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ICleaner - for iPhone/iPad/iPod is a an iOS utilities application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Jinpyo Hong.

iCleaner can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for $0.99. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The iCleaner app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS + including the iPhone 5 and , iPad mini.


*New iCleaner now cleans contacts!
*New App size reduced(22.2MB -> 1.7MB, 92.3%↓)
*New Enhanced cleaning speed
*New Change in User Interface
*New Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Thai and Traditional Chinese support

● Ranked #1 Utility app in 44 countries!
● Over 250,000 users are now using iCleaner. The most popular cleaning tool for iPhone/iPad/iPod!
• 'This is one of must have utilities if you are planing to sell your Apple device' -

◎ What is this app for?
→ 'iCleaner' is intended to completely wipe out the data in the free space of your iPhone/iPad/iPod in order to prevent unwanted data recovery from your device. There are two types of cleaning. 1) Disk(flash memory) and 2) contacts.

◎ Do I need this app?
→ There are real examples that shows iPhone/iPad data can be recovered even if the device is reset in 'Settings'. If you are planning to sell, refurbish your iPhone, avoid data theft or just want to wipe out your private data(such as pics, videos, contacts info, docs, apps, etc.) from the device, 'iCleaner' is just what you need.

◎ What do you mean by 'wiping out the data in free space'?
→ It is well known that deleted documents, pictures, etc., can be easily recovered from PCs by using programs available on the Internet. This is possible because the deleting process does not actually 'remove' data from your device. Instead, it just marks them as 'not used' for overwriting. The same thing happens in your Apple device, leaving the content inside the storage(flash memory) even if the files are deleted. Although it is known that iOS encrypts the entire disk to protect data, "00000000" is still safer than leaving "UyHHxOAt" decryptable.

▷ Note
→ In iCleaner disk mode, when you cleanup with 'Allow temporary files cleanup' option on, iOS will clean up the temporary files(cached pictures, etc.) of your apps in iPhone which results in extra free space. Make sure to sync or backup your device if you have any important data.

App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for iCleaner
  • Screenshot for iCleaner

