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Mirrorball Slots Mobile Edition is a a fun casino game for the iPhone and iPad developed by Plumbee.

Mirrorball Slots Mobile Edition can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Mirrorball Slots Mobile Edition app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 4.3+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.

Need help? Use our Mirrorball Slots Mobile Edition Walkthrough or sign up and make your contribution today.


SPIN & WIN your way through classic adventures like Goldilocks & the Wild Bears, Big Bad Wolf and Sinbad in our FREE casino slots. Hit the jackpot in our INCREDIBLE BONUS feature games.

Facebook's FAVORITE SLOTS app is now EVEN BETTER on iPhone & iPad! Get it FREE and PLAY today!

Want to trigger FREE SPINS whenever you like? You CAN in the Kingdom of Riches with the GEMS you collect as you PROGRESS in each game.

* Collect 2,000 FREE COINS when you join and START SPINNING right away

* A WELCOME GIFT of GEMS guarantees a WINNING start… use GEMS to trigger fun-packed FREE SPINS

* Come back to the lobby to collect MORE FREE COINS EVERY FEW HOURS

* Lobby COIN COLLECTS get BIGGER & BIGGER the more you play each game

* Automatic entry to WEEKLY CHALLENGES with generous prizes of COINS to play for even on non-winning spins

* Incredible themed FEATURE GAMES makes those BIG WINS extra sweet

* AMAZING NEW SLOTS added regularly!

* FAST PLAY and AUTOPLAY options let you get to the FREE SPINS action even sooner

Download it FREE and PLAY Mirrorball Slots: Kingdom of Riches TODAY!

* Mirrorball Slots is intended for use by those aged 21 and over, and is for entertainment purposes only. You cannot cash out from this application. This application is an online-only game, you must have an active internet connection to play.

App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for Mirrorball Slots Mobile Edition
  • Screenshot for Mirrorball Slots Mobile Edition

