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Genres: [Entertainment | Lifestyle]
Developer: Yidio LLC
Release Date: Jul 10, 2013
Version: 2.1
Size: 14.46 MB
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download Yidio and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPad 2.

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Developer Description

Easily search all your apps at once and keep up with your TV shows and movies.

Get Yidio now and join the millions of people using Yidio everyday to search, discover, and personalize TV Shows & Movies to watch with your phone, tablet and TV!

Search for any TV Shows or Movies available across Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, HBO, iTunes, CBS and more, all in one app. What are you waiting for? With Yidio, finding what you want to watch has never been easier.

**PLEASE NOTE** While many of the movies and TV shows are available for free (CBS, Crackle, PBS), some content providers require a subscription (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, HBO GO) or payment to buy or rent (iTunes) the movies and TV shows they offer. Yidio, however is free to use to find where to watch your favorite movies and TV shows across all your favorite services. Most services require their apps to be downloaded to watch which we will assist you in doing and deep link you into their apps.

Over 24 sources, all in one place:

Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, HBO GO, iTunes, Crackle, MTV, CBS, FOX, ABC, CW, PBS, Lifetime, YouTube, AMC, Crunchyroll, A&E, History Channel, Adult Swim, ABC Family, MAX GO, Showtime and Cartoon Network.

Yidio is a top rated movie and TV show app with over one thousand 4 and 5 star ratings!

5 Stars – “Easy to use. Finally able to view all available sources for shows and movies in one place.” –Tom777767

5 Stars – “Unlike other apps, Yidio keeps track of what you watch, what episode you left off on, updates on when shows are new, upcoming shows and old seasons to catch up on. Love me some Yidio!” –414brooky

5 Stars – “Yidio is a great way to search for TV shows and movies across all of your sources like HBO GO, iTunes, Netflix, and so on. It’s easy to use! ...” –Bazial

Smart – Don't know what to watch? Yidio helps you discover new movies and TV shows with advanced search, filtering and recommendations.

Simple – Once you find what you’re looking for, just tap play to start watching on your iPad, iPhone or TV (via Airplay or Chromecast). Yup, it’s that easy!

Personal – Tell Yidio which movies and TV shows you want to watch. It will notify you when and where they are available.

Works great with Netflix - In addition to browsing the entire Netflix Instant catalog, you can also link your Netflix account to add, remove and browse items in your Netflix Instant Queue.

What are you waiting for? Download Yidio today and watch everything!

What the insiders are saying…

"Yidio’s new app makes it easy to search for any TV show or movie across free, paid and subscription-based services, then immediately launch that app to begin watching the video in question with just a tap." - TechCrunch

"Having everything in once place sounds much easier!" - 148 Apps

Watch everything.

Get now this application with your unique ID and secured password.

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How to Download:

Download Yidio free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Yidio application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Yidio.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Yidio" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Yidio application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

