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ProCamera 7 is an iOS Photo & Video application for your iPhone or iPad that ranks in the top 100 most popular applications in the U.S. The app was developed by Cocologics, who were also behind ProCamera HD and Barcode apps. It's first version was released on Sep 18, 2013.

ProCamera 7 is currently available for the iPhone 6/Plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPad and iPad Mini running iOS 8.1 or higher. You can download ProCamera 7 using the QR code or by clicking the "Download" button below.

You can read the app store reviews of ProCamera 7 below, in various scents, from other customers who have bought and used this app. Please share your thoughts and experiences about the application in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Your opinion matters!

App Description

***** Spring Sale! 20% off! *****
Fast. Simple. Professional. Designed for iOS 8 with HDR and Manual Control!
Shoot Like A Pro - Capture The Moment.

ProCamera 8 is a photo, video, and editing app bursting with state-of-the-art technology! ProCamera has been setting the standard for photo apps since the very beginning, and it’s the next dimension of mobile photography. With its renowned powerful and intuitive user interface, the new ProCamera 8 now enables you to shoot stunning HDR photos and precisely control exposure and focus with a simple swipe.

New features include

vividHDR (In-App Purchase)
Fast. Simple. Vibrant. With our technology partner Ittiam for vividHDR, our world’s best HDR on iOS 8 does not require a tripod and can capture moving objects. Discover a new world of vivid colors and powerful contrasts.

With a swipe of your thumb, you can set the ideal exposure intuitively and boost the photo quality.

Now you can get the same level of control as with a DSLR camera. This includes setting explicit values for: exposure time, ISO sensitivity, color temperature, and tint.

Focus can be controlled with a convenient swipe anywhere on the viewfinder.

A long press on the White Balance calibrates the camera to a gray card.

Play back your action videos in slow motion. You can even adjust the pitch of the audio in videos for realistic playback or funny sound effects.

The NY Times says "the high-end crowd swears by it", National Geographic chose it as 1 of 8 "must-have travel apps". Forbes selected it as one of the "Best iPhone Camera Apps 2014" and said it "provides nearly any camera feature you could need, and shoots HD video". There are 3 million users who have trusted ProCamera for years.

Main features

Editing is taken to a new level: Quickly and seamlessly swipe between filters, use image adjustment tools, or crop and correct photos.

Just double tap in ‘Album’ to see your masterpiece in full resolution. ProCamera is the only app that shows you every pixel of your photos.

Separate Focus and Exposure points plus White Balance Lock allow for increased creative control in both photo and video mode. Now even more powerful when combined with the new manual Control.

Get professional, sharp and noise free night shots! Shutter speed can be set to 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and even 1 second (iPhone 4S/5).

The new capture formats (16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, 3:1) use the maximum possible screen real estate for accurate composition and framing.

For saving, sharing, exporting or deleting of photos/videos within the app.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, EyeEm, and Instagram (with unique SquarePrepare function and support of high-res exports); or batch upload to DropBox and Vimeo. The Open In option lets you easily transfer photos between editing and sharing apps and it supports TIFF.

By flicking from the left margin to right in the viewfinder.

In addition, ProCamera offers TIFF, RAPID FIRE MODE, ANTI SHAKE for photos and videos, 3D TILTMETER, SELF TIMER, extremely FAST STARTUP SPEED, VOLUME TRIGGER, Live HISTOGRAM, REALTIME 6x DIGITAL ZOOM, distraction free shooting with FULLSCREEN MODE, Illustrated Manual, Code Scanner, EXIF/VideoMetaData Viewer, Manual Save, and much more.

Join the ProCamera community. Visit our blog. Sign up for our newsletter and get the latest tutorials, news and features. Tag your photos with #procamera8 in Instagram for inclusion to our regular ProCamera showcase. Contact us via ‘customer service’ within the app or drop us an email for suggestions. We are listening.

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Download the app

Available now for download on iPhone or iPad
Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the ProCamera 7 application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your iPhone through iTunes to complete.
Download via App Store:
1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
2. Tap in the Search box and type ProCamera 7.
3. Tap the 'install app' button, located to the right of the app title.


* ProCamera 7 may be available in some countries.
You can securely create an apple profile with your information, but you have to be registered to iTunes in order to get the "ProCamera 7" to your device. If you don’t have an active account, please register to iTunes store with a credit card number. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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App Reviews

