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Secret Passages Hidden Objects Game

Secret Passages: Hidden Objects icon
Genres: [Simulation | Puzzle | Entertainment]
Developer: Pocket Gems, Inc.
Release Date: Jun 18, 2013
Version: 2.22
Size: 77.94 MB
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Pocket Gems Inc has already given us Paradise Cove: Holiday Adventure on Nov 29, 2012. now delivering another great Game for iOS. download Secret Passages Hidden Objects and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3rd/4th, the application support GameCenter feature for achievements and leaderboards and Designed for both iOS Devices.

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Developer Description

Solve fantastic mysteries and explore ancient worlds! Join Maddie, a brave adventurer, and journey through mysterious secret passages that connect the greatest civilizations in history. Search hidden object scenes, find clues, and uncover the world's greatest mysteries.

Beautiful hidden object scenes in exotic locations: the Great Pyramid, Russian palaces, English castles and more!
Build spectacular cities and bring the magical map to life!
Search each amazing scene with handy tools like flashlights, magnifying glasses, and photos.
Unlock secret passages by finding ancient keys.
Collect rare artifacts! Each one provides a clue to solving the mysteries of the magical map.
Play for FREE!

Please note that Secret Passages: Hidden Objects is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

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How to Download:

Download Secret Passages Hidden Objects free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Secret Passages Hidden Objects application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Secret Passages Hidden Objects.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

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If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
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Latest User Reviews

