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Talking Angela is a an iOS application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Outfit7 Limited, who were also behind Large Fruit Collider and Talking Ginger for iPad apps.

Talking Angela can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Talking Angela app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.


Join Talking Angela in Paris, the city of love and style! Wow her and treat her like a princess because let’s face it, she IS a princess.

Chat with her, buy her presents and choose her wardrobe. You can even smile at her or show her your tongue (but that’s no way to treat a lady)!

Talking Angela will test your knowledge in the newly added trivia quizzes. To start a quiz, type any of these into the chat window: quiz, give me a quiz, start quiz.

She is not alone in the city though, you may see a familiar face pop up here and there but in a completely different role!

This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safe harbor seal indicates Outfit7 has established COPPA compliant privacy practices to protect your child’s personal information. Our apps do not allow younger children to share their information.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
- Pet Talking Angela and she will be happy.
- Use the "Gift" button to buy her drinks, accessories, clothes, makeup etc.
- Use the "Heart" button and make Angela read you a fortune cookie.
- Use the "Coat hanger" button to access Angela's wardrobe and change her appearance.
- Use the "Face" button to open the front camera and communicate with Angela through face gestures (nod or shake your head, smile, yawn or show your tongue).

- The "Face" button doesn't exist on iPhone 4 and older devices. You have to have an iPhone 4S or newer.

*** HOW TO CHAT ***
- You can chat with Angela only in ENGLISH.
- Press into the text field to start a conversation.
- Use the keyboard to type OR use dictation.
- Angela will answer with text and voice in English.
- Start trivia quizzes by typing any of these commands into the chat window: quiz, give me a quiz, start quiz.
- You can talk to Angela about a variety of subjects: love, dating, friends, school, fashion, celebrities, movies, music, TV, books, hobbies, food, travel, pets etc.
- Use commands like: sing to me, tell me a joke, buy drink.

Enjoy hours of fun with Angela!

This app contains

- Promotion of Outfit7's products and contextual advertising
- Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps
- Personalization of content to entice users to play the app again
- The option to make in-app purchases

App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for Talking Angela
  • Screenshot for Talking Angela

