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Battle Bears Gold is a a fun arcade adventure game for the iPhone and iPad developed by SkyVu Entertainment Inc, who were also behind RainBlow and Battle Bears Royale games.

Battle Bears Gold can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Battle Bears Gold app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 6.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

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“Amazing graphics & multiplayer shooter action!” -Appoday
Play the best multiplayer shooter on mobile!
Best Action & Arcade Game (1st)
Best Soundtrack (1st)
Best App Ever (2nd)
Best Game Series (2nd)
Best Game Controls (HM)
Best Multiplayer (HM)
Most Addictive Game (HM)
Most Innovative Game (HM)

"A Top 50 Game Series with over 30 MILLION downloads" -SlideToPlay
"Top 50 Game Developer" -PocketGamer

Join your friends in this funny & addictive class-based online multiplayer shooter for everyone!
Choose from 10 classes, tons of wacky weapons and equipment, and play against millions of warriors worldwide.
iPod Touch 4th Generation no longer supported

11 Character Classes with distinct abilities:




















Thousands of unique loadout combinations:

Choose your Play Mode:
Free for All (NEW!)
Team Deathmatch
Plant the Bomb
Private Arena (Play with friends!!!)

Intense console-like gaming

HD Graphics
Private Lobbies (Arenas)
Custom HUD
Pro-Mode Options

Awesome updates keep coming all the time!

TIP: Adjust your control style AND sensitivity in OPTIONS menu.

BATTLE BEARS Soundtracks on iTunes

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App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for Battle Bears Gold
  • Screenshot for Battle Bears Gold

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Battle Bears Gold' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

