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Split Pic Clone Yourself App

Split Pic - Clone Yourself icon
Genres: [Photo & Video | Entertainment]
Developer: Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.
Release Date: Nov 22, 2012
Version: 3.2
Size: 48.17 MB
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This Application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 2. download Split Pic Clone Yourself on your iPhone or iPad and enjoy it right now.

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The Original Cloning App with over 15 MILLION satisfied users! Now with COLLABORATIONS!

Split Pic divides your camera into several sections with 6 different layouts to choose from. You can choose to blend these images together creating a flawless looking special effect or make a sharp contrast between the photos to give it an artsy feel. The possibilities are limitless!

∆ First select your layout. Adjust the split bars to where you want them.

∆ Snap your pic! Pictures shoot from left to right or top to bottom. You can also add images from your library.

∆ Adjust your images. Readjust the split bars if you like, zoom in/out, or adjust your photos so they line up better.

∆ To blend or not to blend, it’s up to you! You can blend the images together to look like one photo and fool all your friends or keep the sharp contrast and show off your artistic side.

∆ Choose from any of our amazing filters to get your Split Pic looking fly.

∆ Save it to your library or share it with friends! With our integrated social media posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Email, or MMS is just a click away.

∆ Having trouble or want to give us feedback? Use the built-in mailbox to contact us directly!

∆ Need ideas? Check out our new Featured section to see what amazing images users are creating all around the world...maybe one day your Split Pic will be featured!

∆ COLLABORATE with friends anywhere in the world (heck even Mars if they have wifi)! Just take part of a Split Pic and select which of your Facebook friends you want to complete it. Way better than a postcard!

∆ The new NOTEBOOK feature allows you to save your work so you can easily come back to work on a project over time or make several combinations and choose your favorite!

Get outside and get creative!

- Capture a series of photos to tell a story.

- Clone your friends.

- Use the built-in timer and clone yourself so everyone thinks you have a twin!

- Melt faces together! Now that’s awkward :)

- Swap bodies with your best friend (even if its your dog).

-Play with proportions by focusing on multiple subjects in different sections.

We can't wait to see what you can come up with so be sure to post your images to Instagram and hashtag #splitpic!


•No longer supports iOS 5, but seriously... that was like 10 updates ago!

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

Application Screenshots


How to Download:

Download Split Pic Clone Yourself app for free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download the application on PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Split Pic Clone Yourself application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Split Pic Clone Yourself.
3. Click the button to download and install it.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the Split Pic Clone Yourself to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Split Pic Clone Yourself application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

