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Just 2 Words is a unique puzzle word game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Adveractive Inc. It's a fun puzzle game that will keep you playing for hours!

Just 2 Words can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Just 2 Words app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 6.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

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Every answer is just 2 words and every puzzle is just plain fun!

This is David L. Hoyt's marvelous thinking game.

* Just 2 Words is utterly simple to play and fun for all ages.
* It is the brain child of America's most popular creator of word puzzles.
* Hours & hours & hours of fun. More than 1,000 puzzles!
* The game is perfect for those that have enjoyed the "4 Pics 1 Word" genre but are ready to move on to something fresh and even better!

Super easy to play. Over one thousand deliciously fun puzzles! Beautiful Retina graphics.

And in case you are wondering . . . David L. Hoyt is the most syndicated daily game creator in the world. His most famous games include Jumble, Word Roundup, Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters, Word Winder, and many more. His games appear in 750 newspapers, including USA Today, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

Begin playing Just 2 Words today. You'll love it!

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  • Screenshot for Just 2 Words
  • Screenshot for Just 2 Words

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Just 2 Words' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      82 (81%)
    1. 4 Star
        15 (15%)
      1. 3 Star
          3 (3%)
        1. 2 Star
            1 (1%)
          1. 1 Star
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            • Average Rating:101 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 96%
            Totally addictive!. This game is so much fun and really makes you think
            Game is a lot of fun. Having fun with this game.some are easy and some I have to think about.
            Fun.. Nice way to tease your brain a little.
            Just 2 Words Is Just 2 Fun. This is so cleverly addictive, you will have to force yourself to conserve puzzles. My only complaint? Too long between updates
            with even more puzzles!
            Pays to be nosy. Saw a woman playing this on an overseas flight. Looked like a lot if fun. She welcomed my help. I downloaded as soon as I had cell
            service! Lots of fun.
            Just 2 Words is excellent!. I love playing and each challenge level just gets better and better. I would highly recommend it!
            Great. Challenging for this old mind. keeps me thinking. Thanks.
            A Keeper!. Keeps me challenged with easy ones scattered throughout. Have gotten my family hooked too
            His majesty. I ran through all of the regular Jumbles and it was suggested that I might enjoy this one too. I do and so far lots of fun .
            And just think, now I have 1000 more puzzles. Thanks!
            Awesome. My nana got my into this its awesome
            Quick little game. Fun when you have a few minutes to kill as each puzzle is short and sweet!
            Levels. Need more levels and a secondary puzzle after solving. Game itself is a good brain teaser
            Just some good old-fashioned fun.. I really like these puzzles- they are quick and simple- no intricate strategy or rules- just a relaxing way to spend a little
            time. I never feel ambushed by any gratuitous sex, violence or lewdness. I
            Great App. This is a very addictive game that is great to play when you find your mind wondering.
            Clever and fun. What a great game. Quick and easy if you only have a few minutes and yet addicting as well. Easy to earn rewards. I really enjoy
            this app.
            Enjoyable challenge. More fun and less frustrating until you get stumped. Then the real challenge begins. You will get a chuckle out of the answers.
            Quick and easy to play . Love it!. Good pass time for a quick brain teaser exercise.
            Stroke fighter. Just two helps me exercise my mental health daily. Thank you.
            Good game. Keeps me challenged with easy ones scattered throughout mE
            Big Fan. LOVE IT!, Great way to start my day!
            Very nice. Challenging and addicting game!
            Excellent word game!. I always enjoyed Jumble Word, and this game is an added dimension to Jumble. Sometimes the puzzles are really easy, but don't be
            fooled by the simplicity of finding just 2 words! It can be really cha
            Loads of fun. I have enjoyed this game. Hope we don't run out of puzzles
            Ronan. This is a great challenge. Good game to exercise the brain
            Excellent game. I love how the game throws in some real challenges among relatively simple puzzles. I play it every chance I get. I specially like
            how if I'm really stuck I can spend some coins for a hint. Or I can s
            Enjoyable. I start my day with this puzzle. Goes very well with my coffee.
            Most Enjoyable. This game is fun without being to difficult and most addicting,
            Fun game. Lots of fun and just the right level of challenging to keep you entertained but not irritated.
            My favorite game.. I'm addicted. I can't stop playing. Genius creator
            Love just 2 words. Love,love love this app. But please hurry up with some new ones.I'm jonesing for a new fix
            2 Little Words. I love starting each day with a mental challenge. This is it!
            Model RR ER. I did all thousand puzzles and I did not have to spend a small fortune to get clues!I almost like this better than the regular
            newspaper JUMBLE which I am definitely addicted to!
            Fun and relaxing!. Just what I needed after an annoying day of dealing with numbers! Thanks!
            LOVE THIS GAME. The only problem I have is when the app offers a video for free coins and I select "Video," it doesn't come up.
            Thinking Game. I start my day with 2 Words and coffee. A great way to get the brain moving. A good addiction.
            Just2 words. Fun and challenging . I like the hints on the hard ones.
            Great game. This has been so much fun keep the new word coming.
            Great Game!. This game is great for making you think outside the box!
            Addictive, surprising, fun. Pictures and words. Sometimes obvious, sometimes not. Always enjoyable.
            Fun App. Good mix of easy and harder puzzles
            Awesome app. Great app. Both challenging and a terrific way to spend time waiting in lines. Fun to play with my son also.
            Mind exercise. Just2words is a great exercise for your mind, something that all retired folks can use. Much more interesting than crossword
