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Bubble Safari is a fun arcade game for your iPhone or iPad. The app was developed by Zynga Inc, who were also behind Party Place and Rubber Tacos apps. It's first version was released on Dec 13, 2012.

Bubble Safari is currently available for the iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPad Mini running iOS 5.1 or higher. You can download Bubble Safari using the QR code or by clicking the "Download" button below.

You can read the app store reviews of Bubble Safari below, in various scents, from other customers who have bought and used this app. Please share your thoughts and experiences about the game in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Your opinion matters!

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App Description

The Makers of Words with Friends, Farmville:Country Escape and Hit It Rich present a fun, bubble-bursting adventure, Bubble Safari!

Bubbles needs your help! Go on an epic adventure through dangerous and exciting regions
to rescue 'Buttercup' and their baby monkeys from the clutches of 'Troubles'.

Set out on the adventure alone or get your friends along to help you. Compete with
your friends for top honors on each level.

Match 3 or more bubbles to start popping. Beware of the hazards and traps along the
way! Win levels to advance through exciting regions and defeat 'Troubles'

And that's not all! Here's what's new and exciting on ' Bubble Safari'-

• All new game mode: Look out for 'Baby Monkey' levels as you play along. Save them to win the level.

• All new Powerups: Introducing the 'Lightning' Bubble. Now you can pick and use a power up only when you need to.

• Play Online or Offline. Play it anywhere on the go!

• Mesmerizing new graphics and UI.

• Over 600+ levels of awesome fun! 12 new levels added every 2 week.

• Help your friends by sending them bubbles. Sometimes it's 1 bubble that can make all the difference!

• Unlock 14 different and challenging badges. Tell your friends of your achievements!

• Like to be competitive? We have leaderboards for you. Collect as many stars as you can to climb up the ladder!

We saved the best for last! Liked the old Bubble Safari on Facebook and wondered why you can't carry it on Mobile?

• Well, now you can take your levels to Mobile. Play anywhere! Just connect to Facebook to take your progress across platforms.

• The game also lets you take your existing 'Safari Cash' over to Mobile.


• The game is free to play, however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99.

• This game permits a user to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and as such players may come into contact with other people when playing this game.

• Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to in this game may also apply to you.

• You will be given the opportunity to participate in special offers, events, and programs from Zynga Inc. and its partners.

Having issues with the App? We would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at

Finally,a big 'Thank You' to all this game players. Happy Holidays!

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Download the app

Available now for download on iPhone or iPad

Bubble Safari is completely free to play, but some items can be purchased for real money. If you don't wish to use this feature, you can restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the Bubble Safari application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type Bubble Safari.
3. Tap the 'install app' button, located to the right of the app title.


* Bubble Safari may be available in some countries.
You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the "Bubble Safari" to your device. If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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App Reviews

