it. You should get this app
(5★) Umm. hell Ya it is fun!: This app is the best app that I have ever played in my Life! Its so funny And hilarious! Me and my friends had enjoyed it alot
Feb 18
(5★) Awsome elves: This app is one of my favorite apps whenever it's time for the holidays I get this app fired up the greAt thing about this app is
you can send it to people when I sent it to my friend she was laughin
Feb 04
(5★) LOVE IT YOU SHOULD GET IT: I love it my friend Is going to have a sleepover and I am going to show her this.not only do I love it my family dose to we can't
stop laughing
Jan 28
(5★) AMAZING: I Love this app cause it adds music to Christmas & not because the costumes the dancing is what's real
Jan 17
(3★) Very fun: Dear Office Depot, it's hard to make a girl look real because of the hair , it doesn't show! You should be able to put hair on it
and you should be able to dress up the elf how ever you would like ( d
Jan 11
(3★) Fun app but: This is a really fun app but there is one problem. The video crashes half way though. Can you please fix this problem because I
really like this app. Thank you!
Jan 10
(5★) Elf: This app is great and a lot of fun.
Jan 08
(5★) Outstanding: Please make more for other app holidays like the valentines day one too please
(5★) Elf Yourself: This app was the "Bomb"! I had so much fun making the different videos with faces of family and friends! Everyone I sent this to
just couldn't stop raving about it! AWESOME!
(5★) omg I love it it's so fun: It is hilarious and so funny but it makes me realize how much I'm wasting my life.I LOVE IT!
Jan 05
(5★) BEST APP: This app is just plain out amazing I love this app and I think that if you don't like this app than watch the behind the scenes of
how they make it and you wouldsee that they go all out for to have a
Jan 04
(3★) It's ok.: Clever idea but I don't want to pay just to get different tunes, also I got really bored of this app and only used it 2 times. It
is going to be deleted.
Jan 03
(3★) Elf Yourself Review: It's a very cool app! However, I don't like how slow it takes to download dances. I also don't like how only one of the dances is
free. Other than those things, I love this app; it's so fun!
(5★) : This app is so much fun and I don't even celebrate Christmas. I recommend this app to anyone who likes funny dancing elves
Jan 02
(5★) Love the app !: The family truly enjoyed the elf yourself app. We change up the pics and characters to further Enjoy the app. Great when kids are
(3★) Please help SOS: I love this game but every time I Try to take a picture the screen turns black and I have to go on to my camera roll instead of
being able to take a picture please help as soon as possible.
(5★) It's ok: This app is cool but it should just let u have all the dances not just 1
Jan 01
(5★) Totally hilarious: I love this app it makes me laugh sooo much
(4★) Too Funny!: This app is the definition of hilarious! I just wish that there were more options for free dances instead of paying .99 cents for
every dance! Other than that. It will give you good laugh!
(5★) Funny!: It is some funny I love the app!
Dec 27, 2014
(3★) Great App: Only thing that is wrong is that it ripped me off. I bought a couple songs on my old phone and when I checked my phone (same one
as before) my elf songs were gone. This was not cool and I want a refun
(5★) الكويت: برنامج رائع اشتريت جميع المراحل ولكن بطيءفي تحميل الفيديوأرجو
(5★) Funny app: This app is easy to use and hysterical to watch!
Dec 26, 2014
(5★) Tons of fun: I took a video and sent it to all family and friends they all thought it was a amazing video
Dec 25, 2014
(5★) Loveeeeeeeeeee: This app just made my holidays a million times better ! Sooo funny I just LOVEE IT
(5★) Great fun app: Very good app. Have had a lot of fun with it.
(5★) Yay: Fun to see my friends and fam dance put old people in it it will make hilarious
(5★) Fun: This is so much fun. I have made dances with everyone and their pets :)
Dec 24, 2014
(5★) AWESOME!: Love this app! Hilarious fun with family and friends.
(5★) For Unicornz4life: If your app is stuck on waiting, here are 3 solutions: 1- just delete the app and re-download it.2- if possible, check your wifi
and change the network, like I said IF possible.3- just go to the Appl
(5★) So much fun: This app is so much fun, my daughter and I love to play around with it.
(5★) This is a good App: I love it Just so Fun Who Ever made this app please Do more
(5★) Mr: Brilliant simplicity. Innocent and pure, this app just rocks me face off. Hope they expand on this in the future.
Dec 23, 2014
(5★) Nice: Thanks for this nice game.my kids enjoy it too much.
