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Bingo Pop is a a simple casino social networking game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Uken Games, who were also behind Mighty Monsters and The Streetz games.

Bingo Pop can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Bingo Pop app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 7.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and , iPad mini.

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Welcome to Bingo Pop, the classic bingo game that’s easy to learn and super fun to play! It’s a game to DAUB for!
Jump right in and play CLASSIC Bingo with all the familiar win patterns like straight line, diagonal, and four corners. Play cards in real time with friends and family and measure your daubing skills against thousands of people from around the world! Every game is a race to 1st place to win the biggest rewards!
Create your own luck by using our GAME-CHANGING power-ups including INSTANT BINGO and DOUBLE DAUB. Or come check out our twist stages that feature bonus GAME MODES like TREASURE TEMPLE and CAFE NOIR.
With hundreds of thousands of fans and reviews
5/5 “I have played a few bingo card games like bash and blitz, and this is the best one ever!”
5/5 "OMG!!! This game is awesome! Very-addictive. Offline mode is a bonus. Can’t put down my tablet!!”


• Advance through 12 unique stages and travel from the friendly shores of Havana Cabana to the high-stakes tables of Monte Carlo.
• Increase your chances of winning by daubing on up to FOUR CARDS
• Play BONUS SLOTS and collect POSTCARDS to earn more rewards!
• Climb daily leaderboards for bragging rights amongst your friends and family.
• Daub BONUS TILES on every card to earn extra coins and cherries.
• OFFLINE mode available
You asked and we delivered:
• You can now share gifts with all of your Facebook friends! Help each other win!
• BINGO CARDS are now EXTRA LARGE to make playing easier than ever.
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Compatible with any iOS 7.0+ device

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  • Screenshot for Bingo Pop

