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HeyCrowd - quiz game polls and surveys for free

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    Dec 21, 2010

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HeyCrowd (free) by HeyCrowd is a news app . If you liked apps such as World Soccer Finals and Show of Hands, then you must check out HeyCrowd.

HeyCrowd is a mobile application where you can vote on an endless stream of quizzes, ask the crowd, discover what people think and meet new people. It's fun, it's your new addiction.


HeyCrowd is the best way to instant poll the crowd. Voting on the endless stream of questions and discovering what people think is so addictive that people have voted more than 60 millions times. Today it's more than 1 million vote per day.


HeyCrowd also enables you to start voting with friends and other HeyCrowders. You vote with them and compare your opinions. Playing in one-to-one with friends is a fun way to learn more about each other and spark hot debates!


The Next Web - "Taking surveys is a time-waster, and getting answers to your burning questions can help you make one decision or another. HeyCrowd is a beautifully designed app for iOS that serves both of those purposes."

Robert Scoble - "Fun polling app for iPhones"


Brian Erickson - "Love the redesign - Really awesome way to get feedback on questions you've got, as well as see what other people are thinking about. It's easy and fun to contribute your answers. This app continues to get more and more functional. I love the way it looks and there is a great user base that's always asking and answering new questions."

DrummerDeity- "Huge fan - App continues to improve and get more and more functional. Always find interesting questions, and it's got utility I didn't expect. Love it!"

Lydia290 - "I'm totally in love with this game - Hey crowd is the best game ever"

Epictina - "I'm in love - I'm litteraly in love with this app I nearly love it more than my boyfriend ...!!"

HeyCrowd is available on the App Store as a universal app for free. To download the app HeyCrowd quiz game polls and surveys for free, scan the following QR code or use the download button below to get the app via iTunes. It's compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 and later, including the new iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

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  • Screenshot for HeyCrowd

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Reviews and Ratings

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HeyCrowd.

Rating Review Date
♥ 5 My experience on this app makes up for my lack of friends and a life in real life :)2015-08-15
♥ 5 This is an awesome app! The only problem is that it crashes too much...2015-08-09
♥ 3 Most of my problems were fixed. Now my app won't let me change my name, or my bio. It crashes often, and it frequently messes with
my keyboard. I'm reconsidering deleting this app. Really hope you could fix.

♥ 2 This new version is awful. It only shows liked questions, which are often idiotic. They're often, "Am I hot?" Or "Do you think my
dog is cute?" Or "Who's prettier?" Or "Would you date me?" It's really
♥ 3 It's not the best game I've played but its okay2015-06-11
♥ 5 I gave this 5 stars, so can you please remove it from my purchase list?2015-05-25

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