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RealPlayer Cloud is a iOS photo & video application for the iPhone and iPad developed by Real Networks Inc.

RealPlayer Cloud can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The RealPlayer Cloud app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 7.0+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and , iPad mini.


Your photos and videos tell a story. Bring it to life with RealTimes!
RealTimes automatically turns your photos and videos into beautiful video “Stories” that you can share with friends and family and relive using any device! Everything gets backed up in a private cloud for you.

What’s New?
Welcome to RealTimes: The RealPlayer Cloud you love, now with even more ways to bring your moments to life:
• Now supporting photo management
• RealTimes Stories: Movie montages from photos and videos in camera roll
• Auto-organized timeline
• Live Albums: share entire albums with friends that notify when updated
• Plans support up to 10 devices on one cloud
• Unlimited storage available!

• RealTimes Stories: The brand new way to share your favorite memories with everyone!
• Make montage videos from photos and video clips in your camera roll
• Tap once. 30 seconds later, memories in your camera roll automatically become beautiful “Stories”
• Customize them with special filters, transitions, titles, and add your favorite music!

• Send photos, videos and Stories privately with text, email, WhatsApp, & more
• Post on Facebook & Twitter to share the love with everyone all at once
• Create “Live Albums” – share entire albums with friends that update automatically
• However you share your moments, they can be enjoyed even without the app

• Back up your moments to a secure cloud
• Recover your photos & videos even if your device breaks

• Access your cloud on any smartphone, tablet, or computer
• Download media from your Cloud on anywhere so you can access offline

• Stream video from your mobile device to your big TV with Xbox One®, Chromecast® and more

In App Purchase – 1 Premium Story
• Create a premium Story up to 3 minutes long
• Add a custom music track
• Use a filter or transition
• Remove watermark
• $0.99/1 time use

Upgrade to make the memories shine even brighter with awesome features!
RealTimes Premium
• All Stories get Premium Story features
• 25GB of cloud storage to keep memories safe
• Access all premium effects and music
• HD playback & streaming
• $4.99/mo or $49.99/yr

RealTimes Unlimited
• Unlimited cloud storage
• Make unlimited length Premium Stories
• All Premium features
• $9.99/mo or $99.99/yr

RealTimes Premium and RealTimes Unlimited subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. You can use your account until the end of your current billing cycle, and you will not be charged again.

App Screenshots

  • Screenshot for RealPlayer Cloud
  • Screenshot for RealPlayer Cloud

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'RealPlayer Cloud' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

