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What's the Saying?

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What's the Saying? is a fun puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Candywriter LLC, who were also behind Who's the Celeb? and What's the Icon?. It's first version was released on Apr 21, 2013.

What's the Saying? can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The What's the Saying? app is available on all iOS devices, including iPhone 6/Plus, iPad and iPad Mini, running iOS 6.0 or higher.

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Know your catch phrases? Can you beat all of the brain-tickling rebus puzzles in What's the Saying?

Fun for all ages!

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Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Whats the Saying' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type 'Whats the Saying'.
3. Tap the 'install' button, located to the right of the app title.

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You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

Technical details

Contents: This app have in-app purchases to enable some features.
Leaderboard: Game Center supported.
Minimum OS Version:6.0

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Customer Reviews

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      48 (46%)
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        38 (36%)
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            • Average Rating:105 reviews available
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            Positive - 86%
            BEST. Cool game had a lot of fun with it.
            I promise. I don't have a good time waster but the fact you have to go home and watch abroad and a few days to the point of the day before my
            it is not an option for me and my dad just said the company has a gre
            Its a nice app. Its a nice app (only doing this for coins)
            I'm obsessed. So.this game is kind of obsessive.
            .. It keeps every single part of the brain working!
            Challenging but Fun. Lots of fun, yet some really make you think. Love this app!
            nice. i like it, i'd download it if i were youuuu
            Good Game !. This game actually became addicting !
            Not bad. Simple enough and a good exercise
            I'm too hooked. This game is addicting! U won't want to stop once you start
            Fun. Lots of fun, but I wish hints didn't cost so many coins, as I have no intention of ever paying real money for them.
            Fun.. Not too hard. Kills time and not brain cells. Relaxes me
            Love/like it. I really like the game but sometimes the symbol does not make sense.
            Fun and entertaining. It is a great way to come together as a family.
            Brain game. Really fun game needs to have a few hints but all good
            Another Fun Game!. This is a very fun and entertaining game. Really works your mind!
            Personal. Mostly easy but some challengers.
            Addictive. Challenging on some puzzles. Yet, addictive and fun.
            Awesome. This app is great it really makes you think in ways that you have never thought of
            A lot of fun. I like this APP. It's fun and makes you think.
            Love this game!. Soooo addicting! Makes you use your noggin.
            Fun fun. This game is so much fun! I can't get enough!
            Fun app. Cool simple app to pass the time
            Addicting and frustrating. Fun. Addicting. Frustrating. All in one.
            Hard. This game is hard but addicting
            Don't read!. This is just to get free coins.
            GR8 ️. This is loads of fun! My mind gets quicker the more I play.
            Very fun. This game makes you think. It's fun.
            Awesome!. I like this app because it challenges my mind and it keeps me busy when there's nothing else to do.
            Great mind challenge. Just when you think you are getting the hang of it and puzzles seem a bit easy; they throw a challenge in and I'm stuck for days.
            Overall great puzzles, keeps the mind working and fun to pass some tim
            It's fun and exercises the mind. This game is relaxing and fun but still a challenge.
            THIS GAME IS NOT EASY AT ALL. I thought that this game would not be too difficult but boy was I surprised. I was already using the lifelines. Try it out.
            yay omg. only wrote this for the coins tbh
            Pretty awesome. Makes your brain think! Some really witty puzzles.
            Good game. But can be a bit of a pain at times
            Love to play. It's a pretty good game, but some of the pictures don't even seem to make sense for what they mean. Takes me a while on some
            levels to figure it out.
            So cool. I like to play when I have spare time
            Fun But. The game is fun but the ad frequency is irritating.
            Good game!. Good game, makes you think. Haven't gotten very far but so far so good.
            Fun but I get stuck!. I've gotten stuck but still fun!
            Good game.. Easy sometimes. Impossible others.
            Pretty good!. I like this app but it's really hard to get a lot of coins you only get like 50 coins for every right guess!
            Addictive Game. It's very fun and challenging! Sometimes the puzzle is so simple to solve that it goes over your head!
            Mind sharpening. Keeps the brain working. Lots of fun too.
            Give it a few chances. Fun once you get the hang of if.
            Fun game!. This game is addicting and fun to play with friends!
            Great challenge!. Love how even from the beginning it was a fun challenge!
            Teacher. Need easier way to earn points. Good puzzles
            What's the saying. Challenging yet fun. Keeps you on your toes.
            Fugdfhhdscfg. I have a great way to get the best thing ever is when you have to be a good day to be a good time to go back in time to get the
