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CamFind - Search With Your Camera

Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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CamFind - Search With Your Camera is an iOS utilities application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Image Searcher, who were also behind TapTapSee . It's first version was released on Apr 7, 2013.

CamFind can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The CamFind app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 7.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and , iPad mini.


Search the Physical World ™

CamFind, the world's first successful mobile visual search engine, allows you to search for anything from your mobile phone just by taking a picture.

Over 2 million users love CamFind!

* Internet Search Results
* Related/Similar Images
* Price Comparisons and Online Shopping
* Related Places and Address Finder
* Film Poster/DVD Recognition
* Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text

* Ability to upload and save images to or from Camera Roll
* QR and Barcode Scanner
* Language Translator
* Voice Search
* Text Search
* VoiceOver compatible
* And much more…

Download CamFind now to experience a mobile search like never before.

The evolution is coming - text-based search is the old way of doing things. Don't fall behind the curve - get CamFind!

We are the future!

* TechCrunch
* VentureBeat
* 9to5Mac
* Cult of Mac
* Life Hack
* Life Hacker
* iPhone Life Magazine
* Examiner
* Metro
* And many more…

Image Searcher, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based tech company that specializes in image recognition and mobile visual search. Its mission is to deliver the most superior mobile visual search solution to people around the world, and to become the global leader in image recognition and mobile visual search.

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Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'CamFind Search With Your Camera' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type 'CamFind Search With Your Camera'.
3. Tap the 'install' button, located to the right of the app title.

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* This download may not be available in some countries.
You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

Technical details

Contents: This app have in-app purchases to enable some features.
Leaderboard: Game Center supported.
Minimum OS Version:7.0

