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SymbolGram is an iOS entertainment application for your iPhone or iPad. The app was developed by LYNETTE PUI GAR FONG CASTELLANOS, who were also behind BorderGram and Photo for Pokémon apps. It's first version was released on Jan 28, 2013.

SymbolGram is available for all versions of the iPhone, including iPhone 6/Plus, iPad and iPad Mini running iOS 6.0 or higher. You can download SymbolGram using the QR code or by clicking the "Download" button below.

You can read the app store reviews of SymbolGram below, in various scents, from other customers who have bought and used this app. Please share your thoughts and experiences about the application in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Your opinion matters!

App Description

▲ Top in Photography in many countries!!! ▲


▲ SymbolGram is allowing you to edit your photo in a very special way!!▲

▲ Style, have fun and share your photos in a NEW way! ▲

▲ Come CROP your photo, SHAPE your photo and SYMBOL your photo in a stylish way!!▲

▲ There's now more FONTS, COLORS, and SYMBOL SHAPES to choose from!▲

▲ And a wider options to share your CREATIONS!!!▲

▲ Take a photo or choose one from your camera roll
▲ Scale, crop and edit your photo with different frames from SymbolGram
▲ Share it to your friends through different platforms!!

▲ Choose 2 photos from your camera roll and one of it will be overlay as the Symbol frame.
▲ Crop your photo, choose a frame and edit your photo
▲ Change the opacity, rotate and edit the photo of your symbol frame
▲ Share it to your friends through different platforms!!

▲ Tag your photos with #SymbolGram wherever you share your photo and keep us updated with your creation!▲

▲ Get *SymbolGram PRO* if you want an AD FREE version of SymbolGram!! ▲

App Screenshots


Download the app

Available now for download on iPhone or iPad

SymbolGram is completely free to play, but some items can be purchased for real money. If you don't wish to use this feature, you can restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the SymbolGram application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type SymbolGram.
3. Tap the 'install app' button, located to the right of the app title.


* SymbolGram may be available in some countries.
You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the "SymbolGram" to your device. If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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App Reviews

Positive - 82%
No frigin ratins WTFRIG!. How are there no ratings on this it's great I mean it could look better but that's it! Woooow
Nooooo :(. Loved it until it crashed every time I tried to use the app
I Love It. It's an amazing app! I recommend it to anyone!
Worth your time. I haven't used it much, but the screenshots make this app look much worse than it is. So far I haven't had any glitches and there
are some really cool features. I suggest you get the Fred version, it'
great!. my friends always ask me how I get the pretty symbols in my captions, and I give them this app!
Great but the crashing!. Great app, but the crashing needs to be updated ASAP! Other then that the app is fantastic!
. It keeps crashing we need a new bug fix. ASAP
AYEEE DOPE AF. Dope af nd very useful when I edit photos etc
#SYMBOLGRAM. Well the app is great! But it keeps on crashing /: so please fix it soon!
Goooooooood. Excellent camera system comes completely discarded. With a variety of beautifying effect, I love it!
Good app. I share the photo with my friends quickly with this app,it is very useful
SymbolGram. Awesome app a ton of symbols great app
Almost perfect. This app is great. Amazing even. But please improve the quality of the picture. Please please please
Noice. Love the various shapes of the frames and cool effects!
Symbol gram. This app is really good! I love it
Cool!. The shapes and everything are awesome and i use this app all the time but the red notification bubble pops up too often and its
annoying to get rid of.
Follow me on ig @haileyheroine_. I love this app . This is one app I use daily , I love it . I showed it to all my Friends .
AWESOME. @haijenny The illuminati sign? Do you mean the st.peters cross?
Would be better if.. It would definetlyyyyy be better if I had way more options! And less adds I love I tho!
Device. You should make it for the galaxy cuz my sis has the galaxy s3 and she cannot find the app.
Love it but.. I really love this app! But honestly I hate that it says I have notifications on it, & when you click the app they never go away!
Please fix.
Dope App!. Symbols are different than other photo editing apps.
Love. Creative way to add some fun to your photos.
Fabulous. This app makes me wanna party like a giraffe on a Saturday night.
Coolio. This is an amazing app I have been looking for something like this for a long time and now I found!
App. It work very good but it needs more borders.
Creative. This app makes my pics so fun and professional looking so easily
Awesome!. Such cool features. Definitely worth downloading.
I would def recommend this app!. Lots of choices and options, fun to play around with
GREAT. it makes me feel like a hipster #swagyolo love it! keep up the good work
Nice. Would be better if you could edit the shapes.
Ayeee. The edits are dope asf as long as you have all the right apps to go with it
More?. Can you add more shapes? Like a lightning bolt?
AMAZING!. I absolutely love this app! Allows me to be creative and produce awesome pics! Def recommend!
Love it. It has a bunch of shapes/letters/etc to choose from. Not just a few shapes like other Apps.
Good. Good just add maybe some more features but I love this app so so much
Needs Single Letter and Number Frames. I like this app for my Instagram pictures. However, it would be nice if there were more frames for single letters and numbers and
not have pre set words. Overall though, I do like the shapes it provid
Lourvee it. So many different shapes you can use . Very easy
Sweeet. No pop ups almost, good quality,easy, and fun !
Pretty amazing.. I think you should be able to put more than one picture
Fdgfdhf. Dasrjghtvhu gxhx dcvjc gdggcv gxhx gxvh jc jog. Gxvhhhhh gvnhc VGA vvgc gfcvbv ggbv. Gbhgffjdj
Cool beans. This is pretty good! I like it! So many choices! The 2013 frame has got to be one of my faves
Natural - 18%
REALLY?!. I will admit that this app is a good Idea so I got it then I went to select my picture from my gallery and when I got my picture
it went to the shape gallery and glitches out on me and went back to my
Hmm. This app is ok but needs a better name I thought it was for symbols in words.
kool app, until.. I used this app and it was awesome, until it started crashing, so I updated it, deleted and re downloaded it, but it won't work.
it only works if I take the picture with the camera on the app, it won'
NEW UPDATE!. I love this app its amazing and so helpful to me but it keeps crashing! I would give this app 5 stars and recommend it to many
more people but only if you fix it ASAP!
Crashes . When I try to choose a photo,it crashes. Fix bugs
Its good. The app was great until it started to crash …
Sharpness gone?. I like the app but I really wish you had not gotten rid of the sharpness feature user photo editing:( I used it alot
PLEASE FIX. I need this app for instagram! I have 12k followers and I need this app for my pictures! PLEASE FIX
Cool, but not not so cool. I love the app and all the cool shapes, designs, and letters they give you and I would have given it a five out five stars except
for the fact that the app icon says that there are two notifications a
Problem. Everytime I try to save the picture to my photo album, the app crashes
More options. I like everything but I wish you could adjust like how "dusty" they shapes or others things are like you can make then clean cut
or faded out how some of them are!
Instagram upload crash. It always crashes when you try to upload a pic you kade to!
okay. Whenever I save a picture to my camera roll, it becomes very blurry and low quality :( If that gets fixed then this app is great!
:) Three stars just because it could use some improvement.
Pretty good, but.. I wish more of the shapes had a solid outlining
Bad. It shuts down and takes too long to load ! Than when u turn it off it loads.
Update broken. Please fix it dev team. It would be cool apps if only the update working

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