            same as I can see it as the best of luck with your life.
            . This is a pretty hard game lol you seriously have to think outside the box!
            Pretty Cool App.. Yeah.gonna need your thinking cap in this one.very entertaining!
            Great game. This game is really fun and at times very tricky laugh out loud
            Djmffm. Ends,snacks,device,fmckcmfm. N
            Fun game.. This game is a lot of fun. It is a brain squeezer!
            Hooked. It's the app that keeps on giving.
            What's it say. It's fun, hurts my head, makes me laugh, pic is exactly as it spoken. Why I make it harder than it is ? Who knows
            Super fun. I'm enjoying this game wish the ads weren't there though
            I love it. This is such a good game that makes you think about what your looking at. Only half the time you actually need to know the saying
            which is kinda good. My family always likes to help me cause they thin
            Good app.. I love this app. It is very clever and entertaining.
            Good stuff. Play this it will frustrate u in a good way
            Trivial fun. Enjoy it. Makes you think like brain camp!
            Great app. Great app super fun and easy to use
            Using your head. Love this husband and I play this game and love the challenge. This is a good mind game
            Game is awesome!. It is great. I love brain teasers. I give it
            Good all around. Makes you think outside the box and some levels can be very hard. Great time killer.
            Love it. Allows you to think and use your brains. Especially the left side.
            Whats the saying. Very challenging app. Good brain exerciser.
            Entertainment&fun. Entertains you while keeping it fun! Some are easy and some are very very hard! Quite addicting once you get on a roll
            Ugh. Some of these things are so confusing
            C. I love this game! Miss a lot of sleep because I stay up playing!
            Old memories. When I was in elementary school my teacher Miss Tinka used to put these up for us every morning, I used to look forward to them
            everyday and now I get to play them whenever I want! This app is the bes
            Different!. Fun cuz its not just the same ol same ol.
            This Game is Great!. This game is a lot of fun! Jogs our analytical skills and encourages strategic tactics!
            Love. Love the app keeps me really entertained.
            Fun but hard. Costs a lot to play if you need a letter or the answer.
            Hair puller. This is a game you will hate to love and love to hate. 5 stars!
            Amazing. It is amazing but can be hard at some points
            Ya. Needs more videos that you can watch so you can get more coins!
            This Game Is Awesome. This Game Gets Your Mind Thinking & Its Fun .
            Fun game. Really fun to guess what the picture is saying
            Challenging. Difficult but fun to figure out
            Lots of fun.. Had this app for a while. Challenging and endless fun.
            Love love love. This game is bomb! Exercises the mind very well but in a good way!
            Awesome game. It is a good way to kill time and it works out the brain. It is very fun and entertaining. It is a lot better than 7 little words
            in my opinion
            Game. Most of these are easy but some really get the brain working which I enjoy my brain doing so (working)
            Natural - 14%
            Really want to like this game .. But am annoyed with the constant flashing ads, reminder to buy hints & coins. Guess you could train your brain to ignore them,
            but, that's the reason I'm playing it in the first place. To relax the mi
            Brain workout. Some are quite obscure, and the wording isn't very grammatically correct. But ok I guess. If you're really bored.
            It's ok. It's cool but strays out to hard
            not bad so far. clues would be helpful in addition to the hints
            Makes you think.but fun. Just wish there wasn't so many pop up adds
            Megh. Only writing this for gold coins because im stuck
            Challenging !. Earning points is a great option versus having to pay for them. It costs way too much for a letter or to remove letters though!
            Only credits for a solve is miserly as well.
            More coins!. I really get frustrated because I'm young and prob not old enough to know all these sayings so please give me more coins!
            Bloop. Love word puzzles. This one will keep you entertained. (:
            Newbie Game Player. Like the game but they could give more tokens like 75 instead of 25 each increase.
            What's the pic?. It clears every time you guess so you have to re type it if you spelled it wrong by accident!
            Challenging and frustrating. You always have apps popping up and a lot of the time you can not close them until you open what it says. It costs way to many
            coins to get the hints when some rounds are too hard. I am 10 years old a
            ENOUGH WITH THE ADS!. The game is self is okay. A little boring but it's okay. But the ads are ridiculous! Literally every time you finish a game an ad
            pops up! Some of them you cannot close, you have to click on them. Tha
            Fun but need coins. The game is fun and many puzzles are challenging, but I do prefer games without the coins
            Ok. Fun gets boring quick need easier access to coins
            Fun but.. Fun but stingy with coins to help you solve puzzle. You are stuck on same puzzle until you figure out if you haven't earned enough
            coins to reveal a hint or "call" a friend.
            Pretty good, annoying ads though. I like the game and the challenge. The ads after every level is really annoying. I hate clicking the x after every level I beat
            Good game i guess. It wont let you take away the pop-ups
            Game is fun.. Game is fun although it could do without so many ads and such.


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