Positive - 90%
Best cam app evar. Great app, responsive. They know their stuff. Bulk delete photos is also included, have just cleaned my old600 photos, awesome
The Best!. I once had an iPhone with a camera. Now I have a camera with an iPhone. Very very nice. And I have yet to check out all the new
features. ProCamera 8 is making incredible photos on my iPhone. People d
The best keeps getting better!. Every time they update this app, it feels like it's the best, and it just couldn't get better. Every time they update it, they
make it better. Offering everything from full featured professional level
Just the best camera app there is.. If you're like me, you simply want a camera app that is not only loaded with great features, but also one that is completely
intuitive to use. ProCamera 8 is all that and more. It contains everything
Great camera app!. Full exposure and focus control.Great HDR (in-app purchase).AND. It looks like the iPhone tracks your GPS and which direction you
are pointing when you take a picture.ProCamera shows you that map. Jus
Advanced Beginner Photographer. My favorite and useful feature allows me to press anywhere on the screen called full-screen trigger to take a picture. This
single feature makes the app worth it for me. It makes every photo I take i
New default app. This has become my default camera app with a large amount of creative control. Had 1issue recently due to my own failure to read
the instructions thoroughly. Response from support was very fast and he
BestX2. ProCamera and VividHDR have been my two favorite apps for a long time and now they're in one! Bravo! Thank you!
Leave Your DSLR at Home!. Look no more further. If you're looking for a true quality app that equates itself to a real DSLR, this is it! Pixels are awesome!
Pro quality. This is the best thing to ever happen to iPhone 6 plus. It lets you set every thing including white balance which makes a
difference in poor pictures to quality photography. Worth every cent spent.
New iPhone must have. iPhone 6 already have a great camera, ProCamera makes it even better, so easy to use, make all your adjustments while you shoot,
instead of wait until edit afterwards.
Best Cam app so far!. I've had many apps, but this one by far beats many of those that I use. Definitely recomend it!
Love it!. I'm still learning but it takes much better pictures than the stock iPhone 6 plus.
Great app!. I have been using ProCamera almost exclusively for a couple of years now. I've tried others but keep coming back. Their support
people are amazing. Very quick feedback.
Great app for the iPhone 6. Works great for me. Feature rich application and takes great pictures. I'd highly recommend it to everyone.
My new camera app. The best option for photos on the iPhone 6. It's far better than stock camera. Makes photos with ease.
My favorite iPhoto app. I belong to an iPhone photography group. This is the app I use all the time for my picture of the day. I've used it for several
years. It just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for creating su
iPhone 6 cam realized. The perfect bump up from stock iOS cam app. Just enough custom controls to allow the user to capture the right moment with
metering and focus. I bought the HDR filter as well and the results with tif
Auto Focus While Recording!. I love how this camera application will allow for continuous auto focus while video recording - even on older devices without
focus pixels! Hooray!Overall a very powerful camera application. I would d
By far the best. I am a camera snob for my iphone 5 and have tried more than a dozen camera apps. Procam is by far the easiest and has the most
useful features. It has been the only camera app I use for more than a ye
Needs to be less buggy.. Also I have auto save on but it hasn't auto saved any picture ever. It makes me review them first and I have to manually hit save.
I just realized this and lost about 10 photos :0
Very Superior to Apple camera. Those who write that this is a bad app simply don't know how to use it
I needed this app.. I'm a designer and I was looking for a great camera app outside of the default app. Hooray!
BEST Camera app for iOS. I have numerous apps for photography and this is the best app for controlling exposure and focus bar none. Better than VSCO in my
opinion and much better than the cam built in iOS. The ipad version is
Awesome. It would be great however, if you could make the volume button double as the click button to take the picture like it does on the
regular Apple app
Awesome Realistic Filters!. This update to Procamera is awesome. Very easy to use, lots of practical features. Impressive selection of filters which actually
enhance the photo and do not just smack a 70s layer on it!
I no longer need to buy a full size DSLR!. I absolutely love this app! It turned my iPhone into my preferred camera -and it fits in my pocket! Feature-rich but intuitively
simple to use.
Kinks need to be worked out?. I bought this app and the HDR in-app purchase to compare with a dozen other camera apps. This one was my favorite for quick and
ease of use until I discovered that it saved both the original and HDR v
Great update!. This is the only camera app that offers real manual controls!
Fantastic!. Great technical support! Full featured photography app. Pro features galore!
Good. Por favor añadir a photos para que uno puede editar en la app nativa
Love the manual controls. Perfect little camera. Can choose ISO, exposure, Focus, etc. much better than the original cam app.
Fantastic camera app. I love the new features! This is my go-to camera. It is already great and just keeps getting better.
Awesome. What an awesome camera app and just keeps on getting better
Go to camera. Love it. Quality is outstanding, especially since it allows you to shoot in raw form. Only thing I wish it had was a direct cloud
connection to save automatically to sites like Dropbox or owncloud.
Great App. The app is great,even better than Apple camera and I used it all the time I replace Apple camera with this app,one of the best
camera app on the market to date.
Beast camera app and suggestion. This is my all time favorite camera app. The quality of the images is amazing especially with the inclusion of my favorite HDR
app. I do enjoy HDR but the HDR can use one more addition, HDR FX. This w
Better than Camera. I like this app because I can do everything within the appPhoto/video etc. The native app is nice for IOS but they too iPhoto and