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* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      42 (52%)
    1. 4 Star
        24 (30%)
      1. 3 Star
          9 (11%)
        1. 2 Star
            6 (7%)
          1. 1 Star
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            • Average Rating:81 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 86%
            Please fix. I try to open the app but then it says Logging in as guest then it crashes.
            Please fix the crashing. Skyvu please fix the bugs and crashing of the game i love it so much and it always makes me happy with weapons and everything but
            now on my ipod it will not let me surpass the logging in screen and ju
            Not Working. Tried what SkyVu recommended in the description; log out of GameCenter. Game still won't work. Will be waiting for the fix.
            I can't get past loading screen. It still crashes after the update
            Times out. I can't open the app at all , every time I do I close me out and resets
            Great but. When I tried to login I had the email but forgot the password so I went to go send a email to myself to reset my password but
            every time it times out.
            Fix the gas offer. I done so many gas offers, but I only got 1/5 of it.
            I love it. This game is awesome I love it but can you put more weapon on sniper thankyou
            Game modes. The game is fun but I can only play a team battle. I really want to play king of the hill but I can't. Fix it!
            Give it some time. I thought it was stupid but I played it for some time and I loved it
            Needs work on offers. The app recommendations don't work. I'm owed about 135 gas tanks already. I tried out all the apps offered
            Great game but. The plant the bomb mode isn't working for me
            Glitch. I love this game! I've been a fan for years, and have been playing since Battle Bears Royale. Anyway, there's a glitch where i
            cant see my scoreboard or my ammo count. This makes it really difficult t
            Fun. This game is super fun but the free gas offers when you get games doesn't work. Make it easier to get gas. The game also crashed
            in the middle of a battle.
            One complaint. The heavy class is pretty overpowered. With the bounce laser it's way too good. And then if you do a bounce laser on an IPhone 5,
            it crashes. :(
            Amazing!. So far everything is awesome! I hope there will be future characters with better abilities!
            Cute app. I LOVE bears so I thought this would be the perfect app for me. My best friend and I downloaded this app and we instantly loved
            it. The only thing I don't like is how slow they walk. It's a very good
            One if the top on the App Store, but not the best. The game is fun. It deserves to be tried out, but I would recommend getting a different game by SkyVu. Preferably, Battle Bears
            Zombies, Battle Bears -1, or Battle Bears 0
            Amazing game. This is, in reality one of the best mobile games I've ever seen. Just the raw game mechanic of it is what makes it so much fun.
            Keep up the good work!
            No HUD?!. There is no HUD like the teamscores,health,ammo. Please Fix this
            It's all goodbut one thing. I can't see how much ammo I have plus can't see what the score is fix it please thanks
            It's so much like Team Fortress 2.. It has Heavy, Scout, Engineer, and Demo. Seriously?
            Best.FPS.EVER!. THANK YOU SO MUCH BATTLE BEARS. I've been playing since the first version and it keeps getting better! Keep up the nice updates!
            Demo/Tillman Bug Hackers. When I use Demo's fireworks they don't lock :(Please fix this asap ?I've also noticed that there are way to many hackers, they
            usually have a red or yellow or green colored name, they usually stop the
            Numbers?. Wut happened to all the num values? i cant see them.even reinstalled it twice.IOS 8.3 on iphone5
            Ad lover. I love the ads makes it so much more easy to get gas. Thank you for the ads its worth it. Also lovw the new daily reward system!
            Everything use to be WAY to hard now its a bit easier. Thank you so muc
            BEST FPS ( First Person Shooter ) on the App Store. Im in love with this Game :P I reccomend getting it
            Amazing game but. Nativex ads up your bum, i would pay a lot of money just to not get annoyed before and after every single friking match
            Awesome game with a few major flaws. I've been playing this game for a long time and it has never been perfect. There has always been something wrong with it. The
            current problem is the constant ads. I have to watch two video ads after e
            :(. Tillmans bearzooka I can't get but everything else I can get
            I love this game, but.. This game has great variety and gameplay with cool maps and playing styles. But, c'mon skyvu why does there have to be an ad to
            get into the game?
            Upgrading and Scope. You should add upgrading to the game so they could increase the explosives and damages it would be awesome and can you make battle
            bears ultimate now. It would also be awesome if Astoria could scope.
            Cool Game!. This game is pretty good and it's really addictive!This game is in my top 5 IOS game for sure!I hope they add more kinds of
            battles and some more awesome melee weapons.I like how this game is set up s
            READ. What happened to the ad videos the game would show after each match that gave gas? It doesn't show those anymore, and those made
            it easier to get gas. Also, when I click the "Get free gas" button, it
            Love it. Love everything about it except one thing huggable and all melee bears should have at least one gun
  's pretty good. It's a good app. Some weapons don't work as the description and the battle bears wiki videos show, but otherwise it's a good app.
            Don't get fear orbit because it doesn't work.they should fix it becaus
            Igad man. This game is the best I've Been playing for like 3 years
            Coolswiper. Is a good game but it needs more characters and new gun I liked the last update with the daily prizes.