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Mirrorball Slots Mobile Edition' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      45 (49%)
    1. 4 Star
        26 (28%)
      1. 3 Star
          10 (11%)
        1. 2 Star
            11 (12%)
          1. 1 Star
              0 (0.0%)
            • Average Rating:92 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 82%
            Love this game!. Wish it was a little easier to send friends stuff , but the slots are fun!
            Nice. Coins lasting me longer then most apps normally they are deleted by now!
            ?. Good game, but it keeps freezing and exiting. Needs to be fixed.
            Fun to Play. I like King Colossus. The graphics are great and there are chances to get free points or earn them through playing. I haven't had
            to spend any money yet. Hopefully they won't get stingy with the payou
            Returning player. I haven't played in a long time. I lost all my previous levels, etc., but I forgot how much fun it was!
            Brown hummingbird,. I like the variety and the graphics it has different levels and it is fun
            Fun, fun, fun ️. Like the graphics and variety! Enjoying very much. Do wish the amount of the win would show longer or stay on screen.
            Great game!. New to this game, but really having a lot of fun. Entertaining!
            Mirror all Slots - GoldieLocks. Never actually written a review on ANY game -- that should tell you Something ! Love Mirrorball like the extras ! They add up
            and make the game interesting . Plus you have options -- you have choice
            Wonderful graphics and tons of fun!. I love the way you level up and have other journeys to accomplish also.
            I'm good. Love it it's just it keep crashing sometime but this is one of my favorites
            A great and fun game. I also wish you could give and receive gifts from friends.
            Love it. Wish you could get gifts from friends
            Goldilocks. I just joined!I'm amused.I like:Art Graphics Bonuses Fun
            Love it!. I give it a 10!Lots of fun not boring and you do get to play without losing all the time.Shirl
            Gr8 App. Slots pay out well. Def a must if you like slots!
            Great game one of the best!. A lot of fun, played a lot of slots and this one I never will delete!
            Ms. I love these games but it would be nice to actually get the free coins given on my email. When I click to accept them and it puts
            me into the site it says I've already accepted them. This happens qui
            Overall good. Good graphics and all just hate that each level has to download.
            It's well off ranked the best in show. Know a lil freak in Hollywood, s's on P does it really good
            Great game lots of fun. Would of gave it five stars but didn't hit very well
            None. I like it so far.haven't had any problems.
            I LIKE!. Just downloaded it but I really like it.
            Finally, fun!. Great animations during bonus play. Liberal "scatters", unlike other slots.
            One of the funner slots games. If you like slots, this one is pretty fun!
            Fun?. I am still confused why I play this daily. Other than I have a problem.
            Fun slots. I usually do not like slots, but I have enjoyed this one so far!
            Mirror Ball. This a great game,pays well. The extra spins pay well and increase during the first set of free spin which gives even more free
            plays and a greater pay off.
            Awesome!. This is the best slots game I have played!
            Excellent App!. Great game! Wish these developers would design real casino slots!
            Me. Love this game although when I try to download a different slot it kicks me off and have to restart whole thing
            Fun game. Fun to play but not enough bonuses for the number of points played.
            Kool Game. Love it & I just started playing hopefully it keeps up just like this!
            Great game. Needs more bonuses and way to link to existing computer account.
            Fun!. A fun way to pass the time. Good graphics too.
            Satisfied and addicted. Great game. Nice bonus plays. Very entertaining
            Fun slot game!. Uniquely different slot game than the others! Music and quality is top notch and the machines are all different in their own way.
            No rinse and repeat machines like in other slot games.
            The Queen. Love Firestorm on FB app- problem is they are tight with the wins. You wait until you amass a bunch of coins and go for a while.
            Nice to be able to now play it on my phone. Just frustrating as hell.
            Good game. Could be better.somewhat glitchy. Overall, enjoyable experience.
            Love. I love to play The Three Bears slots.
            Liked it much better before update. Love the graphics but liked the games much better before the update. Had higher scores and lots more points. Seems to be lots
            harder to get into the bonus rounds.
            Almost like real gambling. There are big wins, but, mor often big losses. I play almost every day. Right now, I am winning, so many stars!
            Great games. Wish I could play more but coins go to fast
            I love this slot game.. I do love this slot game. But it has an incredibly annoying habit on freezing on me. If this was fixed I would upgrade my star
            rating to 5 stars.
            Simply the best of all. I have played dozens and dozens. But this is class apart. Thanks for this.
            Excellent game. Also, nice user name!. I enjoy everything about this game. It will be cool if more bonus games trigger, but no big deal. Also, I get it "Plumbee" it
            informally means the receiver of the plumbing, translated."the sh¡t" lol
            By Jolucy94. Mirror balls is off the chain especially love bonus rounds
            LD. Great slots game! Reels spin fast, great pay-outs, generous bonuses! I give it 5 Stars!
            Razer. I love this game, I play it every day.
            Pammertime. Very creative! Very fun! Lots of wins!
            Wonderful !. Nice and easy play .GREAT!Thank-you.
            Loads of fun. Fun fun fun kills a lot of time
            Mirror Slots. Love this App! This game is a blast!
            Great Fun. Lots of action in this one. Great fun!
            Goofert1. Really like this game this is one of my favorite slot games wish they would add new games though
            Coolio. This is a fun game-AND you get rewards every two hours for returning!
            Great game but a few glitches with Thumblelina and. I love this game and play it often but lately I have been unable to access Thumbelina and goldielocks. It tells me that I have a
            connection error but I can play the other games just fine. I had a prob
            More Slots Please!. Love this game! The graphics & bonus rounds are fun! Please add more slot games! The same 4 get a little old! :)
            Love Mirrorball Slots. Great game and like it that you can stop the spins just wish, during the challenges, that the symbols showed up more often.
            Great. Would of gave it a five but tired of playing the same four slot over and over they put news one out for there other app why not
            every two weeks for mobile one else seem to have a problem update
            Disappointed. Very disappointed in this game. It used to be fun, but winning is very slim. What happened to this game?
            Mirrorball. I never get tire of playing the SAME FOUR GE OVER AND OVER on the mobile app. Collecting play money just gives use a little to
            play with and waiting is just too far away.
            So much fun!. Thoroughly enjoy this game, quite addicting!
            Awesome. Great games. Love the graphics and fun to play with plenty of bonus opportunities.
            Cool. This game is pretty cool. Has cool graphics.
            Mirror ball Slots. This is really a fun little game and I love the creative bonus rounds.
            Fun. Good time sink, reasonably frequent wins. Nice graphics
            Home maker. Love! Love! Love ! Keep paying big jack pots!
            Cool App. A Lil different from computer game, but still a lot of fun!
            Like. This helps pass the time and is rather entertaining
            Mirrorball - Kelsie. Pretty good--I like the challenges. I only have three games on my I-Pad. Need more.
            Natural - 18%
            Love it but .. Love these games but you get to the bonus so seldom I tend to not come back every day.
            Love the games. Updated on it's own now lags real bad. And stops working. Not happy!
            Every update comes with bugs. Each time a new version comes out, I'm not able to collect coins from my fan page until there's a "bug fix" version a few days, or
            up to a couple weeks after the fact! Can this be fixed assp?
            Just OK. This used to be a great game. But now you rarely win. And they have made the game even worse now. Bonuses used to be able to be
            collected every two hours but now they changed it to every four hours. R
            Game. I like this game but will it would pay more
            CRASH!. Would be fun if it didn't crash every time I change games. Have had the game for 30 minutes and probably restarted it 7 or 8
            times. Spins are kind of erratic and jerky too
            So-So. Games alright, graphics are good, and bonus games are fun. Wheels are very tight, winning spins are tough to come by! Easy to
            spend Real money to try to win fake money!
            EXPENSIVE TO PLAY. Addicting and EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE- constantly spending money to try to get through challenge. Better to go to real casino as at
            least you have a chance to win or lose REAL MONEY!
            Okay so far. Just started it is interesting to play
            Upsetting. Ever since they did the newest update this game has not opened and this was the one game I played a lot I am at the point I want
            to remove from system and find a new game
            Mirrorball slots. Real nice and exciting looking, but will not download games! Fix, so I can play what looks like will be fun!
            What happened. I like playing the games, but you need to add more games to the mobile app. Bonuses are getting few and far between I went from
            over 5 million down to less than 10 thousand without hitting any.
            Does anyone work on this game?. I love this game, but you guys are stingy with the challenges. Have to spend a couple thousand to get 10 pts on challenges. See
            what you can do!
            FROZEN AGAIN.. I love the game when it works but it once again will not load. It goes to a black screen and stays that way. I have to close out
            the app to get the black screen to go away. Please fix it soon! I a
            Spike. You need some upgrades, loose lots of points
            No bonus. The Magic Mirror slot does not go into bonus even though the apples come up. Lose many credits because of this.
            Bonus collection. Wish it popped up with reminders to collect bonuses.
            Very slow. Stops a lot. Connection errors all the time. Would be fun unfit actually worked correctly.
            Loved it at first. At first this was one of my favs. Had a lot of credits and 3 mirror balls. Then installed the latest update now the reels just
            spin saying there is a connection error. So I had to delete it
            Okay game. Games are good graphics are good. But really hard to get the bonuses. Hard to come by. Games would be more fun if bonuses were
            more frequent.
            Not enough bonus rounds. Fun, but the cutesy characters need to be more generous.


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