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SpongeBob Moves In

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SpongeBob Moves In is a fun simulation game for iPhone and iPad that ranks in the top 25 most popular applications in the U.S. The app was developed by Nickelodeon, who were also behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run and Nick apps. It's first version was released on Jun 06, 2013. The Game Center leaderboard features your score, so you can compare it and compete with friends and peers.

The SpongeBob Moves In App is available for $3.99 on all iOS devices, including iPhone 6/Plus, iPad and iPad Mini running iOS 5.1.1 or higher. You can download SpongeBob Moves In using the QR code or by clicking the "Download" button below.

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Dive into Day 1 of SpongeBob’s life in Bikini Bottom! Move him into his Pineapple house, get a job at the Krusty Krab, and build your very own Bikini Bottom! As your town turns into a thriving undersea city, you’ll unlock new characters, buildings, decorations, and areas like Jellyfish Fields.

PLEASE NOTE: SpongeBob Moves In charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.
WI-FI: Connect to your nearest Wi-Fi hot spot to download all the awesome SpongeBob content the first time you play the game.

* Watch how SpongeBob arrived at Bikini Bottom
* See how Patrick found his rock
* Learn about Mr. Krabs’ early days at The Krusty Krab

•Build your very own Bikini Bottom!
•Make Bikini Bottom landmarks like Patrick’s Rock, SpongeBob’s Pineapple, and the Krusty Krab
•Perfect the art of fry cooking at the Krusty Krab to feed your Bottomites and earn new and rare recipes
•Play with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and many other familiar faces!
•Perform tons of quests to make your favorite characters happy
•Tom Kenny and other voices from the show make it an authentic SpongeBob experience
•Tons of interactive props, decorations and buildings
•Optimized for Retina display, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini!

New characters and buildings to unlock, new areas to expand into, and much, much more!



SpongeBob Moves In may contain in-app advertising.

iOS will keep you logged on for 15 minutes after an initial in-app purchase. Additional purchases won’t require a re-entry of your password during this 15-minute interval. This is a function of the iOS software and not within our control.

SpongeBob Moves In collects personal user data as well as non-personal user data (including aggregated data). User data collection is in accordance with applicable law, such as COPPA. User data may be used, for example, to respond to user requests; enable users to take advantage of certain features and services; personalize content and advertising; and manage and improve Nickelodeon's services. For more information regarding Nickelodeon’s use of personal user data, please visit the Nickelodeon Group Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is in addition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed to between you and Apple, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliated entities are not responsible for Apple's collection or use of your personal user data and information. Use of this app is subject to the Nickelodeon End User License Agreement. For users residing in the EU, this app may include the use of persistent identifiers for game management purposes and installation of this app constitutes your permission to such usage of persistent identifiers for all users on your device.

Privacy Policy

End User License Agreement:

© 2014 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Created by Stephen Hillenburg.

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Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'SpongeBob Moves In' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type 'SpongeBob Moves In'.
3. Tap the 'install' button, located to the right of the app title.