Dec 02
(5★) The Go To app for streaming video: This is my go to app when I want to find where a streaming version of a TV show or movie exists.
Nov 13
(5★) Great App for Cord Cutters: As a cord cutter, this app is perfect for making an easy to use schedule. The apps works great and I have yet to have any issues
with it. The only suggestion I could make would be for them to also sho
Nov 03
(3★) Um.?: Dose it have beer for my horses I pray it does
Nov 01
(5★) Saves me time!: Love this app. Yidio makes it super easy to search where you can watch any tv show or movie.
Oct 27
(5★) Cool App: I enjoy being able to watch a series that I have missed episodes in. The images are perfect and I have not had a single problem
(5★) LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!: I have to say this app is the almost better than Netflix because of having access to the newest of shows. If I had one complaint
it would be that you have to watch commercials but other than that I ab
Oct 24
(5★) Fantastic app: It lets you manage all of your tv and movie watching into one app
Oct 22
(2★) Not compatible with the latest iOS: I loved loved loved the app until I updated to the latest iOS. Now it opens to a blank screen and closes. Disappointed and
missing my favorite app.
Oct 19
(5★) Awesome!: We are new to the Internet TV thing, and I was trying to determine if getting rid of direct tv was really viable- if I would still
be able to get my favorite shows other ways. Enter Yidio! So stoked
(2★) ios: another app not for ios users cause we must carry a sattelite wifi transporter in our pokets hhh
Oct 18
(4★) This is great: You have all your shows in one spot.
(5★) AMAZING APP!: Just what I was looking for! I have been app shopping for a TV app that had all my shows available and this one had them! Finally!
Thanks Yidio!
Oct 11
(4★) I like it: So far I like it. Easy to use. Easy to navigate. No problems so far, good movies available. Would be great to see more up to
date movies available. But so far doing wha it offers.
Oct 03
(5★) Great help!: Great way to fine out what you want to watch and where to find it! Love this app!
Sep 28
(5★) The best: One of the best apps on the market
Sep 26
(5★) Helpful: Been using the app a ton for a while since it came out and it really helps
(5★) Kiddos: Yidio is a huge help in finding quality content for my Kids. Thanks guys!
(4★) Think I am going to really like: I just downloaded this and I think I am going to really like it. It was very easy to set up my fav tv shows. However, it is
missing Starz play as a source as I watch Outlander on my ipad with it. I ha
Sep 25
(4★) Love It!: Keeps me up to date on all the shows i like. Great app!
Sep 15
(5★) Yidio: This app makes looking for your favorite shows easy. or just surfing to see what is out there
(2★) We need to delete apps that hound us for rating!: Only 2 stars because of constant harassment for ratings!
Sep 14
(5★) Saves me real : I used to just go to iTunes to watch shows and never thought about whether there were free versions on hulu or netflix or all the
other outlets. Now I always look to Yideo first.
Sep 09
(5★) Simple and very useful: Finally able to view all available sources for shows and movies in one place. Much better than similar apps.
Sep 08
(5★) Keeps getting better!: Love this app. Yidio makes it super easy to search where you can watch any tv show or movie across Netflix, Hulu, etc.
Aug 22
(3★) Almost!: I really love this app. It makes it really easy to find the movies and shows I love without the hassle of having to open all my
apps.The two issues I have are that every time I close the app the MPAA
Aug 15
(5★) Great Tool: Wow, what a great tool to organize all your shows in one place!
Aug 07
(5★) Great app: I love being able to watch shows on my time
Aug 06
(4★) PLEASE FIX: Needs to work better with Hulu. For instance, on the Legend of Korra it says some episodes are unavailable on ipad from any of my
sources. but when i open Hulu I am able to watch it there. PLEASE FIX
Aug 03
(4★) Very helpful: Wonderful app that unlike many others, actually has tv all the tv shows instead of just the recent, or popular ones. It really
helps to keep track of what I have watched and being able to watch what I
Jul 31
(4★) I like this!: Having been using it for about a week and adding my favorites. No more asking, "Where was I watching that?" The voice feature
really works, too. I highly recommend it for those who like things organi
Jul 28
(4★) I like it very much: All under one roof, very easy and convenient.
Jul 27
(5★) Excellent app!: I use this app every day. Very efficient! Highly recommend!
(5★) Apple should buy this company: I wish my Apple TV had a search like this app
Jul 24
(5★) Best app for traveler.: And now I use the app before I ever pick up a remote.
Jul 22
(4★) non wifi: should add non wifi watchable playlist that we can create
Jul 15
(3★) Nice but.: This is a really nice app, but it would be great to have NBC and CBS.
Jul 06
(2★) What ?: I was happy until I saw that I have to use Netflix . This is exactly what I was trying to run away from. GAHHHH
