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Whitagram white background for instagram App

Whitagram - white background for instagram icon
Genres: [Photo & Video | Social Networking]
Developer: Anotherus Inc.
Release Date: May 10, 2012
Version: 2.6
Size: 5.73 MB
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Anotherus Inc has already given us fotoring - multiple photo merge on Apr 05, 2012. now delivering another great App for iOS. download Whitagram and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 2.

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Developer Description

The easiest way to use the original size photos with white background.
Landscape and portrait photos can be uploaded to instagram.


1. add photo
- Take new photo or Choose existing photo.

2. save
- Save a photo to camera roll.

3. to instagram
- Directly send to instagram.

4. Settings
- Reset color palette, Auto fill hashtag, Location services.


1. edit photo
- Edit photo with Aviary photo editor or Camera+
- Change brightness

2. change background color

3. add label
- Add labels (In-app purchase $0.99)
- Change font, size, color, opacity

How to remove labels?
- Press and hold the label can be deleted.

How to use user custom color?
- Long press color chip.

You can check a movie about label pack here.

Finally, the geo location data can be preserved.
- Please turn on the switch in the Settings menu.

Thank you!

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

Application Screenshots


How to Download:

Download Whitagram free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Whitagram application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Whitagram.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Whitagram" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Whitagram application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

Nov 26
(5★) Suggestion: I love the app, but it would be 100000x better if you made it video compatible. Now all instagram videos need to fit in a square
Nov 25
(5★) Favorite App: This app gives me free pizza every friday night ! :D i love this app and will continue to use it
Nov 16
(5★) I love this app from ilovejustinbieber: My freinds always ask me were do I get these cool pictures
Nov 04
(3★) NEEDS A VIDEO FEATURE: good but would be better if you could format videos with the borders as well
Nov 03
(2★) Needs iOS 8 update: Does what it says.Rust is showing since iOS 8.
Oct 24
(5★) GET IT NOW!: Seriously this has organized my Instagram and made it look so cute and neat and just perfect! Get it if you want your insta to
look nice and beautiful! -Insta Girl
Oct 11
(3★) The videos: Well this app is very cool but you can not take videos that is not that cool because I would love if they had videos omg but I
think you should get this app but you need to think about the videos so b
Oct 03
(4★) This app is great: The filters are nice , the color . I use this for every picture I take . I definitely recommend it
Sep 07
(2★) Crashes :(: I love whitagram and use it to edit most of my photos, but today it crashed when u tried to go put a border around it :( so please
update it!
Aug 20
(5★) Kenna k: I used it on my iPad it works really good
Aug 16
(3★) Seems cool: But hella crashes when clicking on the frame icon.
Aug 14
(5★) LOVE THIS: Ok so when I saw the reviews it made me not want to install but I just went for it so I went to the app and I LOVE IT ITS BETTER
THAN I EXCEPTED IT TO BE I recommend this
Aug 13
(5★) Crashes: This app crashes when I’m trying to edit with Aviary
Aug 01
(5★) Awesome!: This is a great app and I recommend it to people who like to edit their pictures in a cool way!
Jul 25
(5★) Good: The best part of it is that the app keeps the full resolution of the pictures!
Jul 22
(4★) Great but.: GREAT app for pictures. If this had an option for adding border to videos this app would b the best app in the WORLD I would use
it nonstop!
Jul 20
(4★) Almost There: Love the app, has many options that allow you to control, fix, the contrast, color, etc. I wish there was an option were you can
opt out of having the annoying color border on each pic.
Jul 10
(2★) Blemish?!: What happened to the blemish thing if u dont fix it ill find a replacement app
Jul 08
(5★) Absolutely in-love: This application is fantastic! I use it to edit all of my Instagram pictures. It is the best. I would recommend it to all young
photographers, and Instagram users. Have a great time using the applicat
Jul 07
(5★) Impressive: i really enjoy this. it is great for my Instagram page, my pictures look great with a white background. defiantly recommend this
app to anyone who is big on posting
Jul 06
(4★) Blemish fix: The blemish removed used to work so well, but now it just leaves black marks on my face. Still a good app besides that.
(5★) GREAT: This app is really helpful for people that have a picture that wont crop to the size of the frame on Instagram i love and will be
using it from now on on all my photos that dont fit.
Jul 05
(4★) I like it!: Okay so whitagram is a pretty cool app. It has nice features allowing you to change the brightness and of course put white bars
around the photo so it can fit onto instagram. Another fun thing you can