(5★) Lol: Love y-allHope you guys make more of this :)
(5★) Love it: Amazing cool and fun app that never gets boring
(5★) Awesome: You can do so many cool things with this app! Get it ASAP!
(4★) Split pic: Split pic is one of the best picture apps I have ever used!(:
(5★) Awesome!: I love photo editing so this just adds to the collection!
(4★) Love: I love it but u just need to learn how to work it first
(5★) Amazing: Follow me on Instagram @KissMahSass but this is a really great app !
Apr 02
(5★) Awesome!: This is a really cool app! I love playing with a million of me! Lol (:
(4★) Not bad: I was forced not really but yeah its good
(5★) Great app: This app is the best it takes the best pics and interesting ways
(4★) The best: This is by far the best app I have ever gotten
(4★) Instagram :): The pictures I can make with it is great for posting and my followers always ask me how dk I do it and i just tell them with split
pic! I use other apps to but this is a great one! I take selfies and
Apr 01
(5★) Great: Great I lovePerfect for Instagram or Facebook social media
(5★) Picture perfect: Split pic is a awesome app for photo editors just like me so if u love photoshopping or just simply pictures then you should get
this app
(5★) Awesomeness: That is the only word I have to rate this app. Awesomeness. Carry on.
(5★) .: I love this app. I would definitely recommend this app to everyone ️️️️
(4★) : Okay, I guess. Could use some work though.
Mar 31
(5★) Loved it: I loved how u can blend ur pics together into something tots diff
(5★) I Love It: Ii love this app uu should download it nn just make sure uu understand how to use it
(5★) Wow: This app is amazing! Does so many great things.
(4★) My review: Love this app!This is by far the coolest!
Mar 29
(5★) Looks good: Has a nice look to it and works like a charm
(5★) : Great app, any newbie would easily understand how to use it
Mar 27
(3★) Good app: Great app and if you have money u can buy other features
(5★) Great App!: This app is awesome! The product of the photos is awesome and so is the quality!
(5★) ️: Love this app so much ! One of my favorites ️
(3★) It is OK: I do think it needs a little bit more work and there should be more frame salection.
(5★) ️ love it: I love this app . It does everything I want it to . I think everbody should get it
(4★) Great!: I love this app so much.really cool to do some different seasons pics.
(5★) Split pic: This app is great going to get the full version!
(4★) Favorite creative app: Love all the neat & creative things you can do with this app. This app makes it so easy I usually choose it over my bulky DLSR.
(5★) Best app ever: This is the most amazing app ever by far!
(3★) Alright: I think its a good app to use but i think you should be able to move the pictures around
(5★) Love it: I LLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE this app! It the best photo app I have seen.
(3★) Move and scale: All the pictures I want to use need to be shrunk down to size and moved to fit. Hopefully I can soon with this app
Mar 26
(5★) : Works great! I luv blending pic of people together they look cool
(5★) amazing app: This is a amazing app it has good pics and different things to try and amazing colors keep up the good work
(4★) Like Magic!: I think this app is great! No need for expensive programs to create such intense art; it lets your creativity go wild! (;
(5★) The app is awesome: I think the app is amazing and it is cool how you make it look like there is more that one person but it is just its self
(5★) Hey: Yeah this app is great. That is all. Thank you. Bye.
(5★) One of my favorite apps! : Split pic is lots of fun! This app lets you take faces and put them on others so you can see one person or you can take the mouth
of someone and put it on a hand. There is so much you can do on this a
(5★) G: Jgxxihrihfdjhfxjgfsigfxjgfzjgdxugdzxjgdzugdzugdjgdzuzdgutugezdgydtiyrsiyfsutrxugfxjgfxuyfxyifxugfxgudxutrxgurxxutrxugfxuhfxihfxiyr
(4★) Awesome app!: Split Pic is great for before and after pics!
Mar 25
(4★) Fantastic Photo App: This app is awesome! Allows much diversity, which I love! Very creative app! ️
(4★) Good: The only reason that its a 4 star is because you have to right a review about the app to get a picture frame
(5★) Love it: This is one of my favorite picture related apps!
(4★) Pretty good: Could get more shapes . But other than that pretty good
(4★) Apps: This app is good but it could use some work!
(5★) Splendid: Love the layout and the fluent way the pics mesh together. Completely marvelous.
(5★) I ️ this app: This app the I be splitting pictures like a G
(5★) TG: nice: TG: cool app. helps me with my selfie game. TG: selfie game strong
(5★) Perfffff: This was a PERFECTTT APP! I love it, it is great and at least whenever I use it it works perfectly! And the pics turn out
(5★) This is awesome: This app split pic is the best!____I LOVE IT!
(5★) Luv it: This is awesome I can make cool pictures with it dark and light I love it every night and day
(5★) Awesome: I love this app! It is very creative and you can make some really cool pictures with it!
(5★) I️ this app: It is amazing I love it. It makes such cool pictures!
(5★) Favorite: Its an awesome app and I love to use it for tumblr edits
(5★) ️️️️: I freakking love this app so much ️️️️️
(5★) Great app alot of flaws: This app is awesome to use when you want to make you pictures unique. ;}
Total 60 reviews with 92.4% ratings for this app.
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