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Nemo's Reef is a great family strategy game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Disney, who were also behind Iron Man: Armored Avenger and Disney Carnival games. It's a different family game with a completely new set of strategies.

Nemo's Reef can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Nemo's Reef app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 6.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

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Nemo and his dad, Marlin, set out to build the coolest reef in his class. Help Nemo create a best-in-class underwater retreat, and discover the secrets to building a permanent home for his friends!

* Continue Nemo's story and adventures beneath the sea!
* Create and personalize your very own underwater paradise.
* Make a home for your favorite characters from Finding Nemo including Dory, Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, and more!
* Find the different combinations of plants and decorations to delight Nemo's friends and other exotic fish.
* Discover and plant rare seeds to attract extremely rare and mysterious fish.
* Collect over 50 kinds of fish to enhance your world!
* Visit your friends' reefs, and compare their collection of fish to your own!

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains social media links to connect with others, in-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content, as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies  and some third parties.

App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for Nemo
  • Screenshot for Nemo

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Nemos Reef' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      36 (43%)
    1. 4 Star
        21 (25%)
      1. 3 Star
          17 (20%)
        1. 2 Star
            10 (12%)
          1. 1 Star
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            • Average Rating:84 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 80%
            COOL GAME!. This is an amazing game, creatively inspired by an award-winning Disney film. You can create you're own coral reef and play around
            with Nemo and his friends in an incredible underwater world.
            Fun!. Best free game ever, I love it! Very cute & I can't stop playing!
            Really Good!. I love the Nemo app. I thought it would be boring, but it is very fun how you grow plants to attract fish and there are many
            plants and lots of fish. I also like I can name discovered fish. But I want
            Wow. It would be amazing if this app did NOT require wifi. By the way if you're a parent reading this when you download hit the option
            that says always require password before purchase. I often accidentall
            EXCELLENT… improve mystery seed chance!. This game is downright AMAZING! But please improve the chance of growing a rare plant from mystery seeds! Or make the newer rare
            plants easier to grow! A long time fan, and I don't like to waste pearl
            Inventory. I love this game! A few adjustments would be great! Like more room in the inventory. And to have all the plants that I need, I
            don't have enough room on the reef. More space would be great.
            FABULOUS GAME. Very fun and entertaining high graphics and cutting edge displays AMAZING!I AM VERY HAPPY WITH HOW WELL THIS GAME WORKS!
            Very Entertaining. Beautiful graphics and pleasant relaxing sounds. No violence. Very small children will be enthralled with the visual aspects
            especially seeing Nemo and his friends swim gracefully through the reef. Ho
            Fun, my daughter loves it. Easy to play and great for kids.
            Can't believe I'm addicted to a "farm" game.. Never saw the interest before. Sigh. Lol.
            NOT WORKING. I literally love this game it's actually really good! I used to let my little brother play it so I can do my homework without
            anyone bothering me I can't play this game on my iPhone 6 for some reason
            Awesome, addictive. This game ROCKS I like to see your reef grow and unfold in front of you! But, one thing Disney should add is extra quests once you
            complete all of them! This game is epic and you should definitely get
            Asome. This game is so cool my mom and my other sisters love the game and it is like a real reef wich is good so you know all the and
            what tipe of plans ther are in this game and know what different tips of
            It's wonderful. I love it on everything and I have no problem with it but I like you to add an option to change algae per sand dollars because I
            have a lot of algae and I would like to change it by sand dollars
            Ok. All of a sudden it quit working
            Fun, but would like more fish. There used to be special rare fish and plants that you could win when you complete a task or tasks. I haven't seen those in a
            while. I am a daily player and you can start co-ops to earn rewards. Ad
            Cool game. Like FarmVille , but in the ocean
            "Gotta check my fish.". I love this game. I check in several times a day to harvest coins and algae, search for treasure chests, or just hear the music.
            Super cute!. This app is so adorable! My daughter absolutely loves to watch the fish!
