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Genres: [Music | Entertainment]
Developer: appolis
Release Date: May 09, 2013
Version: 2.3.2
Size: 14.69 MB
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download Spinrilla and play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. the application is compatible with iPad 2.

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Developer Description

Spinrilla, the 800-lb gorilla of free hip-hop mixtapes. Access thousands of hip-hop mixtapes in your pocket.

Use the Spinrilla app to listen to the newest hip-hop mixtapes released for free from your favorite artists and DJs. Offline mode allows listening to mixtapes when an internet connection isn't present.

Subscribe to a 'Pro Membership' for unlimited mixtape listening and downloading. Pro Memberships are $3.99 (USD) / 3.99 (CAD) / 49.00 (MEX) / 4.49 (AUS) / 5.29 (NZD) / 350 (JPY) / 3.59 (Euro) / 4.00 (CHF) / 28.00 (NOK) / 2.49 (GBP) / 25.00 (DKK) / 28.00 (SEK) / 25 (CNY) / 4.98 (SGD) / 28.00(HKD) / 120 (TWD) / 129 (RUB) / 6.99 (TRY) / 220 (INR) / 39000 (IDR) / 15.90 (ILS) / 32.99 (ZAR) / 14.99 (SAR) / 14.99 (AED) per month. Subscriptions are renewed automatically and can be cancelled at any time.

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All content on Spinrilla is provided by artists or DJs and is strictly for promotional use only.

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How to Download:

Download Spinrilla free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.
Download for PC or Mac:
1. Go to the Spinrilla application page in your iTunes and Click the button to download.
2. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes to complete.
Download on the iTunes App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
2. Search for Spinrilla.
3. Click the button to download and install.
4. Enjoy.

You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get "Spinrilla" to your device.
If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.
*This Spinrilla application may be available in some countries.