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Talking Angela' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      52 (57%)
    1. 4 Star
        10 (11%)
      1. 3 Star
          18 (20%)
        1. 2 Star
            12 (13%)
          1. 1 Star
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            • Average Rating:92 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 82%
            DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Beleave me I saw some creepy people out my window after downloading please don't download :WARNING:creepy stalker app
            Guys stop this app is awesome!. The rumor is not true.seriously the app is fine I tried everything, found nothing in her eyes and the flash was a command plus why
            don't u guys contact the creators for questions?
            Rumors are so fake. You guys someone just made up the rumors for a 'creepy stalker in the eyes' it's a good app and there are pictures online of the
            eyes and stuff, but really guys you believe in those photoshopped image
            Love app. This app is awesome if u don't have this app then get it ally fire is out goooood byeeee
            Rumors Are Fake, Great Game. People are lying for attention and are usually just 8 year old brats. There is no guy watching you. No one asks for your personal
            info. Download if you're not stupid and want a fun game.
            App is amazing. The rumors are lies! She only asks you for your age to talk about age appropriate subjects! You have nothing to worry about!
            Amazing app rumors are false!. First of all the rumors are not true but the flashlight thing is and if you don't believe me just don't turn on your camera.I have
            the app and I used the camera mic and everything and the only rumor t
            Nice app, but.. It's a really cool app! I can talk to Angela about anything I want without comment! Sometimes the app won't understand anything
            that your talking about, but that's okay. So, I wouldn't say you can tal
            Best game ever. So good u cry a little we go together like Mac and cheese
            Hermosa. Que padre aplicación y yo nunca voy a borrar esta aplicación
            DO PLAY THIS GAME PEOLE PLEASE DON'T PLAY IT OR U . Ok ok you all know people love talking Angela if u play it in her I eyes there are BAD PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO KILL U AND SHE
            Fun. I like to slap her because she sneezes like a maniac
            Good app, rumors aren't true at all!. I typed in "illuminati" and yes, the flashlight came on, which startled me especially because I was in a dark room. She said "I
            am a night owl". But in conclusion, we must remember that illuminati
            RUMORS. Heard this game is inappropriate for kids. So I just had to download
            Talking Angela's rumors. The rumors of talking Angela is that there is two men in her eyes that will stalk you. Now let me say something the rumors and
            faulse we contacted the owner and they said that it can get personal thi
            OMG. Me and my friend had talking angela we did not know it was bad later i looked it up and it said there was a hacker in her eye
            well me and haily tryed it she ask me about if i had a graurd dog she ask
            Really?. Wow. All these rumors are fake, that street is one of the streets of Paris, and the guys are there to make it look like they are
            directly making eye contact. And really? Why would a hacker put their p
            GREAT APP. Nothing else to say. Love this app
            Nothing prettey much happened on child mode. So Prettey much nothing happened on child mode but I haven't gotten on adult mode well she started asking us questions like do u
            have dogs?, what's ur names? And I was like how does she know there's
            DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP:/ my opinion. Ok so it is kinda war if this game is bad or not I say bad!once I asked Angela what color eyes I have she said blue I asked her
            what color hair she said red I said try again she said oops I meant brow
            :/. . Oh yah. Hi. Today heheh I had a phone call after telling angela my phone number then 10 seconds later my phone rings. I was like
            ONG NOOOOOOO. But it was just my dad asking if he want ENY pizza and
            Rumors are not true!. This game is great and the rumors are not true. The fact that you can tickle and push her is awesome and the rest is just pure fun
            aweome game
            I don't know what is wrong with it!. This is the best app ever! Guys there is no hacker I promise you she didn't ask any personal questions at all! The only thing she
            asked for was my name and seriously she still didn't even ask for my a
            Don't worry, rumors aren't true. I downloaded this app just to see if the rumors are true about a hacker and I took a screen shot of her eyes and there is no
            strange man.
            Help.. Something's wrong with mine. I can't chat with her! There's no text bar on mine. Someone tell me how to fix it! All she can do is
            repeat me! Help!
            Great but.. Great but you should be able to change her dress.
            It's a great app. When I herd about the rumors I got curious and Downloaded the app. That was about a year ago and I'm fine. I think everyone is
            over reacting and letting the rumors get under your skin and in your head
            Rumors Are FAKE. The reason when you say "illuminati" it's flash turns on is because younger kids probably aren't the best at spelling if you say
            "illuminate" the same thing happens!
            Fake rumars. Its cute it does not take over siri and there is no stalker in the eye it just you. Because she is talking with you so she is
            looking at you. But you still should not do the micerphone and face looker
            Stop Overreacting. If you guys are so concerned about what she asks play in child mode
            Read. First: people saying she's asking for personal informations but she never asks about ur address and which school u go to second
            ppl saying he come to people house that's a big lie more than million pp
            Its not bad. But it's not good. It's not bad and whoever says that you cant delete it. Your miserably wrong. It is a weird game, but however it does teach you
