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Call of Mini Infinity is a fun entertainment game for iPhone and iPad. The app was developed by Triniti Interactive Limited, who were also behind Call of Mini Zombies 2 and Call of Mini: DinoHunter apps. It's first version was released on Jul 18, 2013. The Game Center leaderboard features your score, so you can compare it and compete with friends and peers.

The Call of Mini Infinity App is available for free on the iOS devices, iPhone 6/Plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4s, iPad and iPad Mini running iOS 5.1 or higher. You can download Call of Mini Infinity using the QR code or by clicking the "Download" button below.

See the App Store ratings and Call of Mini Infinity game review below picked from other customers who have used this app.

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The earth is on the brink of a large METEORITE IMPACT! The burden is on you to find a new place for people to LIVE. Colonizing a planet is not that easy and DANGERS lie ahead.

► ► ► ► ►

35 years ago, humans discovered an inhabitable star known as Caron. They have started to gather a vast army of star warriors in preparation for an expedition to that planet outside the solar system. And you're the leader of this army! Take your army safely to the planet. When you land, build a base and set up defenses against incoming alien attacks. Then what's left is to conquer this planet completely!

► ► ► ► ►

• Fluid 3D shooting gameplay
• Thrilling battles
• Use powerful skills to fight off enemies
• Upgrade armor to gain desirable buffs
• Command an arsenal of weapons
• Learn talents to customize the way you fight
• Cooperate with friends to defeat epic bosses

► ► ► ► ►

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Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Call of Mini Infinity' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type 'Call of Mini Infinity'.
3. Tap the 'install' button, located to the right of the app title.

