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Voice Recorder (FREE) is a an iOS utilities application for the iPhone and iPad developed by TapMedia Ltd, who were also behind QR Reader for iPad and Video Booth apps.

Voice Recorder (FREE) can be downloaded now on the iTunes App Store for free. You can download it using the following QR code or by clicking the button link below. The Voice Recorder (FREE) app is fully compatible with all iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.1.1+ including the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini.


Voice Recorder for the iPhone and iPad - 100% FREE.

- Unlimited recording time
- Back-up recordings to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and more.
- Download recordings by USB cable or Wifi Sync onto your desktop computer
- Passcode protect recordings
- Loop recordings
- Trim recordings
- Favorite recordings
- Attractive and easy to use UI

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  • Screenshot for Voice Recorder (FREE)
  • Screenshot for Voice Recorder (FREE)

Download on PC or Mac:
1. Open the iTunes on your computer.
2. Go to the 'Voice Recorder FREE' application page and click on the install button.
2. Sync your device through iTunes to complete.

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* You must have an active iTunes account to download the file, so if you don’t have, please register to iTunes store with a credit card. In case you are not interested to open an account with your credit card number, you can select the option ‘None’ during the secured registration.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star
      81 (68%)
    1. 4 Star
        22 (18%)
      1. 3 Star
          12 (10%)
        1. 2 Star
            4 (3%)
          1. 1 Star
              0 (0.0%)
            • Average Rating:119 reviews available
            • If you've used this app, rate and review it on the App store and in the comments section below.
            Positive - 90%
            Great app !. Very useful and easy to use. Thank you for a great product!
            Just what I wanted. Easy to use, good sound quality, and a passcode setting for privacy, so I can belt out and record songs just for fun, and no one
            else will hear them unless I want them to. Really enjoying playing with
            Great program. I use it to back up my shorthand of taking minutes of our board meetings. Helpful to go back to hear what I missed or didn't
            understand during the meeting.
            Very Good. I really like this free app, strongly recommended.Very beautiful the interface like an old fashion cassette recorded
            Best App So Far!. I absolute love this app. Works great and it's very helpful with recording memories.
            Zozo. This a great app of recording clear voice ,it is so clear and perfect app. I can save my records name them , transfer them to a
            multy choices and variety of other apps , thank you.
            Voice recorder. The times that I've used it I thought it worked very well!
            Great to record Interviews. Great app to record interviews, clear sound, easy to export files.
            Awesome App!. This Recorder App is the best I've come across to date. I've spent money on apps but have always been left wanting. This app for
            me works perfect! I can record in .wav format, trim files, and upload t
            This is a great app. With this app I can finally record people who threaten me thank you app and thank you to the people made it Dalrock thanks
            But wait, there's more!. So this is a very handy app, looks cool and works perfectly (you can be in another app and it will still record - perfect for my
            piano playing!), but guess what?YOU CAN UNZIP FILES!Is that not an AWES
            Please fix this bug. The app is awesome. The only bug is when I'm recording, a phone call comes in, all the information after the call will be missed.
            Please fix this bug.
            I like. I just like this app. I've used in various settings and recording a demo to share. Easy and got the job done. Good for rehearsing
            your speech and playing it back too.
            Awesome! Works to play my Mp4's. Love this app. It's easy to use & works to play my mp3's and 4's that I used to have stored in Music DL that is no longer
            available. Thank God for this!
            Prime... This app saved my life when I was on the red carpet doing interviews at the Sundance Film Festival. So simple and the best.
            @talamobley Xxoo.
            Great for playing guitar chord games. I used this to practice learning guitar chords - I recorded each chord, and then this app lets me make playlists so I can practice
            picking out certain chord sequences or just putting it all on shuffle
            Awesome but.. Listen I gave it five stars because this app deserves it BUT one thing,its hard to put items in folders and I dont even know alot
            more thing so in your next update PLEASE put a tutorial!But other than
            App. Great app. Easy to use with good clarity.
            Awesome!. I love the look and sound! This is so much better than using a old cassette player!