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Bingo Pop' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      42 (47%)
    1. 4 Star
        19 (21%)
      1. 3 Star
          12 (13%)
        1. 2 Star
            16 (18%)
          1. 1 Star
              0 (0.0%)
            • Average Rating:89 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 80%
            Fave. This is one of my favorite Bingo games, I recommend it out of any of the others.?it's definitely the most fun, especially when
            you get the special extras and have to crop your field.(:
            Not great lately. Usually I LUV playing bingo pop but lately anytime I get first or 4 bingos, my game stops and I lose my coins, cherries and
            spins.hope u fix this problem or I won't be playing anymore!
            Ms.. Very fun and relaxing way to pass time.
            Fun.. If I were only a little faster!,,but it was still fun. Got 2 bingos!
            AMAZING FUN!. This is a really fun app. Hours of enjoyment.needs more free cherries.
            Great Bingo Game. This is a great bingo app that you don't have to keep purchasing in-apps to reach your goals.
            Player. I've played this game for a few years. And I love it!
            Big Nanie. latest improvements are great. I like game better when you have extra perks like the candy
            Addictive!. I gotta admit, I love playing but am addicted and have spent when I shouldn't have!
            Love it!. I'm liking this bingo. I have played for a while and like it so much better than Monopoly bingo. I haven't had to spend any money
            so far where as Monopoly bingo is quite expensive. Keep up the good wo
            Too many bugs. I love playing this game, especially the holiday ones. However, it is very slow loading & crashes often. The numbers are called
            very slow. Not given enough cherries to play more than one game. Have to
            Best Bingo Game I've played. I've played quite a few of the bingo games out there and have promptly deleted them. This one is a keeper.
            Fun. This is a fun bingo game. Would like to be able to buy cherries with coins.
            . This is one of my favorite games, but Always run out of Cherries!
            Binogo Pop. This is one of the most enjoyable games on the Internet. I really love this game,exspecally Trixies room.
            Addicting.but.. There are sometimes server issues with the game.
            Bingo Pop. This is a really fun version of Bingo.
            Great. Great! Great! GREAT! That is about all I can say!
            Sunshine. Love this game! So much going on!
            Love this game. Very addictive and fun. One of the better Bingo Apps
            Bingo Mania!. I love this app!Different versions of Bingo that is fast paced and fun!
            Best bingo game. I love this game. I have played other bingo games but eventually you have to purchase tokens to continue. With pop bingo you are
            not cohorts into buying anything, Just have fun playing.
            Nor. Great fun. Changes make it even better.
            Daily bonus. I have not yet gotten my daily bonus and it has been well over 24 hours sense I downloaded the game
            Bingo Pops. I love Bingo Pop. I wish you would add Holiday Rooms or a New Room every month.Thank you!
            BINGO on the brain in Bingo Pop. I only have three words for Bingo Pop.AWESOME.AWESOME.AWSOME!
            Very fun!. I like the classic feel and power ups.
            Lala. Love it.but I need more cherries
            Not a 1st place winner but still addicted. I love bingo pop it improving my memory problem the more I play
            Is every bingo a winner. That use to be the motto. I guess no longer. Now some blue chip appears or some other odd pics like a pile of coins etc but no
            win. I won three bingos and won not one thing. It is hard enough to win a
            FUNN. This game is SOFA KING AWESOME.I highly recommend it!
            Rache. So much and addictive lots of fun!
            Review. Very hard to get 1-2-3 have gotten bingos but few
            No real people. The only way to get the review in is to give high rating. It really is only worth a 2 at most. I too am tired of the avatars/bots
            always winning. Even the ones with pics are bots/avatars. And the r
            Fun for everyone. Great bingo game. Try it because you will like it.
            Great fun. Easy, great fun! Anyone can play and everyone will enjoy!
            I like it!. Just wish you could get more cherries
            Bingo babe. I love it. I can actually play without my iPad crashing.
            Great Games. Great games, love Zen. Wish bonus cherries were given more frequently, but otherwise very fun.
            Love Bingo. Love this bingo can wait to see how far I can go
            Solid game.. I can easily waste time playing this haha.
            Best Game Ever!. Bingo Pop Is a Blast to play best game 5 STARS!
            Brenda Patterson. I really enjoy playing this game. Very similar to Bingo . Blitz. Both are a lot of fun if you like to play Bingo!11/3/13-love
            playing this game! I am so glad it is working right for me now. I play
            Love this bingo. Love playing this bingo but I think as you move up you should get more cherries as your bonus and be able to buy cherries with
            your coins
            Pop Bingo. Love to play this Pop Bingo. If you like Bingo you will love POP BINGO ! :-)
            Love this fun game!. Really love the fun gem game. Would like to see more unique games like this one and the Xmas one.
            Bingo. Pop. I. Like. Bingo. Pop. And. The. Different. Markers. You. Can. Use. To. Mark. The. Cards. I. Give. It.
            Four. Stars
            Great Bingo app. Allows me to concentrate and think a little.
            Awesome. This app got me hooked on bingo! Love it!
            Great game!. Many hours of fun. Merry Christmas to everyone.
            Love this game!. Best bingo game out there by far! Love the Christmas levels!
            Fun Game!. Love it! Could let you have a few cherries now and then, but super fun!
            Bingo. Pop. Review.. I. Like. Bingo. Pop. You. Have. A. Lot. Of. Chances. To. Win. I. Give. It. Four. Stars.
            Halloween. All I found was Halloween daubs and bingo counts.
            Fun game. Crashes too frequently. Need more options for getting power ups.
            Fun but not enough cherries. Need more ways to get cherries other than buying them
            Working lady. Love the game but it gets stuck in the middle of the game just when you about to win BINGO!
            Love it. Love everything. One little quirk it dumps you
            Halloween.. To get to the Halloween, After Dark, and Diamond worlds you tap the twist sign at the bottom-middle of the screen.
            LOL!. This game is so coooooll and its better than candy crush so I
            Natural - 20%
            Cheating me. Not giving me my points or cherries when I get a bingo
            Love hate. Love the game but hate that it takes so long for cherries and to level up
            Crashing. Would give 5 but it crashes too often
            change needed. I feel all the puzzle games are the same. A change would be good.
            Aggravating!. I love/hate this game. It is frustrating to the extreme because of the speed at which the "bots" or computer-generated players
            win. Today 33 bingos were won with only 16 total numbers called. A rea
            Frustrating update. So I did the update, now it won't let me play. Been several days now and still can't open the app.Keeps asking me to update, duh,
            which I already have.Frustrated. Really, really, frustrated.
            Aggravated. The game is fun but as with most bingo games only a select few get all the bingo's and win everything and the rest of us don't get
            to win anything also if I want to keep playing I half to pay for what
            Too much advertising!. This game is fun but after EVERY game it's SO many ads . Ridiculous.
            Could be better. It would be better if I could win more than 2 times out of about 10 to 15 games
            Love this game but has problems. I spend a lot of money on this game only to keep losing it when game freezes up and I lose cherries. Why is it the rare bundle
            went from 1200 coins to 3200? Really? Hopefully bugs will be fixed or I w
            Crashes!. I think I gave this 5 stars before, and these are the only 2 reviews I've ever done. But, as others have said, it seems to crash
            RIGHT after I've used the cherries for the next game. Tonight, after ON
            Great Game. This is a great game to play to escape reality for a little while. The ads are extremely annoying!
            Too many glitches. New rooms are great but i can't collect my winnings at the end of each bingo round. Other than that I LOVE this game
            Ads drive me crazy!. I used to love this game and I still do. However, the ads drive me crazy! I would pay to keep those ads away! Just make it an
            option please!
            Slow. It takes to long to open other levels and is to slow calling numbers.
            Addictive. The game itself is great, but unfortunately it's extremely hard to get bingos! I may have to delete! :(
            Bingo Pop. I have never gotten any of the prizes promised after moving up a level.
            Bingo. Way too many downloading issues
            Fun Game But Expensive to Play. The title explains it. In-app purchases are too expensive.
            I like game but you really don,t get enough cherri. And also game one you can only play two games why is that
            Good Game. Liked it when it had "cakes". What happened to all levels of cake when they just stop giving them? Should give notice so you can
            get cherries, etc. Used to be my favorite Bingo, not any more!
            Really?. Power ups now cost more? No Bueno :(
            Updates are ruining the game. I have been a loyal customer to game but I feel like as these updates continue to become more available I feel like the game has
            become more difficult.
            The "fact" is.. This game is NOT fun! Not addicting and does not make me smile! It might be if I could bingo once in awhile. Lose all the
            cherries.Not worth it
            Just Okay. The North Pole card has nowhere to call Bingo. Frustrating to have Bingo and there is no Bingo button. Every time you upgrade
            there is a major bug!
            What Happened?. Been playing for a couple of months. Today, it appears that the app/game reset itself? Lost all the credits, coins etc.What
            Crashes and Freezes. The newest Halloween update, if it even loads, will freeze in the middle of playing and then shut down. You may be lucky enough to
            make it all the way through to a BINGO but then it will freeze and no
            Meh. Just ok. Hardly win, go 10 numbers without being able to daub any spaces because numbers are same on both cards just in different
            order. App freezes alot too.


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