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'ICleaner for iPhone/iPad/iPod' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      39 (72%)
    1. 4 Star
        10 (19%)
      1. 3 Star
          3 (6%)
        1. 2 Star
            2 (4%)
          1. 1 Star
              0 (0.0%)
            • Average Rating:54 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 92%
            clean data. great for clean data , it is better than xcleaner as easy more, I use this app to cleanup my old Apple devices when I want to give
            the devices to other people or sell them
            ios 5. this app support iphone and ipandand this app support my old iphone because my old iphone cant update to 6 , so it is best for me
            Great. This is a great app to use to clear up unnecessary files that take up my iphone space.
            very good cleaner app. I pay this app and want to know how it is useful in my iphone,When i use it, i find it is very useful .I choose the qucik mode,it
            need almost 5 minutes to clean ,When it is done,i find my iphone more
            This is a very practical applications.. You can help clean up the cache file. So my memory space larger. A great tool for cleaning up the system.
            Clear system software. Overall efficiency still needs to be strengthened, mainly to clean up speed to have patience to wait for it, but after cleaning
            effect looks good.
            Clean up the iPad assistant, very useful. My iPad in the upgrade of ios7 become very slow, use the app grew as fast as ever, and clean up the remaining space garbage become
            very easy, no longer like before, to find their own, worth buying thi
            Great tool. This app is easy to use and effective.
            Cool. iCleaner can run in ios6, very good app.
            Works like a charm!. This app not only cleans up cookies and cache from Safari but gets rid of temporary, unneeded files that simply take up space.
            Fortunately, what’s left is even more space!
            A very magical software. This is a good use of the software! The first clean-up with 1GB of garbage, the only cleanup is a bit slow, clean better a few
            A good app. I like this app. It is easy to use and it is very useful!It can clean up the contact which is unimportant.
            Very good. Nice app! It help me search and clean junk. It easy to use,just open app, choose option and start cleaning. All auto and quickly
            process. With this,I save a lot memory. I rated 5 star
            It seems useful to. It seems useful to.It seems that my phone becomes faster.
            the app is useful. I love this app. it helps me clean all the useless documents and files which makes my 8g iphone easy to use!
            Nagyon jó. Nekem első használatkor virka 600 MB-ot szabadított fel! Azóta 2-3 naponkent lefuttatom :)
            GREAT BUT. i wish i can see what have been cleaned more details!
            Merita banii.. Jos palaria. Merita sa o aveti in lista de aplicatii.
            The best. Even tho is a bit slow it those the job pretty good. It freed 1.5 gbs from my iphone. This is a must have app.
            Great!. This app is really helpful. I want to sell my old iPod and it helps me delete the private data completely. And the interface is
            simple and user-friendly! Thanks!
            help a lot. I have a version of the IPHONE 8g and Memory is often not enough,this software helps a lot ,with it my phone can run faster.
            Cool app. It is such a useful app, and it helps my phone a lot, I really appreciate with what the developer did!
            Best App Ever. This app is truly AMAZING! If your iDevice has little storage this app is necessary.
            Good app. Awesome update! Runs much more smoothly than before!
            Useful. I was getting so tired of going through so many duplicates every time I looked someone up. The app works very fast and was worth
            more than 99c for what it does. Thanks so much!
            Interesting app for security wiping. This is a very interesting app for security purpose. It allows users to wipe out the stuff that was left behind at the deleted
            portion. The interface is simple and straightforward and the fast mode ge
            clean & simple & useful. Great looking app, love the simplicity, nice
            Nice. An interesting concept that works really well as far as I can tell. Intuitive and easy to use, I found the contacts feature really
            fantastic. It cleared up 1.5GB of space. This app does exactly what it says it does! When I used the app!
            Nice app. This is a nice app for cleaning up your devices. Cleaning up contacts is a really helpful feature.
            Useful app. Nice app to clean up your device. Very simple interface and easy to use. You can easily clean all you contacts from phone book or
            delete all temporarily files. The app really helps to reduce some apps
            Good. A nice app for cleaning temporary files. It is definitely works.
            Must have app. After running this app, the memory of my ipad recovers nearly 2 gbs.
            . Works perfectly in my iPhone 5, I just gained 1.2 gb of storage
            Was working great until update today. It went from taking just over a minute, to now taking 9 minutes. And the app is now showing to be taking up 178mb of storage.
            Awesome!. Does the job I need it to do, clean my iPad!
            Bernadette F. Great! Took longer than expected, but an hour was not killing me! I give it a thumbs up!
            It really worked!. It got rid of all those deleted files that were taking up space and freed up a gig of space!
            None. App works fine. Does what it says it will do.
            ICLEANER WORKS!. No other IPhone cleaner made for the IPhone than ICleaner! It makes my phone as fast and smooth as it can be getting rid of data,
            junk and history!
            icleaner. This is an amazing app! It cleaned 3 gigs off my iPhone 5. It did take several hours but that was ok. When I run my Utility Disc
            clean up on my Mac it takes 24 hrs at least. Phone is running much fast
            Efectivo. Mi iphone 4 trabajaba muy lento, me recomendaron esta aplicación y la instalé, le tomo casi 2 horas limpiar mi teléfono, al
            final recupero la velocidad original y bastante espacio extra de almacena
            Работае. Не плохо чистит кластера
            The most useful app ever!. This app is grate for keeping your iphone5 running smooth. Simple and easy to use. We need more apps like this in the App Store.
            Great app!. This app does exactly what it says and saved me 1.6GB.
            Yes! It really works!. I noticed that after deleting large videos from my iPhone that the deleted files were still taking up a lot if memory. ALL the
            other apps only clean RAM. This one really does clean flash memory.
            Me. Excellent app, worth to be on the IPhone and the iPad.
            Reseńa. Tremendo programa para mantener en óptimas condiciónes su iphone
            Reveiw. Great app, recovered a lot of space. But it is slow
            Natural - 8%
            Useless. I watched it! It hanged nothing! Didnt get rid of any files or even delete unneeded files! Cleans the empty space on your phone!
            Clue here, empty space is empty!
            Need speed. It just take to long. And with the new update; who wants to clean the contacts?
            다좋은데. 저 구린 아이콘 디자인은 좀.바꿔주면 안될랑가요
            iCleaner way too slow. This cleaner takes far too much time to complete. I could almost use iFunbox and do it myself faster
            Alright. 99 cents to save me half a gig.okay sure why not. Nether impressed nor am I upset.meh


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