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Split Pic Clone Yourself App

Split Pic - Clone Yourself icon
Genres: [Photo & Video | Entertainment]
Developer: Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.
Release Date: Nov 22, 2012
Version: 4.1
Size: 38.91 MB
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download Split Pic and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPad 2.

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Developer Description

The (new and improved) Original Collage & Cloning App with over 30 MILLION satisfied users!

Split Pic divides your camera into several sections with 7 free layouts to choose from. You can choose to blend these images together creating a flawless looking special effect or make a sharp contrast between the photos to collage multiple images. The possibilities are limitless!

• Select a layout
• Take photos or import images from your Camera Roll. You can now choose the order you take your images and if you’re not feeling the layout no problem just press the random button to check out more layout options!
• To blend or not to blend, it’s up to you! You can blend the images together to look like one photo and fool all your friends or keep the sharp contrast and show off your artistic side. The blend bar is now available immediately so you can test it before moving on to the editing process!
• Adjust your images. Zoom-in or out, move the split bars, move your images around, and choose from various photo editing options like crop, rotate, color adjustments, etc!
• Choose from 14 custom photo filters to get your Split Pic looking fly. You can filter each section separately to switch it up or make the each frame the same filter!
• Save it to your Camera Roll or share it with friends! With our integrated social media posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Email, or SMS is just a click away.

• COLLABORATE with friends anywhere in the world (heck even Mars if they have wifi)! Just take part of a Split Pic and select which of your Facebook friends you want to complete it. Way better than a postcard!
• Any unfinished Split Pics get automatically saved to your in-app LIBRARY! You can save your projects to easily come back and work on it over time or make several combinations and choose your favorite.
• Need some Split Pic-spiration? Check out the HALL OF FAME section to see what amazing images users are creating all around the world...your photo can be featured too just post your creations to Instagram with the hashtag #splitpic to enter your photo!
• Having trouble or want to give us feedback? Go to SETTINGS to send us feedback, ask for help, or to just say Hi!

No longer supports iOS 6...update your device to partake in this awesome new version!
Facebook API has changed so you can only send Collaborations from free to free or Pro to Pro, no collaborating between apps :( We are working on a way to fix this so stay tuned!

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

How to Download:

Download Split Pic free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Split Pic application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Split Pic.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Split Pic" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Split Pic application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

