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Cartwheel by Target is a an iOS lifestyle application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Target, who were also behind Target for iPad and Target apps.

Cartwheel by Target can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Cartwheel by Target app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 7.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and , iPad mini.


Welcome to Cartwheel. The first-of-its-kind mobile savings app that makes saving money on the things you already buy at Target fun. Choose your savings from over 500 offers. See what your friends are saving on. It's Target savings, mobile style. And there's never been anything like it.

Search, browse or even scan items in store to find offers, then add the offers to your personalized Cartwheel barcode, all from the convenience of your phone! Save on your next Target run by scanning your barcode at checkout in store. Use the discounts as many times as you like before they expire. You can even stack Cartwheel on top of your Target REDcard discount and other coupons!

Don't have time to browse the app for deals before you shop? No problem! Just use the barcode scan feature found in the app menu to scan the barcode of any item in store and see if there is a Cartwheel offer for that item. If no offers are available, we'll show you similar deals.

Add the barcode to Passbook or as a notification widget on your device for dependable access while in a Target store - never worry about connectivity problems again!

Unlock more spots on your Cartwheel list by earning badges. Find out more by visiting the Badges section in the app.

Curious which items are on Cartwheel AND the Target Weekly Ad at the same time? Check out the Weekly Ad Collection on the Collections screen.

Get started today by signing in with Target, Google+ or Facebook and instantly start seeing your savings add up!

Have feedback or ideas? We want to hear them! Email us at

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  • Screenshot for Cartwheel by Target

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Cartwheel by Target' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

