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Samsung SMART CAMERA App App

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Genres: [Business]
Developer: Samsung Electronics
Release Date: Jan 14, 2013
Version: 1.2.8
Size: 9.04 MB
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Samsung Electronics COLTD has already given us MobileLink on Apr 02, 2012. now delivering another great App for iOS. download Samsung SMART CAMERA App and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 2.

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Developer Description

The new smartphone app, Samsung SMART CAMERA App. has integrated three existing apps to save time and effort.
When using your Samsung SMART CAMERA, please connect it to your Smartphone or tablet through Wi-Fi in advance
,making your experience much convenient.
Launch a trio of SMART CAMERA apps through your smartphone;
AutoShare, MobileLink, and Remote Viewfinder ? three apps at once, all through a single touch on your phone.


With AutoShare, SMART CAMERA automatically and simultaneously
sends every photo you take to your smartphone and tablets in real time,
the instant you take them. It is always handy to have an automatically-saved, extra copy of your photos on your phone as backup, without having to copy or backup each time.

Mobile Link
Your SMART CAMERA communicates with smartphones and tablets, so you can send photos and videos wirelessly via MobileLink. Select one photo or all, press copy and send ? not as a message link or an attachment file but directly, all while retaining the same high quality image without conversion
or compression. It’s so simple, fast, and easy to share!

Remote Viewfinder

Your smartphone acts as a viewfinder for your SMART CAMERA ?ideal in lining up a shot anywhere.
Set up the frame, zoom in or out and preview, tweak camera settings,
and press shutter ? all remotely from your phone.
Insert yourself into the frame and know exactly how the picture looks,
make any adjustments for that perfect shot.

Compatible Devices
- iOS Version : iOS 4.3 or higher
- Supported devices : iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
- Supported Samsung SMART camera : WB250F, WB200F, WB800F, WB30F, DV150F, ST150F

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

Application Screenshots


How to Download:

Download Samsung SMART CAMERA App free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Samsung SMART CAMERA App application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Samsung SMART CAMERA App.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Samsung SMART CAMERA App" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Samsung SMART CAMERA App application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

Sep 29
(3★) iOS 8: I can no longer download photos on my iOS 8 device
(4★) PLEASE FIX IT !: Loved the app and used it quite often until I updated my phone to iOS 8. It no longer works PLEASE FIX THIS!
Sep 28
(2★) Please UPDATE!: Please update and make it work with current ios8!
(3★) IOS 8 DOA: Please update. I no longer can use the app since IOS 8 Roll out. -mike
Sep 27
(2★) iOS 8 Update.: Since the iOS 8 update I have not been able to use this app. My iPhone 5s or iPad mini with retina will not connect to the wifi
signal the camera puts out. It work just fine before. I loved this app a
Aug 25
(3★) MobileLink not compatible with iPad Air: Very happy with my smart camera WB1100F however the Mobilelink feature will not transfer photos from the smart camera to photo
library of my iPad Air. The MobileLink feature works perfectly with an ea
May 09
(3★) Wish I could start stop video: Using iphone4 with WB250F. Can take photos remotely, but wish I could start and stop video with iphone4. Video pause also would be
very useful
Apr 26
(3★) Help!: i just downloaded this app to use with my iphone the first two days worked perfectly i dont know what happened or what did i do
wrong but all the features in my camera work eccept when i want to use t
Mar 21
(3★) Still crashes: Did recent update and still crashes. This is a great app until it stopped working. Please fix.
Mar 17
(3★) Awesome app: Great app but having the same problem everyone else is with the remote view portion.
Feb 09
(3★) Very generic: Most of the times it does what I want but there are few things that I do not like. 1. Constantly disconnects for no reason. 2.
Every time I open the app I must hit OK on about 5 prompts. With no optio
Jan 31
(2★) Geotagging: This app is really rather ugly and featureless…and truthfully I am ok with that but there are a few things it must do better. I
am going to touch on one of them here. When you are taking photos wi
Jan 30
(4★) Good, but needs multitasking: This app is nice that it makes it so easy to transfer photos from my camera to my iPhone. However, I think you should be able to
run this app in the background, rather than needing it to be on-screen
Jan 19
(4★) Works for me: I was surprised that this worked after I heard people complain about it, but it works perfectly fine for me. The interface could
be better but otherwise it sends the photos to my iPod touch fairly qui
Jan 06
(4★) Great! It works perfectly well.: Nice app! Just what I wanted for my Samsung Smart Camera. It is so simple and intuitive to manipulate.1. Turn on Wi-Fi on my
camera.2. Link camera Wi-Fi from my phone. 3. Enjoy snapping shots!Minus on
Jan 02
(4★) Awesome: Doing great on iPhone 4s! I really like it
Dec 27, 2013
(3★) WB250F Samsung Smart Camera: This app will not work on my iPad. It works great with my Samsung Galaxy S 4 phone. I would like to see more control such as
video. Please add the iPad to this app for the WB250F. You will get a 5 st
Dec 25, 2013
(5★) Very good app: Received the samsung camera for Christmas and saw a wifi picture sharing feature. I thought it would be a difficult task to
connect but it is far from that. Simple, easy, and it works ! Real basic and
Dec 21, 2013
(4★) This is the app!: Look no further! I spent HOURS trying to get the one of the three Samsung Remote Viewfinder apps and bajillion other apps they
have for smart cameras to work before I realized that this is the one tha
Dec 03, 2013
(2★) No update for the Ipad Air?: After purchasing the ipad Air I was hopeful that this App would work much much better compared to my ancient tablet known at the
Ipad 1st generation, but when shooting with remote viewfinder the scree
Nov 04, 2013
(3★) Good bit . .: Works well getting photos from my camera to my iPad, but I really wish I could use it in the horizontal iPad position and not just
vertical. Sounds like a small thing, but it makes a difference.
Aug 24, 2013
(5★) Love it: Works great but took me a few minutes to figure out how to sync it. Once I fiddled around with it made my life so much easier! It
was fun to see the pictures show up on my phone right after I took the
Aug 23, 2013
(3★) It works.: Contrary to other reviews, this app does work. Sadly, there are no *real* directions or instructions that I could find, so it was
a trial and error process to "capture the pictures" until I got it ri
Aug 21, 2013
(5★) Works perfect: Works flawless with my iPhone5 and the Samsung WB250.
Aug 10, 2013
(5★) Works great!: After linking your camera to the phones WiFi connection, I am able to easily transfer high quality photos to my phone! You no
longer need the MobileLink app or the Remote Viewfinder app, because all t
Jun 13, 2013
(4★) Great app a little tricky to set up: Set up with my iphone 4 on samsung dv150f camera. FYI hit the wifi button on camera then in your iphone go to your wireless
settings an your camera should show up as a hot spot. Connect to camera hot
May 13, 2013
(5★) Works great.: I have the samsung nx300 and it connects to my iPhone 5 with no issues. I was surprised at how easy it was to use.
Total 27 reviews with 69.6% ratings for this app.
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