            Terrific Game. I could spend all day playing. Nice graphics, fun and challenging to all!
            Saltwater601. It's fun, entertaining and great way to pass the time. Love the graphics!
            Reef - tastic. I love the game but it takes too long to get algae and I never get pearls so please update.
            Fun game, sorry to see it end.. I loved doing this game with my, algae, sand dollars, and nobody has to die like in some other games. It is a great
            non-violent game for children. I'm just so sorry we got to level 55. So
            Fun to play. This game is great! Fun to play, GREAT graphics! Love this game.
            sunset patch. I made a sunset patch months ago and it's still saying I need to create one. It even says in my Level summary that I've created
            one. How can this go away? Make it go away!
            Awsome. This game is great! I play it all the time. So cool!
            Memo's reef. Play one on my I-phone and a different one on my I-pad ! Over all love it but glitches spoil some of the fun ! Algae doesn't
            always register as well as pearls and chests ! Lot of time seeds won't regi
            Very Entertaining!. I have only had the app for a couple days but I find it fun and entertaining. Colors and graphics are good and revisiting some
            cute Pixar characters is great. Love being able to show my creativity as
            Fun, but.. I have been enjoying playing Nemo's Reef but there are some very frustrating things about it. There are challenges to collect
            certain items from treasure chests then those aren't in the one you open.
            Issues. I wish it was easier to plant multiple living plants and coral at once in stead of having to go back into the nursery after each
            time. Also if there was like a mass collect button so you don't have to
            Love This Game!. I love this game, but ever since I started playing this game on my iPhone 6 the app has been crashing on me more. I still love the
            Addictive!. Simple, but fun. Beware of the in-app purchases.
            Good, smaller chunks of story please. Kidlet gets bored of reading and flashes through the story. A parent locked reset would be nice too.
            Love this game but.. My grandkids and I have been playing this for over a year. We love it! I have accumulated over 500K sand dollars. It would b nice
            to be able To exchange sand dollars for pearls and/orAlgae. Also do n
            Awesome. Once again Disney does it with the perfect mix of entertainment and mild challenge. It gives just the right amount of
            opportunities to get free items needed to complete some of the challenges. The sea
            This game is so relaxing.. Nothing dies or explodes. It is not obnoxious. It is just nice calm fish and plants.
            Awwww & ?. I have always wanted a salt water aquarium, but they are very costly and lots of work - and then I found this app! Very colorful,
            lots to do, lots to learn - and addictive :-) Helping Nemo is fun! All
            Love the game!. Love it, been playing for at least a few months, good way to kill time for a little while at a time!
            Best app ever!. Love this app. At this time I have no improvements to suggest. Love it !
            I love this game!. Have been playing for well over a year! I love my reef!
            Buena. Es muy buena pero casi no te dan perlas
            Love it. I just started playing and Im addicted
            Server stinks. The app requires that you constantly connect to the server. It takes forever to connect and load and then drops frequently.
            Super fun!. Movement and graphics are the not a fan of the hide and seek tho. Everything else is really great.
            Love!. Super entertaining! Just love it
            Ocean in my pocket. Soothing and engaging. I love having a beautiful ocean setting in my pocket
            Fun, fair, and fantastic. Room for improvement but overall satisfying!
            Fun. Wish there were challenges, but fun
            Memos reef. Me and grandson love to play. Have had no problem except getting pearls.that could be better.
            katiebug212 Add plz. Got high algae coral patches in lower right corner including blue cat paw, egg shell and a black brain.
            Good game. Cute game too easy to buy more pearls etc.
            Great fun game. Love this game, play it daily, and I really like the new updates with the spikes to open the chests, the turtle hide and seek game
            and the weekend challenges that keeps this game interesting. This gam
            Fun App. Great team behind the app. Always updating and keeping it fun
            Simple game to pass the time. As you get into higher levels, it gets boring. I like the homework challenge everyday.
            Latest update. Love the latest update. The levels go fast because there is soooo much going on. Have been playing for more than a year. Good
            Love it, but.. It has become therapy! Soothing music and hours later, I realize I need to put it down!
            Be careful --addictive. Easy to spend too much time harvesting your plants. Addictive.
            Natural - 20%
            Too buggy. It should give you an option to load a specific reef- I hate that I can't get my original reef back without calling customer
            service, I don't want multiple reefs. I feel like no one is listening.