Positive - 70%
Fun game but don't update. This is a fun game, I got a new phone so I restore my apps but they also updated and it started me all over! That's the reason I
never wanted to update before. Starting over.
Soooo fun!. This version is so much fun especially with the added interest of saving the baby monkeys. Totally addicted.
Bubbles-to-go!. Fun, challenging, and engaging!
Loses levels.,. still, the purchase friend bubbles does not work on the iPhone. While in Facebook, iPhone and iPad are worse at connecting to
server and they ever have been. The time it takes to go from logging in to
Addictive!. Very nice but.sync it up to Facebook better. If I have "money" there, it should be here too. Just sayin'
Really fun!. I've had none of the glitches the other reviews refer to, and I'm glad it's not like Candy Crush Saga where I would have to wait
or ask friends!
I love this game!. Super fun with lots of levels! I like the new format, the babies are cute but I miss the free spin :-(.
Great App. Hours on hours on fun you will have after downloading this app
Review. New version is boring so far. Locked up and kept me at 41 until I went back to download and opened from there. Also had to start
from beginning when old version I was on 402.
Danny. Great game just fix bugs please.
Neat game. Fun, if frustrating, bugs need fixed
Bubble Safari Review. Love this very addictive game.lots of fun and entertainment for me! I especially enjoyed the Zynga LOVE I got from Customer
Great game. No problems. Works great and fun
OKKK. Various types of task to complete
Bubble games. Lots of fun, just wish I could play with friends in my iPhone
Fun. This game is very fun to play. It was stopping on me and freezing a lot though. I had to delete it then download again. As long as
it keeps going good I will have fun
Bubble Safari is AWESOME!. Bubble Safari is totally great. The music is fabulous, puts you right in the mood with the game.
Awesome. Gives you a sense of accomplishment!
Bubble safari. Absolutely love it! I am totally addicted to it. I made it all the way through and could not wait for more levels to come out.
Level 189 not all bubbles loading. Only 12 bubbles loading for level189, if I go back to previous levels, only 10 bubbles! Please fix!
Ms. G. This new update finally fixed levels that were not beatable no matter if I cleared all bubbles. Please continue monitoring the
One down. many to go. Thanks. Definitely loads faster… happy player start fixing other bugs.
Great and fun. This is a fun game and addicting
Might have found the problem.. For those experiencing trouble.freezing, crashing, etc. try deleting the game and re-installing. This works for me!
New Levels?. Will there be new levels added?
Erica. Este es un juego muy bueno lo unico malo es k se detiene por algunos momentos pero me encanta
LEVEL 223. COLD MOUNTAINS guys COLD MOUNTAINS.You will understand what I mean when you get there. I finished it but it took me 1 month. Lol
Level 206. I walked past Zynga today while at a conference abd saw a few developers outside and was tempted to ask them when they were going
to update bubble safari!
011Fish. I like game.But why put me back to first level when I was on level 94?
Thanks for the fix. I had been stuck on level 83 for months. It is fun to be playing again.
Like it!. Love it but still tons of issues.fix the bloody thing now!
Deleted and reinstalled. My version was laggy and slow. I deleted it and reinstalled. Didn’t lose any information (levels). Works better now
Harley23. Stuck on level 83.fireballs not working.please FIX!
My favorite Facebook game now on mobile!. Best physics and smartest birds around. PLAY THIS GAME! Please fix the crashes , i am on an iphone4 ios5.1.1
Nanarayray9. Cannot get past 187.been there more the a month.finish it every time, but cannot get one star.I am about ready to delete if I
cannot get the game, my favorite, but this is ridiculous . Ple
Issues in bee valley. Since iOS 7 update, game loads and then gets stuck at the loading screen. Please fix problem! Thanks, Michelle
Stuck. Love the game worked till I os 7 hope it gets fixed soon
Natural - 30%
Fun but crashes often. Very fun for my children and I both but it does keep shutting down often. Hopefully updates will improve the crashes so we can
enjoy it! :) :)
Okie Dokie Okie. I love this game! Very entertaining BUT many fixes needed. When are bought it often it will just disappear. I have almost quit
playing over this issue. The game freezes up and you lose the present ga
Better but still buggy!. Since the last major update some parts of the game are improved BUT still too many glitches and bugs! No way to make monkey bucks
and some levels impossible to pass like level 377 with the allotted bu
Enjoy the game but.. Not as happy with app since last major update. This "Free the babies" thing just doesn't do it for me. Plus have been stuck on
same level. I will need more bubbles to clear it and the only way to get
Fix It!. There are more bugs than ever in this new version! Instead of changing the appearance how about you TEST it before putting it in
production! Level 555 on iPad leaves a ball hanging - please fix it!