            Review. This voice recorder app is absolutely awesome. Five star all the way.
            Easy to Use / Good Sound Quality. I use this product to record music from band practices to personal practice sessions. I have tried a number of recorders, but
            this one has the best sound quality and is pretty straightforward.
            Worth it. So simple to use, even easy to "name your file."I use this to memorize my lines for acting. I downloaded the app, opened the app
            and then simply used it. No fuss! Yessss
            Record your memos. Great app it is handy. Name your files before you hit record not sure how to edit name after recording.
            More complete operating instructions needed. An excellent app. However, the directions are sparse. So prepare to figure things out for yourself. It's not difficult, but it is
            bothersome to download and then be left in the dark. Also, Be sure you
            Excelente!. Los felicito por la aplicación es muy buena y funciona perfectamente en mi iPhone 5. Éxitos!
            It's a great app. I love it because it does exactly what it's supposed to do and it's bug free
            Love this device . This is a very handy app for recording something quickly. I find the quality very good and love the volume range. Much thanks!
            A plus. I like this app cause of how it has a cd sound when you record.
            Almost excellent. This is an awesome app. The clarity of the recording is impressive. The only problem is, you cannot trim the dead space. You
            can only trim about 60 seconds in the introduction. I have several reco
            Brilliant. Really well made app. Can record tracks and play them all continuously. Also works with Airplay, bluetooth and understands headset
            controls. Nice.
            Repetition is at the heart of learning. Excellent learning tool. I can play back memos, reminders and notes that I need to memorize and play them back until they are
            firmly planted in my memory banks. :)
            Thank you!. This app saved me! I had a presentation due for an online class before midnight tonight, and couldn't find my ear phones with
            speaker! SCREAM!Fortunately, I thought to look for a recorder app and sele
            No pay for iTunes. Now I can get my hit's for free, thank's to this
            Speech. I use this when I need to memorize a speech listen to it all day and really useful
            It's everything I love.. This app is everything I love about being able to record conversations and meetings.
            Love Voice recorder!. Thanks to this free app we were able to share oral history tapes of my maternal grandparents with my relatives on-line. I can
            think of all sorts of uses for this easy-to-use application.
            Good, functional App. Thank you for this app. It is very useful to me and the loop/repeat feature helps me with memorization. This may be a strange
            request but If you can add a counter (for the # of repeats) that would be
            Musicals. Excellent app to record ur meetingsAudiosConversations
            Very Useful. This app is easy and simple to use. I've recorded talks 3-4hrs long and the quality is really good. It's also useful for
            recording yourself. Sometimes I have to public speak(hate that) and its a good
            Great recorder!. It's so easy to organize all of my voice memos- love this app.
            I like it!. I used For a radio program During 40 min the sound is perfect.
            awsome. I you this app every Sunday when I need to record my's verry helpful, and simple to use!
            Amazing. Used it to get the slumlord caught for not fixing my heater in 2 degree weather. Best app on my phone.
            As a songwriter.. As a singer/songwriter, this is the best recording app I've downloaded to record a tune or phrase I come up with. I wouldn't use
            it to record an album, but it's great for quick use and has great sound
            Great app!. Very clear sound--even from back of a crowded room in choral practice. And I love the old style "tape recorder" look!
            its a good recorder. i really like the files that i am to divide my recordings
            Es una muy buena aplicación. Fácil de usar. Graba de manera nítida y las grabaciones son en MP4 lo que hace posible enviarlas fácilmente . Es de las mejores
            aplicaciones que he usado
            Very pleased. I am quite happy with this app. It does what I wanted to do. I haven't used it enough to find out if this is an option, but it
            would be great if you could record your voice as an MP3 so that it would
            Love It. I love this recorder I use it to tape the lectures @ school. Very clear sound it does get everything! So happy I didn't have to
            purchase an actual recorder.
            Mrs.. Excellent! Works just like a stand alone recorder. Wouldn't ask for more
            Clear as a bell. The sound quality provided by this app is excellent. It's easy to use, too. One of the best free apps I use.
            Super awesome. I love this app it's so great I can recorded anything I want it's most helpful when I a reading a book to the kids at school so