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Positive - 84%
Too many hackers. You should patch all hacks, people hack too much, it makes the game not that enjoyable.
New modes are amazing. You guys should really put an ALIEN MODE! :D it will be really fun. Please put it. I think it will make the game even better and
much more fun. Hope you guys do this :) thanks.
This is great!. I really like the game,but it will be better if the game gives us more tcrystal
Worst Game Ever. I had powerful items and weapons and thousands of coins and one day when I open the app I'm on the tutorial? I try daily to get my
items back but every time I get my name changed to NEWBIE and put in
BEST GAME EVER. This game is awesome the only problems are that there isn't a matchmaking system and I don't think it's fair to all the newbies
out there. And please GET RID OF THE GLITCHES AND BUGS otherwise really
Wanting a new features. VERY GOOD GAME but can u plz add a new friend
Suggestions. This Game is so fun but it would be better if you added jet packs and campaign mode-the only thing this game needs is campaign
I love this game. This game is so fun I love it keep up good work and right a good review
Best C.O.M ever. It's awesome no lag except for the one when you shoot them even when they're dead and it shows them alive but it's a really good
game it's the coolest game from C.O.M ever but still put one mode where
Great Game.. This is game is one of my favorites I have had it for about a year and a half and have gotten so much stuff. Sometimes I lose
something but I just get it back. So it's not bad. Add more suits, guns, i
Some suggestions. I love this game but I would like if there was a option to go into first person. I also think that you should be able to get a jet
pack that allows you to fly and I think you should unlock it when you
Pure awesome. This game is great but, it has a couple things you could add and fix but one that annoys me the most is the player match system
why? Because you don't have one. It would make more sense if noobs fough
Developers. Did you erase my data? Your buddy, Robocop
Game needs improvent. This game is good and have beautifull graphics but floating glitch and going inside walls sentry glitch shoot through walls mecha
smith all these glitches but you guys are adding more stuff •.• cm
Love it. It's not like the games to day it's different.
It's a cool game but why. Every time I log put and go back in it restarts my progress lose everything
Let's stop the bugs. I play almost every dan and I enjoy playing it.GLITCHING HAS TO STOP RIGHT NOW! I see people at level 1with hand cannons, snipers,
and beam bays REALLY COME ON LETS STOP BUGS. I ask them "do you hack?
Starter Kits and Other Things. Can you plz add darter kits because when I first played I got killed like every 5 to 10 seconds by a pro or hacker. Can we have
a 1 star melee and 1 star gun with armor which is decent for noobs.als
PLZ READ THIS IS A BUG U NEED TO FIX FOR GULDS. So I joined a level 10 guild and got wings. Then they went away and said I have to be in a level 10 guild to have them and I am.
PLZ fix this!
Could be better. The game always crashes before I even start playing please fix it
火山弓. I like this game and am very pleased with it#⃣1⃣
Best game. This game rocks i would rate more stars if it were possible
Com infinity. Please add a shield to carry with you on your solder hand. Please add a call of duty Balt
Mail Box. Can you make anther issue bug fix again and give us 100 crystals one more time, I really want the mecha smith.
this games is like the best game ever. Where is the freaking holloween items yall are horriable companys making to many games and dont even care do the items
Jdmendjjdjened. Hwmsndnjejejwjneneekwwnejekj bite me diisjsudhdudududhcycyddgsexhdndndjdjddjd
Where da update. I was waiting for the Halloween update for Apple but it only came for Samsung what is that I need the update for Apple my brother
already has all hats PLZ give update for apple
HALLOWEEN MASKS. Hey triniti infinity i know u are more foucused on the bad stuff than adding new stuff but there are these players that have the
ridicolus lol spelled that wrong but the shadow knight is what most peo
Switching Accounts. I wish you could switch accounts or like replace them with something else. My mom is about to give me a new phone and on my old
one I am so boss. I really want to put the account on my new phone. Plea
Good.but. The game is good , but In teamup,there are some minor glitches. I wish that you would give people that win teamup challenges
gems.Just 1-5 gems.Really not that much.Plus you should give the elite fire
Great game but one problem. I would have given this game five stars but it crashes a lot but still very fun to play
Beast but. I lost a lot off stuff i lost my 300dimonds when i logged in again i workd hard for them i wanted to unlock the one that costed
150dimonds to unlock and guet new stuff but i lost all of them plz can i
FIX IT!. I was playing a death match in the canyon. Sooner or later this character Leo is shooting a machine gun through a part of the
canyon and people are getting on top of the canyon whyyyyyy! I really nee
Add facebook option. I think there should be a connect to facebook or Twitter option it would be so much better when there is that option I will give 4
stars XD
Game is awesome but if u could add. GAME IS AWESOME BUT. If u could a trading system in the guilds like I have 789 crystals and I wanna trade it for The ENGI Armor :
Im in 69Force my name is HitMe69
Awsome and challenging!. I have not gotten bored yet, after 8 months of playing on and off.Arrow49I.
Fix. It never load fix it also crash and also say connection problem.please fix it as fast as you can.
AWSOME but ,. Minecraftisbeast XD AWSOME but in the next update can we be Abel to customize our armor like in halo 4
because this is kind of like halo slayer
Phew. When I started playing again, my mom deleted this game! I reinstalled and thankfully I still have my upgrades and everything.
Thank you
Great app. I love this app, but I have to say that there needs to be a campaign thats all!
Awesome but. There is something you should add chatting
great game. it is good and fun with great graphics
More bonuses. In the daily bonus you can get awarded up to 30 gems please add that
Like this game is awesome !. Like it is the best you see ugh.You get your own diamonds also called t crystals
Left Handers feel left out.. When will you guys allow left handed controls?!
Awesome. Please add a zombie mode and a campaign. It would also be cool if we could have friends and play with them. I also think u guys
should make us able to change our armor color. I would really enjoy any
Rdffggggfg. Cdffyggfdchhfgvgggggfffjgrergtddtfggvvgdrrfffffggfgggfgggtggggggfggggggggggggggggggtgggggffgggtgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggfgfffg
Need to fix a glitch. Hi,I really like this game,but you need to fix a bug or glitch. Whenever I climb a tower and go over it sends me into a dark
abyss. And after playing a round drop bomb or team death match, it crashes.
Com. Hey i had 49 crystals but when i play again i lost ir all
Good game. Please make weapons you can buy with coins,and everything a bit cheaper because you can only earn so many coins per battle and
Almost Bad Game But 5 Stars. Sometimes when I kill a player it says someone killed a player. Also almost every match, I get matched against opponents stronger
than me.
Help. Can you make a restore purchase for weapons cause I bought a 100 gem gun by mistake
Pretty good. The game is great overall but the turning needs to be more sensitive
Fix!. It kicks me out in my I pod 5 and I just started to play this please fix
Bad controls after the new update (1.5.2). The smoothness is gone please fix it
Recommended game!. It would be better if it had a mic to talk to your opponents! And killing people with your swords again would be nice, cause its a
great way to get weekly top warrior!
Ok. I love this app but im tired of it crashing too much so if you can please fix that i will give it 5 stars but anyway i love this
Natural - 16%
AMAZING. The best game ever! Some lag,but overall awesome. I love it!
Rate. 1. FIX CRASHING PLEASE2. PLAYER EVENESS(NOOBS MATCHED WITH NOOBS, PROS WITH PROS)good game, please fix crashing, put player
It is so glitchy. It so glitchy it makes my person die everytime last time it was so easy to play now it is all glitchy
Shutting Down After Every Match. I like this app, but every single match I play after it ends the game goes back to the home screen. I lose my data causing me not
able to level up. Not fun.
Bugs and Sh*t. Every time I went to servers and got crash, shame man!
Plz fix. After the new update i could not get into the app because it always kicks me out plz plz plz FIX it
Please Fix!. I love this game. but. It crashes every time I finish a game and I can't collect the daily reward after it crashes. Also please
make a team balancer. I always get paired up with lvl 30 people who kill
16. Lost everything. I had the head fire thing electricity the scary thing and the 349 solider
Crapy spins. Whenever I spin the wheel with ribbons I only get 2000 coins trinity interactive limited should change it to at LEAST 15000 coins
. I worked my butt off playing the game I go on today my account is gone !
The game reset my account.. Why? Why would you reset my account? Now you guys know im never going to buy anything because I feel unsafe.
Ehhh. It was fun at first. Add campaign
Best game but need more update. I bought the 350 pack of tcrystal and I got offline then I got online then it said I got 24 tcystals left but I got 127 left but
it said I got 24
iOS 8. It does not work for iOS 8 please make it other than that it is amazing
Unbalanced but can work. What you guys need to stop doing is pairing people up against people who just pay to win pair us non payers with other non payers
to have a better experience rather than getting killed buy a 9 year ol
Really!. Can you guys make maches so that a level 16 fights a level 16 or a level 10 fight level 10 it gets anioying when you always lose
just because another team has engi or suboriti ninja like come on !
okkkkk. i guess because its just like com zombies
Hi. I have a ipod touch 4 gen but it kicks me off alot i dont know why please fix it:(
Was an awesome game. Until It started crashing on me whenever I tried to get in.
There are glitches. This game is really fun and all but I hate the glitches. I was playing a game once and a person threw a grenade and it killed me,
but here is the thing I was like 30 feet away from him, and then one
Fix my account, please.. When I changed names, I could not log back on ;(!My username is Chewy, previous name is 8d2. Fix it, please.
Frusteration. PvP is fun but the level matching is not. At low level you are paired against those with one shot abilities and it makes a person
delete the app and not pay I to it.

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