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Customer Reviews

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      61 (70%)
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            • Average Rating:87 reviews available
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            Positive - 88%
            Works EVERYTIME. It has identified some of the strangest objects and shows me where I can purchase them! Awesome!
            Review. It's not very specific and it's a good idea but I hope in the future it will tell you specific details but still FIVE STARS
            Love it. This is awesome if you need to find something this is the fastest and easiest way and very accurate
            Good to a point?. It's good when it works, and pretty accurate, BUT it keeps freezing up once you click on a site and I have to close it out and
            start all over again with History. That part is very aggregating! Than
            Amazing!. I take so many more pictures of random things just to test the app. Seriously amazing!A friend posted a picture of a snake, asking
            if anyone knew what kind it was. I downloaded the picture and used Ca
            Very Cool. So far, so good. Been very helpful. I like it!
            Cam Find Can Find. Overall Cam Find is pretty good, not perfect but not bad. Good enough that when I restored my iPhone it was one of only four apps
            that I knew I had to keep. Cam Find doesn't always correctly identify
            Pretty amazing. I use it mostly to identify colors on my clothes. This is so awesome.
            Great for "Some Searches" Fantastic for Others!. I was able to take a Cam-Find photo of a Firearm from WWII, and it automatically pulled up the exact information for the Model
            Number and make! Brought me right to the Search engines related searches
            Nice app. i have used this app quite a bit finding out what things are. I have had great success. 8.3 was the only time I had an issue, but
            it was fixed. Keep up the grt job!
            Truly amazing. Haven't scanned anything that this app couldn't find and price! ANYTHING!
            cool. A good google goggles replacement
            Flat-out amazing. As a programmer who's done some basic work with image processing, I have to say this is one of the most impressive pieces of
            software I've ever seen. The fact that it correctly identified "bougainvill
            Interesting technology. This app is clearly a work in progress, a bit of a toy as of now. But I think CamFind is a solid "proof of concept” for
            technology that can be developed into some interesting practical uses.
            Niceeee. I really like this app. makes my life a little bit easier.
            Just did 5 stars so you could see it. It used to be good, but to be honest. It's horrible now. It doesn't help you at all. It just gives you the color of the item. It
            doesn't describe the item and doesn't let you identify what it is. If y
            Musician, Singer/Songwriter. I love Cam Find, It is a very useful and handy app for people who are blind or visually impaired. I use it when I need to sort the
            laundry before putting them in the wash.
            Best App Ever!. Its epic i drew a sketch of a dragon and the cam recognized it (P.S the sketch wasn't that good) but it still recognized it. 5
            stars XP
            Love it!. Such a cool app! I use it to price compare all the time and love the new features, use it every day. Not sure about the other
            reviews but it works great now, thanks Camfind team! :)
            Bug in last update. App is really good but last update is causing it to crash after the title screen. App no longer works on my 5S
            It was a good app. This app was awesome but a couple days ago it just started crashing every time I opened it!
            Great app with wold-class service. I had just installed the app and the photo upload was not working. I emailed the folks at CamFind and within a few hours I got an
            email response. They had been aware of the problem with Apple's IOS 8.
            Camera Roll. It would be nice if we could also use a pic from the camera roll.
            Amazing and fun, even though not particularly usef. This app seems to be able to identify just about anything! It's quite amazing, but only useful for standard items. For example,
            identify an Xbox and it will tell you where to buy it and how much it c
            Amazing and fun, even though not particularly usef. This app seems to be able to identify just about anything! It's quite amazing, but only useful for standard items. For example,
            identify an Xbox and it will tell you where to buy it and how much it c
            Amazing and fun, even though not particularly usef. This app seems to be able to identify just about anything! It's quite amazing, but only useful for standard items. For example,
            identify an Xbox and it will tell you where to buy it and how much it c
            Amazing and fun, even though not particularly usef. This app seems to be able to identify just about anything! It's quite amazing, but only useful for standard items. For example,
            identify an Xbox and it will tell you where to buy it and how much it c
            Amazing and fun, even though not particularly usef. This app seems to be able to identify just about anything! It's quite amazing, but only useful for standard items. For example,
            identify an Xbox and it will tell you where to buy it and how much it c
            Amazing and fun, even though not particularly usef. This app seems to be able to identify just about anything! It's quite amazing, but only useful for standard items. For example,
            identify an Xbox and it will tell you where to buy it and how much it c
            I'm shocked. This app has blown me away. It has identified everything I've thrown at it. Can find anything it scans!
            Recognizes well. Search result could be better. Used it to find out what some old medications were. Recognized all of them. The resulting web pages though seem more like
            pay-for-play placement than relevance. Miss my Googgle
            Wow. Wow, this is one of the best apps I have ever used. This app makes me feel that it is better than google goggles. This can even
            identify my Japanese water bottle. Wow. Simply amazing work.
            This app is perfect. This app is amazing. It can literally identify anything. ANYTHING. Just think about that. Even if it doesn't have a brand, isn't
            common, or doesn't have a recognizable shape. It will know it. I defini
            CAMFIND. This is great to use picture scanning. I like it. Right now I use iPad mini. I need camfind to upgrade for iPad mini 3. This is a
            good scanning.
            Yay!. I took a picture of my balls and it came up with a response of "human testicle"! I wonder what it would do with nine inches of
            Lol just something funny. I scanned my Gatorade. Instead of "thirst quencher" it came up as "thrist quencher" xD learn to spell, app!
            User: shay Y. I love the app I love the idea behind it And I believe that this is just the beginning of understanding what can be happen in the
            future with this up or similar to it.But personally, I connected to th
            GreT app. One of the greatest application must be on the phone
            Very reliable and easy to use. Use it all the time. Quick, reliable and easy to use.
            Fantastic. Where and what u don know and maybe you are not what it is you can take the pic and let the app to introduce it to u
            Amazing accurate. I have tried many image recognition apps like google googles, amazon app, bing etc but this one eats all of them for breakfast!
