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Tunnel Town is a fun strategy game for your iPhone or iPad. The app was developed by Smart Bomb Interactive Inc. It's first version was released on Jul 17, 2013. The Game Center leaderboard features your score, so you can compare it and compete with friends and peers.

Tunnel Town is available for all versions of the iPhone, including iPhone 6/Plus, iPad and iPad Mini running iOS 5.0 or higher. You can download Tunnel Town using the QR code or by clicking the "Download" button below.

You can read the app store reviews of Tunnel Town below, in various scents, from other customers who have bought and used this app. Please share your thoughts and experiences about the game in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Your opinion matters!

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App Description

Create your own underground wonderland for some very unusual rabbits!

Feed baby rabbits by hand and watch them grow. Design new tunnels and chambers, then fill them with cool stuff your bunnies really use.

Play online or offline: Tunnel Town is as deep as your imagination!

Tunnel Town features:

- Curious bunnies you can pick up and play with!
- Play online or offline!
- Amazing high resolution 3D graphics and animation!
- Infinite possibilities: design your own underground world!
- Zillions of items for your bunnies to interact with!
- Share pics of your best bunny scenes with friends!
- Gardens to grow and treasure to discover!
- Make baby bunnies the old-fashioned way: on the dance floor!
- Scads of bunny species you've never seen. Can you breed the elusive Butterfly Bunny?


- Tunnel Town is completely FREE to download and play, but you can also purchase Gems and Stars for real money through the in-game shop. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases on your device.

- You must have an Internet connection the first time you launch the game, but you can play online or offline thereafter.

Supported Devices

iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S, 5)
iPad (all)
iPod touch (4th generation and later)

Follow us to talk about coming updates and request new features:
@TunnelTownDaily on Twitter
TunnelTownDaily on Facebook
Please rate the game and send us your feedback so we can keep updating it! We read all of your feedback at, and your suggestions really will make a difference in what comes next!

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Download the app

Available now for download on iPhone or iPad

Tunnel Town is completely free to play, but some items can be purchased for real money. If you don't wish to use this feature, you can restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the Tunnel Town application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type Tunnel Town.
3. Tap the 'install app' button, located to the right of the app title.


* Tunnel Town may be available in some countries.
You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the "Tunnel Town" to your device. If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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App Reviews