(4★) I love this app but.: I like it but I wish I didn't have to go pro to get everything.
(4★) Cool but needs work: I love this app and I think it is really cool. But it needs some work. There are only so many cool things that you can use if you
don't buy the extra stuff. I don't think that is fair.
(4★) Just doing this to unlock something: Umm.it is a good app for me not sure how to do everything yet but I like it so far
(5★) Crisp: Very organized and clean cut! Super easy to maneuver, even on a small iPhone screen! And has a button for everything!
(5★) perfect app: OMG this app is amazing 5-5 stars
(3★) fun all!: easy and fun to use it! it's a good app!
(5★) Love this App: It's so easy to use! It makes my pictures look even more amazing! Yeayyy!
(5★) Fun App for those who love editing pics: So far so good. Just started messing with this app and seem to be user friendly compared to other phot editing apps I've
Mar 04
(5★) 3: I luv this app if you don't get it you are a weirdo this is a asome app
(5★) It is awesome: This app is awesome. I can share awesome pics with my freinds
(5★) Game review: Split pic whoa whoa SOOO funnnnnn it's so cool when I want to trick my friends thinking there's more to me
Mar 02
(5★) Awesomenesss: I love this so much use it all the time. Instagram lmfao
(5★) It's Great !: I think the app split pic is amazing . It does everything I wished I could do along time ago with my pictures . I love it .
(5★) Nice app: This a good app a like it is very funny
(5★) SplitPic: It's pretty good just got it but it's been pretty good
Feb 28
(5★) Split pic is great: It's a great way to combine your pictures and it's great to use for pictures of your friends and family!
(5★) gio. : I don't even have the app I just wanted to write something .
(5★) Cc: I'm just doing this to get the free stuff.
(2★) Eh: Cool but too many ads and you have to write reviews before you can unlock any of the good fetures.
(4★) This app is great: I love this app! Although it needs a bit of improvement, I'mstill waiting for updates and fixes. Can't wait for more frames
(3★) Pretty chill: This was a pretty good app. I think it's great for amateur cover- creators like me. I am okay with this app so far and haven't run
into any problems.
(5★) PERFECT: This app is the best! There is no better picture editing app out there trust me this is my favorite it's the best!Go watch
Impractical Jokers and follow me on twitter: @da_Impractical_
(5★) Terrific!: I've been using this app for a while now, and I'm totally addicted to it! My #1 source of edits!
(4★) ️️️️: It's an ok app it's complicated to work with but u have to get the hang of it! I love the features needs more tho!
(5★) Great it's perfect: this is a very talented app it pretty cool when you use it it's mind blowing please get this app you will be amazed what it can do
I am writing a good review
(5★) ️: I love this app it's great for my Instagram pictures and stuff
(3★) I like it: It's good but most of it you have to pay for
(5★) Lotta Fun!: Split Pic is easy to learn and use. I've had some great fun with it! Thanx Paul
Feb 27
(5★) Love!: This app is really useful when I want to post a collab of my favorite photos from a trip or vacation️️️
(4★) Great: I showed one to my mom of 3 of me and she said waaaaa! Oh no three of u?
(5★) Great app!: Love this app.Use almost everyday!
Feb 26
(5★) Great spp: Great to make your favorite pictures better
(5★) Fantastic: I personally love my edifying with this app I recommend it! This is very easy to use and make amazing photos for a great deal.
(3★) Just ok: I don't like Ad's! Just an ok App :)
(5★) Love it: I really love it but y do we have to pay for these stuff if the app is free everything should be free instead of the app free and
most of the stuffs are paid for thats not right but other than that i
(4★) Pretty neat: Still trying to figure out all of the settings but overall, a decent app.
Feb 25
(5★) Good: It's good my friends are like so jealous
(5★) Good enough for beginners: I thought it would be hard to edit photos and put together collages. After a few minutes of experimenting it was rather easy.
Great app!
(3★) So many ads: It's a good app overall but could do without all of the ads
(5★) Really nice, actually.: Try it out for yourself instead of reading my opinion. It's really good. & F R E E
(3★) So far so good!: Everything is laid of very easy to understand. It's fun (:
(5★) Cool app: Nice app, I just wish you didn't have to pay to get the all the good effects.
(5★) Awesome: I really like the way the "bad" filter makes pics look!
(4★) I likes!: Pretty good. Would be better without adds and having to buy so many features
(5★) AMAZING: It makes the pics look so realistic all of you should get it
(5★) Love it️: This is the most fun and lovely application many things to do with the camarahope you enjoy like I did.luv you
(5★) Cool: It's awesome I love honey could do many pics at once
Feb 24
(5★) My take on Split pic app: It's Freaking awesome that is all!️
(4★) 4/5: I have seen better but this app really captures those moments. Great job guys.
(4★) Decent app: Decent app, could be easier to navigate
(5★) Awesome app: Still learning to use it but it's great
(5★) Black and white: I love the black and white pics!
(5★) This is the best game: This is the best game I will be on Instagram posting pictures of it and hashtagging spit pic
(5★) Awesome!: I love it and have made some pretty cool stuff with it but then it wouldn't open so I had to delete and redownload it and I'm only
here to get the heart back.
(5★) Spit pic would be better if: This app in all reality is good but would be better if it gave u more layout options,great app thoee
Feb 23
(5★) I love this app: I love it it is the best app ever to me!