            Someone is going to buy them!
            Coolest App Ever. This incredible app recognizes everything and I do mean everything! It is 100% a must have! Great App!
            Awesome. Been looking for a good Google Goggles replacement. This goes above and beyond. Keep up the great work.
            Better than google image search. No bad at all ! Need improvement but it way ahead of google image search ! Thanks
            The greatest app. The best program to search by images
            Quite amazing. After you get through the first stage of taking pictures of random things to see if it works , this app is actually quite useful.
            Modern technology amazes me.
            Best in class. I cannot find a similar app that works better and they are always trying to improve it! A must for anyone who resells!
            Take photos or use existing photos. To use existing photos, tap the clock icon at bottom left of screen and then click plus icon and top right of screen.
            Oh. Em. G.. I wish I could kick Bananadan on both of his balls. This app is created to take photographs and it clearly states so in the
            description. I did not download this app believing it would use existing pho
            Very good app. This is a very cool app You can look up any thing with it and it vary accurate
            Good but .. I love it but it need more work !
            Fantastic!. Really, really good. Fun! And useful for many with needs. One of my favorite Apps! Me and my son have a great time with it.
            Works for me. Quickly and easily finds almost anything
            хорошее приложение. забава на пару часов
            Great app!. This works every time! Amazing. I took a picture of a spider that was camouflaged in a group of leaves and it pulled out what I
            wanted it to see and correctly identified the species. Incredible!
            Great app. Fantastic great job on the app. Should make the Amazon phone feels even more stupid.
            Surprisingly useful!. I frequently use this app at the store, any store, to find product reviews and/or competitive pricing. It is generally fast,
            reliable, accurate, and always impressive. It is impressive because there s
            Amazing. I love this app. Finds anything you can get a pic of. Great fun trying to stump it.Actually a very usable app to speed up find
            where to find anything you may be looking for. Peace.
            FAB!. Absolutely useful app. Has helped me identify things and/or get more information with amazing speed and accuracy. One of the very
            rare apps that lives up to all the good hype.
            Works better than I thought !. I was surprised how fast and accurate this is.
            Fun and pretty accurate. Definitely fun. It has been great at identifying plants and flowers.
            Awesome and intelligent !. Perfect app ! But not sure if a human or computer recognition for pics !
            What a great app!. The app works on almost everything.
            AWESOME!. I simply LOVE this app whether human engineered or advanced technology. No matter. The RESULTS are AMAZINGLY accurate. I am
            encouraged to believe it will only get better as time, attention and intera
            Works Great!. Like this app works extremely well!
            Review of CaFindApp. CamFind is a great App. I became totally blind about a year ago. It is is direct, simple and intuitive. A lot of Apps get wordy
            and then you lose your train of thought of what you are doing. It is
            Pretty awesome. Even if it is a human like review below me saids its still pretty cool . When u need it asap well here u get results ! I dont
            think is scam . Does it matter if its human or artificial intelligence doe
            It works but not great. This app has found sources of images correctly. But once they are correct it dumbs down the search to something so vague it finds
            things barely like what it had just described. If you plan on using th
            Pretty Cool. Going to make me even lazier and not use Siri at all. It has some kinks but they will develop over time. At least download and
            play with it!
            Stunned!. I was supper doubtful this app would be any good, like google goggles but SHOCKER! It worked, I took a picture of the was I was
            wearing an bam! It recognize the brand and have me links with pricing in
            Natural - 12%
            Cool, but really?. Yeah it's cool But it's obvious that humans are just looking at the photos and typing out what they see.
            Great idea, vague execution.. It's an app that takes a photo of a white flower and tells you that it is, indeed, a white flower. Hooray. The live stream on the
            app shows a lot of similar results, e.g. "black chair", "brown spider"
            Access photos on phone. I have not found a way on this app to access photos I already have in my phone.
            Still has a lot of BUGS. Could use some improving in the find things that are actually in the picture?
            Ms. It finds the picture but never enough to info for my liking. All I have are pictures with no history on the objects
            Not bad. Not a bad app. Found a cool caterpillar that I had no idea what it was. This app helped me figure it out. Also great if you are
            shopping and want to check prices of something at a competitor store.
            Holy privacy violation. Not sure when this happened, but (by default) all your photos are automatically shared publicly. Voice speed is also extremely
            fast by default. Impossible I understand
            Used to LOVE!. This app was GREAT! Until it updated and now I can't even access it! It's not an iOS 8.3 issue, just the recent update I gather.
            Would give 5 stars if fixed!
            Amazing app, Accurate results!. I'm so amazed with the quality and accuracy of CamFind. Just snap a photo and wait for the translation and specific search
            results.Although the interface has been improved significantly in this update
            Not great compared to Google goggles. I'm sure it works fine for common items and images such as the example of the coffee mug in the app ad, however when attempting to
            look up more obscure images Google goggles is MUCH BETTER. I could ty
            well,it works but.. doesn't do what I thought it would. Instead of finding the "source" of the actual scanned photo and showing its internet source,it
            finds the source of items in the photo instead.
            Mushroom like eileenmcd. Just like EileenMcD. Took a pic of a strange mushroom and it found black and white flower. Sure enough, various flowers in black
            and white. Users should be able to edit the find to improve the app
            Used to be good.. This app used to just snap a photo when I hit the take picture button. Now, it gives me an error message and says Video connection
            not established. If you care about your customers, fix it!
            Ehh. I was hoping to be able to upload a pic to search by.
            It was good.. App used to work great, but now it kicks me out any time I try to take a picture. Deleting for now. Hopefully they have a fix for
            it soon.
            Decent, but useless. This app offers a cool aspect of simple identification, but is completely useless and not applicable to anything. Get it not for
            actual use, but just for amusement.
            Would give it 5 stars but .. It crashes while identifying the picture , I see the words that describe the picture and they are pretty accurate but then it
            crashes . I have an iPhone 4


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