Latest User Reviews

Dec 15
(5★) Amazing app: This app has ever mixtape I could ask for ️ this app
Dec 14
(4★) Great App !: The Only Thing I Wish Was Different Was The Editing Of Some Unreleased Songs .
Dec 13
(3★) App Review: This App Was Okay, The Only Problem I Have Is When Downloading A Mixtape It Does Not Download The Whole Mistape.
(5★) Bout time: Good music app for iPhone users
Dec 12
(4★) Need to update: It would be more convenient if I could download a mixtape and be able to pick songs to add to a playlist, instead of going to a
playlist and adding the songs.
Nov 20
(5★) Singles: Great app but If I buy the membership can I download singles?
(4★) Best hip-hop music app now: Love the app but it would be better I it would let us share and sync to iTunes
Nov 19
(5★) Hottest place to get the mix tapes: Stream this app all day and night. Get the newest music immediately.
(5★) good app: thumbs up. all my favorite trap music on here
(5★) This is the best music app: I get all the new albums for free
Nov 18
(4★) Good app !: It has a few bugs here and there that need to be fixed. But other then that. Its run smooth. Has a a lot to choose from. Better
then a lot of other music apps
Nov 17
(5★) Fabiano Soprano: Love this app it saves me time and space on. I recommend it to all people of love Mixtapes.
(5★) Best mixtape app ever: This app is the best. Great selection and always up on the latest mixtapes. I only wish I could find older and past mixtapes more.
The mixtapes that came out in 04 thru 07
Nov 16
(5★) LOVE IT: This is the best mixtape app ever. Absolutely love it ️️
(5★) Legit: This is the best place to go find the best music you want to hear.
Oct 25
(4★) Playlist Feature: You guys should give the option of creating a playlist and going into different mixtapes that are downloaded and choose each song
instead of scrolling through "songs" getting tired of looking for each
(5★) Thanks: Thanks for making it back to a multi tasking app
(5★) yo: get a recently downloaded folder and you got the best app ever
Oct 24
(5★) Best: Get my mixtape here and it so good
(5★) Make a whole new cool looking design!: Redesign the whole app, make it look actually updated!
Oct 23
(4★) Good, but needs a "favorites" feature: As of now this is the most reliable mixtape app that I have used on the App Store. Selection is good and songs load up fairly
quickly. One thing that is really missing from an app like this is the abi
Oct 22
(3★) NEEDS UPDATE: This app overall is great but it makes my iPhone overheat or get hot please help
Oct 21
(5★) DownLoad This : Greatt App , Da Music Is Fire
Sep 30
(4★) Fire app!: At first I thought this app was going to be garbage. But after looking and listening to the mixtapes, this app is the best. Keep
it up!
(5★) Perfect !: Beautiful app just a few suggestions. Have more recent mixtapes with less DJs interfering with the songs and the original albums
like drake-nwts but other than that perfect keep doing what your doing
(5★) Best music app: Hands down ️ the best music app deserves 20 stars
(5★) HELL YEA!: Dis app is awwsome especially with da new update, everyone should get dis app But one more thingMake it too where u can
edit/rename ur songs Do this and i would jump for joy, thanks spinrilla!
(3★) Shuffle: Ever since the ios8 update my spinrilla and my brothers and friends doesnt shuffle on its on. I have to literally hit play twice
just to shuffle to the next song. Please fix this. Its annoying
(3★) Please Fix: I love this app but after the recent update it keep force closing by it self randomly
(4★) It was perfect pero.: This was my fav music app until the recent update. Now when i lock my iphone and play music it doesnt go to the next song. I
literally have to unlock my phone just to go to the next song
(5★) Plz!: I love this app I have some much fun with this app but some of the music is uploaded with low volume, so all I asked is that on
the next update that you add a EQ, this addition to the app would make m
(5★) Best App Ever: This app is great unlimited music :)
Sep 29
(5★) WoW !: This app got so much fast after the new update ! Been using this app for like a year an some or long er . Beautiful music app ! I
recommend to all my friends
Sep 04
(5★) Good in my book: This is the best music app ever !
(3★) Great: Endless mixtapes, I get to listen to my favorite music. But why stop at mixtapes? Why not add albums too. That would be fantastic
Sep 03
(4★) Great app but just one thing.: Fix the crashing bug when u launch the app & this will get a five star from me
(4★) Cloud: Needs a way to save all your music on the cloud or something so when you switch devices your music stays
Sep 02
(4★) Great App But.: It is an amazing app. It keeps you up to date with new releases & ect., but it takes up a lot of space.
(5★) Thank you: It finally upgraded to a pro account
Sep 01
(2★) Spinrilla: Alot of my music does not play. I need this fixed asap
Aug 31
(3★) FORCE CLOSE: Perfect app only thing is it keeps force closing! not every time but a lot of the time when I open it, it just force closes in a
few seconds. please fix
(5★) Love: Love this app has everything i need ! Good job
(5★) Add this to the next update.: Add a scroll 0-Z on the side to make it easier to navigate through the music.
Aug 30
(5★) GREAT! But one thing: Great app, but add a "now playing" option
Aug 28
(4★) Nice but no ratings for songs: Great app but i wish there was ratings for the songs
Aug 27
(5★) Good so far: I love this app! But the repeat button need to be fix when i press repeat it repeats that 1 song can you make where i can repeat
all songs
(2★) this got a cloud server?: I signed out one time and deleted the app. I came back and signed in and all my music was deleted. Fix it please.
(5★) Great just some extra!: Needs a repeat all songs button in the playlist, and make it easier to delete songs by just going to the mixtape instead of have
to go thru the song tab! But overall good app could be made better !
(5★) Suggestion: Make it so you can delete songs from the mixtapes not in songs that makes deleting certain songs easier
Aug 25
(5★) Needa cain music mafia: Needs more mista and scotty cain
Aug 11
(5★) This app is wet!: I never thought they would make an app like this. Its pretty dope.
Aug 09
(5★) The best mixtape app out: This is by far the best mixtape app I have EVER USED! After downloading it and playing around with it for a few hours it was
apparent that this is the only mixtape app I need and I went ahead and del
Aug 07
(5★) #NICE: one of the best mixtape apps yet! there could be some improvements but still a great app.
(4★) Equalizer: Best app hands down this is were I get all my music but I really like to listen to my music bass boosted so can u please add
equalizer would be awsome
Aug 06
(5★) Close: Add a equalizer to this app with control of the bass as well
(5★) This app!: This app is honestly the best I have ever used for music , I can get any song I want ! I was having a bad day because my phone
reset and I lost all my music and this app helped me way more than can im
(5★) ️: Love it no ads and has alot of mixtapes from our favorite rappers
Aug 05
(4★) Almost perfect.: This is the best mixtape app on the market. But i have a few things i wish it didnt lack like for instance the search bar needs a
lil tune up when looking up songs/artists/mixtapes in your own library
(5★) Really great: This app is really good I forgot all about library
Aug 02
(4★) App: Its a solid app, def need a now playin button, be able to search for songs wen makin a playlist and last but not least can yall
please add more Tri-state artist for ex: beanie sigel, oschino, joey jih
Aug 01
(5★) FYEEE: Everything is great about this! Great music all the hot singles everything!
Jul 18
(3★) IPAD APP.thx for update.playlist️️: Can we get an ipad version, please?Would be nice if we can add a cuurent song being listened to to a playlist and also have the
option to have a choice to go to a mixtapes in our library to create a p
Jul 17
(3★) Crash App: My app keeps crashing everytime I try to search a song then download.
Jul 16
(2★) Problem: I love the app but when I search for song and hit download it crashes
(4★) Great app: Great app but needs a now playing bottom and can you guys add more of ice berg mixtapes (south Florida rapper).
Jul 15
(4★) Playlist: The only problem I have with this app is you cannot add a song to a playlist with while that song is playing you have to go find
it when you go to your playlist and add songs
(5★) Great Update: The app is great but need a "Now Playing" button !
(5★) THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE: On the next update please add a reply button for playlist other then that best music app ever !
(4★) Update: I wish I could download a single song without playing it.
Jul 14
(5★) Best music app ever!: This app is the best an continues to get better and better i love it so much!
Total 72 reviews with 87.8% ratings for this app.
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