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Google Voice Phone by Mo plus

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Google Voice Phone by Mo plus is an iOS Utilities application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Mo plus, who were also behind FREE Calls & Text by Mo+. It's first version was released on Jul 14, 2012.

The Google Voice Phone by Mo plus app is available on all iOS devices, including iPhone 6/Plus, iPad and iPad Mini, running iOS 5.1 or higher. Google Voice Phone by Mo plus can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below.

See the App Store ratings and customer reviews below picked from other customers who have used this app.

App info

The TRULY FREE phone calls and texting app! Free calls & text to ANY phone number in US & Canada, or ANY GTalk users around the world, no hidden cost! The only free call & texting app that does not require the callee to install the same app.

Why you should choose Mo+:
- Free. All the services of voice calls and texting are as FREE as you believe!
- Always online. Call, chat and get connected with your GTalk friends, wherever you go.
- High-quality voice calls. The services provided by Mo+ include high-quality voice calls which can enable you to chat with your friends just like face to face.
- Easy to use. Start calling or texting with minimum tap.

More features coming soon... Stay tuned!

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App Download

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Google Voice Phone by Mo plus' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type 'Google Voice Phone by Mo plus'.
3. Tap the 'install' button, located to the right of the app title.

Download Now

* This download may not be available in some countries.
You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

Technical details

Contents: This app have in-app purchases to enable some features.
Leaderboard: Game Center supported.
Minimum OS Version:5.1