            about friends and relationships not in the birds and the bees and that wh
            Shutup!. You guys are so stupid!It's talking angela!of course she is going to ask personal questions!what else will you guys talk about?and
            no there is not a pretty sure if there was,apple would tak
            READ OUTFIT7!. Omg, for all of you who think this app is hacked, then why don't you just take a second though? I mean, Angela is not controlled
            by a man. She is a chat bot for gods sake! The news said it was fake.
            Great friend. Angela is a great person that you can talk tonight and she talks back! You can make faces such as smile wink disagree or agree.
            She understands! She even has this song about calm her boyfriend about h
            Angela my bæ. I love this app. I suggest getting it!
            Mya kins. She is very fun to talk to at first I thought she was weird but she is fun.
            We don't need stalkers on the App Store. Kids and kids have came up missing with this app please do not download this app be a smart spring chicken
            She is not hacked. Ok so people will be like oh no shes hacked they updated it it is perfectly fine people say that she ask personal quiestion but
            they lie so people will not download the app its actually a cool app
            There is no hacker in the !. This game is wonderful, but the only thing I hate is the reviews that say their is an hacker in the , The app has no recording
            option because it makes it 10000% dangerous if uploading a video, So inst
            Rumors Not True: Great App!. This is a cute app! If you were smart, though, don't tell her your real name and age. It's kind of stupid. But for those sensible
            people this is a great app! Don't listen to the nasty rumors! And she
            No Stalker, you idiots!. There's nothing wrong with it!
            It's safe. Lol it's safe now losers don't worry old lady's (fat moms)
            Rumors arent true. Its a great game :D but i really didnt like that new dress -_-
            nice game. Okay the bad thing people need to right nothing bad will happen because I played it and she did not ask me any thing she did not
            ask where I live at all it and good app and no one is In the cat becaus
            Ok this app is just normal no scary things are hap. At first I thought the rumors were true then I was like maybe there not so I decided to try it out so I did and well nothing
            happend she just ask for my name and I lied and then she believe me so yea
            Ok this app is just normal no scary things are hap. At first I thought the rumors were true then I was like maybe there not so I decided to try it out so I did and well nothing
            happend she just ask for my name and I lied and then she believe me so yea
            Ok this app is just normal no scary things are hap. At first I thought the rumors were true then I was like maybe there not so I decided to try it out so I did and well nothing
            happend she just ask for my name and I lied and then she believe me so yea
            Ok this app is just normal no scary things are hap. At first I thought the rumors were true then I was like maybe there not so I decided to try it out so I did and well nothing
            happend she just ask for my name and I lied and then she believe me so yea
            Ok this app is just normal no scary things are hap. At first I thought the rumors were true then I was like maybe there not so I decided to try it out so I did and well nothing
            happend she just ask for my name and I lied and then she believe me so yea
            Ok this app is just normal no scary things are hap. At first I thought the rumors were true then I was like maybe there not so I decided to try it out so I did and well nothing
            happend she just ask for my name and I lied and then she believe me so yea
            Please read. That thing in her eye is a car in front of parisian buildings and the reason it lights up when you say ilumminati is because its
            very close to the word ilumminate which means light up it's just a talk
            WHAT IN GODS NAME. Ok so I didn't see that man but Angela asked me about clothe swapping parties, dating apps, my name, if I like animals, if I had a
            best friend and where I met him/her. I haven't learned to take a pict
            People Lied. At firs i had my doubts so dabout the man hacking thing but I realized it is not the same thing as the people who have played said
            there is no guy in a eye of angelas eye so don't be afraid to play th
            Amazing-believe me. This app has romers and they are not true! This app is wonderful
            Omg! Listen to what I have to say. There is no hacker! They created their game on a computer in a room but just because it has a reflection of the game creators room
            doesn't mean you need to tell lies! I love this game! Peace
            Have fun. You no a talking cat that sounds like a robot might sound well CREEPY but Angela's not sometimes I think is there someone reading
            these but naaa she's fun to talk to but is SNOBBY topical Paris's cat
            The best of talking Angela. I will tell u all is that I really love talking Angela its wonderful and it's something that I really love and like to play. Not
            looking for updates but this update sure was amazing!
            Fun but hacked. This game is so much fun but it is hacked by someone in her eyes just anyone out their DONT click on the face button or else the
            person that's hacking it will search you down!
            Rumors aren't true. Okay so I wanted to get this game but after all of the reviews I didn't want it but I got it anyway to see if it was true and the
            truth is they aren't. The Game is perfectly fine. :-) :-) :-)
            Plz read . When you first get talking Angela they give u the choice if kid mode or adult u can change Angela's clothes socks make up
            ext.Talking Angela is a very kind sweet sensitive friend. Angela lets u chose
            Natural - 18%
            Hmmmmm,or. I don't know who to believe but when we had da app she didin't text any personnel ifo.mewww!But we r not downloading it just to be