aperture away so I was left with a hunger for the type of media suppor
Best 3rd Party Photo App I have Used!. This app wins hands down as the best photo app for iPhone. It has long had many professional features the digital photographer
will use and love. The features keep on coming and getting better. This i
One of my Favorite Camera Apps. I have tried so many camera apps and always go back to the stock one because it is the easiest to use. ProCamera is the first
replacement app that I have used on a regular basis. It is pretty easy to
Amazing.. I love this app. The polish and features are unmatched. Love that I can shoot 60 fps on my iPhone 5. The UI is perfect too.
Awesome camera app!. I just love this app! So easy to use with nice results.
Simply a must have!. Just simply cutting edge and by far one of the best!Just get it.You need to add this app to your toolbox.
Best app got even better!. My two favorite camera apps are this one "ProCamera 7 now 8" and "VividHDR". Now they are combined. XLNT
The greatest update!. And the greatest camera app! Love the HDR and the manual controls!
Nice camera app!. Very good app. Lots of features. Amazing. HDR is still under development thou. Five stars when fixed!
Great camera app. This camera app has been my go to app for really great photos and video. This app has many great settings and gives you a lot if
control over the quality of the photos. The photo editing feature is ve
This is the best photo app for iPhone. Hands down the best image quality. Much better than Camera.
Best camera app. This is the best camera app for people that love taking photos! I love the focus and exposer options while taking photos, so much
better than the default iPhone camera, defiantly worth the download!
Great app. I wish if we have full control fully manual mode
Best Camera App Period!. Best camera app on the store. Self timer with led, focus control, file format options as tiff, iso boost, photo editing, full
screen shoot. Many other features.
BEST OF THE BEST. Without a doubt, the BEST camera app on the market.
Best camera app!. My iPhone is my camera; ProCamera is my camera app. ProCamera has all of the important features, an efficient UI, and great
support. Get this app and put it on your home screen!
The BEST Camera App. Just buy it. No problems. Great shots. They listen to customers! Improvements are wise and welcome. I am happy. The only app that
makes me happy. If there were a happy app it would not make me as happ
I love it. Best photo app ever its my new camera so awesome!
Best camera without actually having one. Best option is to take .TIFF files!
Volume Trigger is back!. Thank you! And I love that the self timer can take 3 photos in a row - we are traveling with little kids and this feature will
give us many wonderful family photos!
My fav. I always use ProCamera! No matter what else I try, this is still my favorite.
Version 5.4.1. I love the user face n the design the best would like 1s night shot back TO THE DEVELOPERS & APPThis App is Perfect for
Top shelf app. Simply a must have!. Just simply cutting edge and by far the best!Just get it.You need this app in your toolbox.
Fantastic!. Great technical support! Full featured photography app. Pro features galore!
Awesome update!. Volume trigger is back, really love it, it makes taking pictures so much easier! Also love the self- timer feature. I tried it
with my 3 kids in action, got excellent shots! Version 7 Procamera just g
Awesome. I love, love, love this camera! It is my number one choice and, even though I have other camera apps, I use this one 99% of the
time. I agree that Apple would do well to make it the camera on board.
Willy. I have downloaded many apps for camera and video usage. I have found this app does really a great job! Many little extras have
been added and it is a great app! Thank you
Top shelf app. A must have!. Just simply cutting edge and by far the best!Just get it.You need this app.
Amazing app!. This app is awesome. This is my go-to app for all photo and video needs. The only thing that was missing was the volume snap. As
this update added this function the app is now complete. I would rate i
Natural - 10%
Missing flash and front/back camera icons. I think it's a great app but since I upgraded to HDR I no longer have my flash icon or my front/back camera icon displayed when
I'm taking pictures. Both critical options. Anybody have a clue how to f
Good Concept But Issues With iPhone 6 Plus. This is a good app but because of some still-to-be-determined issues some critical functions do not work on the 6 Plus. I am in
touch with the developer who has been hard at work troubleshooting, and
Was my go to camera app. I use four different cameras, including my iPhone. I loved Pro Camera 7. It had all the options I liked, and it worked smoothly.
Since the update, it keeps freezing. I will adjust my settings and then
Dark video as well, despite promises otherwise. I was in an Apple forum on complaints of Apples dark native video problems - someone from the app posted that ProCamera fixes the
problem the Apple can't and has the ability to regain the low light vi
Why buy it to have to buy it?. First off, the app works pretty well--better than many others that I've tried. Secondly, why did I just pay 2.99 only to be
charged another 1.99 in-app to actually use the functionality? That's enough
Where is IAP-ed VividHDR?. How can I restore IAP-ed VividHDR? It is gone.
Draining battery. After new update "background" activity of this ap is draining my battery
I Agree with David_Burns. The iOS 8 update is a disappointment. The UI is not as clean, it is not intuitive as the iOS 7 version and I must say that it
took me a while to figure out that the dots at the top of the UI was the
Used to be better.. I had this app since its start.No doubt it got better over the time, such as the addition of very nice edition tools.Nevertheless,
when version 7 appeared, you had to buy the app again to have the “
Used to be great.. Pro camera used to be my go to photo app. I am not sure really where they went wrong, I liked the new interface and the update to
fit with ios 7 ect. But after the last few updates it just has been so
not perfect. Just downloaded it. Seems very nice, but with all of the fancy-ness they messed up on one thing: The exposure setting. While
moving the little gidget around the screen is OK, a better and more fine-tu

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