Jun 30
(5★) Great but not: Great while it lasted. It started off letting my do all the pictures I wanted but after the couple of weeks it only let me do one
picture and crashed when I tried to do another. I did that through abo
Jun 27
(5★) Awesome App️: I am in love with this app! like it has made my photos vibrant and out of this world! Thank You So Much!
Jun 23
(5★) best: better than the others cuz this has aviary in it , and basically noo ads popping up on and on.
Jun 20
(5★) Thanks whtagram: This is great app I was looking for something like this for 2 hours and finally you saved my day
(4★) Instagram: I love how this makes my pictures look on Instagram!
Jun 15
(5★) More colors: I love this app but I think it needs more colors. Like neon and bright colors! Maybe a rainbow one! That would be awesome! I use
this app for everything!
(5★) Love It!: This app is very helpful app that could make your pictures look more professional. I enjoy this app very much and would much like
to see more updates.
Jun 11
(5★) Please Help: I have spent over 15 on in app purchases before the 2.6 update. I restored my purchases and got maybe 4 "packs" back. Can I have
my money refunded? Can you add the packs I add back in 2.7 update? Can
Jun 07
(2★) Noooo: I hate the update so much. I want the illuminate button back!
Jun 06
(5★) BEST PHOTO APP: this is the best photo app out there!just buy it and you wont regret it.its a good 99 of use
(5★) amazing filters and frames: love this app, and the new fitters and frames in the shop are awesome!
Jun 05
(5★) Great app!: I always use this app heavily. They seem to read their reviews when I wanted a couple extra features aswell. 5 stars!
Jun 04
(5★) Lolz: Perfect fo dem white gurls#whitagram
Jun 03
Jun 02
(4★) placing: I love this app and use it for all my Instagram posts but one thing is that you make it so the photos can be moved around instead
of just being centered! :)
May 29
(5★) thanks: for providing us with the ability to upload our entire photo, a functionality one would assume that instagram would have.seriously
though, what is up with instagram forcing us to crop our photos ! ? w
May 26
(5★) Very useful: I use this app on a daily basis and I love it!
May 11
(5★) Perfect: Great for when your picture is to big for Instagram or for home screen perfect app I love it I use it all the time
(5★) Simple: Such a simple app. I love it. Works perfect for Instagram!
May 10
(5★) Perfect!: I use this app all the time!I run an Instagram account, and all I wanted was a simple square-em-up app that I could use to quickly
send the full picture into Instagram. This app is very simple, and yo
(5★) AMAZING: this is the only app I use to edit my photos, it dose a great job! Very easy to navigate and makes my pictures look a lot better!
This is amazing and if you are looking for a good app to edit your pi
May 04
(4★) Like: I really like whitagram. It is very useful.
Apr 21
(4★) Quick & Painless: I just use this app to post full frame pics on Instagram. It does it simply and quickly. Thank you.
Apr 16
(5★) LOVE!: I use this app for most of my pictures. This is a great app for when your picture is too big for the ig thingy.
Apr 13
(5★) Wow!: This app is just amazing you need to try it and see for yourself!
Apr 05
(5★) Best. App. Everrrr!: This is the best app ever made! Its perfect! The only thing is. If i have to be picky. The pictures wont be cropped centerly.
Mar 30
(4★) Should be able to whitagram Videos!: I love this app a lot and I use it for posting on Instagram and the only thing I wish whitagram could update is to be able to edit
and put borders around videos as well as pictures. I think whitagram
Mar 28
(4★) Um.: Love the app! But it would be nice if you guys could add a video button, to add pictures to instagram, but also videos! :) Please
if you can do it.
Mar 18
(5★) Whitagram: I love this app so much, the main thing I love about it is that it gives me a lot of followers on my Instagram so thanks for
creating this App and also I just love it lol
Mar 09
(5★) Love this app !: I really like this app! It helped me edit my photos and know my photos look awesome !
Feb 22
(4★) Videos: You guys should really consider letting videos be uploaded to this app! That would give it 5 stars!
Feb 17
(5★) Whiteagram: Hi my name is jenna I love this app because you can do a back ground
Feb 11
(5★) Fantastic: Favorite app for editing photos to post on Instagram. Definitely recommend it!
Jan 23
(2★) Crashing everytime I try to use it: Whenever I get on this app it crashes . So after I chose the photo I want to use about 5 seconds later it crashes i have tried
times again but it does the same thing .
Jan 12
(5★) : I love this app. I love decorating pictures and this app is perfect for it. But there are some things that could be fixed but
still a good app.
Jan 07
(4★) I love this app!: this app adds an amazing frame but also has awesome editing tools all my too dark photos are now perfect!
Jan 05
(2★) bugs.: app is great BUT lately it has not let me use it by closing when trying to upload, edit or save a picture :(
Total 60 reviews with 87.4% ratings for this app.
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