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* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      22 (37%)
    1. 4 Star
        11 (18%)
      1. 3 Star
          14 (23%)
        1. 2 Star
            13 (22%)
          1. 1 Star
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            • Average Rating:60 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 74%
            Love It!. I use the scan barcode option as I shop so I can get more deals. I love the breakdown of categories also so I can see what deals
            are offered.
            LOVE IT!. I love this app. I love saving money and using coupons. Easy to use and there are a lot of coupons. I recommend this app.
            230. To the date I saved 230! So easy to save money with this app!
            Great!. Everytime I shop I save about 5-20 bucks! Simply amazing. The "Hot Deals" collection is by far my favorite! Anyone that
            complains clearly hasn't grasped the concept. I've used it for 2 years. Tha
            Excellent. A lot of reviews on here from people that must not understand how to use this app. You can easily turn off posting rights to
            Facebook & tapping the little padlock symbol means no one else ever can se
            Amazing. Amazing and only had the app for about 3 months now and have saved over 100 with little to no effort at all.
            Great app and savings.. I have saved over 40 using this app. It may be .50 here or there, but every little bit helps. I just scan everything in my basket
            before I check out. Just takes a minute and to me, it's worth the effo
            Awesome app. Awesome good work cartwheel team.
            Always improving. Thanks for continuing to make improvements. Would like to see the shopping list and Cartwheel replicate to other iOS devices
            logged into the same Target account. Would allow my family to add to a mast
            Lost badges (and savings spots) with update. I have enjoyed using this app for quite some time, but the most recent update needs improvements. I lost badges I had previously
            acquired which means I lost spots to add savings. I had 26 spots befo
            Love it !. Love it ! So amazing ! I save so much money every time I shop at target !
            Many bugs to be fixed but still a good app. Fix the bugs and it will be a good app
            LOVE!. I really love this app! helps me save a lot with this and my coupons!(: only thing wish I could go back and see what offers I have
            done. other than that everything is great!(:
            Great way to a few bucks. Target offers some great ways to save an extra buck.
            Useful app. I saved a bunch of money looking through good weekly deals to add to my profile. Highly recommend!
            Friends missing. Logged on with facebook and only a few of my friends are showing. I used to have about 75 facebook friends and now only 25 please
            Great app. When it works.. Occasionally this app will get stuck in a log in loop and never actually load. The only fix for this that I've found is to delete
            and reinstall the app. This happens every two or three months, so it's
            Works Perfectly. A target associate told me about the cartwheel app and the first time I used it I saved over 14. It works flawlessly and you can
            use it with your red card and other coupons.
            Must have for target shoppers. I have used this app for a year and have saved almost 500 already! So easy to use, if you shop at target this is literally money
            back in your pocket :)
            Love the app, fix the barcode scanner. I've been using the cartwheel app for over a it.except whatever upgrade was made to the barcode scanner, please change
            it back! I scan all my cart items using the app do I don't miss any di
            Saves me money!. I've had the app about 9 months and have saved over150! I can open it up before or during shopping search for items I'm already
            buying add the coupons and have one simple barcode scanner at the regist
            Fun!. This is a clever and fun way to utilize coupons!
            WORKS PERFECT . It's pretty cool. There is a scanner that allows U to scan any item at target and it will tell u if that item is on sale through
            cartwheel. If it's not, it will tell u which similar items are on sale.
            Obsessed. I love this app! I'm a couponer and a huge Target fan. On each item you buy you can stack a manu coupon, store coupon AND use your
            cartwheel as icing on the cake. LOVE this app.
            Great scanner update. Really like the scanner update! No more switching back and forth.
            Mixed reviews. I love this app for its great deals but I think more than 25 deals should be possible. It stopped calculating my savings and
            number of uses. That needs fixed.
            Would like to see all coupons in cartwheel. Making all coupons, the mobile, printable, and cartwheel, available to use in store in one app would be extremely convenient.
            Great savings.. Wish I was using this app sooner. It works well with Passbook. Saved extra even on clearance items. Just wish some of the deals
            were better but either way you do save a good bit. First time I used it,
            Facebook app. Love this app but would not work with iPhone 6 would not let me log in, all I had to do was delete Facebook app from phone and
            settings now it lets me log in.
            Wonderful App. Just downloaded it in the store when a kind woman in the shoe section told me all shoes were 40% through this app. Saved 20 and
            will continue to use it! Lots of categories. Some are just 5% (every bit
            A Very Accessible Coupon App. As an avid Target shopper and a blind VoiceOver user, I was overjoyed to find this app! It is completely accessible and also
            features discounts on products I buy often. I also appreciate how it breaks
            GREAT. really helps save an extra little bit. something i buy is always on there!
            Amazing App!. This is the one thing that I needed Target to do. I love this app. Yes, you need to pay attention to what you're buying however it
            tends to save you as much money possible. Plus it offers discounts co
            Natural - 26%
            Love the app, but needs an update!. I love this app, but every time I use it, one or more items I know have in my cartwheel are not applied at checkout. So annoying!
            Please fix this. And also the annoying pop up that asks if you want to
            Constantly Logs Out Account. More and more when I open the app in the store I need to log back in to my account. It is extremely frustrating to do this every
            time. I have more than one email account to keep track of with three di
            Can't scan anything!. Used to love this app but now I can't scan anything?! No bar appears for me to scan an item. I've deleted it and reinstalled it
            but nothing. Please someone fix this.
            Passbook integration. App is working, barcode and scanner (no issues yet whenever am using it at Target). Only issue is the add to passbook option it's
            not adding.
            A good bad idea. It's fun to scan, but a hassle to do every single item. The app works fine, but if your phone dies, there isn't a way to look it
            up with your phone #.
            Fun - but. It's kind of a fun app but I've found that probably 60% of the time the items are out of stock. It's frustrating and I am over
            playing that game
            Passbook does not work. This is a good app but it would be a lot better if I could load my barcode to passbook. It has the option but when I press the
            button nothing happens. I have tried deleting app and reloading, signing
            Passbook, please?!?!. I accidentally deleted my barcode from my passbook and now unable to add it back. Already rebooted phone, deleted and reinstalled
            app, now what.
            To Developers: Please have app remember where lef. I like the app overall. One request for next update would be to have the app remember where you left off when scrolling through
            offers. If you go out of the app even for a sec, it puts you in a previ
            Log in problems. Finally I can sign in with Facebook. Back working
            Lost earned upgrades & login issues. The minute I upgraded the app, I lost the additional 'savings spots' that I had earned through heavy use of the app. (I think you
            start with 12 spots, but I had earned 16). So I had to start from scra
            Can't log in, google. So I love this app. When it works. It's kicked me out a bunch in the past, but right now I can't log in with Google at all. Guess
            Target isn't interested in keeping its customer base.
            Fix it!. The app is no longer working. I can't sign in without it shutting down. I love Target and is there oftentimes more than once a
            day. But i haven't lately because last time i was there the app wouldn't
            Could use some work.. The concept of this app overall is great but it doesn't always work as it should. I got logged out once and it kept giving me
            errors when I was trying to sign back in but it eventually worked. There's
            Fix the scanner!. Would give the app 5 stars because it has helped me save a lot of money over the year & a half I've had it but now it's becoming a
            hassle to use because the scanner isn't scanning. Please fix the scan
            No major issues. They only thing I don't like now is how they changed the scanner to show it at the bottom of the screen. It's kind of confusing
            Was good. Please change the scanner back. I'm a very busy lady-I don't have time for the new scanner.
            I keep getting signed out!. Getting signed out of the app repeatedly is getting really frustrating. When I get to the store I think I'm ready to go and then I
            find I'm signed out again. Also I'm having all kinds of trouble getti
            Not too pleased. Tired of the expiration dates and lack of offers. I have used this twice in the year I have had this app. Might have to uninstall.
            Would be great if.. You could add more to your cart. I don't have time to try and add stuff to my cart only to get a message you are over and do you
            want to delete something in order to add something. It would seem the m
            New feature is confusing. The new feature that lets you know of other matching items when yours doesn't have an offer is confusing. You have to pay close
            attention to see if you have an offer or if you are being shown a matchi
            Scanner no longer works. I usually have some things in my Cartwheel before I arrive at the store, but always use the scanner in the app to make sure
            nothing else is eligible for a discount. With the most recent update though
            Like app but needs to sync with all devices. I am not experiencing the crashes that other have experienced with the update however, I would LOVE to see the app sync with all
            my devices. I use my iPad for most day to day things (like scrolling th
            New features good and bad. In the newest update the scanning feature recognizes barcodes a lot faster. But now also has product suggestions that have a
            current coupon. It's unnecessary advertising. And I like the fact that my b
            Needs Better Discounts!. Most of the things I actually use on here are only discounted 5%. It's definitely better than nothing but not enough to make me
            want to shop there more.
            Stop. Please stop putting things in Cartwheel that cannot be found in stores. Please stop requiring a log in to Target wi-if in order to
            open app in store.
            Lost all my offer spots. This app asked for me to sign in and now I'm back to only 10 offer spots when I had earned over 20 offer spots and was dollars
            away from adding another. I'm disappointed.


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