(2★) Meh: It's a pretty good app I suppose. Hate that you have to pay to unlock things
(4★) Pretty creative and lot of potential: Love splitpics. I am not a photographer and splitpics help me to be creative
(5★) Love it!: Definitely buying the pro version!
(4★) A really good app: Anyone can use it, it's really easy to use and it makes perfect pictures
(4★) Split pic: Cool app, very quick and easy to use
(4★) Cute: The merging is cute. Just got to play with it a little more.
Feb 22
(5★) Hi: I am only doing this so I can unlock te heart shaped layout.
(5★) Omg love it !: Okay , I just wanna say that this app is perfect to edit your pictures because you have all types of different things to choose
from . It's really cool and if you are looking for something to edit you
(5★) Just tryin it out: Well I'm not sure how good the app is to be honest. I'm just tryin it out now so I guess I'll give 5 stars for now but if it
doesn't work I'll comeback to give another review if I can.
(4★) Split Pic:: I love how creative you can get with these layouts!
(5★) Very utilitarian: This is a great app. It gives you the opportunity to split your pics, which allows the user to convey messages through compare and
contrast, while being in one snapshot.
(5★) Had way too much fun with this: At first it was kind of awkward but after a bit of messing with it I can't stop
(5★) Amazing app: I love this app especially all the fonts you get to choose from
(5★) New: New to this app but in order to use all the frames I have to rate this app 5 stars so that's what I'm doing.
(4★) Great editor!: This app is really great for making edits. I wish there were more options for frames though.
(5★) Great app: This is so much fun, taking pictures by myself cause I have no friends. It makes it seem like I do, we just look a lot alike
(5★) This is awesome: I wanted to duplicate people in my pic to make it look like a crowd and this was awesome! I feel like a pro
(5★) Cool app!: I love taking pics.so this is a cool app to play around with some of my photos!
(5★) Love ️️️: I love making the splits with half my face and half sugar skull
(5★) Fun app: App is lots of fun with endless possibilities!
(5★) Lovin it!️️️: Hey!This app saves my life!Im an Lps photographer.On IG.Thanks for making this app!
(3★) It's Ok: I have many apps that can make collages and such and this is the same . There's not many options unless you buy the pro pack .
It's easy to make what you want with your photos but that's pretty much i
Feb 21
(5★) Clint: Haven't tried it yet . Judy got it
(4★) Really great: This app is just all around fun and great for you photo editors out there.
(4★) The ads are too much to deal with: Like the app but the ads are a killer and take up so much of your time
(5★) Love this app!: This is such a great app, can use it for everything!
(4★) It's good.: Split pic is good. But it's annoying how all the good frames you have to buy. I mean I don't think we should have to pay a dollar
or two for like 5 frames. But other then that it's a really good app.
(5★) Its a great app: Loving to play around with this app . It's been fun making memories pretty neat
(5★) Sir: Great app. Absolutely love it. Exactly what I was looking for
(5★) love it.: it's amazing & easy to use. won't regret getting it.
(5★) Great!: I think that this is a great editor! I love it!
(4★) Boom shakalaka: I think personally that the app is marvelous. It's very creative and you can do almost anything on it.
(5★) : I'mOnlyDoingThisTo UnlockThe HeartShape
(4★) Good stuff: A lot of adds, but who cares?.love the thing!
(5★) Greatttt!: I really like this app. It allows me to add variety to my pics
Feb 20
(3★) review duh tf: idk i just got it i guess its ok fam
(5★) VERY VERY COOL: I really dig it. Just wished it had a bit more frames
(5★) Good asf: Love this app like for real this app is lyfe
(4★) Pretty good: This app is pretty good. It has its strong and weak spots but with a little tuning it will be great. The problem with it is that
the rectangles on the photo college part won't fit anything
(5★) Really nice app! : It's a really nice app for editing photos for Instagram or Facebook!
(5★) Useful and EASY: This app is completely useful for creative photographers. It's easy to use and has many free layouts.
(5★) AMAZ BALLS: So i needs to edit my Instagram pic and I downloaded this and I was amazed
(5★) AMZING: Tbh I only wrote this to unlock some stuff on the app
(5★) I love dis app: I love this app it make nice filters
Feb 18
(5★) Tons O Fun: So many possibilities, great App!
(5★) Best picture edit ever: This apps is so amazing it's not even funny this thing is life just saying
(5★) Loving it: This app is great so far it's perfect for me and my friends
(4★) GET IT: This app is good, get it, it is definitely one of the coolest and best apps I have ever used! GET THIS APP! You won't regret it!
Feb 17
(4★) Very good: I would have given this 5 stars if they had more free choices. Other than that, it's a great app!
(5★) Review: This app is so far the best app I own. I love how you can clone yourself to make yourself look like twins, triplets, etc. I love
this app thanks to whomever made and came up with the idea of it!
(4★) It's pretty good: I like the app. But it could use some more options.
(4★) Lovin it: Just getting started but so far in loving it already
(2★) Not that Great: So I paid to unlock everything, honestly not worth it. I get all this from pic art for free, the only thing worth it is that it
seamlessly blends your photos, but other than that my other apps have wa
(4★) Good app: It's a good app may need a few tweakes but overall good app
Total 110 reviews with 90.6% ratings for this app.
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