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Customer Reviews

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      68 (75%)
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        8 (9%)
      1. 3 Star
          7 (8%)
        1. 2 Star
            8 (9%)
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            • Average Rating:91 reviews available
            • Let us know what you think. Rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section.
            Positive - 90%
            Nurse. It's cool but it needs a faster respond time, and needs to be able to receive calls without a outlet number.
            Yup. Can't been anything that work for freer
            Perfect. This is a great app. Thanks Google
            Works with google voice. Only app that lets you dial out using google voice. Very useful during my international travels
            Does wonders. Great user interface and does the job
            The best app in the rank. I have tested almost all apps in the genre. That is the top one. CJ
            It works. It's cool, use to be better when it was totally free. But after watching 20 videos for credits it's fine.
            Seems good. Haven't really used it much but heard good things about the app
            Good software. This software has made my communications more convenient and cheaper!
            Review. Absolutely amazing! Way faster, more reliable, and maneuverable.
            Works great!. Needed to make some important calls and no cell phone signal, so I installed the app over wifi and made my calls. Wow!
            Lovely App.. I can't stop loving this App. It is so lovely. Very clear. I love it.
            Cool. This app is so awesome to teenagers like me!
            Pretty Good in a pinch. This app is Pretty Good in a pinch.
            Awesome. Awesome app, has always worked great especially when connected to wifi. Used to make calls home from other countries with no
            Great app. Very useful when having long distance calls!
            I just fired Talkatone.. Talkatone lacked quality even with the premium version. MagicJack was a little better on quality but everyone knows they have
            terrible customer support. I found myself going back and forth between ma
            So far, so good. I've used this a limited number of times but it has worked well for me.
            It's alright. It's alright but when I text the messages won't send for some reason
            GV App. This app is well put together and functions exactly the way it's supposed to with 100% efficiency. Very happy.
            Does the job. Great app, good calls, good layout. Imports contacts etc
            Professor. Great service provided. I wish they would not require you to purchase credits to utilize device.
            Because. They give you free credits if you rate 5 stars.
            Google Voice. It's kinda cool it really comes in handy!
            Great tool. I don't have good cell service on the island I live and work on. This has been a great tool to stay in touch with friends and
            Ok. Can send text from iPod cannot receive them
            ONE STAR, NOT FIVE.. The app said give us five stars and we'll give you one free credit. That just feels less than honest. However, I gave them 5 stars
            Love it. So clear i love this app much more than before .
            Got me out of a jam. Just watched a couple videos and was able to make a call to get out of a jam. Not bad at all!
            1credit. I enjoy it but hate all the credits it takes.
            Love this app. I wish that you could have multiple lies for different purposes! Like if I am on a job search or selling something online. Google
            voice should consider this, but I love it
            Good stuff. Would be better if you didn't need "coins" to make calls. The way it used to be
            Alternative to texting. This allows me to use an alternative to texting when I have problems using my regular number.
            Gvone. The best 5 stars services it is the future
            great convenience. It still has some kinks, but it's use is really convenient.
            Great alternative. This is a great app, and has worked flawlessly for me. The best part is that you don't have to give up your actual telephone
            number to someone you don't want to have it!
            Great app!. A must have for using google voice number.Thank you
            Seems pretty well but got tired of earning credit . I like Google voice but the app is working pretty well the only boring thing is to earn credit to make calls.
            Can't live without GV!. When I forget to pay my bill or any other incidental regarding my phone service this app is a lifesaver!
            sounds good, don't know how long. The description on this improvement in the App sounds good, but don't know how long it would continue to perform best. I hope that
            that it would be compatible with ipad1 as well.
            Can call out as a different number and Like have t. Great for calls n you don't use your mins
            I LOVE THIS!. This app is amazing! All u need is credits to call. And all u need to do to have a credit is to watch a ad!P.S. 5 Credits around
            10 minutes
            Free. Love that it's free! It's also convenient because I can choose to use existing contact list or not. Having another number is safe
            too especially if my phone stops working for any stupid reason.
            Great backup system for wifi only. It's a regular app that I use when I don't want to use my data.
            GV. Great App. Have been using it for about 4yrs. A must have app to cut down on cell phone bill.
            ******. Great app. Will tell friends about it
            Great wifi phone. I like it cuz when I'm outta minutes all I need to do is find a hotspot and call my family or friends. Better then Pinger.
            It's cool. Though at times wish it wouldn't have to have me download other apps that I prefer not to use to obtain credits, it's not bad.
            Kind of wish it would stop ringing once I pick up also. Either than that,
            Doesn't work for me. Not sure if my iPhone with no sim card should work with this app.
            I like it a lot. Maybe not 5 stars, but if I get a credit for it, what the hell
            Calling. Wish there was unlimited calling a phone number etc.
            I love this app!. This app has saved me mucho dinero!
            Gv phone app. Dis app is pretty good to me never gave me problems
            Works pretty well on wifi. I travel a lot and sometimes need a phone on the airplane. I usually buy the inflight wifi for my tablet and laptop. I have used
            GV on the airplane many times and have always gotten clear reception. L
            Helpful. This is a helpful app when you have 1 phone but need separate phone numbers for work.
            Good but.. Could be a lot better if the robot sound goes away when I talk. And I thought free meant free.
            My Google Voice Usage. Well I have Google Voice and Tallkatone. When I added Google Voice to my G-mail, I had two numbers I had to remember, but since I
            was going to have to have a Google number, I just use my Google number
            Not a bad app had it for a long time. Now charging. Not a bad app had it for a long time. Now charging for minutes.
            Great for making wifi calls. Used Google Voice to call home from charges
            nice app. best app ever.connects me like no other app.kudos
            best text app. All you need is having the capability to send picture
            Wish I had it sooner!. This is a FANTASTIC app an my friends love it as well.
            Saving me abroad. Love that I can call/text US #s from abroad.
            Great app phone. I love this app, always in contact for free !Really, lovely !
            I love Gvoice. This is it. This is the future. I love google. Thank you.
            Free is always good. Need some improvement. Few missed calls. However, voice quality is awesome
            Nice. They are awesome and so many way I earn credits
            Free calls!. Loaded this on my phone because was told I can make free calls
            A solid free app. The app is good for calling the States from any country for free.
            Good job. Thanks. Google you are the best.
            Not bad. Not a bad app and not a bad way to save some.
            Cool App. I love this app! Gives my wife and me an extra phone to leave the kids to use, just in case we have to leave the home for a short
            while. Works great in my house, guess I have great wifi!
            So far so good. Just moved over from Talkatone to this app due to new Talkatone restrictions. So far, so good.
            Amazing!. Great app for traveling internationally. All you need is wifi to send and receive phone calls and texts from the US!
            Good app. Can call and txt anyone along with receiving calls
            Natural - 10%
            Calls don't come through. What aggravates me with this app is that in order to receive calls I have to be in that app. It won't even tell you you had a
            missed call you just get a voicemail, it seems like it used to months ago
            Won't connect to Google.. Older version used to work on other device (before MO was added?), but this one won't even connect to Google from any connection
            I've tried. And I know the problem is not with my internet connections.
            Can't log in. It was flawless for me for a few years until recent year I wasn't able to log into my account.
            Not happy with current version. First downloaded it last August 2014 and it worked great! Recent update was a total fail! Unhappy with the changes:When I make
            calls/texts, the receiver sees a random number in place of my google voic
            Not as free as you'd think.. Be prepared to watch ads, purchase and use apps all in the name of credit. Hasn't used it to make a call yet, but I'm sure you're
            charged by the second.
            It's ok use to be better.. Use to be a great app. But has declined a lot since then.
            Confusing. Something's going on with the app. When I receive calls from someone, it's to the number I set up. It's also connected to my
            gmail, so I receive texts to that number as well. But the issue here is tha
            Can't log-in!. I can't really give an in-depth opinion about the app because the app continues to give a message stating the username or password
            is incorrect when it is correct.So.frustrating!
            Misleading. App advertised free phone calls. Doesn't let u make free calls.
            Google login. Hello, when I log into my Google account on the app it won't let me sign in. I then downloaded the actual Google app, it let me
            into my account. Please fix this if this is a glitch
            Great. This is an awesome app. I use it a lot and have great quality. I recommend it.
            No Notifications?. This app works great on my old phone that just died. Picked up a 4s with 8.1.2 and the app does not appear in the notifications,
            so it will not ring unless perhaps you have it open during the attempte
            Good app. But can crash terribly. Love the app and its functions. But this app crashes like no other apps; it takes the whole phone down and you have to use a cable
            to reboot
            expected to be good update but!. Come on guys, now its being blocked! By isp, before it was fine! And unable to call mobiles until i connect to a vpn
            WAS the PERFECT app. it claims free but you need credits so PAYING for something is not FREE remove the credits then i will rate 5star and give better

            If you've used this app, please leave a comment and let us know how you liked it.


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