            No connection. I had this game about a year ago and decided I wanted to play again but when I installed it this time is just doesn't work. I've
            checked it for 5 days straight and it always says the same thing, conne
            Regular. Deben añadir mas cosas y mas desafios y añadir mas espacio. Ya estoy por el nivel 18 y se me acabaron las misiones y no tengo
            mas eapacio.
            Routine. I hate the ads that pop up before you play. Nothing interesting happens. Even if you spend money on pearls, that doesn't guarantee
            the rare plant you need to get the next fish. There should be a butto
            Need More Reef. I am on level 44. When will reef expand? Suggestion: Make it possible to buy more reef with coins or expand reef more often. I
            have over 6 million coins that I can't use. I have not been able to grow
            Nothing new. I have to agree with some of the recent posts. There have been no weekend challenges or anything new for quite some time. How
            about adding weekend challenges again. Please give us something to do rath
            Catspaw23. Great game however Disney has no new fish or challenges that appear to be upcoming. Seems like Disney wants us to invest money in
            the game, but they aren't doing the same. Higher levels are boring es
            Does not give Rare Plants. You continually get the same plants over and over. Beautiful to look at but you run out of storage, you run out of space. Have had
            the same list of challenges to get specific plants for months but gam
            Need Additional Levels. After you reach level 55 not much happens except the collection of pearls, algae, sand dollars, etc. There are no real challenges
            or new fish. Need additional levels.
            Fun Game but.. The graphics are gorgeous, I downloaded for my 3 yr old Grand daughter but soon got hooked myself because she's too young for this
            game. It is SO much fun, really! The biggest problem I have is it cra
            No special even anymore!. I think for the past 6 month of playing, there is no special event for the special occasion anymore. Please bring something
            special for a good game.
            Addictive. This is a great game. Very fun, easy to learn to navigate and good graphics. Can get a little hard to pass levels the higher you
            get and this game will require you to spend some money if you want to g
            Disney, we need bug fixes. There are many of us who chat in forums & on FB, so I am aware that several others have the same problem that we cannot place our
            purchased PATCHES on our reefs. The patch just disappears. Also, man
            Love the game. I love the game I just hate that you can't transfer it for another device. I've email Disney 3 time to get my game back and they
            have still yet to fix it.
            Nemos Reef. UPDATE: Tapjoy has decided not to honor my in game purchase for more pearls. Warning! I will no longer play this game. Disney
            should look into their third party companies. They are losing valuabl
            Need pearls.. There is NO way to get pearls without buying it and the options to get free pearls doesn't work. And also waiting 3 days for 1
            pearl?! Please be a better way to get pearls.
            Was a 5 but now a 2. Started out thinking this was an enjoyable game for all ages but now it is extremely frustrating. I have seen the Sabra ad so
            many times I will NEVER buy Sabra products again. The ad causes screen t
            Big fan!. Is it possible the sand dollars be used to purchase or exchange for algae pearls or the sticks. It appears that the sans dollars
            are only collected. You can only buy so much because you only have a ce
            No access. I cant access the reef :( since it updated today
            Ran out of space!. I agree with previous reviewers.I too have run out of planting space. I play everyday and have resorted to moving plants around
            and selling plants back in order to attempt to get more real estate. Am
            Nice. Needs update and would like to be able to buy or earn more fish.
            ok game. I have been playing Nemo’s Reef for over a year. Lately when I get a where plant it is not going into my points to get to the
            next level. I grew a bunch of Rare plants today equaling over 2400 point
            Update for reef expansion. After doing all the homework and other quests the reef gets too full. There needs to be a way that we can purchase reef
            expansions. Or have more automatic reef expansions.
            GmawWolf. Addicting! Have not been able to connect to the server for almost 96 hours. What is going on? I can connect on old iPhone
            (using as iPod), but not on iPad? Very Frustrated!
            Was Great. It was a very relaxing app but now I usually get the server unavailable error on my ipad.
            Increase chance of pick lock. I am out of spines and can never open it with pick lock. Please increase the chance.
            Fun but needs parental controls. Its a great game very fun to play! My daughter does not understand that she can not purchase anything though, they should have a
            block on that since it was made for children too.


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