(5★) Must have for movie lovers!: Single app that draws content together from all content providers I have access to with simple user GUI search. Includes detailed
content description and viewer rating. Coupled with AppleTV, content m
Jun 29
(5★) A Must Have App!: This is the best app for finding your movies, and shows. It ties together all those other apps saving hours of searching.
(5★) Amazing how few good apps are found in this catego: This is the best of all available. Still has room to grow. Needs to link to Acorn. Needs better algorithm for recommendations.
(4★) MrL: This app is better than in demand
Jun 15
(5★) Rsam: I really enjoy seeing older tv shows for their is nothing ever on DirectTv
Jun 08
(5★) ALL IN ONE: This app uniquely puts all of my t.v and movie entertainment into one, easy to use, location. No longer do I have to find what
station plays the show I want to view. I just pull up this app, search fo
Jun 04
(5★) Saves me so much time.: Great having all my shows and movies for all platforms in one place.
(5★) Highly Recommended: Makes it super easy to search where you can watch any tv show or movie.
Jun 01
(4★) Good app, but has bugs: Good app but does crash on search and the update that states you can search by actor director does not even work. Overall app is
good, but have to fix update!
May 29
(5★) About time.: I’ve been looking for an app like this for awhile now. Solves a real problem for me. Great layout and design. Easy to use.
Highly recommended for anyone who streams their movies and TV shows.
(5★) Superb app: Easy to use. Finally able to view all available sources for shows and movies in one place
May 27
(5★) I like this: I like this because u can watch whatever u want whenever u want
May 26
(5★) Love It! Love it! Love it!: Could give it a 1 million stars if I could!
May 25
(5★) Love this app: Love the updates and the quality I give it 5 stars
(4★) Great little app!: Makes it very easy to find my favorite shows.
May 19
(5★) Great updates!: Been using the app a ton since the first release and its been amazing for watching all my tv and movies on the go! Super stoked on
these new updates!
May 06
(5★) Super convenient: Love how you can access all your shows and movies through one app.
(5★) Awesomeness: Awsome! This is a fast easy way of watching videos definitely 2 thumbs up
May 04
(5★) Perfect: Love it! Very useful and I love that it works with Netflix!
Apr 29
(5★) Great app!: I use this all the time to keep up with my favorite shows!
Apr 28
(4★) Great App.I use it all the time: Gives you a great view of all shows online and enough information to understand what the latest is on your favorites. I use this
app constantly.The only thing I can think of to make it better is put
Apr 23
(4★) "Love": Great app. It saves so much time! I search what I want to watch and it tells me several services providing the program.
Apr 12
(5★) Simply put. AMAZING!: Truly one of the best Apps ( Top 3 ). If only I could watch my Moto gp, AMA motorcycle racing, and WSB World Superbike racing
Yidio would be #1.
Apr 11
(2★) Too hard to use: Features I need are buried many clicks deep in counterintuitive places. Example: marking entire seasons as having been seen.Also,
I wish its indication of availability covered viewing on a computer an
(5★) I love Yidio!: I love this app and I have referred many of my friends to it as well! I get to watch so many of my favorites shows on it! Please
add more shows! I can watch the Show Time or HBO and USA !Thanks Yidio!
Apr 07
(5★) Great job: A perfect guide and search tool to navigate my multiple media subscriptions. Love it.
Apr 05
(5★) A M A Z IN G: I have been sick for a couple and days and have been bored the whole time! Now I can watch movies ! Ah THANKYOU
Apr 02
(5★) Awesome TV/Movie app: In my opinion this is the best tv/movie app in the store. Two thumbs up Yidio.
Mar 19
(5★) Amazing app: Such a great idea. Beautiful design. Works really well.
Mar 15
(4★) JR: Very good app easy to manage my only problem connected to the Internet
Mar 10
(4★) Really unique: I love this app! Now I can watch how I met your mother any where I want! "This is legen wait for it dary"!
Mar 05
(5★) : can u watch movies on this app?
Mar 04
(5★) Awesome: Great app really useful and easy!
Mar 03
(5★) This is Good Stuff!: Highly recommend it! Everything in one place connected!
Mar 01
(5★) Good App (;: This App Is Cool! I Love It ! 3
Feb 21
(5★) Elated: Great all in one video app. Makes video watching easy on my tablet.
Feb 19
(5★) Awesome Application: This is one of the Best Apps out there! Better than Netflix, oh WaitThey Have That to! ONLY One Suggestion: "Allow User to Start
At the Same Place Where Left Off Without Starting Over from the Beginn
Feb 18
(5★) How did I ever survive without Yidio!?: Great app, super useful. Love it
Feb 14
(5★) Yidio.: Awesome. I have Dunn using this app.
Feb 12
(5★) Great!: Cool to have everything in one app. It works well in coordination with my TV apps!
Feb 10
(5★) Amazing: Really simple to use I have no problems with it at all.
Total 78 reviews with 90.6% ratings for this app.
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