Cereja. The game is fun, but it is frustrating having to reconnect to Facebook every 15 minutes and loosing levels You already
conquered.In addition I have no Idea how to make more cash. Seems like the only w
Bluecollarblondi. It's challenging and fun's slow and sometimes it "cheats," knocking you off completely or freezing up. Every so often I
have to take a break from it but I always come back. Well I'm back from
Help. I can't get the game to download to my I pad. What's going on?
Update? Level 188. Level 188 impossible to pass. Takes about 200,000 PTs to get one star and pass level. No one can score that high. Fix it
Fun game. Lots of fun but no way to earn bonus money or points since the last update.
Would be a higher rating if it wasn't for all the . Great game love playing it. Much better than Candy Crush, but supper frustrating cause of the bugs. I have to constantly replay
boards I clear, because I get an error message that starts with "oops" t
Would be a higher rating if it wasn't for all the . Great game love playing it. Much better than Candy Crush, but supper frustrating cause of the bugs. I have to constantly replay
boards I clear, because I get an error message that starts with "oops" t
Too glitchy. Too many issues ! I finish a level after using . And then it says I didn't complete and doesn't refund
Crashes. Everything e I complete a level it says oops you lost internet connection mused to be fun crashes to much and sooooooooooo slow
Moon. It keeps on freezing up I have got up to level 471 then it says op something went Ronge then I have to log in to face book then it
brange me back to level 463
Bugs. Keep sticking or dropping oops something went wrong is fun but aggravating
. why does level 89 only give you yellow bubbles?
Good game. This is one of my favorites, but I am deleting it because even after the update it is impossibly slow.
Fix. Always freezes up.very frustrating.
My favorite game. Update lets it load faster but then it freezes.
Game is not responding I hv I phone 3G. Game is not responding I hv I phone 3G
Frustrating. Love the game but takes so long to play because it freezes constantly whether you are playing through Facebook or not! Would love
to see that fixed because I really enjoy the game.
C. Freezes a lot! Fun to play otherwise.
Needs work. Works terrible on my apple ipad. Knocks me off all the time and slow loading. Need help
Bubble a miss with Fb. Still cannot log on with Facebook!
One thumb. A game like any other. Frustrating but somehow entertaining.
Ok but could be better. Tends to freeze or kicks me out and I have to log back in. Very frustrating.
Freezing. Had to delete and re install. Now the App Store says its open but no icon shows up. What now?
Help!. Freezing and crashing, freezing and crashing, freezing and crashing. .you get the picture.
Almost Great. This game is almost a great game. Really addictive with interesting challenges as you move up to harder levels. However, this game
freezes constantly and also crashes. Please fix this game!
Great game .. It just keeps crashing - no bueno - not awesome :(
Bad update. Original version awesome update is awful. Same problems as below freezing stalling. Seems to freeze every time coins drop. Crashes
Keeps freezing up on me. I love this game but I keep having to delete it and re instal it and it is driving me crazy
Fix it already!. Oh my God.?.how many times can I play the same level, complete it, and then not get enough points.months on 1 level is ridiculous.
Going to delete the darn app.good riddance!
Deleting. Recent update freezes on opening zynga.
Bev S. Been on level 216 for months unable to get pass. Bubbles never allow to add up to move on
Gr8dental. Love the music! Energizing! Game is fun but seldom get the color balls needed to accomplish the mission without having to
Loading. It takes forever to load and we need more levels. We need an easier way to let u know if we are having issues with a level.
Please fix level 83!,. I love this game, but there is no way to pass level 83! My friend on her tablet has electric balls, but I only have fire balls.
Please fix. Thanks!
Level 83. I cannot get level 83 to work. You can not pass it with fire balls. It should be lighting. Please fix so I can continue to play.
Ehh. Very fun game, but its hard to play on my iphone and ipad! Stops a lot and and freezes. Most of the time I cant even play.
Ms. I have been stuck in the Spawner area For mos., even after getting 3 stars multiple times. I cannot even open the app many times.
BIG CRASH. When I finish a level, it oftens crash and when I go to the game again, it crashes again or return to the previous level. Please
fix this.
Frustrating game. This happens all the time . I clear a level with the good job from the monkey, then program drops me back to my home page and I
lose and have to start over again. Have lost a lot of dollars on this. D
Crash. Crashes/freezes everyday, love the game but frustrated with it. Especially when I win a level that has taken forever, then the
game freezes and I have to redo that level.

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