            Great Challenging Fun. Always a fan of JUMBLE, I find this puzzle game is terrific with varying difficulty. No doubt this is excellent brain exercise
            and more fun than Luminosity.
            Just words. I like this game because it is mentally challenging and fun.
            Good Fun. The puzzles are fun and even when you need hints it is still satisfying to come up with the answers.
            lots of fun.. Love it! I try to play it every day.
            Review. Game is fun but some clues are way out in left field and I consider myself fairly intelligent.
            Great clean thinking fun !. Way too much fun for the whole family :-)We all get together and put our brains together !
            jJust 2 Words to love. Very thoughtful and catchy. Enjoy the challenge of keeping the daily string going.
            Just 2 Words. Entertaining thinking game. Fun!
            Challenging.but fun!. Really like this game a lot. I can unscramble all day! Thank you, David Hoyt for keeping my mind alert. Love it.
            Brain twister. This is a great change of pace, and is challenging enough to give me a break from the everyday.
            Love The Shuffle Button. Lots of great new puzzles and I really like the new button to scramble the letters!
            Two words. Fun and challenging I enjoy the challenge
            Just 2. Game is great. Is fun and makes you think. Very creative!
            Just a lot of fun.. Good clues, challenging at times. Puns used, so some spelling wrong, but creative.
            Nana. Wonderful workout for your brain. I have been searching for crossword puzzles or word games that have a new take. Thrilled to have
            found a few as challenging as these from the Hoyt creators. thanks gu
            Fun. Pretty fun, especially earning bonus coins.
            Great mind fun. Good app to keep the creative juices flowing. Slightly addicting. Uh oh. Late for work again. ;)
            Addicting. Fun and challenging! Sometimes you have to go away and come back to it before the solution makes itself known.
            Addictive. Hard to stop playing. Fun for all ages. Played with my granddaughter.
            Love this. I love this app! Fun and makes me think!
            CaptainJaque76. Enjoy this jumble format-Requires detail observation of pics-Good logic reasoning-View from the[Far Side]! (At times)Like the
            remix letters format-Good hints are given - Most can be solved quickly, bu
            Such fun!. Good mind exercise! And, fun too!
            Not bad. Got as far as 746 before quitting cos not paying, was a good game.Enjoyed.
            Just two words. Just fantastic! Sometimes the answer comes easily, BUT then comes some and you have to THINK! And at 80, I like to keep
            thinking. So thanks for helping me think.
            Meme. Great game! Play all the time. Keeps me thinking! Keep the puzzles coming! Five stars!
            Word Game. Very relaxing. Not to hard, not to easy. Just fun.
            OMG!. So much fun, so little time. The words are great! The pictures and clues are very clever! Love, love love it!
            BA. Love it! Very addictive!Please more updates!
            Hard to put down. Met the creator at the wonderful Red Lion in Lincoln square. The puzzles our fun and a great way to make the time fly on the CTA.
            Love this!. Fast and easy mostly,can get stumped.
            Love Words. Great game-makes you think in a casual way
            Wonderful. Great way to keep your mind thinking. Very addicting.
            Last thing I do!. Love this! Relaxing. Keeps your mind thinking. I always play a number of rounds just before bed every night.
            Just 2 FUN!. Awesome! Totally addicting and lots of fun!
            Good way to keep an older mind sharp. I like that I can guess the first or second word.
            2 WORDS. ACDDDDEEIILRTUVY! In other words, udderly addictive!
            Gotta get it!. Fun and challenging, but actually simple.answers right before your eyes! Each level gets more thought provoking.
            Outstanding. highly addictive. Love the gradual curve in difficulty. well made.
            Awesome game!. I LOVE this game! Very addicting!
            Fascinating. Fun and fast. Very thought provoking. Have reached the end, 510, and want more,more, more. Please update soon. Need my brain
            Fast Fun. Start playing right away and in no time you enjoy success. Just hard enough to make you feel clever! Highly addictive and
            So fun!. Love having this game for a quick time waster. I love the game play, and the clues keep me guessing! Great game!
            Just2words. I just got this and I am already hooked. Have to get some of the grand kids onto to this. They will love it
            Picture fun. Fun, cleaver, sometimes a real challenge !
            J.. Fun & challenging. thank you for keeping my brain active.
            Fun and different. Sounds easy and yet is fun and challenging, even with picture clues.
            fun but not challenging. It is kind of fun but easy so it gets boring quick.
            Great fun!. Great entertainment but have noticed at least one error. Please change the picture for the answer "Lamb Chop" because the picture
            is of a goat kid, NOT a lamb!
            Like. I like the fact that not all the puzzles are hard and not all are easy. I also like that after a hard one the next one or two are
            easier! Fun to play.
            2words. Love these challenges! Keep adding more please!
            Challenging fun. Very clever. I like that I can figure out most of them right away, but still enjoy the challenge of the more difficult ones.
            Love it. Not too hard, just makes you think. Great game.
            Brain game. Keeps me on my toes. Makes me exercise my brain while passing time.
            Awesome!,. Am delighted more puzzles have been added. Terrific, definitely challenging and my favorite game!
            Like game. I think a person should get more coins for a right answer. I like the app otherwise.
            Natural - 4%
            Tricky. Some puzzles are impossible.. uninstalled. I bought coins to try to solve some puzzles it was so hard. Some puzzles have clues that are so esoteric and almost
            sneaky you'd never figure them out without help. Not happy. Can't recom
            Challenging & Aggravating. Enjoy the puzzles but annoyed by the developer frequently injecting himself into the game, the unnecessary reminders of how to
            obtain clues, constant stream of unnecessary apps that I've won. I wish I
            Steve s. Fun, challenging game but names of persons should not be part of the game.
            Freezes. This is the second time this game has frozen up after watching the video. Both times at number 839 and I lost all 5000 points.
            Anyone know how to unfreeze or if this is the end of the game?


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