Download Now

* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      71 (65%)
    1. 4 Star
        20 (18%)
      1. 3 Star
          9 (8%)
        1. 2 Star
            9 (8%)
          1. 1 Star
              0 (0.0%)
            • Average Rating:109 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 88%
            WOW!. I LUV this app. Some updates are not really needed for me but may be useful to others. The only issue I have is that when you are
            done watching one of your video files, the window would close automati
            Tariq Virk. It is an awesome app. I really like this the way it organizes the photos and make stories for videos.
            Best app for video/photos. Really liked using it! Now I don't have to worry about transferring many random photos I take on iPhone when outdoors.
            Easy to use and fun. Super easy to use and share. My daughter's graduation became a fun story with music that my baby boomer mother could easily view
            without downloading anything.
            Super easy & fun!. Incredible how it organizes videos from my trips & travel in to video stories I can easily share with family & friends. I love
            that I can quickly & easily share photos or take my time to edit them if
            Cool app ever!. Amazing app, easy to backup my moments, automatic story suggestions are awesome.
            Great functionality!. Great app to organize my trip photos by location with a fun video. Realtimes picks out the pictures, let's me fine tune the
            arrangement if I like! So Easy now to share my trips with friends and family
            Well. Like the automatic montage feature. Fun to play with my pics that i took with ipad and other phones.
            Super Easy to Use. Super, duper easy to view, edit, and share!
            This is going to be a time saver. Super excited that this app takes the videos and photos I take of my daughter (and there's a lot) and creates an nice little
            slideshow. Makes it super easy to share with the grandparents instead of ha
            Cool!. The suggested Realtimes Story is so convenient! It selects photos for you automatically by date or location etc. really helpful
            when showing them to my friends!
            Awesome product. Awesome product. I am really amazed to see how they transformed my photos and videos to the totally awesome stories. Recommending
            to everyone who has lots of photos and videos
            Great for lazy people!. I take tons of photos but never remember to do anything with them. Now I don't have to!
            Family. This is great for saving my memories and sharing with my family that doesn't live close.
            So cool!. This is an awesome way to make sentimental use of all those random photos you take plus really meaningful trips down memory lane
            of your favorite photos! I love it!
            AMAZINGLY easy. LOVE LOVE LOVE! This app is great. The stories can be done automatically, or there are plenty of easy ways to customize them. I
            have been sharing the stories (a combination of pictures and videos put
            Reliving the past.this is freakin awesome!. Installed the app and there are these Stories from years ago. Sharing them with all my friends. Loving it!
            Great app, but.. I love this app, it is really helpful definitely when I want to watch my videos to go. The only negative thing about this app is
            the video player itself, needs a lot of improvement. We should be able
            Magical!. Not sure how it picks the photos and videos, but it sure is magical. Love how it is creating a new video for me each day.
            My son likes his stories!. Very easy to created my memory as video. My son really likes this app. Fast, easy and smart. Love it :)
            I Like Realplayer Cloud but.. I am having multiple problems with it! Can't download some videos and on PC can't stay connected and on My iPhone/iPad there are
            some hits and misses there also. But concept is great. Hoping that all
            Perfect for any video size under 4GB. I have 50mbps internet with a 200 dollar router and playing video files I have that are 4GB and under run smoothly and do not
            stutter or buffer. Now when I get into the 5GB or higher the file can hey
            Music is the staff of life. How can u go wrong with real player music - been going strong for years!
            Mr. I'm glad that this is available finally all of the thousands of the TWERK videos I download off of the Internet can be used on my
            phone no matter where I am as well as provide a backup in case any get
            No problems here. I'm finally able to transfer video from my iPhone to MacBook easily. Hallelujah
            Playlist. I like this new concept of my Realplayer. I would like to to be able to make a play list so they would play all my favorites not
            just one at a time. Maybe there's a way I just haven't found how yet.An
            Very good!. Excellent tool to have your videos every where.
            Real player is back!. Good app all around. Chrome cast support is amazing, and everything runs silky smooth :)
            Best App. It is the best app for video storing and sharing. Simply excellent!
            Works great!. Only Problems I have had are from my Network and Slow ISP. I Don't like that the app wants location. After I turn that off in IOS.
            Real Player Cloud won't download in background.
            Love it. Place to store songs from the past that I can have anywhere anytime I want.
            RealPlayer rocks!. This app is really helpful for iPhone users who don't have enough room to store videos on their phone. Just take a video, upload
            it to the cloud, then you can delete from your phone and still access t
            Awesome App. Very easy to use and perfect for making music videos to upload to Facebook!
            Awesome app, super easy. I love this app. It's really simple to save and share videos.
            Works as promised. And provides a central repository for my videos. I love the convenience of auto uploads, only thing is, the app has to be open
            Awesome. From the first hour of downloading this app it has worked flawlessly. iPhone 5c old HP laptop and a chrome cast all worked great
            on. Easy to use interface and fast uploads. Streaming was flawless.
            Great. Best app I've found for streaming to chrome cast.better than others that weren't free!
            Impressive!. It plays no problem on my iPhone (5c) and my Roku as well.and it plays every format of video I've thrown at it! Bravo! I only wish
            I could get a but more free storage space. But despite that, the app
            Chromecast. Let's me use my computer as a video server with ease :-)
            To save is great. This is great to save what you like and it will be secure.
            Love ThisApp. I now have my dowloads organized in one location.
            iCloud. I like it so muchIt is the most lovely application I used
            Works well. So far so good. Everything plays back fine.
            I love my cloud!. 4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 3 laptops, and 3 roku are all able to watch things from the cloud and each other! Very handy on your network!
            Video. Helpful when you need them. Ez to operate and transfer. WOW! Wish I had this last year.
            Great cloud app. My videos are available anytime anywhere. Great experience with this app.
            Works good. I like this because it works good.
            thank u. thanks for this app is very helpfull in our ministry
            RealPlayer is GREAT!. I love this. I am able to watch my movie on my iPad from my computer with having to move them to my iPad.Thanks RealPlayer!
            Well made app. Real Player Cloud is really convenient to store and play your videos on the cloud. :) it works well at what it does.
            Great player!. Really like that it holds all my videos.