Positive - 96%
Cute game. I love this game so much! I am already level 30 and I am so happy that they finally have a fox bunny in tunnel town because I love
foxes for some odd reason. I just got both of the fox bunnies and the
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME!,!,!,!,!. I really love this game, but i have one problem. Level 30 or higher u can only have 30 bunnies. I want to have all of my bunnies
deployed and there are like 76 bunnies! And we also need more layers to
LOVE IT. I love it it's kinda like animal jam bunnies and I love animal jam!this games is super fun if you don't have this app you should
get it!i don't know why other people don't like this game.the only thin
Great but.. I love this game, like every body else said, but I would like it if you could have two bunnies in a bed, like, come on, it's a two
person bed. You add a one person bed if you like, but, really?
It is so cute!. I think it's so cute because it has cute little bunnies and it's so fun.
Love the app good job AJHQ great app. All I want to add is * mini games * * actually caring for your bunnies ( bathing and stuff like that )* clothes for your bunnies
TUNNEL TOWN ROCKS. I love to Tunnel town it is really cool if you love this game you'll love Moshi carts sorry if I have some bad grammar and if I
don't have any periodsI just love tunnel town I'm addicted to it I have
I LOVE AJ. I used to have this game before meh I pod restarted but when I had it it was a great game! On AJ I am guineapigsrule102 and
YouTube guineapig luv
PLEASE READ!. As you can see I love this game could use some updates like more BLOODY BUNNY ROOM!Also you should make breeding a little
less annoying because I want the dragon bunny so hard but can't ever ge
Awesome!. This app is great! 5 Stars! You should make one that has other animals other than bunnies. Just a suggestion, though. Also, what
you can add or change to this one:1 Signs so we can name our tunnels2 H
PAWSOME. This is so much like animal jam I mean you have a den you can get items for it you can get gems no crashes just awesome good job
Tunnal town just little fixes. I love this game but when ever I am on my I pad playing tunnal town it like makes me exit pit like every two minute slows
wondering if to ours have a update to fix it. I love to play this BMW and I ne
I LOVE BUNNIES. I love tunnel town SO much.I play it everyday and enjoy it,especially the bunnies.The bunnies are so cute everytime I hatch an egg
I get so excited,especially when I hatch the rare ones. As much as I
.. Ok I just got the frog bunny and ITS EYES R SO CREEPY!the eyes are like pure black it's just.creepy!
Awesome please read. Ok there isn't one problem u can play with your bunnies and you can create an awesome house! Your bunnies can play with all the
things u buy for them and it's so easy to get coins you'll know what I m
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH ️. I love this so much I could die plz add a cat Bunny keep up the good work️
This game is a must-have! a request. For anyone who loves adorable and creative little creatures, this is the game for you! You can customize your own burrow and name
your own sweet fluffy bunnies. Now for my request, it would be so coo
Friend me on animal jam my user is Kt1245. I love animal jam friend me on it my user is Kt1245
Great app!. This is an amazing app! It has very adorable bunnies in it! I have only one suggestion. Friends should send each other bunnies.
One friend breeds a bunny and they can send it to their friend. The frie
Amazing. I love all the different types of bunnies there are ! There are squid bunnies!
LOVE IT️. HEY YOUR LISTENING Animal jam HQ I really want you to put animal jam for IOS Please! Club Penguin did it I believe you can to!
please do that ill be so happy! even if its money Ill Buy It! Im gonna bu
Love it but aj is better!️. Things should not be so expensive really a bunny for 587 gems! OMG! But I love it oh and u animal jam lovers friend me!
Make aj mobile. Make an aj mobile app so I can play aj on my apple device
PLEASE!. Please can you make clothes for the bunnies and other accessories thank you
You need more bunny spaces. I mean really 30 bunnies only that is so not fair also I keep trying to gat a walrus bunny but I keep getting narwhal bunny one
last thing I think we should be able to have more dance floors. I real
Cool Game!. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say i loved this game but for some reason i deleted it! I found it now! Be sure to check out my
youtube and aj channel, Justice19996 for youtube and user.
Love this game. BUNNIES ARE THE BEST! I love you peck!
friends. Just downloaded and so far looks like something I will enjoy. However, there should be a way to add people who are already playing
with the feature to help them with seeds or gems or other things. Mak
Went back to it. A year ago i played this and forgot about it but now im happy i remembered
Cute!. The bunnies are so cute! But I want to put more bunnies out! Please do that! Any way I love the leopard bunny but I call it a
cheetah bunny!
I lost my account . OMG I lost my account I worked so hard to get to a higher level and it just reset account and it made me start over im so mad
right now plus when I changed the name of my bunny the sound went off wtc
WEIRD BUT AWESOME. This is the best aj game on the AppStore but I think u should put some on the dsi that would be awesome but everything else is