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* SpongeBob Moves In may be available in some countries.
You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the "SpongeBob Moves In" to your device. If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Positive - 78%
Works fine. For my iPhone six its works perfectly.It is also and awesome game.Worth the money
Fun game but.. I have had this game for over a year on my iPod so when I got my new iPhone I downloaded it. When the game finished loading it was
my old Bikini Bottom which I was happy about. But now the game has a
Love it but.. I love the game I just hope for a update soon so it will stop crashing and blacking out during the game.fix that and it would be
the best game ever
AWESOME APP. GET THIS APP this is the best app ever I love the app there is not any advertisments well maybe some!
Most people are wrong and some people are right. On my iPad it does not take long to download and if you are patient and love spongebob this is definitely a game for you. 3.99
fine with me It is totally worth the money if you truly love spongebob. I
Finally Jellyfish Fields. Finally, Jellyfish Fields is here. But after clearing the fields I find I can only purchase ONE with coins and a second costs 500
jellies. Hopefully a future update will have additional buildings and
Most people are WRONG. On my iPad it does not take long to download and if you are patient and love spongebob this is definitely a game for you. 3.99
fine with me It is totally worth the money if you truly love spongebob. I
AWSOME!. Sponge bob moves in is a great app!You build your bikini bottom and make food to feed all the creatures that live in your bikini
Why the mustard?. I am on level 34 and have NEVER used mustard for making anything!
Ehhhhhh. I pressed update a thousand times and it won't update but otherwise the game is good it's really fun
Cool but glitchy. I love the game and it's fun but it glitches the buildings, freezes, and mutes the sound sometimes, and look at how long I have to
wait to cook a patty!
I can't visit patchy!. Every time I try to visit patchy the game crashes. PLEASE FIX IT!
Good but has some bugs. I love this game but when ever I try to go to patches place it crashes please fix
Love this game. Awesome game love playing it. U guys should try this. The only game I play other than my Xbox.
Help!. I love the Valentine's Day update and it's working good for me. My only problem right now is I keep unlocking recipe bottles for
things in the perfume shop, which I have not unlocked yet since I am le
Crash. Crashes to much but still love the game pls fix the crashes
Thank you.. Thank you for fixing this problem. Forever happy. :)
UDjrjhaggstssrsfsgstsgsst. Rtfuggfhrdhgff fggdcdx sassjsksjsysusssssssssswwysuwyysyaytyattbt. Vcv f nbfbg v tv b n r. Z mcr v
Great game, needs more things.. This game is good because it keeps the spirit of the show. Though this game needs more things. I would like to see some more
characters and some more decorations (especially the golden spatula)
Pretty patties and Gary!. I think we need a pretty patty stand and Gary!
Awesome game. It keeps zooming in and i do not know how to fix this problem someone help please
Love it!. Love the game so much thank you for fixing it. But in the Christmas section can you make the price for coins pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
and please change the bargin mart price to coins to make it a new secti
Sick game dude. I love building new homes so more peaple can eat at the crusty crab
iPhone 6. So I have the newest iPhone and the screen is all messed up it zoomed in too far for somethings like the daily reward and quests
but the town looks normal
Awesome but open jellyfish fields and more room to. This has been the best game in my whole life. I love to unlock characters and buildings. But I wish you could earn more jelly like
trade 100 or 1000 coins for one jar of jelly. Also please open jellyf
Awesome but open jellyfish fields and more room to. This has been the best game in my whole life. I love to unlock characters and buildings. But I wish you could earn more jelly like
trade 100 or 1000 coins for one jar of jelly. Also please open jellyf
BEST GAME EVER!. I love this game that I play it all time.
Fun but.. I really like this game and play it everyday, but i realized there was no Chum Bucket that i could find, if there is, tell me, if
not, update it. Thanks!
Need more land. Need to more land to build on! Out of room for everything NEED MORE SPACE!
Sugar plum berry.. Yeah.seriously.where do you find the berry that is required to make the sugar plum?
I agree with Jessica. It does take up alot of storage but my has 58 gb soooo.
When the first time I played this.. The first time I downloaded this, on my iOS 1, it was taking FOREVER to load that it used up all my morning playtime to getting to
school last year.
Wonderful. I love this app! Best 3.99 I ever spent! Definently get this app if u like spongebob.
Great! Few things:. Looooove the Christmas update! So cute and creative (it helps I love Christmas time too!) a bit slow to load but overall
enjoyable so far!
Great update. This a great update with great decorations that tie directly to the Christmas special sponge bob episodes! Over a great app with
lots of characters to unlock and unique decorations from actual episode
Awesomeness. Ha ha good lol drhdiidijdjjsbekeodjbdjeospwpjdvxbxnelwpuffbckwpdihchlkghxkiyjiujxnskdih
keyhzlxhzkdjzkdhcndkekdhbejsuvxjwuxgdhekugj GOOD GAME shhdgdhoeisyrhsidugdjeoudydjxbxbvxbnmzmzbxbxskalakajshgfao
Natural - 22%
Stuck. Every time I try to enter patchys town it crashes
Why? Ha. I don't really know why, but the game always kicks me off. i haven't even past the intro/tutorial yet. I know I'd like the game,
just wanna play it ha
Disapointed. Don't buy this game. It freezes and closes so frequently that you cannot finish. It has a great concept, but it needs to be fixed.
It is not worth your time or until they fix all the bugs.
Bummed!. I jus updated and now I can't get back in. It takes a while at first. From 4% to 8% which took like 3 minutes then it would kick
off to 68% then I get kicked off. Otherwise a really great game to play
SpongeBob is to glitchy. Cool new update but it's very hard to play because after I click on the Krusty krab or any other store it crashes. Also lower
prices on jelly or make them easier to find no one buys them so why make t
I hate in app purchase. Ok when I played this game for a couple of days my bill came out to be like one thousand dollars I mean what
Don't bother. The game has been crashing since the Valentines update. I can't fulfill orders cause I can't make anything! By level 24, money is
no longer a concern and it takes so long to move to the next level. No
Crashing. It is a good game but it crashes a lot. You can't do much because of that.
Great game but…. I hardly ever write reviews unless there is something wrong and there is I bought this game yesterday for money and the first time
I opened the app it worked fine but now when I try to plant something
Cant believe this app!. I used to love this game, untill it shut off and now i cant get back on it! It freezes alot too!#makesmemad
It's fun but .. It's really fun but when I get on it always goes to home and glitches and that gets me mad
Memaw. Will type this again,, giving this game 3 stars, love the game but right now it stinks, it keeps crashing, going off, won't let me
collect what I've won, taken some of my other stuff, Halloween and Ch
I don't like it. I don't like it! It never works right and I just can't get it to work! I hate it! So if you are reading this and haven't got this
game yet I would not get it if I were you!️
Just keeps crashing. Very frustrating that the game keeps crashing. Already had to start over after 6 months because of last crashing problem. Now
after the Valentines update it is crashing again. Can't play at all becaus
Flower shop disappeared. In the middle of making bouquets, my flower shop just disappeared. I finally found it locked again until level 27. I was on level
25 and it will take forever to get to 27 with the current set up. I ca
Crashes. It was a lot of fun, put now it crashes. I don't know if it is the update or what, but now it is annoying.
Valentine Crashes. Crashes anytime I try to enter the stores to produce more items. Please fix!
Meh. When I got patchys bikini bottom it stops at 66% and crashes It kinda pisses me off
WHAT!?!?!. It takes FOREVER to load. I have to wait, like, 10 minutes!
Mustanglady82. How are you suppose to drag a chum burger to spongebob?
Slow tap!. When the Christmas update camp the clicking became super slow, I want the rapid clicking back so I can make things a lot faster!
Addicting, But Needs Much Improvement. Spongebob Moves in is a very diverting game! In relation to other games such as "Simpsons Tapped Out", and "Family Guy: the quest
for stuff" this game is much similar. Simpsons Tapped Out is an older
Soso. My little boy like this game. But definitely NOT worth 3.99! Also, MOST of the items are not allowed to "turn/rotate". I want to
rotate a building to face one direction, but not allowed. Needs some wo
App not opening allowing me to play the app I paye. Yea. The title covers what I have to say about itPlease fix this app

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