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Music Monsters is a a fun arcade music game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Music Powered Games.

Music Monsters can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Music Monsters app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.1+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

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Battle for the Beats in hundreds of free songs from awesome indie artists. Pump Up Your Playlist with FLO RIDA, LADY GAGA, FALL OUT BOY, RIHANNA, CHER LLOYD, SKILLET,THE READY SET, METRO STATION and more. Requires iPhone 5/iPad2 with 512MB RAM.

Play 50 Levels of Lyric Rhythm and Arcade Action
Catch, Tap, and Slice Lyrics In Time With The Beat AND…
- Dodge Flaming and Killer Asteroids
- Shoot Bombs and Buzzsaws That Kill Your Lyrics
- Battle It Out With Sniper Drones
Play With Nine Magical Music Monsters
Build Your Monsters’ Mystical Powers To Help You Pass Levels

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Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Music Monsters' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

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* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      22 (88%)
    1. 4 Star
        1 (4%)
      1. 3 Star
          1 (4%)
        1. 2 Star
            1 (4%)
          1. 1 Star
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            • Average Rating:25 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 96%
            Music Monster. I'm addicted to this game. It's so much fun to play!
            Wild and Addicting. This game is very cool game in the way they use the lyrics and the way you have to make your monster shoot at things and catch
            lyrics at the same time. Wild!
            Music Discovery App. Game play is ok; but what's really nice about this app is discovering new indie music. So many favorite artist to discover, and
            add to my playlist of life. :D
            A Really Enjoyable Game. This game is a blast to play, reminds me a lot of guitar hero but with lyrics instead. competing against my friends to beat their
            high scores is also something that puts this game ahead of other title
            Cool. Awesome game! I really like the way the game plays!
            Loved it. I love the idea of the app i have sooooo much fun when i play it
            Overall fun. Needs an update, but this is an overall fun app to use that could help you gain interest into more music.
            awesome. recomendod, addictive and kid friendly, download it!
            Super Buzz Saw Fun!. Love it. The buzz saw levels are killer!
            Left, left, right, slice, shoot, TAP.. The perfect game to keep you "wanting more". At the beginning I was lost as to what I was suppose to do. I learned real quick to
            read the instructions, seeing that every level challenges you in a diff
            Flo Rida :D. The Flo Rida raps make my Blob Monster cry - too cool!
            Awesome!. It’s like they created lyric videos that are a game. Awesome idea!
            Music Monsters Rock!. Awesome game with plenty of action and variety with a great catalog of new and mainstream music. Keep it coming.
            Too cool!. Works great on the iPhone 5 ! Kids love it!
            Surprised :D. Love it, just found some new tunes for my playlist. :D
            Dalton. Great kid for dalton cyr for getting his song on the game From Shy girl 12
            Amazing!. The band Ratham Stone is great. Amazing lyrics and melodies! Must check them out!
            Great for all ages!. Super cool idea.and they also support indie artists by using their music.
            Great Game. Well I think this game is great. They use pictures instead of words for some of the lyrics. Really cool idea. Works great on my
            iPhone 4.
            Fun game. I like hearing new music with this very neat game :)
            Great, fun game!. This is a great game for small kids, teenagers or adults! My daughter loves music and really enjoys playing along with all the
            different varieties of music!
            MusicMonsters. Fun game built around great music and very talented artists. What a great way to discover new performers!
            Music Monsters. Graphically, this game is very interesting! I also love discovering new artists and songs. Great way to find new music!
            Natural - 4%
            Not working. This apps keeps crashing for me.
            Uhm. The creature that you drag to the words lags so bad. Uninstalling


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