            1 thing. It doesn't let me join the online matches and freezes sometimes but fix that and this will be the best game ever
            I'd played this so long but. I'm a noob/pro (rank Green lol) and everytime people tumps up and then when they put me tumps down rate me as a hacker I have to
            make it all over again and can I please get more than account plz thank
            What happened to every play. Every time I click on the watch reply the game just freezes and I have to refresh the game in Order to work again I can't upload
            no more videos ;__;
            Best game ever. I luv this game so much it is sooooo fun
            Its a good app.. This is a great app if you're looking for an multiplayer shooter, I absolutely love it.But there are way too many things that you
            have to buy with premium currency,and you can get 3 PER WEEK. And most
            :D. I think a cool special would be a protection bubble that bounces shots off to the player attacking
            Epic game!. Love it ! Just the only thing is that sometimes it's Glitchy and says fetching instead of the averageWait time. Every thing else
            is great though
            Challenging. I've been playing bb for years now. It would be awesome if you can pick one verses 3. This way a higher ranked players can play
            against lower ranked players to see who dominates.
            Whyyyyyyyy!. I keep getting this glitch where I can't play and I can't get out of the waiting screen for online matches, anyone else D:
            Not letting me play. When I play,I look at the average wait time. But,it says fetching.I don't know what to do.?Please fix it
            What happened ?. How come when I'm trying to join a server it won't let me I have been waiting for at least 30mins plz fix this
            Not sure. Not sure what to rate this if it won't download when other apps will
            Battle Bears Gold Too Fun!. Wow! Battle Bears Gold is so fun! It is for sure my favorite app that I own. All the fun gameplay features are amazing! When I
            first installed the app I was just wanted to play it and not get addicted
            Battle bears. its like the cuddlie version of Call of Duty free for all.
            Great Game. This game is amazing,it has great graphics it is a fun shooter,and it is just sorta wacky and fun,if you like Team Fortress 2 or
            just wacky shooter games then Battle Bears Gold is for you
            AMAZING. In my opinion this game is amazing and addicting too
            Good but bug?. I have always loved this from bbr to current bbg. I love all the new updates but a minute ago when I finished team battle I was
            gonna rate someone thumbs up but then a video popped up and it crashed.
            Bbg update. The Have to update servers still. So the update will take effect pretty soon.
            Update?. I LOVE THIS GAME. but there is no update IT WAS A LIE
            Awesome. Best online shooter game I have ever played for my phone
            Bug fixes. Bug fixes plz and make it compatible for 4 gen too thanks
            wont let me play!. Battle bears is the best game ever made by mankind, but my app freezes and kicks me out! It wont let me play! please fix!
            Swap. You guys should make it so we can swap weapons like say I kill that bear I can go pick up his weapon
            Fun but too much updates. I have to update it but I have the latest version
            New Class. The class will be called archer named Jake Priamry:longshot U-mad-bow Secondary: heal bomb and target locker
            Natural - 14%
            Crashes. Just got the game very excited to play it and as soon as I click on the app it crashes so can you please make an update to make it
            stop crashing.Can you please make it quick so I can play it ASAP.
            Good I guess. It's good but it takes so much to get gas and like I want assassin but he is a lot of gas so like can u like lower his gas price
            and I will give it a 5
            IPhone5 Bug. It Will Show Logging In But Then When It Would "Load" The Game It Would Crash Ive Probably Spent Hundreds Of Dollars On This Game
            I Would Not Suggest This For People With IPhone5
            Ok i had a glitch.. I had a literal glitch in iOS 7.11 it legit crashed every like 12 seconds and i have to react fast before I literally it crashes
            so pretty bad not sure if still on iOS 8.3 hopefully not.
            WAY TO MANY ADDS!. There are to many adds. Whenever I get on the game there is and add. The after the game ends there are 2 more freaking adds. I
            hate it wand they need to fix it. I like the game but to many adds.
            Ads. There is wayyyy too much ads in the game and my game freezes a lot because of that reason
            So manny THINGS TO FIX!. Wow there used to be over 300 people playing this game and now you guys ruined it!Ads has taken over and there's a glitch where
            you can't shoot!Keeps crashing after the match ends.In the middle of a m
            Great game but.. I loved this game back when it started in a different app, it was easier to get joules and there were great ways to get gas. Now I
            can hardly get gas and getting joules is very hard. Besides I have to
            HELP SKYVU. Take out the colored name thing because I love this game and not a bad player but people report me doing things I'm not doing
            I can't find a game. It's so stupid because every time I go on to try and do a battle it's said I can't connect
            Not working!. I just renown loaded this. Bc I was playing it years ago. Broke my phone and forgot about it. So here I am and it would load for
            at least an hour. Otherwise from memory. I love this app so much. Defin
            Good game when I could play it. There is a character limit on the email when you request to change your password. My email is 35 characters long. Please extend or
            remove the character limit.
            Adds have got to go. The adds are really getting annoying every time you get on or off a battle there are adds it needs a update
            Very good game but were the new guns ?. I couldnt find the new guns like the toxic rifle and the carpet bombs
            Trying the weapons. I think you should be able to try the weapons before you buy them just like battle bears ultimate


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