(5★) Craziest and funniest app ever: Love it awesome wonderful showed it to my brother when he was eating he started laughing and spitting food everywhere
(5★) CUTE: I think this is a cute app and fun to make little videos with pictures of family and friends or just yourself.I recommend this app
for holiday FUN! Hope you enjoy the app.Have a merry Christmas and a
(4★) Love it!: This app is hilarious! I love it! This is a free app that is so funny during Christmas time! I highly recommend it!
(5★) Hy: Great app brings a lot of joy to the family.makes everyone laugh.u can include anything from humans to animals
(5★) AMAZE PICS MAKE IT FUN!: I think it is funny I took hilarious pics and formed them into something fun and funny with family. I use it so much!
(5★) Love it: This is a funny app that keeps u entertained for hours love it
Dec 22, 2014
(5★) Great!: All our friends love this app ! Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you
(5★) FUNNEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED!: This so funny but it would be so cool if they could add more funny songs and dances. I say get it!
(5★) Cool: I love this app especially the part when they killed the Nae Nae
(5★) Fun for everyone!: This little app is the best because you can send it to far away family and they will have the Christmas fun that you are having.
If you think this app was not good you should get it!
(5★) So funny!: My family and I love this app! We are starting to make tons ever year. This is the ultimate Elf Yourself app.
Dec 21, 2014
(3★) Go Elf Yourself: If you want to go Elf Yourself, this is the app for you.
(4★) Happy user: Great app. Real fun at our holiday party!
(4★) Too funny: I did my sister-in-law and myself and everyone got a big kick out of it.
(4★) So funny: Me and my friends do it all the time and laugh about it I do it to my family also when we do it we never leave an elf out we only
have 4 people in our family so we do our cat so funny
(4★) Kathy: Love it BUT is there an easier way to get back to your purchases?
Dec 20, 2014
(4★) Funny: Does good for emails. But not texted. They are fuzzy
Dec 19, 2014
(5★) Super assume: I can not stop laughing I watch the video all the time!lol
Dec 18, 2014
(5★) Awesome!: This app is amazing! Is there anymore that are like it?
(5★) Hilliorous: This is really funny and you can take a picture of your teacher and make her dance and adjust her face
(5★) Best game in world: Omg kill me this is the most fun game in the world they should make monster your self that would be fun plz read this because
monster your self wold be as fun as elf your self
(5★) Perfect: I love this app. The elves are cute. Merry Christmas.
(4★) Great! And funny: Love this app! So fun . Wish u can angle the faces a little bit more.
Dec 17, 2014
(4★) Great app but.: I love this app it is really cool but when I bought the sences the next day when I open the app they were gone but it still charge
(5★) Makes me laugh every year!: My students love playing with this app every Christmas. Very easy to create the "dances."
Dec 16, 2014
(5★) Super fun!: Super fun app to make fun of your friends!
(5★) Amazing! But there should be some minor fixes: The Elf Yourself app is awesome! But personally, I think there should be some minor fixes. First, some faces come out blurry and
half of them show up(it also takes lots of time to load.) Overall, the
(5★) So much fun!: This app is hours of fun and will bring tons of smiles and laughs in this holiday season!
(5★) Love it: I llllooooovvvveeee it sent it to all my elfs!
(5★) Elf your self: I love this game I mean it. No problems at all .i give this 5 stars .i can not explain how much I love this game
Dec 15, 2014
(4★) Superrrrr!: This is the best app in the world,but im getting a little tired of the same scene i would appreciate it if you would make more and
Free! Thx for hearing my opinion and for taking it in consideration
(5★) Hilarious!: its really funny and fun to show friends, but when you make a lot like i do, theres only one setting to choose from which makes
sense for business, but i dont want to pay.
Dec 14, 2014
(5★) So funny!: This is a great app! Will bring you so much laughter, great idea. Good fun for your friends and family to make laugh!
(5★) HILARIOUS: This is the funniest app ever! I took pictures of my family and my teddy bear and made a video out of it! I AirDropped it over to
my mac book air and put it into iMovie and added credits and a title a
(5★) LOVE IT: This app works great. I have had no problems.
(5★) Awesome: I love this app! Need more apps like this one!
(5★) Very entartarteining: The best and funniest way to keep in touch with family and friends Francesco De Angelis
Dec 13, 2014
(5★) 6 elves please.: Make this available to do six elves. Thanks!
(5★) Love it ️️️️️️️️: I love this app it is so funny defiantly download it,you will NOT regret it
(5★) GET IT: It is probably the most hilarious app in the world. A definite must have for anyone who wants to have fun with the whole family. 5
Dec 12, 2014
(4★) Good but a few issues: Could not post to Facebook; received a copywriter message. I did not want to appeal the decision. Also after downloading and
sending the file, some recipients could not open a .MOV file. I liked the e
Total 82 reviews with 92% ratings for this app.
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