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Block Ops is a a fun adventure action game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd, who were also behind Streets of Slender and House of Slender games. It's a cool action game that will keep you playing for hours as you try to better your score.

Block Ops can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for $3.99. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Block Ops app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 4.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

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Block Ops is a new, multiplayer voxel based modern military first person shooter. The game features a tongue-in-cheek, humorous parody of modern gaming in a destructible, block based world.

As part of a highly trained "Block Warfare Operations" unit, you will find yourself in a diverse variety of situations, from deserts to arctic tundras as you infiltrate enemy strongholds, engage in espionage ops and rescue hostages.

Engage in MULTIPLAYER deathmatches over the internet for up to 64 players. Place blocks to build your team's defenses, create your own fortress and sabotage the enemy's fortifications!

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  • Screenshot for Block Ops
  • Screenshot for Block Ops

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Block Ops' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

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* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      22 (43%)
    1. 4 Star
        14 (27%)
      1. 3 Star
          10 (20%)
        1. 2 Star
            5 (10%)
          1. 1 Star
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            • Average Rating:51 reviews available
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            Positive - 80%
            HELP!. I bought this game and would like to download it again but it says its still 3.99!PLEASE HELP I WILL RATE 5 stars!
            One of the best!. This game is one of the best games you made roryharvey/ammonite! :)
            How?. Whenever I try to change my name I can't get back to the main screen.
            Ok.. The game is alright it needs skins and more guns.
            BLOCK OPS. best minecraft-like shooter out there! awesome campaign, awesome mp! Bottom line. ITS AMAZING and plz make a block ops 2
            Make a another. I liked this game I thing you should make a series of these like a Call of Duty:Modern Orefare series or something
            hello buy this game thats it. pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
            Better. Way much better this update is. Just one very tiny complaint: how do you reload in multiplayer? Please make it so you can. Thanks.
            Love it. Kinda. This is a cool game fast load. But the map is way too small and there are barely any people to shoot at. They make the levels
            impossible or to easy. I say to not buy it. Not worth it. It should be fre
            Legendary. Awesome game all I ask is that u fix the lagging send me request on Game Center it is Marct32
            Hacker!. This person connected with me and annoyed me.Then more hackers came and annoyed me.
            OK. the game is bit lagy but it still a good game :/
            Episode 2. Makers of the game, when is the next episode coming out? It says to be continued at the end.
            Better but not there. Multiplayer is great but it takes forever to load
            Great. Awesome game but needs more weapons and levels and you need to get to drive things
            Good game. Great game but embassy is imposible because the flying hostage please fix
            More levels!. 4 levels really. It needs levels more at lest 4 more new levels in the next update please!
            Has potential. This game needs updated. The controls are buggy and graphics need tweaked. Also more guns levels and mele weapons.
            Cool. Infinite ammo no reload but needs more weapons
            Controls. Every 1 READ this put the SENSTIVITY ON HIGH
            Decent. Great game.Graphics are ok for a block gameNeeds better controls thoughDo the bad guys have mustaches.Finally, add block zombies
            seriously/ so cool.
            Plz hurry with the update!. Plz make the update soon! I love this game!
            Fun. Fun for the first 2-3 times then it gets old ADD NEW LEVELS WITH ZOMBIES AND MORE WEAPONS!
            Needs Update!. Loved the game but finished it in 5 minutes! Needs an update!
            So stupid. Lol, this game is terrible, but I suggest it if u want a good laugh.
            Awesome. Give him a break zombies would be cool though awesome game
            Wait a little longer. Listen rory is working as hard as he can to the update out so wait a little longer. I kinda agree that zombies would be cool to
            add but multiplayer comes first
            Tutorial. Is anyone willing to make a simple tutorial on the game?
            Love game. I would like multiplayer and be able to get in buildings.needs better controls like modern combat and game keep up the
            good work
            Give him a break!. He is doing the best he can,but it needs more levels and it needs black ops levels & zombies.
            Read the description of the app!. It says they will add better controls and multiplayer
            Really good but short. This game is really good but the story is to short you could finish the story in less than 10 minutes at least put 5 more levels
            Awesome game. Awesome game but needs more levels in the next update
            Needs improvement. The game is very good but something has to be done about sensitivity a secondary gun would be great and as said it could use a
            multiplayer and zombies or a survival also making the campaign a bit long
            Sooooooo easy. Awesome game! Hope for more canpeign missions
            Natural - 20%
            Block ops is terrible. This has to be the worst minecraft shooter I have ever paid my money for terrible campaign terrible multiplayer connection and
            muddy graphics just a terrible game
            Terrible. Waste of time 1st lvl is fun but then u get the second lvl wich is impossible to pass its a frustrating game
            Money back!. Way too little campaign for .99! I want my money back!
            More levels. Only 3 levels that the only thing that I think is mest up
            Not that great. I cant kill anybody in multiplayer and i just dont like the game itself. I want a refund
            Easy and way 2 short. This is way 2 short hurry up and update i can beat in 6 minutes i would rate 5 stars if game wus longer
            Still needs a lot of work. Needs: more guns More levelsFix glitches on MultiplayerBetter graphicsBetter controlsMore Multiplayer games: capture flag,
            demolition, etc.
            Update plz. It only has like 4 levels I love it it just needs a lot of improving
            Meh.. This game is okay but not too good. The controls are all weird (Could we please not have the stupid arrows?) and the app seems to
            crash sometimes on my iPod touch 4g. It needs some work so I recommend
            Hi. Plz add more levels for campaign,zombies,multiplayer.
            Ok, but room for improvement. U just need to make the controls, a little better, I think maybe two joysticks would be better. Also needs multiplayer and map
            building. But all around it is ok.
            Zombies,Duel game pad sticks. Its an ok game ,the aiming stinks and crashes after the first level, also add reloading ,zombie survival coop,gun sights ,more
            More. It was to short and add online and multiplayer
            Craftedbattle. This app is pretty cool but not what I was looking for. The app Craftedbattle is better if you were hoping for it to be more like
            Wierd text. There I something wrong with the text, it is too big for the screen on the iPhone or iPod touch.


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