            the next year they hear me read so I don't wast my voice
            Wonderful tool!. As a pastor I need a simple tool to see how something "sounds."Whether or not a sentence flies wellThis is a great, simple, tool
            for exactly that.I couldn't be more pleased.
            I like this app.. Because it's a great recorder; it allows me to set a passcode to my recordings, unlike the recorder that came with my iPad.
            Excellent app. Excellent app with high quality , unlimited recording time and very clear recording sound.
            Best app ever!. I've been using this app for a couple of years now and I think I've had enough time to review it before giving my honest opinion
            on it. This is absolutely the best app ever. You can't go wrong with th
            Perfect for journalism interviews!. Great app for journalists and catching conversations on the-go.
            Best recording app so far!. Counting the built in Apple recorder I tried three different apps and none of them can repeat recordings in a loop, then I tried
            this one it allows to loop as many recordings as you like and easy to u
            Best little recorder. Just a fabulously simple iPhone recorder. Mmmmm-h-mmm!
            Awesome. It's just that. Awesome. So helpful.
            4 stars due to.. . not able to record from internal audio feeds. Only gets input from Microphone which picks up everything else going on, when all
            I would like to get is just the audio in my iPhone. Might be a problem
            Best app I've ever used.. My review might be a little different than others.but I want the developers to know how much I appreciate this app. I lost my
            grandmother 3 months ago and going through it again with my grandfather cu
            Wonderful App!. App is exactly what I wanted. Works perfectly! Can't believe it's free!Playback has great clarity. EXCELLENT APP!
            Great For Recording. I love this app. Whenever I need to record something and don't need the video, I use Recorder. If you don't have it, then you
            should get it because this is the best app for recording.
            Very useful for students. This really helps when it comes to note taking and reviewing for your exams. You can organize your recordings into folders and
            even title them. Just simply amazing.
            Fast recording easy download multiple choices of c. Fast recording easy download multiple choices of cloud easy deleting
            Just what I needed. Really appreciate such an awesome interface for free :)
            Great App. Used the app today, worked perfectly. Just what I needed, defiantly suggest this app if you need a recorder!
            Excelente para periodistas. Finalmente una aplicación funcional que sustituye con mucha ventaja, los grabadores de periodistas tradicionales.
            Exactly what I needed. This app is exactly what I needed. Nothing more nothing less. Records great quality from quite a distance and it allows you to
            rename recordings.
            Perfect رائع. برنامج ممتاز ولاقط حساس Perfect app and sensitive mic
            Folly. It is awesome it helped me write a play for the folly!
            Easy and great. This is wonderful. Easy to use. And great to practice pronunciation of a foreign language.
            Works great. This is by far the easiest app to use to record any and all conversations, lectures, workshops… I love this app!
            Westwestyall. Reminds me of The Emerson cassette recorder I had as a kid, but without the tape hiss!
            Really nice, and not annoying like some. This is a straightforward app that does well with voice memos, and easy to name files even etc. it has a feature to link to any of
            your cloud account s (dropbox, microsoft 360, etc) which I am uneasy
            Best Recording App and its free!. This would be 5 star if the length of recoding time were not limited to just 10 minutes for uploading or sending. Great sound
            quality. Very easy to use !
            Recorder. Great app. More than I expected.
            Pretty sweet. Its amazing except that you cant rename stuff. Really bothersome if you misname something.
            It works. It works great. It is free. Free is very good
            Very nice app. This recording app has been pleasantly easy to use, and provides me with excellent results. Extremely happy to have it!
            Bluetooth option is lacking.. I wish there is an option to send via Bluetooth, not only on Cloud or e-mail since I cannot gt the audio files via USB port! :/
            Great for covering your butt. Get ppl lying to you then they change their mind? Like your cell phone provider etc? Solves problems and can email also
            Works Great!. This app works wonderfully. And no glitches. Picks up voice in an auditorium without background noise.
            Cool but just one problem. The voice over shuts off when i push record. Please fix that.
            Nice. It works great! I can even take notes and type on my tablets keyboard and the human voice I am trying to record is still
            I love it it usefully!. I use it to record church message it works.
            Performance. Recording is good but it is not possible to store or email it.