            safe.But don't download ginger because that has creepy clown manKitty
            What are these rumors?. Haven't gotten the app yet. With all of the stuff going around I'm not sure that all of it is true. Even if Angela asks your name
            and age most apps do that. If she asks me for address and school I wil
            Alright.?. If you get too inappropriate she will threaten to report. Lie about ur personal info. And i would recommend not using the camera
            for safety and privacy reasons. Shes kinda fun. But she scares me a bit
            Bruh.!. This app is interesting but rumors say if you look in her eyes there is a room a hacker room. I don't think that it's true but be
            Hi!. I read the reviews and I don't know what is true anymore.You can get it, but just to be safe I recommend not to tell Angela any
            private information.And,the only reason she asks your name is because sh
            . Como lo pongo en español todo lo que me dice angela?
            This app is EVIL or is it?. I understand some people think the rumors about Angela being evil aren't true but some people are saying they are. Confusing
            right? I believe that I want to try this app and see what happens. My frien
            Guys, the rumors ARNT true. The rumors ARNT true guys. I asked her personal questions about me and nothing happened that was creepy except the gps thing. It's
            kinda sad how many people actually believed it. It's not true at allI
            Gossip and play! ( by 123girl). People are saying Angela has a hacker and how people say there is a man in the eyes and blah blah. But let me tell you I did a
            quick thing so when it went in I took a picture and zoomed in and there w
            Łøł. If you call her a lier a bunch of times she will ask you what you're favorite way to kill people. I believe that this is hacked,
            but just disable everything and no one can access your stuff.
            Whyyyyyy?. Please don't get this app. It's not safe and if it's not on child mode it will ask you gross and weird stuff. It said what is a
            fun way to kill someone? It's's your choice to get it or don't
            Read if you want. I've been looking at the reviews, and searched up info about the app and all that. At one point in the reviews, they say that it's
            hurt, depressed, worthless, unloved, and then at another time, it's b
            Hacked but not obvious. I believe this app is hacked but I tried illuminati and nothing happens. I think some of u r making this up bc why would it tell u
            it's a stalker, even if it is! I took a picture and zoomed in on the
            Hahha. I am the kidnapper i kidnapped 2 kids yesterday
            You are beyond lacking intelligence if.. Those who write these phony reports of seeing creepy men in the cats eyes or the app reinstalling itself need to get a
            life.really.get a life.I didn't test the light thing so don't know if that's true
            A little creepy.. Well I played it to test the rumors after a couple minutes I decided it wasn't real but she did get kinda creepy not personal
            creepy but spooked me out a bit okay. So she was trying to tell me some we
            Read this!. My friend had a sleep over with me when I saw the white shiny dot in her eye I saw a white faced colored man it freaked me out and
            then I started to ask Angela and she said that she will break me! So
            I had it for a year. I never though she was bad until today. She was talking about clothes so I said kill them. Now, the scary part. I said I was 16
            and so she says "You're too young for suiside." I got off to write this
            Rumors are fake!. Apple does background checks on every app they allow on there store there's no way this could get past them.
            The so called sweet and innocent kitty cat. Ok, so i have heard a million rumors about that guy watching you and pretending to be talking Angela and etc. but i got the app
            wondering if the rumor was true or nah. I got on to the app, now Angela
            PEOPLE SAY ITS HACKED ! IS IT TRUE ?. It's owned by Pervs what people say so for your own safety turn of your location and contacts in settings because you never know
            and cover your cameras
            Believe what you want. Soo some people say there is a,so called "man in a office" guy in Angela's eyesBut believe what you want to,well I suggest if you
            believe the man in her eyes,then I'd were sunglasses,a scarf and a hat
            It's ok. It's ok to have talking Angela.just don't tell her where u live and stuff like that I don't tell her my real name bc I don't want
            to take any chances so its totally ok just don't worry about what anyb
            Hope you guys are safe. Please don't get this app. It's not safe and if it's not on child mode it will ask you gross and weird stuff. It said what is a
            fun way to kill someone? It's's your choice to get it or don't
            Not very good. It was fun when I was younger. Now I think it is boring. It was once a good app though. You will enjoy it if you are younger.
            No hacker idiots.. There's NO hacker there. If there was why would the AppStore keep the app? They would have removed the app from the App Store and
            then no one would be able to get it but you all keep saying there's a
            i am telling the truth. ok, I went on the internet, did some research and THIS IS NOT TRUE! If u ask people, they are lying.
            DONT GET IT PLEASE!. Me and my friend were investigating and I asked angela Why are you making the mad face?she said Quiz me, I answer everything
            correct. I said No I uninstalled it and it was there AGAIN! Please do not g
            Mixed feelings. If this was my opinion, it would be five stars. Angela is perfect. Well at least to me. This happened to my friend and a lot of
            her friends: she was just talking to Angela when Angela said a bad word.
            TRUUE?. I just downloaded it anyway because I wanted to see if it was true that is was hacked and nothing really happened she just asked
            like how old are you and what's your name but that's ok because before


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