(3★) I agree with others: I do find the game frustrating at times. I lost progress in the bug, and was glad they came up with a solution, but the program
tends to close on me with no warning at times. The game is enjoyable,
Mar 02
(2★) No time: The graphics are good but you can only play for a few minutes unless you spend a lot of money and the quests come way too fast to
be able to complete
(2★) Good game / bad scope of play: I really enjoy playing the search and find, but I really dislike the limited amount of total time and how long the wait is to
accrue sufficient time to continue playing. I can only play for 10-20 min
(4★) Ms Judi: The game is great! BUT there needs to be more chances at lives to play the game. I have never quite found out the course of the
game. It seems very random, but I do believe there is a regimented pat
(4★) Good game: Good game to pass time and focus
(4★) Great game: This is a good game for kids. Wish it renewed faster. Don't know what else to say.
(4★) Great game!.but: Love this game! A bit disappointed however in how hard it is to play because your energy runs out so fast, it takes forever for
upgrades to finish and digging rarely reaps any benefits of completing
(3★) Fun: Fun, very slow to play, and in the earnings, takes a long time, really just ok. No pause button. Very short playing time.
Mar 01
(3★) Fun searches, but load time is horrible and has ot: The actual search and basic progression model is interesting and fun enough, but the game has a few serious frustrations
too:Initial load time is perhaps 4-5 times longer than ANY other app I have on
(3★) Fun searches, but load time is horrible and has ot: The actual search and basic progression model is interesting and fun enough, but the game has a few serious frustrations
too:Initial load time is perhaps 4-5 times longer than ANY other app I have on
(3★) Fun searches, but load time is horrible and has ot: The actual search and basic progression model is interesting and fun enough, but the game has a few serious frustrations
too:Initial load time is perhaps 4-5 times longer than ANY other app I have on
(2★) Slow loading: Love this game but it takes FOREVER to load compared to any of the other games I play. This makes me tend to play my other games
and forget shout this one.
(3★) Review: Takes way to long to advance. Would be mice to earn more time after certain rewards. Gets way to boring with same sights. Earn
items but doesn't seem to get you anywhere.
(4★) Love it!: Great game. Just wish it used less energy to search areas.
(3★) Fun searches, but load time is horrible and has ot: The actual search and basic progression model is interesting and fun enough, but the game has a few serious frustrations
too:Initial load time is perhaps 4-5 times longer than ANY other app I have on
(3★) Fun searches, but load time is horrible and has ot: The actual search and basic progression model is interesting and fun enough, but the game has a few serious frustrations
too:Initial load time is perhaps 4-5 times longer than ANY other app I have on
(3★) Fun searches, but load time is horrible and has ot: The actual search and basic progression model is interesting and fun enough, but the game has a few serious frustrations
too:Initial load time is perhaps 4-5 times longer than ANY other app I have on
(3★) Fun searches, but load time is horrible and has ot: The actual search and basic progression model is interesting and fun enough, but the game has a few serious frustrations
too:Initial load time is perhaps 4-5 times longer than ANY other app I have on
(3★) Problems: I'm having problems seeing the objects to search for. There is an hour glass on the quests and a red circle spinning over the
objects blocks. What's wrong?
Feb 28
(2★) Unable to close game: The game itself is fun to play once it loads up (which, as other reviewers had noted) is slow. I realized that there would be a
lag if I am not willing to purchase the needed materials to continue to
(4★) Evelyn Anguish: The game is a little slow. Hard to keep up with
(4★) Fix problems: This program keeps shutting done in the middle of play. I have lost many coins, turns, and rubies in the past few weeks because of
this problem. It seems to have gotten worse since the last update. Al
(2★) Must spend for real progress: I liked this game for a couple of weeks, until it started to cost more coins/rubies/energy/keys/whatever than I could earn in a
reasonable amount of time. You have to micromanage the game to use energ
(4★) Passages: Why do you have to use 24 units to play each quest? I feel this could be lower to play longer!
(2★) Fun but broken: I enjoy this game, a lot. However it crashes for no reason. The worst part is it takes forever to load so when you have to open it
multiple times it gets to be a pain.
Feb 27
(3★) Hidden Treasures: So disappointed lately, I seem to be mixed up with another player and am not receiving proper credit for my finds! With the update
screw up I lost all of my days in a row. Gannie123
(3★) Grr frustrated: Love the game. Very addictive. Last update knocked out all the advancements I had. I spent major money on supplies and everything
was gone. I emailed them to which they did reply but nothing happened
(4★) Up the energy: Up the amount of energy or at least get it faster. The gems are so rare add more trade to get them.
(4★) Hide and seek treasures: Excellent but I do not like when you have completed a treasure they still show up when you are digging. Also the events I never
get enough but it still flashes event over and collect when there is not
(5★) Great game!: Cons: needs more information about the game as you go.Pros: lots of variety and fun worlds to explore and build.
(3★) Too slow to make progress: There is so little actual play time, it gets tedious if you can only work 3 areas and it takes 4 to get shovels. I feel like I
spend more time logging in than actually playing. There's no way I will
(2★) Too many quests going at once: Too many quests simultaneously! And they aren't cheap. Also, it takes forever to get the items needed for each building. This game
has great potential but they need to find a way to reduce the cost.FY
(2★) Little play time/lot of wait time: I kinda like the game, but lack of play instructions makes a lot of wasted play. I use the game to just kill 5 to 8 minutes of
time. Other than that only having 100 points it goes fast. Never getting
Feb 26
(3★) Videos for rewards: Over the past week some of the videos for rewards are coming up side ways with no way to close them other than to get out of the
game. I agree with other reviews when you dig there are too few chances
(3★) Impatiently waiting: Agree with others, seems as if you work towards a goal for like 3 days and still have nothing to show for it
(4★) What to do with so much money?: I wish there was a way to trade in the millions of dollars collected
(3★) Like game: The game is fun to play as well I find a problem with your advertising. It seems that when the vertical ads come up it does not
fit the screen. When that happens I am not able to X out of the ad to ac
(4★) Good, but.: I really like the hidden object part of the game, but the farther you progress, the harder to succeed it gets. For example, it's
not too bad when digging and you have to find 7 items, but then it mov
Feb 25
(3★) Not sure if I like it or not?: I enjoy the different places and finding the objects. Seems I may have grown to fast(?) I am rarely able to finish any of the
challenges for lack of needed items ( shovels, or rubies). Seems like you