More Furniture and Rabbits. Add more limited rare rabbits and some more furniture for the update. Add more things that the rabbits can do and stuff like that.
Otherwise this is an outstanding/amazing game.
Tunnel town. Everyone needs to have puts the tunnel in town or what ever.
Amazing but.. The Frankenstein bunny should be able to dance
Who loves tunnel town I do. Sorry ppl plz is there any diamond codes for aj I no twelve that gives u one diamond and plus ppl wants free membership it rules
want it bad
Awesome app. I think you should make a feature that is the bunnys can do literally what ever they want like go on chair and bean bags and other
stuff like that!
New and improved. I think u should have an option to send gems over to ur animal jam account. And that u can pay like 25 stars to get a diamond for
AJ, that would be cool thx
BEST GAME EVER!. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Tunnel Town!You get to customize the bunnies homes and breed more and more to help you expand
your tunnels! I have a few small and minor ideas on how to make this
Fun game but items are to expensive. Awesome, but things are to expensive
I love it !. Am at level 16 and I love it I play animal jam I like it AJ jumpers is fun to so I give it 5 star rate
Awesome to good. Amazing terrific I would like it if there would be some more phantoms and I would like it if you can have your account to get gems
on tunnel town
Something is wrong.. Hello. I absolutely love this app, I play both on my iPad and iPod touch. It works just fine of my iPad, but when I try to play on
my iPod, the loading bar just stays in the same position and will not
Looks fun. My friend had this game and I saw it and it looks really fun so I had to get it
Super awesome!. Love this! It is almost like animal jam! Buddy me on animal jam I am beansprouts. Thanks for reading!
This game is so cool by k Richardson. This game is so addictive but there is a few things I want to say for you to add to tunnel town for the next update. I was going
to ask you if you could put a spider bunny on here and a sparkle one an
A little more. Add the right to costomize or clothe your bunnies!
Sad. I want to buy some gems and stars but i cant whyyyyyy
Best Game ever but having hard time linking to Fac. I love ITT but fix the linking to fb bug
Best Game Ever.But. I wish There was more types and more features like You can pick a bunny to explore to get more items, Other than that Very Good
BUNNY!. Love it! Best game ever! I know a few things tough that would make the game even better in next update.- Bunnies are more
independent. Go to bed by themselves and such.- I love bats and I would love a
Tunnel town is awesome. I love tunnel town it is awesome.
Adorable Bunnies. All bunnies are very very very. Cute! ;)
Best game ever . I totally love this app it is so fun
I love it. The bunnies are so cute, but can you make animal jam an app? Thank you
ADDICTED. OMG love this app! I have a few suggestions though, you should make many games with your bunnies, and earn gems with them. You
also should make a horse bunny, a kangaroo bunny, an elephant bunny, and
Dear animal jam. Dear animal jam I love this app but I was
wondering what if we could transfer gems onto aj to on here and to tunnel tow
Love it! Few ideas?. I love this game!ButYou should come put with a animal jam wolf pack game were your an animal jam wolf and you survive as one and
you pick what you want to do in your wolf lifeAlso you should make a ga
AMAZING️. Awesome. You can get lots of cute bunnies (my favorite is the butterfly bunny). You can get cool furniture for your burrow, you
can mine gems and breed your bunnies. You can even get the rare albino b
I love it a lot. I love It it is so fun and the bunnies are so cute you can make your own coins by placing a bunny on a gem thingy there are lots
of bunnies like toucan bunnies shark bunnies and butterfly bunnies you
Please fix this . I have been playing this for 1 year but it not working please fix this right away! Doll Chrissa studios
Love it! And Ideas. This is the best! I have some ideas though. -Food bunnies (Icecream with a cherry example)-Easter Bunnies-Camping items-Clothing
for our bunnies!-A trading system for bunnies
Your awesome AJHQ!. I think this is your best work yet although, I only have one teensy weensy problem. The first time I got on, I had an issue with
it taking me to home menu! I did not have any bugs XD
Good. I love it I told every one I new
Now. I have it on my tablet and nook. I am so far on my nook. Try it you will probly like it too.
Natural - 4%
Please. I love animal jam my user is karalyne or jammer27201 I would like to ask 1 thing if you could make it where we could send it to
our accounts if you did I would love it! Thx AJHQ
KEEPS CRASHING. fun game but it crashes like every single minute like i could be planting down watermelon and the BOOM it just crashes IT MAKES ME
PLEASE PLEASE FIX :(. I had founder bunny and a lot of great stuff but my mom accidentally reset my iPod trying to figure something out. I have my coins
and stars still but I lost the rest. Can I at leases have my founder
Retarded game keeps crashing!. I really want to see my new jackalope bunny, BUT STUPID GAME KEPPS CRASHING ON ME! Once I get on, it crashes. Bam! And plus, it
loads forever. :-/

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