            Exactely what I needed. Nice simple app. My plan is to use it record meetings, and the microphone picks up voices well even with background noise.
            Excellent!. This app is AWESOME! It records everything I want it to record! Get IT!
            Just what I needed!. I needed to record a 15-minute interview for a writing assignment. It was easy to operate, recorded beautifully, and provides easy
            access to my recording. Slide the recording file to access editing op
            Mr. Excellent user interface simple effective and most of all quick to access and record
            Promoter. Easy to use,excellent for my business !
            Great Little Tape Recorder. I use this to record online lectures and the playback is loud and clear. It was just what I needed.
            Nice App to teach children. I record memorization of Holy Quran lesson for my children and they enjoy learning.
            Good App but some issues. This app definitely did what I needed. I was able to record and play back my recordings. It works most of the time. However I have
            had issues with it force closing sometimes. I reached out to support
            Love this app. This is such a handy, easy to use app.
            Good ap.. Me gusta esta aplicación, tiene todo lo necessarily para grabar, con y memos
            Good app. Nice recorder, allows you endless recording time & very simple to operate.
            Love it!. I recorded myself saying the words and definitions of the GRE words and then went hands free in the car learning them. Best part
            is the icon. Nostalgic. :)
            Best. This app really helps I would get it for lessons in school because no teacher wants them being video taped
            Records good, not intuitive for.. .saving files or names. Clicking an holding on the recorded file allows Rename from there, and selection for saving to remote
            backup systems like Dropbox. I did have a time where I had to restart the
            Works fine. Ease of use makes this a winner.
            Natural - 10%
            Sing nooooo to voice recorder. This game is bad and sing no to it
            Instructions?. Just downloaded this app. How do I learn how to use it? I can't find instructions anywhere! Looks like it will be a good app
            if I can learn how to use it!
            Doesn't let me share or upload to cloud. It records but every time I try to upload it just does nothing, I'm lost.
            So many annoying ads. App itself is good but can't stand those ads popping constantly. Have to pay to get rid of them. Seriously?
            No ads? Not quite.. When you buy the app, the ads are supposed to disappear. Yep, they do disappear from the recording screen, but when you play back
            your recording, the stupid "LifeLock" ad is right back in your face. S
            Good recording app but. Over all, the quality and the User Experience of the app is good and good.I have it three stars because full functionality is not
            working for the "Share" feature through attempting to use AirDrop
            Record lost. The app crashed when I hit Stop button and it seems like I lost very unique records. Later I accidentally figure out that the
            record was not lost but for some reason merged with existing record which
            Worked fine before. The recorder only records for a few seconds. Many times it looks like it is recording, but when you listen to the playback, you
            only have a few seconds. Initially I used this to record meetings of whi
            Makes me mad. Before I upgraded this app I could see a beautiful background while I'm listening to my recording. Because you could change the
            background to a fire or bubbles and other stuff. But now I can't because
            Bugs. Decent sound quality, but button on "share" files does not work, please fix asap
            A SONGWRITER. I am using your application to record little tunes with my voice and guitar . But , I wish to have something far more
            sophisticated and simple to use at the same time . So , three stars for now . And
            Good. But no provision to change the title of the . Good. But no provision to change the title of the recording.
            Not for Quick Memos. Two taps to start recording. Button inputs are too small and placed too around screen for one-handed use as quick digital memo
            Forward/Rewind. I recorded a sermon so I could listen to it and work out the bugs. The recording went well for me. When I played it back, it
            sounded good. I wish it would have a forward and rewind so I could have ski
            Crashes constantly. Have to keep staring at phone to watch for when it crashes because it pretty much always does. Even put phone in airplane mode so
            no disturbances, still crashes. Also have trouble uploading to DropBox
            Easy share, laggy system. I like this application for its vintage looks and the easiness of sharing through emails and uploads.However, it has been stoping
            recording at random and existing out spontaneously. Its trustworthines


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