            Simply the Best. 365 gigs of storage for 4 bucks a month. Streams perfectly on chrome cast. What more can I say. This app is great!
            Works with Google Chromecast!. Love this app because it allows me to stream my videos on the big screen using google Chromecast!
            Great app!. Easy way to view videos from your PC to all devices. My only complaint is that partially viewed videos do not always remember
            where they leave off. Would also like a fast forward & reverse at 30 secon
            Real player app. I love this app. Works wonderfully on my iPhone 6 plus
            RealPlayer App. Very good but could be better. When I go to download a video a wish that the download video would appear as it does in my
            Not bad, but not awesome. This is a decent app. Mainly got it to work with chromecast, but sometimes drops its connection to the main computer. Works about
            76% of the time.
            Easy downloader and share app. Simple to use and effective. Pretty stable too.
            Likes it. Good app, does what I probs here
            Great cloud player. I have this on Roku and I uploaded all my digital movies to its cloud. They play just like Netflix- fast and with high quality.
            I highly recommend!
            Highly Pleased. Best One So Far. Thank You A Million Times Over.
            Ads. Please give us an option to remove annoying annotations that cover up the video. We do not want to be advertised to.
            Real cloud player. I really love this app I coach football and I use it for film study with my team and sharing is very easy.
            Love!. Great app. Movies are crystal clear. everyone needs to have it!
            Nice.. Works as advertised. Chromecast function is marvelous.
            Good App!. I like the app very much as it is very convenient to use and useful as we got considerable storagespaceRao
            Awesome!. love the way u can upload vids & & share them
            Yay!. I love this app. Thank you Realplayer!
            Rebuilding my chain saw. I found this video and was able to watch in detail follow the instructions I was able to rebuild my chainsaw thank you very much.
            Keeps getting better and better upgrade options. The app keeps getting better and I like having monthly storage options instead of just yearly ones. Chromecast works better now.
            So easy!. It makes my video collection so much easier to use!
            Love the app. But.. Seems like your update that just launched (9/8/14) has changed the name to RealPlayer CloudRealPlayer or something like
            Works very well. App works very well. I watch all my movies on it.
            Jcamel. Works great love to use it for my iPad
            Works great. This app works great for storing movies or videos that you want to watch later.
            Interchangeable. Using the cloud is great especially when I have three different platforms. Love the sharing feature. Love it!
            Works great with Chromecast!. After cutting cable, this app combined with my chromecast, has made the transition seamlessly.
            Nice. Awsome app u just got to learn how to use it
            Great!. Easy to upload videosfrom laptop and plays on my iPhone/iPad and Chromecast. No real technical issues so no problem in that it
            does what I expect for the most part.
            hi this app is fine nice update. i hope this app works over wi-fi now i got a ipad i hope this works i love watching videos i got realplayer on my laptop i go see
            if i can put more videos on your app i put on my ipad and guys the ap
            Great app. Works great with I phone 5. Chrome cast works well. Nice app.
            Great but annoying bug please fix. Good stuff innovative viewing experience love the swiping volume adjust feature I love that when I exit the app while a vids
            playing and open it again and the vid continues right where I left it. Howe
            Tim. Very nice as long as ur main computer is on. Unless u want to load them on the device
            Amazing App. Best app I downloaded in a long time. Great way to keep all your videos and memories in one place
            Handy. Love that I can watch my videos on roku
            Memories safe & sound!. I love the simplicity of the app along with the ease of uploading and watching from all my devices (iPhone to iPad to roku to
            web)! I have all my kids videos safe up in the cloud and no longer have t
            Combined with Chromecast.. I downloaded this app when I got Chromecast and it was the best decision I ever made for my media enjoyment experience.
            LOVE THIS APP. Love the cloud storage.Just wish it was more!
            Best app in its class. I use it all the time to watch movies on my iPad mini while traveling.
            Does what I need it to with chrome cast. Basic ui controls need work and online web needs a lot of work, but does what you need it too.
            Perfect. Better than the regular cloud storage ( Dropbox,google drive and one drive)
            Natural - 12%
            Does not work well or correctly. Basic ui controls need work and online web needs a lot of work, but does what you need it too. Buggy buggy buggy quickly becoming
            a useless app just out of frustrating bugs.
            DISSAPOINTED!. It doesn't work, same problems with older versions, every release is worse than the one before. RealTimes crashes all the time,
            this app has several issues, Developers please be more careful when rele
            Tomfoolery. Apparently I'm not alone. This update brought some undesirables. I didnt want my photos dumped in with my videos. Yes, I learned
            how to filter that; but, I have to do it manually now. Don't really car
            App crash. App crashes when connect to Sandisk wireless flash drive
            Awesome Idea, but needs improving. Love the idea of this app, and it does do certain things very well like mixing your photos and videos together to create a story.
            But arranging the photos and videos like you want them is not easy to
            Update. I loved this app til the recent update. It takes forever for me to download a video to my phone. All my videos are not showing and
            when I deleted the app to add it back thinking that would help but it
            Allow streaming of iTunes library videos. No real point to this app if you're looking for a way to stream via Chromecast. It won't stream iTunes library videos, only videos
            you create on the phone.
            Good app. However, it might be better if there are more space when initial use.
            This app is horrible!. Just downloaded, and it keeps freezing and won't let me play some videos- I'll stick with YouTube.
            Can't delete videos.. Can't delete videos. I tap garbage does nothing!
            Crap. Good but could be great. Needs to be able to play on chromecast while not in the app. PRETTY ANNOYING. Fix that and that app would
            be 5stars!
            Great app but.. Great app to use for the chromecast. I download movies from movie box and then transfer it to this app. Works great but there are
            times when the app buffers a lot and then kicks you out of casting ont
            Good App !. Wish I new how to stream to my HD TV .
            Good. Good but could be great. Needs to be able to play on chromecast while not in the app
            Orb is better. Nice for around the house, but it requires you to be on the same network! Orb allows me to access any video on my computer from
            anywhere in the world, even without wi fi, just a phone connection.
            Subtitles, pleeeease!. The app is great but needs subtitles support! Just it! Please do it!
            Libya. It is good sharing for video but what about photo and music sharing!?
            Like. Love how it works with Chromecast but wish it worked in the background while doing other things on iPad. Still the best option


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