(4★) Ok game: Fun game not exactly sure how it works. But it's relaxing & at this point no real difficulty. It's very hard to progress I get
frustrated but hope to get better
(4★) Love the game: I do enjoy the game but in the City of Secrets I've unlock the market palace twice and the scene after it once and it shows that
it hasn't been unlocked at all not very happy about wasting my keys on
(4★) Cool game: Love the game, just wish that there were more options that you don't have to purchase - more energy etc
(2★) Almost a Good Game: To hard to get any where, without spending a fortune.
(2★) Hidden passages: I love the game but I think the challenges should be optional. I don't always want to do them but I have no choice they are in the
dig site.
(3★) Jim: Would be nice if the game loaded faster
(2★) Good but SLOW: This is an interesting and fun game, but you could grow old and DIE before it downloads. It take a very, frustratingly, agonizing
long time to get started. Sometimes, I just give up on the wait and
(2★) Frustrating: The app crashes too often, after deducting energy points. The prizes at the digs are too often things that don't contribute to
completing the sites. I see no point in paying real money to bypass thes
Feb 24
(4★) Enjoy game but.: Really wish you'd get more energy. As is can only search 4 sights, then done. I also would have appreciated more direction, I have
lots of items to trade from when I 1st started & didn't understand th
(4★) Playin' it everyday: I don't miss a day. Learning as I go. Progress is slow because there are so many areas to work on, but that is what keeps it from
getting boring. I learned that you don't upgrade to the next level unt
(5★) Fun time: Love finding hidden items. This is my favorite
(4★) Challenging but fun: I like the game I just wish you didn't run out of energy so fast.
(2★) Too slow: Game uploads too slow. Then it takes too much time to play. I got bored with it. Great for kids to search for items.
(3★) Lgynwilhelm: Lots of fun. Refuse to prolong the game playing by purchasing options. Happy to wait until the energy is restored. Wish the
rules were listed somewhere rather than learning by trial and error.
(4★) A few questions: I like searching but am not sure what to do with some things. There are too many worlds and too many quests to complete! I would
have to spend a lot of money to complete them all, only to have multip
(5★) Not bad: I enjoy playing this game, just wished that you could use 1 energy instead of 25 at a time.
(3★) Mr.: Confusing at times! Don't like in-app purchasing. Too many new quests too often! Don't like searches being timed and cut off.
(3★) Slow: Game is to slow or to expensive, cant have any fun you never earn enough of anything without having to purchase and you get no
where. Perhaps if they were a little more generous so might the people pl
(3★) Instructions: Good game,but too many quests cannot be completed in the time allotted due to energy restraints. Also, need to be able to buy
shovels, etc. with excess coins.why amass them if you can't really use th
(5★) Thank you!: You recently fixed a major issue . But still. I am in the middle of creating gems. The tablets in the Italian area are missing in
action. I just know this too will be fixed. I find much of the action
Feb 23
(3★) Slow rewards: Fun game but they drag out the rewards. Takes forever to advance. I refuse to spend real money on free games.
(2★) Mammyx6: I am about ready to give up this endless chase. Can't get what you need from dig sites. Upgrades take days instead of hours and
good luck with the challenges and having to clear lands in 15-20 secs.
(5★) Agree- More "help" would be nice: Also - wanted to go to a 'new world' but got there to find all my "gold and rubies" were gone- how does that happen?
(4★) Secret passages: Game is fun, however it likes to shut down all by itself. Very irritating. Not enough searches at one time and you don't get
enough shovels. I can't do a lot of the quests, some are just impossibl
(4★) Enjoyable,but: I have reached a point where I am amassing point and coins but can't use them. If you could trade them for rubies or shovels.
There needs to be more interaction. I do love the game, just wish there w
(4★) Issues: I have been playing for years. But recently have come across some issues.1. While playing in Florence, I have been unable to
collect the bonus relic once I have achieved the 50 count of original relic
(5★) Great app: This app is loads of fun. I've been playing it for over a year and new worlds keep coming.
(5★) Secret is great fun: I love the way the game changes the Landscape without becoming too difficult. Some games become so challenging that I quit. I play
games to relax and enjoy. However it is not boring. Great job!
(5★) Adacin: Game is very addicting, Constant updates and improvements.
(4★) Secrets: I play everyday but it takes to many attempts to finish a quest.
(3★) Digging for items whenitems are not there: Run out of power ups too fast , run into mummies too quickly
(4★) Love it: I do agree that it does take a long time to create jewels & I am not willing to pay for things because if I start I will not stop
(would get addicted to buying) it has frozen on me a couple times & sh
(4★) Fantastic: Involved, complex, intriguing and just plain fun. The wait in between energy boosts can be frustrating. It's caused me to miss a
few specials and times events. Unless you want to literally be glued to
(3★) Dig sites/shovels: I totally love the game but I hate the fact that you have to craft a level 7 diamond (which took me 3 days) to make the items you
need show up in the dig sites! Once you put that diamond in your compa
Feb 22
(3★) Fun but.: I like this game but cannot play it for long due to the limited energy levels. I download free games because it's free and don't
want to purchase extra energy, rubies, or gold coins
(3★) Game is fun when you can play: I do like this game, but they could get people to love it! You can only play a little without buying or waiting time for more
play time. Not enough shovels given considering a large part of the game
(4★) Fun game: I am enjoying this game. The hidden objects r easily found, but they r not in the same places as before, which I like. Dont like
that i have to spend money for tokens and shovels to really get anywher
(5★) Love game but crashes: Love this game! It has gotten better during the past year. Crashes with iPhone 6. Needs an update.
(3★) Love it, but so many quests.: I agree with previous players, too many quests to complete. But, still love adding new areas and trying to find items to gain
(5★) Love this game: I'm addicted to and play this game all the time!
(4★) Great game, great graphics, silly glitches: I love this game and have been playing for months. I have many many ores.never enough tokens, shovels, rubies. They always list
my user name wrong for events. They short me on numbers, in events an
(4★) Love the game but.: Love this game and can't wait to play but I agree with so many of the other reviews. There are so many other places to play while
you are still in one area. I am not crazy about the key areas. Overall
Feb 21
(3★) Secret Passages could be better.: I liked the game at first, but there is too much going on with all the quests and different worlds. It's too difficult at the dig
sites as well. The energy levels and upgrades take too long. Even when
Total 82 reviews with 68.2% ratings for this app.
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